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SOPA Rebels

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 8:20 PM
SOPA Rebels!!!

If you do not know what sopa is , please refer to the Offical debate about it here-->…

I'm really glad the DA has finally find time to open up a debate about it, considering we're the biggest art community online it's a very efficient way to get the word across!   I was told that  Sopa was brought up in october 2011 and obviously gradually went into a downward spiral from there...I actually recalled something that was kind of strange, back in 2009 or 2010, I remember watching a youtube video talking about 2012 disaster. The people in it stated that they found prove that lead them to believe that 2012 would not be a natural disaster apocalypse but would be an online crises that would end the "-internet-world" as we know it. The video stated that apparently major internet providers are planning to "sell" internet like cable Tv, you would have to pay for the  every sites you visited, or buy a bundle which gave to access to a certain selection of sites, When I heard that back then I thought it was ridiculous and impossible, internet is too vast to contain. now that I look back, I fear this might actually happen if they decide to Pass all these ridiculous bills. I have a feeling the sopa,pipa bills are just a step towards something more sinister!

I Come home after a long day at school and unexpectedly my art was featured for Deviantart's SOPA Debat, I'm very honoured and appreciated all that I'm received from the community Thank you guys so much! It's only fair for me to give something back . As a student I cannot offer much in return with my lack of time, but What I can offer is my art. A lot of you are asking permission in features My Sopa image, Please if you think it'll help spread the word, go ahead and use it, if you guys want to use it commercially to raise awareness, such as posters, t-shit, please go right ahead, The image is after all created for the purpose of letting people know : D !

Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord Stamp: The Great SOPA Debate by TheRyanFord  Stamp: I Heart SOPA by TheRyanFord  STOP SOPA Bill by sakimichan


-peace out <3

codes by mynti

(open for contract, please e-mail me at for quotes)
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Updated Stock Usage Rules

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 10:42 AM

How to Credit Me:

:bulletgreen: Creating a CLICKABLE link to my image in your description. This is not negotiable.
:bulletred: When I say link to my image, I don't mean link to my profile, that doesn't help people find stocks.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my stock image with the link to your deviation.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my profile ONLY when you can't find the stock you used to comment on it.
:bulletred: If you cannot find the stock you used to make a clickable link, I will provide you with a link.

:bulletred: Do not note me with your deviation.
:bulletred: Do not comment on my profile with your deviation.
:bulletred: I will be very upset if I find out that my stock hasn't been credited.


DO NOT ever post an image containing my stock on any horse site. I will give no exceptions. Don't ask.

Sites included but not limited to: Horse Phenomena, Howrse, Helovia, Ponybox, etc.


Under no circumstances may my images be posted elsewhere in their original, unmanipulated, form, credited or uncredited.

:bulletred: Never use my stock in conjuction with illegal images: uncredited celeb images not categorized as fanart; Images that are not stock that you don't have permission to use; Non-stock images found through search engines, such as Google or on sites like tumblr or photobucket.

Making Premade Backgrounds

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used to create pre-made backgrounds if specified in the image description.

Using my Premade Backgrounds

:bulletgreen: When using a pre-made background you should use the entire background.
:bulletred: If you don't want the entire bg; Use the credit the stock it was created from.

Stocking Using My Stock

:bulletgreen: Premade backgrounds are the only way in which my stock may be redestributed as stock. (see premade backgrounds for rules)
:bulletred: In no way may any of my stock be redestributed in the form of clear cuts, tubing, etc.
:bulletred: My wings, models and premade backgrounds may not be used to in stock images.
:bulletred: My wings may not be used to create new wings of any type.

Off-Site Usage Steps

:bulletgreen: 1. Post the image to deviantART.
:bulletgreen: 2. Post the image to the off-site location.
:bulletgreen: 3. Add a typed out or clickable link on or near the image.
:bulletgreen: 4. Comment on my image with the link to the image on deviantART and the link where you've posted off-site.
:bulletred: When posting off-site you MUST credit me ON the image itself. Note me if you require an exception and we may work something out.
:bulletred: Do you allow posts to horse or wolf sites? No. No exceptions.

