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This is just for =Rheazblaze. She liked the Harley Quinn journal skin I made, and wanted a Killing Joke version. So... ta-dah.

[Harley Quinn Jounral Skin]

Harley Quinn, the Joker, and The Killing Joke © DC.
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This skin is a remix of $Ikue CR team CSS with the famous footer : deviantART Loves YOU.

Now it's time to give back some love to the dA staff with a new footer : We loves you deviantART!

This is the black version :)
I hope you will like it :)

A live previews could be see HERE

The code:

A header requires you use:
< strong>We Love U dA Header< /strong>

To make the lighter background use:
< blockquote> < /blockquote>

To use the fancy list items use:
< ul>< li>List Item 1</ li>< li>List Item 2</ li></ ul>

I provide you two kind of thumbnails display :
The first one give you a 2px blue border to use it :
< em>:thumbxxxxxxxx:</ em>

or a minigal style : 50px width and height preview and when you hover it a full thumbnails preview.
< div class="minigal"> :thumbxxxxxxxx: </ div>

Others Colours available :
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My first real journal skin!  I am so happy with it, even though it's quite simple. :3  I imagine my code is absolutely chaotic, but at the very least it came out okay and functional. :L

If you'd like to use it:
:bulletpink: Faves are appreciated!
:bulletpink: You may edit the colours/fonts/etc to your heart's content.
:bulletpink: You can edit the links in the Skin Header.
:bulletpink: Do not remove the credit.

I'd also recommend keeping the mood/list section at the bottom, as I didn't account for it being placed at the top and it looks quite frankly gross. :L

Photo is mine.

Edit: So I logged in and noticed I got a DD???  Thoroughly wasn't expecting that!  afkleja;lj I am extremely happy right now. :happybounce: 
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Brand new, ultra clean, ultra light journal skin. Easy to use, Easy to read, and nice to look at.

enjoy :D
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09.10.2013 - Updated to remove dA's new default external link styles.

Another skin for %eCSSited's Pure & White CSS contest.

For this contest you have to create a new design or skin that uses white as the dominant 'color'.

I think this is pretty on the edge of what is acceptable regarding white being the predominant colour. There is certainly more percentage of white than of other colours but it doesn't feel as airy or as white as the other entries...

Also, it appears that I really like making simple, clean skins. Of course, like I always say, that just makes it easier for you to customize them. As usual, you can modify this to your heart's content. ♥


Width: Liquid
Features: Header | Sidebar | Feature Box
Customizable: Yes
Tested in IE, Chrome & Firefox

Custom journal skins can only be used by premium members.

Feature box

Feature header

Centered content
<div class="center">...</div>

Sidebar Links
<div class="sbarlink1">...</div>
<div class="sbarlink2">...</div>
<div class="sbarlink3">...</div>
<div class="sbarlink4">...</div>

There are four separate link background colours in the sidebar (each in its own div class). You can use remove/add links. You can rearrange the background colours or use all the same colour background.

To set the skin to a certain width add the following to the .journalbox section of the journal CSS:
width: --px;

T E R M S . O F . U S E
- This skin is free to use
- You can completely edit this skin for personal use
- You may not redistribute this skin, edited or otherwise
- You may not sell this skin, edited or otherwise

G A L L E R Y . C S S

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