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Site Update: February 9, 2012

Thu Feb 9, 2012, 7:17 PM

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes that have been made, including new features and bug fixes. In the "Your Feedback" section, you'll find suggestions and known issues that were brought up by members in the last Site Update.

Change Log


:bug: Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where some would be redirected to their when editing an old Journal. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • When viewing Journals on member profiles and Group profiles, the "More Entries" button sends you to the next entries rather than the ones you just saw. - Fixed by $Nodren
  • On the Groups Portal, the "Read More" button on Group descriptions no longer displays if there's nothing "more" to "read." - Fixed by $Nodren
  • Fixed layout issues with the Channels page. - Fixed by $allixsenos
  • Tweaked the Message Center layout so that long titles and a narrow browser window now play nice. - Fixed by $allixsenos
  • Fixed multiple issues that sometimes caused modal windows to have an ugly white background. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
  • Fixed a bug where some people couldn't switch out of the mobile version of deviantART. - Fixed by $helloandre
  • Fixed an issue with Collections where dragging thumbs into newly created folders was not registering without a page refresh. - Fixed by $helloandre
  • After an account has been deactivated, members are no longer restricted from signing up with the same email address of their deactivated account. - Fixed by $samshull
  • When browsing on the front page while logged out, the "next" and "previous" navigation buttons now correctly skip over mature content artwork. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
  • Fixed an issue that caused some display errors when dragging and dropping. - Fixed by $helloandre
  • Improved Google Web Font detection for people who make Journal Skins. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Fixed the category selection button on original Journal submission form. It is no longer slightly cut off. - Fixed by $Alisey

:bulletblue: What's New
:bug: Bug Fixes
  • Sharing from as a Note now links to the item instead of producing a non-functional :thumb: code. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • The "paper leaves" of the corners of stacks now show up correctly in Safari and Chrome. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Made the button style more consistent on items. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Right-clicking the "view" and "submit" buttons on a thumbnail to open a new tab or window now points to the correct URLs. - Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Under some circumstances, members would get the deviantART login modal on, now they always get the one. - Fixed by $adahacker
  • When merging items in, if at least one of the merged items has a non-default stack name, it becomes the name used for the merged item. - Fixed by $aMoniker
  • For a short time, the controls when hovering a selected item weren't wide enough. - Fixed by $aMoniker
  • Banned users now see a proper error page when trying to access - Fixed by $kouiskas Writer

:bulletblue: What's New
  • The "Edit in Writer" button is now always available on the top right corner of Journals and Literature created using Writer. - Added by $kemayo
:bug: Bug Fixes
  • Searching twice in the sidebar would result in the second search not updating the set of thumbs. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Replaced the "empty literature" thumbnail image with a version showing empty text rather than a generic image. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Bumped the number of thumbs shown in the sidebar to 120 for everything. - Fixed by $kemayo
  • Clicking a Writer document in the Writer sidebar no longer offers to load it as a draft; instead it inserts it as a thumbnail, but the pencil menu on that thumbnail has an "edit draft" option. - Fixed by $inazar
  • Fixed a bug where the pencil menu on images inserted into Writer would not close when changing image size. - Fixed by $Alisey
  • Stack thumbnails on Writer are now even better than last week, because they're not vertically squished now. - Fixed by $Alisey
  • Writer now accepts all YouTube URLs, even if there are extra parameters on the end of the URL. - Fixed by $inazar
  • Dragging on stacks/skin thumbs in the sidebar is suppressed, because letting them get dragged into the writer area resulted in broken images on submit. - Fixed by $inazar
  • The Writer sidebar loading indicator no longer accidentally covers up artwork. - Fixed by $kemayo

Your Feedback

  • The "Friends" dropdown should be sorted by Friends Lists. - From =alpin-j
  • Add the ability to add links in Critiques (for external resources, etc...). - From `ClefairyKid
  • When searching and browsing artwork, add the ability to move to the next and previous pages of results by using the left and right keys. - From =excentricjester 
  • Add a "Last Edited" timestamp to Journals. - From =virgino0owhore
  • There should be a "Remove from Favourites" button when browsing Favourites and Collections. - From *digitalkitty in the Suggestions Forum
  • It's not possible for non-Premium Members to reply to a Critique, even if it is their own Critique. Thanks for pointing out, we'll fix this! - From *Wraithldr in the Suggestions Forum
  • Increase the limit of deviations per page in the deviantWATCH section of your Message Center. - From =ArO113
  • Group collapsed comments (hidden and spam) together. - From *psychoplumbers and =MissPinks
  • `LostKitten provided some suggestions for watchers and friends lists: separating Groups from deviants in your friends lists, and consolidating the Watcher, Friends, Groups, and Recent Visitors widgets. See the following mockup:
Watch List by LostKitten