Commercial Use

:bulletgreen: Most of my stock is purchasable for commercial or commission use. If a price isn't listed, please ask.

:bulletgreen: Commercial use may be priced based on the project. Please note me.
:bulletgreen: (Commissions) Most photographic images, excluding model stock, are 50:points:
:bulletgreen: (Commissions) Model stocks are 75:points: but you must gain permission before using them commercially.
:bulletgreen: Wings, Premades, and PNG's that are purchasable will have a price in the description.
:bulletgreen: If you're interested in something that is not priced, please not me.
:bulletred: You may NOT sell images containing my stock on any other site for any form of currency, virtual or otherwise without paying for commercial use.

Wing Stock - Specific Rules Rules for my WingsHow to Credit Me:
:bulletgreen: Creating a CLICKABLE link to my image in your description. This is not negotiable.
:bulletred: When I say link to my image, I don't mean link to my profile, that doesn't help people find stocks.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my stock image with the link to your deviation.
:bulletgreen: Comment on my profile ONLY when you can't find the stock you used to comment on it.
:bulletgreen: If you cannot find the stock you used to make a clickable link, I will provide you with a link.
:bulletred: Do not note me with your deviation.
:bulletred: Do not comment on my profile with your deviation.

:bulletred: I will be very upset if I find out that my stock hasn't been credited. Be warned: I watch many angel and wing groups, usually your winged images end up there eventually for me to see, and if I haven't seen them before, I go checking for credits.
Copyright Infringement
:bulletred: Failing to cr

Model Stock

:bulletgreen: dA prints are Okay!
:bulletgreen: 75:points: for unlimited commission use. Contact me for commercial price with details of your intentions.
:bulletgreen: Note me with a request for commercial use detailing your intentions before purchasing the stock.
:bulletred: You must use the Entire model, not just the body.
:bulletred: To clarify, you have to use the model's face.

Layouts and Tutorials

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used for layouts and tutorials on deviantART and other ART websites. A horse or wolf site of any kind will not be considered an art site.
:bulletgreen: You must credit me somewhere on the layout or tutorial with a link to the stock used.
(ex. h ttp :// or h ttp://
:bulletred: No layouts containing my stock on horse or wolf sites. You may, however, purchase the stock if you wish to make a layout for a horse or wolf site.
:bulletred: If a layout or tutorials utilizing is for sale or commissioned, please see commercial use.



:bulletgreen: My stocks can be used for prints on deviantART ONLY.
:bulletred: I consider off-site prints to be commercial use.

Avatars and Group Icons

:bulletgreen: My stock may be used for the creation of avatars and group icons. With my permission.
:bulletgreen: If you would like permission, please note me.

School Projects and School Newspapers

:bulletgreen: Using my stock for school projects is okay with proper credit, this means a written-out direct-link to my stock.
:bulletgreen: Using my stock for school newspapers is okay with proper credit, this means a written-out direct-link to my stock.

Stock as a Reference

:bulletgreen: My stocks MAY be used for reference. Don't forget to credit me though.

Retouches: Do one of the below:

:bulletgreen: If you post both the before and after image together  and credit me on the non-retouched portion.
:bulletgreen: If you post just the retouched image you must state in the title that it is a retouch.

