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oh yeah i meant to post this earlier but lol guess who got distracted

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Everyone's doing these before 2013 ends!
So I thought I'd give my share of crap I've done this year

I mean...
just wow...
LOOOTS of Les Mis
And, as much as some may be sick of it by now... that bloody story... is SOLEY responsible for me getting better with drawing people! I'm convinced of that!
I.... I am just SO happy...
Sure I've still got plenty to learn, but I can say that since this obsession and since this was the first year of the tablet for me... I am... very happy with myself as far as progress goes...
I've never been good at drawing people, but now... I'm more comfortable with it and enjoy it... I've never felt so accomplished in my drawings of people until now

I hope you don't find it selfish of me, and I hope you don't think I'm patting myself on the back with an air like, "HOHO! I'M SO GREAT!! :la:" because I KNOW I'm not that great...
but I NEVER notice this kind of thing in myself or my own work; others generally point it out...
I just... I'm so happy
Also, my style this year is more definitive in the Disney-esque department :hmm:
I DID dabble in realism drawings just because I needed to remind myself (and some others) that I could still do it... my comfort zone, my style, will ALWAYS be Disney-like... but, I'm willing to do other styles too

Soooo yeah...
Oh and wait... December... that pic??
you'll see

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I like this colour. Definitely related to my last stamp.

How many gloomdog idiots are there with a gallery that's 90% "vent art"?

Some people draw nothing but their fetish.
In that case, I think these peoples' fetish is feeling bad for themselves.
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Self explanatory.
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Moving this from my main account *VampLuvr0729 because I want to get all my stamp faves on one account and art faves on another. I’m going to leave it up on my original account, for people that are already using it, but I want to encourage everyone to please fave this version.

This stamp applies to all wolf artists, but for now, I’m going to be concentrating on those who make wolf comics. Most wolf comic makers know and understand how it feels to be brutally stereotyped. It’s so hard to work and work on making an exciting and unique plot and to be labeled as ‘cliché’ for the sole reason that the comic’s main characters are wolves. Granted, some comics do seem to imitate each other, but most of those are just kids who are just trying to get attention and will outgrow the immature popularity contest they seem to hold in their minds. For those that make comics that do not fit into the stereotypical ‘wolf comic’ genre, it’s increasingly frustrating to be constantly judged by those who only see the species of the characters. Saying every wolf comic is alike and therefore ‘cliché’ is like saying any lion comic is just like ‘The Lion King’, any owl comic is just like ‘Guardians of Ga’Hoole/Legend of the Guardians’, or any cat comic is just like ‘Warriors’. Most people argue that every wolf comic is about one pack pitted against another, but take this into consideration: that aspect is not unique to wolf comics. In Legend of the Guardians they are fighting rival owls known as ‘The Pure Ones’, in ‘Warriors’ Thunderclan is constantly battling the rival clans, in ‘Harry Potter’ they are fighting Voldemort and his legion of followers, in ‘The Last Airbender’ they are fighting the ‘Fire Nation’, and in ‘Avatar’ they are fighting against those attempting to destroy their world. This list could go on forever, but the point is, rivalry in a wolf comic does not automatically make it cliché. Am I saying that there is no copying or imitation in any wolf comic? No, I certainly am not. I have seen much imitation and even reported comics that seemed like outright thievery, but again, this is not unique to wolf comics. It is more common because of the abundance of comics featuring wolves, but as with any trend, you just have to let the waters calm before you can decide which artists truly love wolves. Do you have to love wolves? No, everyone has different tastes; all I am asking for is a little respect and consideration to all of the wolf comic makers who face opposition for their choices. I only wish that we could all accept each others likes and keep the dislikes to a respectful level, so as not to hurt anyone, but unfortunately, the world is not perfect. Stereotypes have been around for years, whether they are according to race, gender, tastes, age, the way you dress, who you date or marry, and how you choose to live your life. Stay strong, wolf artists, you'll get through this some day. As for the haters, please, be considerate and realize that not all wolf artists are imitators and that they have damageable feelings and egos just like you do. In the end, you have to follow your passion, and put your love before the hate of others.Yes, you can use this, you don't have to ask.

Not really in the mood for nasty comments, sooooo… comments disabled.

Stamp template by #stamp-album
Comments disabled by owner.
WARNING : The logo isn't official but I needed to next close one that represented that position so I used this one instead

For everyone who can identify themself with this position - for more just find the information about it with help of this stamp title on google search.

None of the content of the stamp belong to me
Stamp Template © Kencho
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Hate or troll comments/replies don't count into this ...

Wanted to use the button category but .gifs are not allowed there. So switched to stamps even though this doesn't have a proper border xD
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Hearing how creepy this fanfic was, I decided to check it out. It didn't go too well. I'm pretty sure this was everyone's reaction after they read it. Picture is from the movie Hetalia: Paint it White.

If you want to risk getting scarred for life, here is the link to Rainbow Factory[link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Typed stuff belongs to me
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Spider 8itch, Spider 8itch,
Does whatever a Spider 8itch does
can she swing,
from a web,
no she cant,
cuz shes a 8itch,
look out.....she is Spider 8itch...

Someone make this into a gif. Like now...

lol, I got the idea from :iconkiaratherandom:'s livestream, last night....I had to leave early and I missed it..... :/ but I did hear her sing this at the very beginning, when she was looking at a Vriska pic, and I just had to make this........XD

I usually dont upload things pasted on to other things, because I think its lame, but I thought this would be funny......XD And besides It looks decently edited and it dosent have alot of crooked lines or white fuzz, so.....:shrug:

Well, enjoy :B
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Abortion, gay marriages, wearing real fur, gender issues, euthanasia, religion, politics, ecology, diet, philosophy, the war in the Mid-East...


No one is forcing you to have an opinion about every-fucking-thing.

I salute those brave men and women who have the courage to stand up and announce, free and proud, "I don't give a fuck".

Please don't confuse this with insensitivity. The thing is that with so many things going on (because of the all-knowing media and easy access to it) it's IMPOSSIBLE to care and have an opinion about every issue.

Template: [link]
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