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To buy this paper-cutting picture go to my etsy shop [link]
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Finished this today!
This piece combines the story of Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. c:

So glad I finished this. I redid the round coral piece three times because I couldn't decide what color I wanted, and then ended up using all the colors together because I liked the effect. x'D I can't wait to move on to my next project. @ w@;; So many paper cutting ideas~

You can find more photos and description at my papercutting blog, Papersea: [link]

size: 8x10 inches
time: ~15 hours
made with Canson mi-teintes paper

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy! c:


I... I am in complete shock!!! I never dreamed I would get a DD.
Thank you so much to everyone who has commented, faved, and looked at the work! It means so much to me!!! :heart:
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This original papercut has been painstakingly cut from a single piece of black paper using a scalpel. It depicts Cinderella's carriage on the way to the castle, with quote "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes When You're Fast Asleep" at the bottom. This papercut is mounted in the front of an 8"x20" black box frame, creating a drop shadow on the white backing paper.

For sale on Etsy for 95

If you are interested in commissioning a piece don't hesitate to contact me.
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Exclusive, authors tabletop eco nightlight, the only one of its kind, handmade.

You can find me on or contact me by

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How do you flood a city? Here's your answer :D
You use Photoshop of course :giggle:
:pointr: Original deviation: Flooded

This is an advanced Photoshop tutorial, if you have problems with the stuff in it, I suggest going through my other tutorials - especially the Layer Masks Explained tutorial should come in handy.

I hope you'll find this useful - especially those who asked for it. :heart:

I'm looking forward to your feedback - as always, feedback makes me keep writing tuts :love:

If you use this tut, note me and I'll add you to my Flood It Collection!

M O R Et u t o r i a l s

:dalove: More Tutorials

R E L A T E D p e r s o n a l . a r t

:dalove: More art at my art account

R E L A T E D u s a g e

:pointr: Flood It Collection
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I decided to make a paper bead series but I will only show different size and shape paper beads and not how to get started. In this tutorial I show how to start but if it's not detailed enough for you, you can go search for better instructions online.

Here I show a technique to make a paper bead more round by using more than one strip.
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black bike with two guns
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Serious color shifting 20mm eye! Wrapped in storm silver wire with crystal embellishments. Depending on the lighting, shadow, how bright it is outside or inside is what color you get!

Pendant with Brooch / Pin Backing for multi use. A One of a kind piece!

Colors: Blue to Cerulean to Sky to Violet to Purple to Black.

Over 2 1/4 inches (60mm) Wide
Over 2 inches (55mm) High

Other Pictures:
2 - [link]
3 - [link]

Was Available Here:
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I've been meaning to upload these for the past few months. This is a photo from my Masters degree show.
I designed 6 trees, 3 native to the UK and 3 native to New Zealand. Each tree has 6 individual layers that line up to create the full tree.

Please see my Gallery for more photos of these trees and the final book.

The book itself is made without ink. I usually cut paper by hand but this was using a laser cutter. I did however cut each tree by hand as well. Not sure if i will upload them as i loved the burnt edge given by the laser cutter much more then the plain white paper.

Artwork copyright – Amy Sayers (Daegfire art)

Have any questions, check out my FAQ

Follow me on:

For more information and contacts:

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A gift for a Whovian friend, made from 80% recycled paper materials (cardboard, cereal cartons, catalogue papers, etc.), inspired by another photo making its way around the internet, of an adorable TARDIS chocolate box by Michelle Quinnseen here.

The walls are made from four pieces of rectangular cardboard, held together by sturdy cardstock wrapped around them and painted dark blue. The boxes (including the three stacked squares making up the roof) are stiff cardstock folded into origami boxes and glued together where appropriate. The little light at the top was made using a stiff plastic sheet, cut to shape, scored and folded before adding the roof and gluing it all in place. I added the little details as well, like the ‘POLICE BOX’ labels and the notice outside the door (all handwritten), and the tiny door handle made using thin, twisted wires. The whole thing was then given a few coats of varnish to seal in the paint and give it a smooth appearance.

UPDATE: I have made another TARDIS for sale, and am currently considering different methods of selling. Would it be better for me to set a price and put it up on Etsy or sell it on eBay for people to bid on??

UPDATE 2: It is now available for sale at my Etsy shop, here:…
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