Horse and Wolf etc. Manipulations

:bulletred: Horse or Wolf manips with my premades: No. Not without permission.
:bulletred: Horse or Wolf manips with my wings: No. Not without permission.
:bulletred: Posting images containing my stock on a horse or wolf etc. site: No. No exceptions. Includes RPGs, Sim sites, etc. Such as Howrse, Ponybox, Horse Phenomena, Helovia, etc.
:bulletred: Layouts containing my stock on horse or wolf sites: No. No exceptions.
:bulletred: I will not hesitate to ask that a horse  or wolf manip containing my wings or premade stock be removed from dA.
:bulletgreen: You may purchase stocks for the points amount listed on the individual pages if you intend to use the image on a horse or wolf site.
You can find complete information on my reasons for not allowing horse or wolf manips without permission in my journal entry here:
Horse and Wolf Manips: My thoughts and reasons..I am creating this journal as an explanation as to why I do not allow horses or wolves to be added to my premade backgrounds and do not allow my wings to be attatched to them without my prior permission.
Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely nothing against horses or wolves, both are beautiful, amazing animals, nor do I have anything against the amazing deviants that create horse and/or wolf art.
I really don't know exactly how to put this together...
To make my rules regarding this concern as simple as possible I have stated on each premade background and wing stock that I do not allow horse or wolf manipulations without prior permission, unfortunately, the statement is rarely read, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to make it more visable, please feel free to make them.

Why don't you allow your stock on horse and wolf sites?
:bulletblue: I don't want the stock use requests that will come with my stock being there.
:bulleblue: Why? For some re

Line-Art Pasted on Stock

:bulletred: May I put your wings on my line-art? No.
:bulletred: Line-art/coloring put on top of a stock is not a manipulation.
:bulletred: May I put line-art on top of your stock? No.
:bulletred: I will not hesitate to ask that a 'line-art on stock' image be removed!

Things I do not consider manipulations and other No No's

:bulletred: Cropping, adding a texture, changing the hue/saturation/vibrance, adding contrast, adding text, and framing are not photomanipulation.
:bulletred: Images containing my stock must be submitted as one of these catagories: Photomanipulation, Painting and Airbrushing, 3-D, Mixed Media, Tutorials. . This is NOT negotiable. Got a question, ask!
:bulletred: No extreme blood and gore, hate, animal cruelty, or other things you think I might not approve of. When in doubt, note me.



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Hello everyone,

My new book is out and you can get your copy at your local Barnes & Nobles store or
The book contains 20 of my models that many people have been asking diagrams for.

The title of the book is "Extreme Origami" by Won Park

As always, thank you guys for all your support.
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Poses by 50 points!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 23, 2013, 11:43 PM
At your request I did it.

All pose set by 50 points for each! Bigger size!

Pose study by Kate-FoXPose study1...girls.
Pose study2 by Kate-FoXPose study2...guys.
Pose study3 by Kate-FoXPose study3...girls.
Pose study4 by Kate-FoXPose study4...couples.
Pose study5 by Kate-FoXPose study5...girls.
Pose study6 by Kate-FoXPose study6...girls.
Pose study7 by Kate-FoXPose study7...mermaids.
Pose study8 by Kate-FoXPose study8...guys.
Pose study9 by Kate-FoXPose study9...girls.
Pose study10 by Kate-FoXPose study10...couples.
Pose study11 by Kate-FoXPose study11...children.
Pose study12 by Kate-FoXPose study12...girls with swords.
Pose study13 by Kate-FoXPose study13...girls.
Pose study14 by Kate-FoXPose study14... anorexic girls... again :)

Female set:

Female set by Kate-FoX

How to buy:

Thank you for your attention ^_____~

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Join a SOPA and PIPA debate

Tue Jan 17, 2012, 7:04 PM by makepictures:iconmakepictures:

:bulletgreen:  What are SOPA and PIPA?

The United States Congress is proposing two laws that address the problem of wide-scale unlicensed distribution on the Internet of motion pictures, songs, trademarked goods, and patented pharmaceuticals.  
  1. One of the proposals is called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and would direct search engines in the United States to block Internet sites outside the United States that are primarily engaged in distributing unlicensed content.
  2. Another proposal called PIPA (Protect IP Act) would block websites located in the United States as well.
The Obama administration is putting a stop to these proposals.  It wants the Internet companies and the content companies to get together and come up with more functional and less destructive solutions.

:bulletgreen:  What would happen?

In both proposals, if they became law, the government of the United States would determine on application if a website was primarily engaged in unlicensed distribution.  A court might hold a hearing but only if the people who run the website showed up.  Otherwise, the site would be blocked by an order directing all websites in the United States with search capabilities or links to refuse to resolve any results or clicks to the blocked address.

