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Well, I'm finally done my project.

My second compilation of the ships from the R-Type universe. The little notes scattered around explain the back story to the video game, so people that don't know will get the idea behind the whole thing.

Don't forget to check out the gallery for descriptions of every ship shown in this picture: [link]

Hierarcy tree: [link]

Spent +2 months working on this. There are 102 different ships in this picture.

Now, fear my fleet!

Thanks to :iconburning-liquid: and :iconthe-danzor: for the lovely planets.
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monolith (or red marker) from the Dead Space videogames serie.

This is the symbol of the Unitology religion
"keep us whole
unity is Forever
death is only
the beginning"

download avaible by the download button
wallpaper size : 1920 x 1200 pixels

unitology font used for the writings are from Alteran-X and can be download with this [link]
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Heinkel the chimera from Fullmetal Alchemist
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League of Legends Rocket Girl Tristana Wallpaper
#76 Wallpaper

Is that a rocket in your pocket?

Resolution : 1920x1080
(If you need it in a different resolution please tell me!)


- All Credit Goes to © Riot Games Inc. -

- Check out my gallery! :iconxrazerxd: -


Play League of Legends for free! :[link]

:iconlaplz: If you Fav please comment!

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I too have hopped onto the "OMG I luff so much my SS preorder figurine that I'm so gonna draw it" bandwagon.

And I must say that I had lotsa fun drawing it! :D Still experimenting with SAI. I'm pretty sure that "I'm doin' it wrong" (colouring, I mean), but I'm having fun nonetheless, so it doesn't matter! ;P

On a different note, SSilver is awesome! I'm totally enjoying it, even if I can only play for small periods of time!

Anyhoo, comments (on both the picture and the Poke game) are welcome! :love:
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Dedicated to my friend .:::iconchenwei91:::.


League of Legends Lulu Wallpaper
#56 Wallpaper


Textures from : :iconsirius-sdz: and :iconfrostbo:

Check out my gallery! : :iconxrazerxd:


Play League of Legends for free! :[link]
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First and foremost, I am very excited to say that Smash Bros. will be returning to my gallery. I'm also pleased to announce that this will begin a mini-series for Brawl comics, questioning the laws of game physics when thrown into a totally new territory. A poster with all the characters revamped will be done eventually!

Second, I'm extremely proud of this. This is the first thing I drew in four months of inactivity; not only that, but I drew it on PAPER. Not only that, but it's a COMIC on paper, and one that I actually FINISHED on paper. This is such an incredible feat to me; not only did I finish a project I started on paper, but I drew it. I DREW it. I almost cried I was so proud of myself. Thankfully medication is on the way now so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I know I've been saying that over and over, but bear with me. It's actually happening now.

On another note, I think this should really happen when your jerk opponent catches the pokeball you threw at him. I mean come on; what is he, Team Rocket? I wouldn't obey him either!

Kyogre and Marth (c) Nintendo and their games
Artwork (c) Kirby/Me and ONLY ME. Do not copy, alter, redistribute, etc. without permission.
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My Application for #TheDigitalWar

Name: Janne Nykvist
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Digivice: MP3-Player
Digital Shard: Friendship
Eyes: blue
Hair: golden blond
Height: 5'4
Place of Birth: Ystad
Birthday: March 9
Nationality: Swedish


Janne is a smart and thoughtful girl that seems to be reserved and introverted towards others. She feels very unsure among other people and needs to warm up to strangers which takes quite a time. When you've successfully melted the ice, Janne turns out be a devoted and compassionate friend who is more than ready to help in difficult situations and even gets pissed when her offer for help is rejected. Otherwise she'd rather go her own way and works hard to achieve her goals. Her motto: 'If you want it to be done right, you have to do it yourself.'
Her helpfulness has been taken advantage of quite a lot in the past, which is why she is very mistrusting towards others nowadays. She often hides her insecurity behind a snotty attidude and critizices people if they do not behave the way she wants them to. On the other hand, she hates being critizised herself.

Her hobbies include swimming, music and studiying. Ever since she moved to Japan, she has difficulties with the language, so she sticks to English


Janne grew up with her parents in Ystad in Southern Sweden until their divorce. Her father moved to Stockholm, hence they couldn't see each other very often. Compensating this loss, she focused on her school career, dedicating every minute to her books and homework. Her hard work resulted in making her an A-student which made her interesting to other people- who instantly started taken advantage of Janne's good nature. Being oblivious about it at first, Janne noticed after some time that her schoolmates are talking about her behind her back which made her change her attidude towards others in an instance: she turned from a kind and compassionate fellow to a self-centered workaholic. While her teachers loved her, she became quite unpopular among her fellow students.

About the time of her 18th birthday, she met her Digimon partner Chiccimon around the docks of Ystad's port. The little chicken-like Digimon followed it's destined partner everywhere around, even to school, which annoyed Janne to hell. As even hitting and shouting could not shake of the little fellow, so she decided to simply ingnore him, until he started to explain to her what was happening in the world he came from and how it would affect her own world. From this moment on Janne accepted Chiccimon as her partner and was willing to cooperate with him while she still couldn't adjust to her current situation and seeing a friend in her Digimon partner.

Digimon Partner:

Penguinmon is the exact contrary to Janne. He is overall forthcoming to everyone and often apologizes for his partner’s unfriendly behavior. But he’s still very attached to her and wishes nothing more than becoming her best friend. He is a little clumsy, more toddling than walking on his feet, he prefers cold and ice covered areas and gets sick by extreme heat, so he likes being carried around by Janne in a cooling bag. When it comes to fighting he is very eager to protect his partner with als his might.

:bulletblue:Chiccimon (In-Training
-Bubble Blow
-Frothy Spit
-Adhesive Bubbles

:bulletblue:Penguinmon (Rookie)
Bird Digimon
-Eternal Slapping
-Sliding Attack
-Ice Prism

:bulletblue:Dolphmon (Champion)
Aquatic Mammal
-Pulse Blast
-Dolphin Kick
-Bon Voyage

:bulletblue:Divermon (Ultimate)
Aquatic Beast Man
-Strike Fishing
-Hell Dive

:bulletblue:MetalSeadramon (Mega)
-River of Power
-Giga Ice Blast
-Poseidon Divide

The fuck, every effort was good for nothing! v.v
I don't want to change the digimon, so I will never get into the group...
Sorry for those I promised to interact in the RP! ._____.
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drawing of gallade one of the new pokes
nuf said

oh and the right arm is wrong
now, nuf said
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:star: sdbhsbfh comisión ! :star:
Aquí traigo otra comisión :dummy: sdfjsbfdsf ,debo decir que me esforzé mucho en hacerla xq el hecho
de no haber realizado nunca un fondo así me motivó bastante :iconuhuhuhuplz: . Espero que te guste como
ha quedado ;W; le puse mucho kokoro e intenté que se vea pasable :´D


Comisión para :iconmouse-and-blackgato:
Art by :iconiguky-neky:
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