Recurring feedback from previous Site Updates:
  • Some members were frustrated and confused with the listing of groups on the "Submit to Group" modal on deviation pages. Currently, it lists out groups you've frequently submitted to (regardless of if you're still in the group) and groups you're an admin of, but some people suggested that it should just be a straightforward list of groups you're a member or admin of. - From `apocathary, ~Kracov, *Blooper-Love, ~velka, and others
  • On Journal deviation pages, add the "Remove from Messages" option that appears on art deviations. - From ~PerfectDerealization
  • After we added the ability to have "!" characters in deviation titles, some deviants requested other characters (such as & ? * " @ ' [] () ...). - From *PinkLace, *chriseastmids, *ninjatron, ~Alisbet, and others
  • Bring back the functionality where Group admins receive notifications when Group Journals receive new comments.
  • Various upgrades to deviantART's mobile interface, including support, Notes, ability to watch deviants, access to friends lists, etc.
  • Add the ability to browse Journals in your Message Center using the "next" and "previous" buttons like you can with art deviations. - From *xPastxChaserx and others
  • Some members asked that the browser upgrade notice be removed since they couldn't update their browser for various reasons.

:lightbulb:  Discuss These Ideas!

  • Some members have brought up issues with the new deviantID widget. Several people suggested that the artist type was too restrictive and some members didn't want to display "Other" on the header of their profile. One illustrator had a concern with labeling herself has a digital or traditional artist when she was in fact both. A few members didn't like that their username was listed on their deviantID as well as on the top of their profile. What do you think? How could the new deviantID be improved?

Last Week's Idea Discussion

In the previous Site Update, we received some very helpful feedback about the ideas suggested by members of the community.
  • Last week, the comment rating system created some interesting debates among members. People liked the idea of surfacing great comments, especially for Journals and Forums with hundreds and thousands of comments. However, many people had concerns with abuse, ganging up against people, and people not having the ability to voice an unpopular opinion.
  • People suggested many Message Center improvement ideas, many of which pointed to the fact that people are overwhelmed. Some of the suggestions were: Sorting by art category or member, separating Group messages from member messages, realtime updating, setting priority to certain members (for example, your best friends or favorite artists), and watching only certain categories of members and Groups.
  • Some members liked the idea of email notifications for messages and Notes, while others said they check deviantART too often for email notifications to be useful. Some would prefer a digest email. Customization of which message types you receive was requested by multiple members. 
 Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk! (Be as detailed as possible!)

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Mass Effect References

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2011, 12:11 PM
Provisions for use.

These references are provided with permission from BioWare under provisions as listed below. Please note: I am in no way affiliated with BioWare or EA.

  1. Copyright cannot be assumed over anything created from usage of the reference images (BioWare owns the copyrights to the characters).
  2. No commerce. People cannot sell or profit from the images or works based on them – not even for charity (it tends to get very complicated very quickly)
  3. BioWare must be credited as the copyright holder for the reference images , this holds true for derivative works as well though (things created based on the references provided).
  4. You can’t represent yourself as a BioWare or EA employee, agent or representative.

#1, #2, #3 should be noted by everyone using these images (#2 doesn't mean that BioWare couldn't pay you for an idea and use it themselves, though.)

Some time ago, I created a tumblr account (which can be found here).  I'm not sure if I will ever get around to posting anything in it (or figuring out how to use it), but if anyone wants to make requests there, feel free to do so.

Characters (Generic or nameless):

Characters (Plot or named NPCs):

Characters (Protagonist/Squadmates):


Enemies - Cerberus

Enemies - Reaperised

Multiplayer - Characters

Multiplayer - Weapons



Weapons (Heavy):

Weapons (Melee/Omni-tool):

Weapons (Standard):

There may be others not currently listed.  You can search the reference gallery if you can't find what you're looking for here.  Please note that if you can't find something after searching for it, you can always make a request.

Unused in-game ship models can be found here.

The Mass Effect font can be found here.

