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Here's a little short film I helped animate for my pal, Ben.

This pretty special~

Also, PCBC is over, sadly. I, and many others, loved it so.

I have to agree with the crit I've recieved from the judges, there are so many things that I need to improve on and their constant feedback is always appreciated!

I can safetly say that there has been major improvements in my grammar and some anatomy, thought they can still be pushed further.

Though, I was kind of sad that MikeMoroney couldn't fully finish his entry. This was the last round so I was kind of hoping they'd extend it again for him, but alas.

But yes, it was fun.

See you in IPL!

But for now, back to contracts and comissions!
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I recently learned that the stereotypical "Japanese Fan Girl" is not some sort of mythical sasquatch of popular culture. I know they exist because my work somehow attracted the attention of one.
She showed up online one day and started posting weird fan-art and (thanks to google translate) weirder messages.
It was amusing, if a little creepy. Especially when someone found a few pictures she had drawn of a decidedly underage version of myself being violated by tentacles.
I let that slide because, hey; she was a Japanese Fan-girl. They're innately odd.
But then it turned out she was actively following me around the internet, frequenting the same sites and forums as me. Specifically B3TA; a place where you really shouldn't go unless you speak English, have a tough skin and an understanding of serrated British humour.
Fan-girl did not, and was subsequently torn to shreds.
Despite everyone's advice, however (including mine and most of the B3TAns) she kept going back. As such, I don't have much sympathy.
You may have seen a few of her posts appear on my DA gallery in which she rants on about the "evil B3TA people". The most recent of which was in regards to the latest internet meme "Helicopter Cat", to which she took much umbrage.
After my latest Spider & Scorpion strip, in which I used that meme, Fan-girl went bat-sh*t. She apparently took it as a personal attack on her and started using photos from my family's facebook page in sinister collages tagged "death is eternal".
Obviously she's now being banned left-right-and-centre, so, hopefully we've seen the last of her.

I guess this is a cautionary tale; Japanese Fan-girls are scary.
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Phew. That lighting is hard. I think I will reserve it for more important shots.
Anyway, the first scene I've done of Fire Tiger vs Acid Panther. If anyone's curious.

I won't upload any more scenes, as I'd like the film to be at least a bit of a surprise.

Oh wait, I just realized there are a couple of frames cut off the end. Oh well, not missing much.
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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 11:23 AM

Happy Easter everyone! I feel like... I just want to talk today. Because I think there's things I've learned and feel and think that sometimes I just want to say.

Let's start with stories.

What I find great about any form of storytelling is how honest it is. There is no other form of shared knowledge that can teach us how to live our lives better. None. That being said, we see stories in everything. We look at a tree with a fence grown into it, and think of when the fence must have been built, who may have built it, etc. We see a couple arguing on  the street and ponder as to what could have gotten them to this point. We hear a snapping twig in the woods, and plan our escape route from whatever magnificent beast lurks in the brush! As human beings, we LOVE stories. But why?

We love stories because they teach us how to live. Think about any good movie, book, or other story. It should have moved you in some way. Some stories teach us how to deal with the intense hardships in life, some stories teach us how to see achieve great things, and some simply teach us not to take life too seriously. But all stories teach us emotional lessons. Lessons you could never gleam from a textbook.

Now, film is my personal favorite method of storytelling. Why? Because it is uninterrupted, and visual. It's almost more difficult, because you have to think how to make an audience feel a specific thing from what they see. To explain how difficult this can be, let me give you an example. Let's take a blade of grass. This single blade of grass can mean a million things. It can stand for hope, or it can stand for wear and the fall of civilization back into nature. It can mean a meal, or it can mean a lost meal. It can stand for a newborn baby entering the world, or an elderly woman exiting it. A single blade of grass can stand for a million things, but it's the filmmaker's job to make the audience only see one. A good director strings meaningful images together in such a way that the audience understands, but still has some darker areas to create to themselves. They not only take away the director's vision, but their own personal understanding as well. That is the beauty of film.

