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Yet ANOTHER t-shirt design.
I feel bad for spamming y'all with these designs, I know they're not what you want to see, but if there's even the slightest chance I could establish an identity in the t-shirt business, it'd be totally rad.

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Check out previous flash adventures.


Mini Adventures

Say hello to my new little project, Mini Adventures. These don't take me long to make but they allow me to post something small and fun while I work on bigger projects in the mean time.

Please enjoy, Feel free to comment too.


Mini Adventure #2 is out Check it out
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Even though I said I wouldn't make one, I am apparently not as much a man of my word as I thought I was.

It only been 2 months since my last convention report, but I am vain and weak willed so here it is!

Anyhow, PAX was cool. We finally got to talk about our game, and I also got to wander around and see a lot of cool stuff other people were making. I am probably going to buy all the games on the Cool Stuff Page of this report. Except the wooden plate (which was free and came with food on top of it).

Well, that's about it. Thanks to everybody who visited me, even when I was not actually at the booth; it was a pleasure and an honor meeting you all in person!

Made in Flash

EDIT: Here's the wooden plate, you guys [link]
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Well, it's been over a week since I came back from it, but here is my report!

(for the new guys, here's 2009 and 2008)

This felt like a more successful visit this year, probably because I didn't try to do as much and thus did not encounter so much failure. Oh, and also because the people I met were cool. That was important, too.

The Breath of Chameleon cosplayer was :iconarthriticpie:, I believe (I did not confirm this, but I'm thinking so since it is unlikely there were two people cosplaying as Lyle Perlin. Then I would be sad for not having found the other). It was really cool, and even had the bad skin thing going on. Thanks for letting me see one of my brain-children in the flesh before I meet an untimely death!

One of these days I'm going to have to try to set up a table at the Artist's Alley. Even better if I can like, make something useful and/or cool. And sell it.

This report is about 20% accurate, with many of the things that were said and done in the pictures being completely made up by me as I was making this.

Made in Flash
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Behold, flash book v2.0! Now with water color effects and curvy page turning! (flashbook .fla here: [link])
Press SHIFT to toggle the squiggles on and off.

Previous reports: 2010, 2009, 2008

Alright, so two weeks after the event, I've finally gotten the report finished!

Most of what happened (and some of what didn't) is documented inside, but here are some extra notes:

- There were actually two (or more??) Hatsune Miku cars, none of which attempted to crush me and none of which had pigtails. But, with the power of art, both can be done!
- Sorry =Raburabbit, I totally forgot to come back for you guys. =_=; Thanks for the button, though! It is now on my backpack, making it MANLIER.
- I actually encountered the R2-cup holder after lunch, but I figured "hey, I am already doing everything wrong, so..."
- Food trucks are exciting, but next time I will try to not buy tiny tiny tacos.
- there were quite a number of panels this year that were not what I expected them to be, such as industry events that were focused on western animation, or a Miku conference that was more on history and polls than on...I don't remember what I was expecting from that one, actually.

The Miku concert was pretty cool! The reason I would not attend another, however, is not because of the dancing guy (he was not actually a sight-blocker), but because after an hour of watching it, I felt I had an adequate experience. It did not disappoint, but I am satisfied now, and would not regret missing the next (unless technology advances such that she can start attacking the crowd directly).

The deviants I met at AX!
and sorry, I think there may have been another 2 or 3 in there, but I didn't get your names!

Here's a copy of one of the things I drew in a guest book! [link]

Well, that's it for this year. I'll be attending the next, and maybe this time I'll table? I think everyone we met in Artist Alley told me to do it - some more emphatically than others.

Made in Flash
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Battle Angel Alita (GUNNM LastOrder) manga fanart.

LastOrder Volume 4 cover turntable, drag mouse to rotate it.

Original manga cover: [link]
My 3d fanart of this cover: [link]

Used: 3ds max 2011 (mental ray, hair and fur, p_HairTK), ZBrush 4, xNormal, Photoshop CS5, Nuke 6.2.

Zbrush: [link]

Other renders: [link] [link] [link] [link]
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As the title and the deviation and a journal entry earlier this month as well as a few AX reports from other deviants may suggest, yes, I did go to Anime Expo in the year of 2009.

It was pretty fun and also pretty disappointing. Last year I spent all my time on the merchant floor, so this year I was going to try attending some panels to get a more fleshed out experience. It is now my belief that the experience is made better if you attend panels you are actually interested in.

People I met there:
=Wasil and ~LarkIsMyName (the poop!), from whom I received Ferrero Rocher to construct a foil Pikachu from. Ended up bumming around there the most.
=Raburabbit and her sister ~Ruby-Heart, who gave me a Luka pin (which I have tacked on to my laptop bag. Totally not girly at all).
~KyokoMakashiro and her sister and also her friends (~xNeyu was one of them, I think?).
~fevertrick was one of the two fans I ran into. I hit her hand when she raised it against me.
While it sounds like I met only girls, at the end we did meet one of ~PixelSmith's friends who was part of the AX staff! He was sweaty and tired.

In the end I bought a doggy keychain from =Wasil and a DVD because I felt compelled to or else something terrible might happen. Also for fun I got a Kagami Miku, which is now glaring at me from my desk at work.

Anyhow, I'll probably go back next year. I'll get this right one day...

For the interested, here is last year's report: [link]

Made in Flash
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Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

This came completely out of nowhere. I didn't even like that movie that much...! But somehow character concept art is one of my weaknesses and I ended up making this thing anyway. Plus I kinda felt like making a small game for once, making the huuuuuge ones have their own charm but they can be quite exhausting.

Almost all clothes are from the movie or concept art, plus a few random items I threw in... uh, for no apparent reason.

Also, I don't take requests, suggestions or any other form of inquiries for free art either etc etc. F.A.Q. here.
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I promised ageeeeeeeeeeees ago that i'd do some flash tutorials, and today i managed to find some time to scrape one together.

I've seen endless tutorials on dA teaching people how to tween a circle across a screen, one even spent 10 mins faffing around with "LOL aren't i funny" before getting to that tweeny circle part.

Which is a big waste of time.

So, here's a tutorial from me. Its straight to the point and should be user friendly, though if you do come across any bugs or problems let me know!

The First tutorial i have for you is: Walk Cycles.

Why? Because they are the trickiest things to get right and the also teach you the idea behind key frames, inbetweens and a little bit of easing, so it should be a fun start.

I hope this helps out those people that have wanted to animate their characters but haven't the slightest clue where to being.

For this tutorial i'd recommend using flash 8 and a pen tablet, though other flashes will still work, flash 8 proves to be a little less of a hastle to work with.

Hope you enjoy~

You can download a trail version of flash at adobes website
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Everytime I think of Sunflora, I imagine it saying "Aloha!" while doing a Hawaii hula dance. Must be that cheerful smile on its face. :aww:
It becomes brighter when you click on it :3

For :iconpoke-fanclub:'s Draw me a Pokemon contest.
If this is picked, I will call out Wartortle. :iconwartortleplz:
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