Free counters!
A library of Mass Effect references. Please note that all of these models are made, and owned, by BioWare/EA.

You are free to use them however you want.
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Thank you so much for supporting my art!


still waiting by AndieMakkawaru

New York City, New York by JeanFan  Sensual Girl BW by PeterLime

Shadowland by SchuberttrebuhcS

Star gazer by Vladiatorr

Elementary school by Borymir

Schloss Moyland (HDR) by skywalkerdesign

218 by picturework-memory

Of Ash and Light... by NaamahVonhell

Quiet before the storm by Rhedor

Summer time by Kaminski83
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The AC round up for this weekish... artisan crafts that I found inspiring while browsing through the galleries, or were suggested to me. :) 

:star: Check out the monthly Monthly Artisan Craft Theme Challenge, and enter to win 2000 points! This months theme is "FairyTales"

:star: Send me DD suggestions from the Artisan Craft gallery.I may take a day or two to get back to you, so please don't be offended. On a side note please, please, PLEASE, when you send a DD suggestion, send it to one moderator! We get really confused if you send us al the same thing 

:star: If you have any Artisan Craft related contests or clubs you would like to promote, (heck, anything Artisan Craft related!)  note them to me and I'll post them in my journal and the next  News letter. In fact, you can note ether mod about promotion, we love to help with promoting the Artisan Craft community.

:star: I am also looking for any suggestions on how to make the Artisan Craft community a better place. Speak up, this is your community, I'm here to listen!

Master Chief by kaufmanp92eb Sailor Moon zodiac - colored by dragoon811 Too many winged horses by Orestigami Five Intersecting Tetrahedra by 50an6xy06r6n Sleepy Vaporeon by MyFantasticWorld :thumb259623850: Wonder Woman Shoes by leighna Wolf Mask by Namingway Skull Kid Nekocon 2011 by watching-stars-fall Aparador 1 by Tamal-muebles :thumb146985458: Stained Glass Phoenix by KuriosDrachen Spartan Helmet by mbqlovesottawa Black and Pink Skirt by emiko42 Steampunk Portal Boots by batman-n-bananas Evil Dead 2 Ash Pumpkin Carving by WispyChipmunk Peacock by Mirettetoys LIGHT YOUR STARS by leggsXisXawsome nautilus by gentianavanrijzingen :thumb267945358: Snox oculus Sculpture by Culpeo-Fox Berri Woodland Fairy by gossamerfae sashiko complect by nasinix The Bridge close-up by MarylinFill Mammoth by maryofalltrades Tempus Frangit Mask by TormentedArtifacts Guitaro... Mysterio... whammo... by skibbic 
artisan crafts that I found inspiring while browsing through the galleries, or were suggested to me
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SOPA Rebels

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 8:20 PM
SOPA Rebels!!!

If you do not know what sopa is , please refer to the Offical debate about it here-->…

I'm really glad the DA has finally find time to open up a debate about it, considering we're the biggest art community online it's a very efficient way to get the word across!   I was told that  Sopa was brought up in october 2011 and obviously gradually went into a downward spiral from there...I actually recalled something that was kind of strange, back in 2009 or 2010, I remember watching a youtube video talking about 2012 disaster. The people in it stated that they found prove that lead them to believe that 2012 would not be a natural disaster apocalypse but would be an online crises that would end the "-internet-world" as we know it. The video stated that apparently major internet providers are planning to "sell" internet like cable Tv, you would have to pay for the  every sites you visited, or buy a bundle which gave to access to a certain selection of sites, When I heard that back then I thought it was ridiculous and impossible, internet is too vast to contain. now that I look back, I fear this might actually happen if they decide to Pass all these ridiculous bills. I have a feeling the sopa,pipa bills are just a step towards something more sinister!

I Come home after a long day at school and unexpectedly my art was featured for Deviantart's SOPA Debat, I'm very honoured and appreciated all that I'm received from the community Thank you guys so much! It's only fair for me to give something back . As a student I cannot offer much in return with my lack of time, but What I can offer is my art. A lot of you are asking permission in features My Sopa image, Please if you think it'll help spread the word, go ahead and use it, if you guys want to use it commercially to raise awareness, such as posters, t-shit, please go right ahead, The image is after all created for the purpose of letting people know : D !

Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord Stamp: The Great SOPA Debate by TheRyanFord  Stamp: I Heart SOPA by TheRyanFord  STOP SOPA Bill by sakimichan


-peace out <3

codes by mynti

(open for contract, please e-mail me at for quotes)
  • Listening to: The World
  • Reading: Naruto Shippuden
  • Watching: Death Note
  • Eating: rice noodles
  • Drinking: Bl**D
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Traditional Art Tutorials on DeviantArt

A lot of people want to learn to draw and paint better but they just don't know where to start. You don't need an expensive art course to learn and progress, sometimes the answers are not far away. On DeviantArt, artists not only share their artworks but many of them are willing to share their working secrets, they create tutorials and FAQ journals or simply answer to your notes if you ask them. When you know what you want to improve, searching for a good tip gets even easier.


ANATOMY tutorials

Nose Topography by aaronverzatt   Drawing Eyes Tutorial by HJWinn

Portraiture-The Mouth by aaronverzatt Eye Anatomy Map by aaronverzatt

COLOR tutorials

 Natural Color Palette by TimBeard
Tutorial : Pencil color (basic) by rikurikuri  Color Theory Crash Course by pronouncedyou  Practical Colors Tutorial by KelliRoos Color theory 101 by death-g-reaper

TECHNIQUES tutorials

Watercolor Effects by CyprinusFox Watercolor Tutorial [Techniques + Flowers] by Ze-RoFruits Butterfly Tutorial by LucieOn Watercolor Tutorial English by Yenni-Vu Color Pencil Tutorial by Verlisaerys


Watercolor eyes in flesh tone tutorial by jane-beata Jack Preview by AuroraWienhold Walkthrough - Ozelot in watercolor by LittleMissRaven

Do you have a favorite traditional art tutorial on DeviantArt? Share it with us!

This article and many others was brought to you by :iconprojecteducate:  Still not a watcher? Join us!

Traditional art tutorials compilation, written for Traditional Art Week at projecteducate :heart:
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Updated Stock Usage Rules

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 10:42 AM

How to Credit Me:

:bulletgreen: Creating a CLICKABLE link to my image in your description. This is not negotiable.
:bulletred: When I say link to my image, I don't mean link to my profile, that doesn't help people find stocks.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my stock image with the link to your deviation.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my profile ONLY when you can't find the stock you used to comment on it.
:bulletred: If you cannot find the stock you used to make a clickable link, I will provide you with a link.

:bulletred: Do not note me with your deviation.
:bulletred: Do not comment on my profile with your deviation.
:bulletred: I will be very upset if I find out that my stock hasn't been credited.


DO NOT ever post an image containing my stock on any horse site. I will give no exceptions. Don't ask.

Sites included but not limited to: Horse Phenomena, Howrse, Helovia, Ponybox, etc.


Under no circumstances may my images be posted elsewhere in their original, unmanipulated, form, credited or uncredited.

:bulletred: Never use my stock in conjuction with illegal images: uncredited celeb images not categorized as fanart; Images that are not stock that you don't have permission to use; Non-stock images found through search engines, such as Google or on sites like tumblr or photobucket.

Making Premade Backgrounds

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used to create pre-made backgrounds if specified in the image description.

Using my Premade Backgrounds

:bulletgreen: When using a pre-made background you should use the entire background.
:bulletred: If you don't want the entire bg; Use the credit the stock it was created from.

Stocking Using My Stock

:bulletgreen: Premade backgrounds are the only way in which my stock may be redestributed as stock. (see premade backgrounds for rules)
:bulletred: In no way may any of my stock be redestributed in the form of clear cuts, tubing, etc.
:bulletred: My wings, models and premade backgrounds may not be used to in stock images.
:bulletred: My wings may not be used to create new wings of any type.

Off-Site Usage Steps

:bulletgreen: 1. Post the image to deviantART.
:bulletgreen: 2. Post the image to the off-site location.
:bulletgreen: 3. Add a typed out or clickable link on or near the image.
:bulletgreen: 4. Comment on my image with the link to the image on deviantART and the link where you've posted off-site.
:bulletred: When posting off-site you MUST credit me ON the image itself. Note me if you require an exception and we may work something out.
:bulletred: Do you allow posts to horse or wolf sites? No. No exceptions.

Commercial Use

:bulletgreen: Most of my stock is purchasable for commercial or commission use. If a price isn't listed, please ask.