Blocking addresses is hard to do without damaging every address on the Internet.  The blocking methods suggested in these two proposals would completely confuse existing Internet functions. They would encourage multiple hacks to get around the blocks (and the proposals, it turns out, would be ineffective against very simple work-arounds).  Maybe a few copyrights get saved but the price is opening massive wormholes in the Internet permitting hackers to re-direct traffic all over the place -- to malware, spyware, and phishing operations.

:bulletgreen:  Who's affected by these proposals?

Identifying sites that "primarily" infringe on copyrights is full of complexity. Nobody agrees on what "primarily" means. Many sites like Wikileaks and other activist, political, and cultural websites need to copy material that is copyrighted by others who oppose their goals in order to criticize them or to bring important documents into the light.  Some organizations, particularly political and religious ones, would use these laws if they were passed to try to block sites that republish controversial writings of a dictator or of a priest that they would prefer to keep under wraps.

Even harmless Internet behavior can be "primarily" an infringing activity: for example, a Tumblr account with still frames taken off of Glee. The unique address of the Tumblr account potentially could be blocked under these proposed laws.  

:bulletgreen:  What are the implications of SOPA?

SOPA, which would only block websites outside the United States, is a complete embarrassment to a country that has avidly supported the freedom of all peoples to express themselves openly particularly in the face of oppressive regimes.  The role of the Internet in populist liberation movements is well-known and the tools used by these movements come from the people and companies that built the Internet and the Web -- not from motion picture companies and sellers of consumer goods.  If the United States blocks websites over a Tom Cruise movie or a Rihanna song, other countries are certain to be encouraged by this to find cultural and political reasons to block websites from the Unites States and will refuse to open their borders, virtual or otherwise.

The Internet that has connected the world would become disconnected under these dangerous proposals.

The Internet is fragile.  The worldwide protection of copyrights and trademarked goods is extensive and the laws for them already are powerful. By comparison, laws that protect an open Internet are few and far between.

The compromises that the White House calls for are going to be very difficult to reach.  The motion picture studios and record companies are getting actors, directors, and singers to support SOPA and similar measures and have announced that they are not going to back down.  Internet users are up in arms and protests are scheduled for January 18, 2012.

:bulletgreen:  SOPA and the deviantART community

The community on deviantART is in a special position.  Our members make art -- copyrighted content -- and they want it to be protected.  But everyone on deviantART uses the Internet to expose themselves, their work and sometimes their souls to the world and we depend on an open platform for the very existence of the community.  

DeviantART as a site and as a company promotes the rights of artists.  However, SOPA and PIPA are poor "solutions", and we should all work towards other ways in which to resolve valid concerns about infringing conduct on the Internet that do not potentially harm free speech or the Internet itself.  

Where do you stand?

How much power should copyright owners have?

How open must the Internet be?

Is free speech, a public right, more important than the personal rights of an artist?

Many claim that a culture can only grow and speak at all by protecting private rights in art, books, movies and music.  Do you agree?

Joshua S. Wattles (makepictures)
Advisor in Chief

Get educated:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's update on SOPA:
SOPA Manager's Amendment: It's Still A Blacklist and It's Still A Disaster

Motion Picture Association of America's statement:
MPAA Response to White House Position on Anti-Piracy Legislation

Make your voice heard:

Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord Stamp: The Great SOPA Debate by TheRyanFord Stamp: I Heart SOPA by TheRyanFord

STOP SOPA Bill by sakimichan

:star: Update

Stop S.O.P.A. by Heir-of-Phoenixa Stop S.O.P.A. by Heir-of-Phoenixa Stop S.O.P.A. by Heir-of-Phoenixa

Take a look at the deviantART front page using "Newest" in the Browse to see a remarkable community protest of SOPA and PIPA.

