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A new wallpaper was posted today at
This art will be featured in the new card game Arsenal, scheduled to release spring of 2015.

Please visit the website for more information, print-and-play demos available now!
To download the full resolution wallpaper (1920x1080), visit the downloads page of the website..

Art by :iconabaratoha:
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The wallpaper is "U-Kalanda" by vanishin [link] [link] with his permission. The icons are SE Interface Orange by naf1971 [link] with his permission. The build of Blackbox (BBLeanMod) is by nocd5 [link] included with his permission. The included mp3 player was created by me with BBInterface.
After replacing your older Blackbox build with this one, and your older bbinterface.dll/bbinterface.rc with the ones included in the zip file, unzip plugins to their relevant places under Blackbox/Plugins and restart. The wallpaper should be put in C:\Wallpaper2 and the icons in c:\ICONS. Make sure to use capital letters.BBColorEx has to be loaded in order to use the 3dcc configuration included in the style file. Everyone else who wishes to try Blackbox for the first time should download the whole enchilada from nocd5's site, or e-mail me for instructions.
If you want to learn more about Blackbox, I suggest you read my tutorials:
[link] tutorial part I - the shell
[link] tutorial part II - the plugins
[link] tutorial part III - the styles
They are prettty much outdated by now (I MUST find time to bring them up to date... lol) but they will give you a general idea.
And, of course, feel free to ask if u need more info or instructions :)
And if you need even more screenshots and styles than the ones included in my gallery, take a look at [link]
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Ok, so it's sorta old stuff but this is basically how I wanted this one to look but never got arround to finishing it. I like the idea of a full shot on the right side with a close-up of the head in the BG. I'd like to add a little more subtle detail in the title bar but perhaps simplicity works best here. The mech has been seen before but labels and warnings have finally been added. I would have tried a little weathering at 's suggestion but I wanted this one to look pristine.
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nostromo HBM model 01 [heavy battlemech]
textures available on :iconbrujo: if you want.
...and while i'm at it, nyways;

Technical Specifications of the Nostromo Battlemech

Integral C2 and C4I tactial war operation systems. supercomputer which includes 32 parallel processing units and 24 ARM 128-bit processors, each deserved by 8 Gb of ram ( either a total of 40 teraflops. )
OS:Artemis 5.0 based on UnicOS/LC
Galileo and GPS positionment systems, remote virtual control station, dual infrared and spectrographic analyzers, telemetric weaponry, doppeler radar,TWD, EMP and other electronics coutnermeasures dispensers and warfare equipement on series.
Cyrax/Alstom 520 MW/H fusion powercore.

1x 155 mm GIAT artillery gun with grenade launcher, 1x 24mm solenoïd
railgun unit, 2x antiradiation mid-range ground/ground missiles ( Exocet )
or 2x 600 KT-warhead missiles ( Damoclès ) and of course, 8x AAM / AGM
rockets + 4 others external using pylons.

96-axis articulations, balancer system to compensate the global
weight of the mecha from the tail to the head.

speed ranges from 30 to 100, up to 240 KM/H or more using auxiliary boosters.
all movements ares all computerized of course to
provide the maximal stability, even while runing/jumping
and aiming a target while using the cannon against a target.

i'm a fucking nerd, yeah =)
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I got really engrossed into my mech, so engrossed that i did a internal mechanism design of it.. ^^
thus a wallpaper.... its 1400 by 1050 in size....
anyone want a smaller resolution?
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I really enjoyed Halo Legends. My favorite short was definitely "Prototype", which featured this bad-ass suit.

This has been sitting on my computer for a while so I might as well upload it.

The skin works best on dark-backgrounds.
It is currently tuned to work at 1440 x 900 but if need be I can enlarge it.

This is my first skin so comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The white version of this skin is here:

7/31/2010 - Updated zip file to include blue version and added a 1600 x 1050 version

8/3/2010 - Added support for 1920 x 1080

8/8/2010 - Added support for 1280 x 1024
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If you like something, ask me


Visual style: created by me
Litestep: created by me
Miranda skin: created by me
Firefox: userchrome.css, edit by me
Star page: created by me
Desktop background: rgb 140 140 140, html #8C8C8C


Miranda IM
Total commander
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Update 02 (30-12-12) - Removed 2.2mb screenshot from the .zip download - Was unnecessary bloat

Update 01 (29-12-12) - Made it so you can download a zip containing openbox theme, tint2 config files, and a readme. Also moved to the openbox category. More to come


Being back home for the holidays forced me to use my old desktop (1680 x 1050). I decided to dual boot Windows 8 64-Bit and Linux CrunchBang 64-Bit. I haven't even booted into Windows yet... ^^ I'm loving it and having way too much fun on Linux.

There's quite a lot going on here, but I'll try and detail everything should you want to create a similar outcome. If you'd like any config files let me know.

If you have any questions about how I did something ask away, just bear in mind I am very new to all this :)


Icon Pack - Awoken by alecive
   :bulletgreen:- White token style used for system tray and launcher.
   :bulletgreen:- Black token style used for everything else on system.
   *Hands down best icon pack I've come across.

Font - Terminus

Wallpaper - "Path to nowhere" by CaveCanem42

Taskbar - Tint2 (My own config)
   :bulletgreen: Instance 1 - Taskbar.  
   :bulletgreen: Instance 2 - System Tray. 
   :bulletgreen: Instance 3 - Launcher, some items are from self made .desktop files which pull desired icons or run a certain shell script.
   :bulletgreen: Instance 3 - Clock.

Music Player - MPD + NCMPCPP (My own config)
   :bulletgreen: Instance 1 (Bottom) - Spectrum Visualizer (Yes it works! :) )
   :bulletgreen: Instance 2 (Top) - Playlist
   :bulletgreen: The terminal emulator (Terminator) window managed with my own defined role in openbox (Controls window position, removes decoration, prevents it from showing in taskbar, sets focus, and places it bellow other windows)
   :bulletgreen: Custom terminator profiles and config to manage the colours.
   :bulletgreen: I tweaked the .cpp file for the visualizer a bit to make spread across the window more and recompiled the program.

Openbox - Window Manager (My own theme)
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:bulletgreen: A Wallpaper I made earlier, guess what's coming after heat ;)
:bulletred:You can crop it to match your iPhone/iPad/Android... for your own use ONLY.

Resolution: 2560x1600

Many thanks to :iconlassekongo83: for the monitor PSD.

Comments, faves, critiques are appreciated.

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Update: Made a couple updates to the shell theme, so I changed this screenshot a little bit.

Themes: [link]
Wall: Just a simple blue gradient.
Pic: [link]
Font: Trebuchet MS.
Icons: Faenza.
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