:bulletgreen: Commercial use may be priced based on the project. Please note me.
:bulletgreen: (Commissions) Most photographic images, excluding model stock, are 50:points:
:bulletgreen: (Commissions) Model stocks are 75:points: but you must gain permission before using them commercially.
:bulletgreen: Wings, Premades, and PNG's that are purchasable will have a price in the description.
:bulletgreen: If you're interested in something that is not priced, please not me.
:bulletred: You may NOT sell images containing my stock on any other site for any form of currency, virtual or otherwise without paying for commercial use.

Wing Stock - Specific Rules Rules for my WingsHow to Credit Me:
:bulletgreen: Creating a CLICKABLE link to my image in your description. This is not negotiable.
:bulletred: When I say link to my image, I don't mean link to my profile, that doesn't help people find stocks.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my stock image with the link to your deviation.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my profile ONLY when you can't find the stock you used to comment on it.
:bulletgreen: If you cannot find the stock you used to make a clickable link, I will provide you with a link.
:bulletred: Do not note me with your deviation.
:bulletred: Do not comment on my profile with your deviation.

:bulletred: I will be very upset if I find out that my stock hasn't been credited. Be warned: I watch many angel and wing groups, usually your winged images end up there eventually for me to see, and if I haven't seen them before, I go checking for credits.
Copyright Infringement
:bulletred: Failing to cr

Model Stock

:bulletgreen: dA prints are Okay!
:bulletgreen: 75:points: for unlimited commission use. Contact me for commercial price with details of your intentions.
:bulletgreen: Note me with a request for commercial use detailing your intentions before purchasing the stock.
:bulletred: You must use the Entire model, not just the body.
:bulletred: To clarify, you have to use the model's face.

Layouts and Tutorials

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used for layouts and tutorials on deviantART and other ART websites. A horse or wolf site of any kind will not be considered an art site.
:bulletgreen: You must credit me somewhere on the layout or tutorial with a link to the stock used.
(ex. h ttp :// or h ttp://
:bulletred: No layouts containing my stock on horse or wolf sites. You may, however, purchase the stock if you wish to make a layout for a horse or wolf site.
:bulletred: If a layout or tutorials utilizing is for sale or commissioned, please see commercial use.



:bulletgreen: My stocks can be used for prints on deviantART ONLY.
:bulletred: I consider off-site prints to be commercial use.

Avatars and Group Icons

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used for the creation of avatars and group icons. With my permission.
:bulletgreen: If you would like permission, please note me.

School Projects and School Newspapers

:bulletgreen: Using my stock for school projects is okay with proper credit, this means a written-out direct-link to my stock.
:bulletgreen: Using my stock for school newspapers is okay with proper credit, this means a written-out direct-link to my stock.

Stock as a Reference

:bulletgreen: My stocks MAY be used for reference. Don't forget to credit me though.

Retouches: Do one of the below:

:bulletgreen: If you post both the before and after image together  and credit me on the non-retouched portion.
:bulletgreen: If you post just the retouched image you must state in the title that it is a retouch.

Horse and Wolf etc. Manipulations

:bulletred: Horse or Wolf manips with my premades: No. Not without permission.
:bulletred: Horse or Wolf manips with my wings: Rules vary per wing image. Read the black box.
:bulletred: Posting images containing my stock on a horse or wolf etc. site: No. No exceptions. Includes RPGs, Sim sites, etc. Such as Howrse, Ponybox, Horse Phenomena, Helovia, etc.
:bulletred: Layouts containing my stock on horse or wolf sites: No. No exceptions.
:bulletred: I will not hesitate to ask that a horse  or wolf manip containing my wings or premade stock be removed from dA if the image is in violation of one or more of my rules listed in the black box on the image.
:bulletgreen: You may purchase stocks for the points amount listed on the individual pages if you intend to use the image on a horse or wolf site.
You can find complete information on my reasons for not allowing horse or wolf manips without permission in my journal entry here:
Horse and Wolf Manips: My thoughts and reasons..I am creating this journal as an explanation as to why I do not allow horses or wolves to be added to my premade backgrounds and do not allow my wings to be attatched to them without my prior permission.
Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely nothing against horses or wolves, both are beautiful, amazing animals, nor do I have anything against the amazing deviants that create horse and/or wolf art.
I really don't know exactly how to put this together...
To make my rules regarding this concern as simple as possible I have stated on each premade background and wing stock that I do not allow horse or wolf manipulations without prior permission, unfortunately, the statement is rarely read, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to make it more visable, please feel free to make them.