:star: As of January 20th, it now seems that SOPA and PIPA will not move forward through Congress.  As previously mentioned, the White House opposed these bills before the protest began in earnest this past Wednesday. The White House reflects the position of the majority of the Democratic Party. Last night at the Republican Party primary debate in South Carolina (watch a video clip here) all of the candidates came out against the bills. The frontrunner, Mitt Romney, was particularly forceful on the notion of an open Internet.  In the video you can hear the crowd reactions as being quite negative towards SOPA and PIPA.  So both of the major U.S. political parties are now aligned as against the proposals.

Meanwhile, the head of the Motion Picture Association of America has called for the White House to intervene and help big content and big tech reach compromises. See this New York Times article for more information about the issue.

Given the extraordinary grass-roots response to these proposals, almost overwhelmingly negative as reflected in all of the comments to this Journal and others on deviantART, this is a political hot potato everyone in politics will now want to stay away from.

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Edit: added a part about fabric selection before 'where do I start'!

Ever since I posted Wolf Link and Midna I've been getting an influx of messages asking me to teach, reveal my secrets, take people under my wing, and so on. The sad thing is I can't spend all that much time one on one with everybody asking me to teach them. So I've decided to put together this massive block of text, relating some of my personal experience in plush making and listing off all my resources at the bottom. This will cover the very basics of plush and pattern making so if you are completely new to plush making this is for you, if you're not and you're just looking for resources skip to the bottom. I hope this will be helpful to someone!

First off, the reality. The big secret. The key to becoming a good plush artist is...
I can already feel the glares and exasperation but hear me out first.
One thing I've noticed with a lot of the messages I got were that a lot of people were scared of screwing up. Like, deadly scared. To the point that they would not even try anything. But here's one secret: You need to practice to get better. No one wakes up one day and sudently is a master painter, crafter, writer, whatever. You can't become better at something if you don't do it. That's not how progress works. Odds are that your first plush won't be the best looking. But you made something, and you'll learn from that something. My first plush was a Haro from the Gundam series. I free-handed some lines with fabric paint and they turned out wobbly and I didn't like it. But I learned that I should use guides to keep my lines straight. That's progress. It might seem minimal, but it's all those little things pulled together that makes you a better artist. Personal experience is your best teacher, because if you screw up something then you learn what works and what doesn't and why. You don't end up doing things just because that's how you were told to do it. You don't just use guides because someone told you to do so, you use guides because you know your lines will be crooked if you don't.

And because I feel this needs to really be emphasised, again, you're gonna screw up.
I've been making plushies for a long time now, but the people who watched my Wolf Link stream  last week saw me screw up the head 4 times before I got it right. It's normal, it happens, sure it can be upsetting sometimes but you can't just hang up your sewing machine every time something doesn't work. You've just learned that something doesn't work, and sometimes that can be just as important as the finished plush.

Next: Even if all you have is a needle and thread with some fabric, you can still make plushies.
You don't need a $1000+ embroidery machine to make plushies. It can be nice, but it's not obligatory. A lot of artists have steered towards these machines in the past year, myself included, but some of the greatest plushies I've ever seen were made ages before these came along! There are many ways to add details to your plush. Let's take the eyes for example. They can be applique, top stitched, painted (I used to do this a lot, I'd cut out the eye shape in some good quality felt, not the 25 cents variety, and paint on that not directly on the fleece/minky then I'd applique them to the plush), satin stitched, safety eyes, etc. There are a lot of alternatives, and it's up to you to find the one that works the best for you.