Animation is a special beast, in that it can create things we would not otherwise see in our world. In my personal opinion, animation has the power to harness the power of dreams, and it's this power that makes us love it so much. There's something deeply symbolic about the usually unrealistic things in animation that make them so real to us. In a similar way to dreams, animation takes things that we wouldn't normally even consider and puts them into a visual, semi-real form. And much of what we see in animation has incredible potential on a symbolic level (which is what our dreams function on, symbol). There's something incredibly meaningful in a house floating through the sky, an alien finding a place in our world, or a girl getting turned into an old woman during war. These abstracted ideas can be translated into life lessons with more meaning than just witnessing them in a realistic way. In other words, animation has the power to not only execute symbols, but stretch them to otherwise unrealistic proportions to make a point.

Where films fail is where they worry too much, and aren't honest with what they want to accomplish. From worrying about angry parents to worrying about bored kids to worrying about unhappy bosses, films fail because they get so caught up in the superficial sides of things. It's a legitimate fear to fear losing money, since in our world that can make it or break it for you. But the stronger films speak true, they do not ooze phoniness born of worry.

Anyway, let's talk about personal goals.

I don't believe in impossible. Anything you want to do is possible. Even if you're a smartass and say "I want to breed flying gazelles", IT'S PROBABLY POSSIBLE. If you devoted your life to it, why not. That's my mentality on everything. Work hard, achieve. That's what every one of you who want to do something great need to know.

You can do it.

But doing nothing will get you nowhere. No matter what it is you want to start, START IT! Think of long-term and shortterm goals, and act.

Shoot for the stars.

I've kinda run out of steam, but I hope you all have a nice Easter.


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So I visited PIXAR today!

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 6:03 PM

It was awesome! 8D

We spent about two hours there with one of their story artists, Adrian Molina. *u* Although the first 30 minutes we just all sat and talked and ate delicious burritos underneath a gorgeous painting from Toy Story 3.

Then he looked at my portfolio, which he liked quite a bit. He said I was twice as good as he was at my age, but I ought to loosen up my figures. Then he looked at my sketchbook, which he was super impressed with. He said I should just make my portfolio look more like my sketchbook, and I'd be a shoe-in at CalARTs. xD So that was super cool! He's super nice and says to email him with his portfolios or any art or questions and he'll give me suggestions. c:

After lunch he showed us a little bit of the studio (although we weren't allowed anywhere with actual work going on, which was too bad). But I got to see TONS of concept work for Brave, which looks pretty cool! I can't really disclose any info about it obviously, but it definitely looks a little better after seeing the beautiful art for it. Aaaaaand I saw a tiny bit through a doorway of Monster's University! The color design for it is looking pretty cool. Adrian also said there's some new films in the development stage that he's really excited about, but he couldn't tell us more.

Then he gave me a little book he illustrated and drew this in it:

So overall it was awesome! <333 I'm definitely psyched to have someone in the industry helping me out. 8D Yay! ….I'm super exhausted now, but really inspired to draw hehe. x); Might just have to pass out. Anyway, it was super fun, and I think I have a little more direction now so hopefully after school is less stressful I'll have time to work. Yeeee!

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Yeah, there actually was a chance that with all that pre-production I'd already done, I might not have gotten to do it.

But no. It's all good. Will start animating soon. Film is due November, also at which time I expect will be its internet exclusive release.

Again, if anyone's interested, lots of stuff for the film here: firetigeracidpanther.blogspot.…

ALSO I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be getting all this Acid/Fire giftart and comments. I'm glad you guys like 'em, and I hope you like the film they star in.

These are awesome:

acid panthere and fire tiger by Silverbloodwolf98 Blazing Trails by francis-john acid run by Silverbloodwolf98 Acid Panther by Raicoh Acid Panther Fanart by francis-john :thumb191569808:
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Shower pee & Video embed code

Tue Jan 10, 2012, 4:34 AM
Hoi peeps!

Firstly, it would appear the larger percentage of folk who answered my recent poll enjoy peeing in the shower..  :pee: Hope you clean your plugholes with bleach :D

I have been inundated with notes requesting the code for embedding video in your journals.