Why don't you allow your stock on horse and wolf sites?
:bulletblue: I don't want the stock use requests that will come with my stock being there.
:bulleblue: Why? For some re

Line-Art Pasted on Stock

:bulletred: May I put your wings on my line-art? No.
:bulletred: Line-art/coloring put on top of a stock is not a manipulation.
:bulletred: May I put line-art on top of your stock? No.
:bulletred: I will not hesitate to ask that a 'line-art on stock' image be removed!

Things I do not consider manipulations and other No No's

:bulletred: Cropping, adding a texture, changing the hue/saturation/vibrance, adding contrast, adding text, and framing are not photomanipulation.
:bulletred: Images containing my stock must be submitted as one of these catagories: Photomanipulation, Painting and Airbrushing, 3-D, Mixed Media, Tutorials. . This is NOT negotiable. Got a question, ask!
:bulletred: No extreme blood and gore, hate, animal cruelty, or other things you think I might not approve of. When in doubt, note me.



  • Listening to: The laptop fan run
  • Reading: what I&#039;m typing
  • Watching: the words appear on the screen
  • Playing: on deviantart
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Raspberry Green Tea
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Game-header by marioluevanosSharpen your weapons and prepare to fight for the Nexus in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest! Illustrate your favorite heroes engaged in battle for the chance to win cash prizes and a personalized sketch from Heroes of the Storm Senior Art Director Sam Didier. With many powerful heroes awaiting your call, who will you choose? Enter now!

Official Rules Enter Now

Engage Blizzard’s
Mightiest Heroes in Battle:

Assemble the mightiest heroes from across Warcraft™, Diablo™, Starcraft™, and more! Illustrate characters from two or more different Blizzard universes engaged in battle for the chance to win $6,000 USD, a framed print of your entry, and an original sketch by Sam Didier, Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm, and more. With powerful heroes including all of your favorites awaiting your call, who will you choose?

Sharpen your favorite weapons and prepare to fight, because now you and all of your friends can join the fight for the Nexus! Blizzard’s newest game, Heroes of the Storm, allows you to build and customize heroes from your favorite Blizzard games and face-off in fast-paced mayhem.

About The Game

Heroes of the Storm is a new free-to-play team brawler of heroic proportions. Mobilize teams featuring your favorite heroes from more than 20 years of Blizzard games and face-off against opponents in one of seven dynamic Battlegrounds for your chance at glory!

Use the links below to learn more about Heroes of the Storm and to see a list of some of the many heroes you can choose to feature in your artwork. You can also dive into the fray and experience the game firsthand by logging in and playing the game for free!

How To Enter


Review the asset page to learn more about Heroes of the Storm. Select at least two characters from different Blizzard universes to feature in your artwork. You may use materials provided on the Asset Page and related pages as reference but you may not actually duplicate them as part of your submission. For more information on permitted characters, please see the Official Rules.


Illustrate your chosen characters engaging in battle. You may use any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry in another medium is acceptable.


Your entry must be at least 2000 pixels in its shortest length and be either a single JPG or PNG file.


Share your artwork on your social channels using the hashtag #PlayHeroes. Explore the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantArt to see other artists’ amazing works! This is not a required step to win or place in the contest.


The 1st Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A framed sketch by Sam Didier, Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm, inspired by the winning entry
  • A framed print of the 1st place entry signed by the Heroes of the Storm Creative Team
  • $6,000 USD
  • $250 in Balance (USD) and a signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • 8,000 DeviantArt Points
  • 1-year Premium Membership to

The 2nd Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A framed print of the 2nd place entry signed by the Heroes of the Storm Creative Team
  • $3,000 USD
  • $150 Balance (USD) and a signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • 4,000 DeviantArt Points
  • 6-month Premium Membership to

The 3rd Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A framed print of the 3rd place entry signed by the Heroes of the Storm Creative Team
  • $1,000 USD
  • $100 Balance (USD) and a signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • 4,000 DeviantArt Points
  • 6-month Premium Membership to

22 Semi-Finalist Prize Winners Will Receive:

  • A signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • $50 Balance (USD)
  • 1,000 DeviantArt Points