Fabric choices
If you're completely new to plush making you might want to hold out on buying expensive and hard to get minky. I would recommend fleece as a starter fabric choice. It has a stretch similar to minky(it's a little stretchier actually), it doesn't fray, it doesn't make a mess like minky does, it's cheaper(about $6-$10 a meter) and it's available virtually everywhere. I used to get a lot of my fleece in pre-cut lengths at Wal Mart. However, I know that another very appealing option is felt. It's dirt cheap(most of the time under 25 cents for an 8.5"x11" sheet), comes in a rainbow of colors, has a little stretch, and also doesn't make a huge mess like minky. I've seen some great things made with felt, but from my experience with it felt deteriorates at an impressive rate, even if the plush is never played with. So I do not recommend felt if you want to make huggable plushies. If you want to make display pieces that are treated like statues, then it would be an acceptable choice. Otherwise I wouldn't even recommend if for pattern testing, since it's not as stretchy as fleece and minky.  If you really want to use minky, I recommend testing out your patterns in fleece or other similar fabrics before cutting into expensive minky. I test my patterns in microchenille. It's a minky variant that can be used in a final plush as well, but I get it for half the price of minky when it's on sale at my local fabric store.

Where do I start?
Since making basic shapes only is boring, start with simple characters that use those shapes. I find that learning how to make a sphere is particularely important because a lot of more complex shapes can be derived from a sphere. In training Digimons, Kirby, some Pokemons, etc. Anything that is mainly a sphere. And simple. I know everyone wants to make epic complex plushies but believe me start with something simple and work you way up to the complex plushies. There are two general ways to make a sphere: using two dumbell shaped pieces or 4 football shapes. I use the footballs,  because I never understood the dumbells but use whatever works for you! When drafting a pattern you have to remember that what you're drawing on a flat surface will become a 3D object so it will not look exactly like your pattern piece. You have to keep the stretch of your fabric in mind, and remember that everything will get rounded with stuffing. So for a sphere, you want your pieces to look something like this… . So how do you know if your sphere is going to turn out the right size? Measure it at the midpoint(the red line) then multiply that by 4. The result will be the circumpherence of your sphere. Also remember that you will need seam allowance. It's up to you wether you add it around your pattern as you're cutting it or if you add it to the pattern itself. If you add it to the fabric as you're cutting, you'll want to trace your pattern onto the pieces so you can follow the right lines. Personally, I add it to my pattern because it's an old habit, and probably a bad one too. I add a presser foot's width all the way around my patterns so the line I have to follow is the edge of my fabric.Again, whatever works for you. The simplest way to sew a sphere together would be like this… . Once you can make sphere characters you can start moving on to characters with sphere heads and simple bodies or extra accessories. And then just keep trying out new things. Before you know it you'll be an acomplished plush artist :)  

edit: a little more about drafting spheres, as well explained by xSystem in the comments: To make a sphere your pattern will need to be half as wide as the length, so if your pattern is 5" wide it needs to be 10" long. The points should also be 90 degree angles so they meet nice and square.

And finally here you go, my master list of resources;
-Minky shopping list by PlanetPlush (my personal favorites are fabricdepot and theminkyboutique)
-CR's crafts: for suede, doll joints, some fur, and a whole lot of other things
-Glass eyes online: plastic eyes, safety eyes and noses, doll joints
-Mendel's: Fur (though I've never ordered from them they have quite a selection and I've head good things about them from others)…

-Pheleon's pattern drafing lesson part 1 and 2
-babylondonstar's sit plush tutorial… (the pattern that really got me into plush making. She also has other patterns, sometimes with instructions, available here… )
-Simply-Plush's patterr/tutorials colelction…
-Plushie-Database's pattern/plush collections:…
-My own chibi human (pattern only, tutorial hopefully to come at a later date. I recomend printing it full page, but the size is up to you)…
-Voodoo-Tiki's beginer pony tutorial: (she also has a few other tutorials check them out! )
-valleyviolet, need I say more?
-cute patterns
-Kirby pattern by Kat-Aclysm:…

Other useful things
- plush forum
-satin stitching tutorial by usako-chan…
-My Tribble tutorial, which is really a 'how to work with fur' tutorial Something I forgot to mention in the tutorial though: if you have an exacto knife, it makes cutting fur a lot easier because it will only cut the backing, not the fur. This way you only have a fur mess when you're trimming the seam allowance.
-pheleon's human hair tutorial and her painted eye tutorial
ThisUsernameFails's needle sculpting tutorial
- nfasel's polymer clay eyes tutorial
- dollphinwing's eye tutorial

If you have any other useful tutorials, patterns, website to shop from, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

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I often get asked "How did I make ________ (insert Paperpoké model)?".  I would have to say that it is pretty much practice and patience.  I've been papercrafting for about 5 years, now - more so in the last 12 months than at any other point in time. And I really believe that you learn from making mistakes.  