The dA code for embedding youtube videos is as follows -

< da:embed profile="" id="" / > (without the spaces)

Between the first "" you type the video source e.g. "youtube"
Between the second "" you will type the video id e.g. "d1rWvGSmOuo"

On all youtube videos there is an option to share, the id code is the last series of letters of the videos address. eg "http:/"

In the end your code should look like this  < da:embed profile="youtube" id=" d1rWvGSmOuo " />  (without the spaces of course)

Simples! :XD:


Judas out.

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 3:40 PM

Guardians by akeli
Guardians Intro 1 and 2 by akeli Guardians Intro 3 and 4 by akeli Guardians Page 5 and 6 by akeli
Guardians Page 7 by akeli Guardians Page 8 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 9 UPDATED by akeli Guardians page 10 REVAMP by akeli Guardians Page 11 by akeli Guardians Page 12 by akeli Guardians Page 13 by akeli Guardians Page 14 and 15 by akeli
Guardians Page 16 by akeli Guardians Page 17 by akeli Guardians Page 18 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 19 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 20 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 21 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 22 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 23 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 24 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 25 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 26 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 27 by akeli
Guardians Page 28 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 29 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 30 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 31 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 32 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 33 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 34 by akeli Guardians Page 35 by akeli Guardians Page 36 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 37 by akeli Guardians Page 38 by akeli Guardians Page 39 by akeli
Guardians Page 40 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 41 by akeli Guardians Page 42 REVAMP by akeli
Guardians Page 43 REVAMP by akeli Guardians Page 44-45 REVAMP by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 46 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 47 by akeli Guardians page 48 by akeli
Guardians page 49 by akeli Guardians page 50 by akeli

A Collaboration between sedART & petercui edited by akeli
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For....REASONS....I will attempt the thirty days of homestuck....Reading though these it could be really tough...U_U
SO YEAH!! Please wish me the best of luck...eheheh..
Anyway, I'm sorry for being slow at replys, I'm kinda busy. :I [yet I have time to make this yes I know]
Some of you guys should do this with me, it'd be a ton of fun!! COMPETITION MEME ROUND!! GO!
Sincerely, Ash.

•Day One: Your favorite Kid
•Day Two: Your favorite Troll
•Day Three: Your patron Troll
•Day Four: Your favorite page[s]
•Day Five: Your favorite flash
•Day Six: Your favorite song
•Day Seven: Your favorite Lusus
•Day Eight: Your favorite Guardian
•Day Nine: Your favorite Exile
•Day Ten: Your favorite alchemized item
•Day Eleven: Your favorite pesterlog
•Day Twelve: Your favorite planet
•Day Thirteen: Derse or Prosphit?
•Day Fourteen: The Midnight Crew or The Felt?
•Day Fifteen: Doc Scratch or Bec Noir?
•Day Sixteen: Favorite member of The Midnight Crew/The Felt
•Day Seventeen: Favorite Derse Agent
•Day Eighteen: Favorite Overall Character
•Day Nineteen: A post dedicated to your Moirail
•Day Twenty: A post dedicated to your Matesprit
•Day Twenty-One: A post dedicated to your Auspitice[s]
•Day Twenty-Two: A post dedicated to your Kismesis
•Day Twenty-Three: Your favorite Flash Game
•Day Twenty-Four: The saddest death
•Day Twenty-Five: Your intro into Homestuck
•Day Twenty-Six: Your favorite Ancestor
•Day Twenty-Seven: Your favorite set of horns
•Day Twenty-Eight: One character you'd want to know in real life
•Day Twenty-Nine: One character you could kill
•Day Thirty: A message for Andrew Hussie
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Procrastination is a terrible illness.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 12:20 AM


You can catch it at any time...anywhere. Today I suffered from Procrastination. I tried all kinds of medicines such as videos, music, reading comments...nothing. I shall sleep and hope that I can overcome this sickness. I need it, because what's worse than Procastination? up!

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