The Blizzard Contest Begins at 12:00 am time (PDT) on May 19, 2015 and ends at 11:59:59 PM (PDT) on June 23, 2015.
  • Entrant must be at least 13 years old as of May 19, 2015.  Entrant may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PDT) on June 23, 2015 and must be submitted through the contest gallery on DeviantArt.
  • Membership to is required to enter the Contest. Membership to is free.
  • The work may originate in any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry made in another medium are acceptable. Licensed brushes and textures are permitted. Read the Official Rules for more details.
  • Your entry must be in the form of a single JPG or PNG file at least 2000 pixels in its shortest length.
  • Your entry must include at least two Blizzard Heroes currently featured in the Blizzard’s interactive games, or Heroes who have been in any game released by Blizzard engaged in battle. Please consult the Official Rules for Blizzard games that are excluded.
  • You may reference but not copy the images provided on the Asset Page and in the games.
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply, so please read the Official Rules carefully.


The three winners will be selected by Sam Didier, Blizzard’s Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm. The 25 semi-finalists will be chosen by a panel of Blizzard’s full-time art team and by the DeviantArt Staff. The judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Depiction of the Heroes in battle
  • Overall impact of the Work
  • Technical Skill
  • Originality

Please read the Official Rules for more details about judging.

Sharpen your weapons and prepare to fight for the Nexus in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest! Illustrate your favorite heroes engaged in battle for the chance to win cash prizes and a personalized sketch from Heroes of the Storm Senior Art Director Sam Didier. With many powerful heroes awaiting your call, who will you choose? Enter now!

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When a subject poses to have his or her photograph taken, the subject tries to project a message about himself or
herself by how he or she “poses”, by the attitude of his or her body language or facial expression.

If the subject is posed by the photographer, the body pulled and prodded into the desired angles,
the facial expression “directed”, it is the photographer who is intending to communicate a message.
In either case, posing or posed, there is undeniably something “false” in the representation. Perhaps
the only “true” thing being represented in this art is a record of how people being photographed or
people photographing other people misrepresent reality for whatever their reasons. Perhaps it’s human
to always want to show a life that’s a little prettier, happier, better.

Grisha 3 by jivotnoetwo good friends by VaggelisFragiadakislooking for by M0THartFree Play by Hengki24

Street Photography takes direct aim at this “falseness” by taking the camera into the streets to record “true”
documentary moments in life.  The subjects are usually unaware as they go about their lives, having no time to strike
a pose to enhance or send a particular message about those lives. There are surely flaws in this simple theory of what
is “truthful” and therefore worthy of possibly being designated “art” as opposed to what is obvious artifice (posings)
which make the “art” designation more problematic.  Certainly there is brilliant artistic photographic portraiture, but
is the art more in the skill in lights and shadows and operating the camera and other equipment itself – vs “capturing”
the soul of the subject?

Of course even in “the street” there’s the kids smiling for Dad’s lens in the backyard pool, and what could be more
posed than a celebrity red carpet event?  But “real” street photography is all about the capture of unscripted, un-posed
moments from human being’s lives where and when a little bit of their true selves is exposed “naked” for just a moment,
and a true documentary of a true event in human history, comic or ironic, heartwarming or horrifying, is recorded for all eternity.

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

But sometimes, when looking at a masterful street photographer’s work, we can at least pretend that all in our lives
is not mere artifice, and that there are “real people” out there amongst all those “actors”, real people just living their lives.

Questions for the Reader:

  1. Does the act of posing subjects for photographic composition, to your mind, in any way compromise or lessen the value of the photo as “art”?
  2. Do you prefer posed or “candid” photographs of your pop heroes?  Are paparazzi ever “artists” or is their “art” too assaultive to merit such consideration?
  3. Do you think photography best captures the representational “essence” of a person photographed, or is a person’s essence best represented by a sketch artist or great painter?  (Or even a poet?)
  4. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us that by observing a subject, we change it in that moment, therefore “negating” or “falsifying” any representation we seek to “capture” or “know”.  Is art, to your mind, about achieving the closest possible representation of the “truth” about a subject – or is it more about the artist’s desire to capture just for a moment the eternally unknowable?

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Hello everyone,

My new book is out and you can get your copy at your local Barnes & Nobles store or
The book contains 20 of my models that many people have been asking diagrams for.

The title of the book is "Extreme Origami" by Won Park

As always, thank you guys for all your support.
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