I often rebuild models 2-3 times, just so the are just right for publishing on our website.  It's relatively easy to make a template from a model, but it's not so easy to make a good template that others can follow with ease, and that doesn't waste too much paper.

But making a good model is not simply about the work that papercrafter designers do, you also need the correct tools to create a good papercraft.  This is a fact that is often overlooked, but is actually crucial.  You really only need a few things to get great results:

1. Use decent paper - (NOT regular 80gsm printer paper) find some that is about 120gsm in weight

2. A good pair of sharp scissors
eg: Honey Bee non-stick precision Scissors…

3. An used-up ball point pen or craft stylus to score fold lines with
eg: Pergamano small ball stylus…

4. A little metal ruler - metal doesn't get damaged or dinted like plastic.

5. Decent acid-free paper glue - importantly it needs to be fast setting
eg: Power Pritt Multipurpose Extra Strong Gel… or Aleene's Original Tacky Glue…

6. Tweezers - preferably non-stick

7. A tooth-pick (wooden cuticle stick) for getting into those hard to reach places

8. A scalpel which has replaceable blades…

9. A large self-healing cutting mat…


1. Score/emboss the fold lines of the template piece before you cut it out of the card stock. Otherwise you'll end up trying to keep fiddly pieces of paper still with one hand while trying to score/emboss with the other - it never end well.

2. If you chose to do a "lined" template, once you have embossed/scored and cut out the piece, DO NOT fold them.

Instead, just glue it as if it were flat and unscored. This way, you allow the paper to bend naturally along these lines, and the result is a much smoother build

3. The only exception to the above rule is if you have a fold that creates an angle that is <45º.

_______________ Solid Lines are for cutting

- - - - - - - - Dashed Lines are for Mountain Folds

— - — - — - — - Dashed/Dotted Lines are for Valley Folds
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Hello all!

Concerning my last journal post, I've been having quite the difficult time on resolution numero dos--that being to doodle at least once per day to sharpen skills and heighten activity on this page. Sadly, it seems that I've lacked, err, "proper" inspiration as I have completely seem to have lost motivation to draw or doodle in the slightest. And anything I currently produce is not up to par with my earlier works.

However, there seems to be more to it.

For those who may not have known, (pertaining to no one at all haha.) you can safely assume that I mainly draw anime. While this certainly is true, I also have a knack into drawing realism and appear to handle it much better than anime. However, I also seem to have a whacky pattern concerning the two...once I feel that I am "sucking" at one of the two styles, it's a red flag indicating that I should focus on the other and thus I draw the other awfully well (In my case) and vice versa.

As odd as that may sound, this is exactly what seems to be happening at this very moment. I cannot, for the life of me, draw a single, simple anime figure the way I wish. So now I find myself focusing on realism. (Though it may most likely meader into blending both styles. You know--anime realism!) But, as stated before, I lack inspiration, and by finding some I believe I will have to just go with the flow and follow what I currently wish to do.

And so, as a fair warning, I would like to say that I may or may not be submitting some crap from this point on in order to up my ante to it's original level.

I dearly hope this doesn't bewilder or annoy anyone, so I hope some may look forward to it!

Randomness of the Day: I would like to promote two classmates of mine :iconbunny-hopp-ns: and :iconmmhinman: in their amazing work! I seriously admire the both of them to the point of biting my thumbnail in lieu of just viewing thier art pieces! Cheers to the both of them!


Also, psst this video project is amazing.


I am in the mood of a complete wig-out since I have the oppertunity to send a message/freely talk to two of my idols and I don't know how but I did my best with one and I just know I'll die once I get a reply oh man it's been awhile since I've had this feeling! :iconeeeeeplz:

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