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life just weird
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original image:

by ~Ezhov

thanks, d!

the poem is a tanka

wei wu wei;
thought and act, in time,
will arise.

be as the mantis;
still the self, listen.
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These are words from a couple of March 2010 issues of The Los Angeles Times that i cut out and taped together onto a pale green piece of paper.

It was an English assignment that grew into something more.

i really, really like it.


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A simple name on my list and a glorious robe of shadows shall collect the soul of which you known. In one long agonizing breath you are gone. Mine to have!

A mere memory upon the lips of others as they watch you recede. In the ground your body goes to comfort the creatures of hollow.

Yes my dear, I have stolen you from the body you housed in. You, my worthy darling have been very naughty. Let's see if you can be at ease here in HELL!

Oh please stop the train of tears that don't fall and the sniffle that can't be heard. I have it in my right mind to anchor you with chains. Beat you with my whip of fire. Shove hot pokers where I can.

Or I could just let you hover of my hounds. They do need a new toy.

I want to drag you so deep into torture that you will beg for deliverance to above. I will make you relive all that you now deem wrong. I desire to make you suffer.

I want to tie a noose around your neck. Then tie your ankle and feet together. Hoist you on a pole over greedy savages and see which rope will tighten first.

Yes, my dear, I have been waiting for you. So please seat for a spell and dwell.

Punishment will come as I see fit. You will take it. No begging for mercy or pleads to stop. Your soul is mine and I want to play.
I actually had to stop myself here before I got carried away in torture...Can we say issues?

This is a small convo I had in a short story I was beginning.

Oh my!!!!

My inspiration came from here [link]
Amazing artist he is :D
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God as a Wedge.
Part One

Once upon a time
“The Church” had the power to say
“These are eternal mysteries into which
Mere humans must not delve”
But delve we did, and lucky for us.
And now the Intelligent Design Movement
(Creationism in a cheap tuxedo)
Is reduced to triumphantly stuffing God
Into the Gaps and Missing Links in our Science,
And declaring
“Here are the Mysteries that Science cannot explain away,
And should not try to.”
Here, they say, is Proof of God at Work.
And each time Science fills a Gap or finds a Missing Link,
They see two smaller Gaps, one on either side of the new Puzzle piece,
And they claim that their Proof of God has Doubled,
Relying on Xeno’s Paradox to buoy their Movement,
As they stuff their God into vanishingly small cracks and crevices,
And call that Incontrovertible Proof of
Divine Design.
Thus our Ignorance equals God --
The Stopgap God,
The Liminal or Interstitial God,
God the Placeholder,
Outlier and Outlaw God,
God of Leavings and Leftovers,
God of Monsters and Anomalies,
Fortean God of the Genesistine Sea,
God of Freak Occurances,
God of Unclaimed Goods and Undeliverable Mail,
God of Missing Socks,
God of all Superstition,
God of Lazy Minds,
God of Pataphysics and Surrealism,
God of Crackpots and Cranks,
God of Unreason,
God of Strange Bedfellows,
God of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds,
God of UFO Contact and Alien Abduction,
God of the Infinite Regress,
God of Reducio ad Absurdum,
God of Gullibility, False Logic and Subterfuge,
God of Prestidigitation, Legerdemain and Ventriloquism,
God of Blowhards and Humbugs,
God of Guilt and Shame,
God of Unspeakable Practices and Unnatural Acts,
Merciful and Jealous God of Love and Genocide,
God of Footballers and Mad Bombers,
God of Sweetness and Hellfire,
Fairy Tales and Nightmares,
Snake Oil and Eternal Life Insurance,
God the Racketeer,
God of Spurious Spirituality, ersatz ethics,
Blind or Myopic Faith and New Age Bunkum,
God of Dark Ages and Brainwashed Children,
God the Ruthless Monopolist and Gazillionaire Patron of the Arts,
God the Hotline, the Safety Net,
The Three-In-One and One for All,
Alpha Male Architect, Clockmaker, Programmer and Shepherd,
First Cause and Prime Mover,
Arbitrary Granter of Wishes,
Fickle, Tempestuous Lover of Humanity,
Layer of Pitfalls and Trials,
Judge and Jury,
That which nothing greater than can be conceived,
All Things to All People,

To Thee I say BE GONE!
Retreat to the dustbin of History
And let Us get on with Evolution.
A few random thoughts about God in the 21st Century.
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my first TwinGeekz Artz Project submission.
photo credit: paul c. pelon (my dad), 1976
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There's a saying that says that sometimes people don't reach out when they're hurting, that they cut themselves off, because they want to see who cares enough to tear down the walls and sweep them up into a hug that makes everything wrong just crumble away and makes everything right come from those arms. This is why people cut themselves off. They're challenging the world to show them they care. So what happens when nobody comes? When nobody can come? The despair closes in and you wonder why, God? Why when you say you love me, when you say you are my father and my husband and my lover and rock and protector and everything those arms represent, why don't you chase me?
He didn't stand at your window with a song, the warm night air ruffling his hair and his eyes directed up towards you, and only you.
He didn't write you a letter, telling you how much he loves you and how he can't stop thinking about you.
He didn't sweep you off your feet and carry you when you couldn't take another step.
He didn't bring you flowers or leave a box of sweets at your door.
But he did answer your questions. When you asked why he didn't chase you, he said. "I do."
He didn't sing a song; he wrote them all for you. Every song that speaks of the love you've heard he has for you, he wrote to prove it to you.
And the warm air ruffled his blood-stained hair as his eyes turned to the heavens and he gave up his spirit, looking for you, and only you.
He didn't write a letter, he wrote sixty-six, telling you of everything he's done, every person he's had to plead with, every hardship he's endured, just so you can be by his side for eternity.
He didn't sweep you off your feet, because he never put you down.
He didn't bring you flowers or candy, he created all of them. A flower just for you, a sunrise to cheer you up, a loved animal that fawns over you, he created knowing you would need.
Because he loves you.
I'm not feeling great, and God put this in my heart. He is so amazing, I can't even fathom it.

Found the pic on Google, it belongs to the amazing artist who originally drew it.

EDIT: For all of you who have left such wonderful comments, and favorited this, THANK YOU!!!! These words are simply what God revealed to me when I was feeling down, so I'm very grateful that he's been using it to help you guys =)
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I named him Braunt because somehow that sounds like an artist name. Also because it sounds like brontosaurus.

I was thinking about how boring I am — or at very least, seem to be — when I got this idea.

Take out the exclamation marks... as he admits, they're merely a false face of enthusiasm...!

inkblort #84
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Red skies illuminate my fury,
I had something to say
as I rose like the Phoenix
towards skyscrapers that follow
shot verbals at Him
in neat boxes He swallows

I've been hurt like a man scorned and torn
twisting and resisting the pain You inflicted
like a dog gone mad from a God who's glad
to kick up His boots on tables of indifference
as You sat at Dachau playing games over abysses

I stood angry on blistering plains
hollering shrieks like a bird loud with song
the weeds push away in concentric circles
weaving and reweaving away from my story
damn if I didn't fear my pronouncement:

"Where are you big sky?
Why are your rains mixed with blighted trouble?
some plants get too much, others little
some dance the dance of ragged disinterest
and fall to the ground ceasing existence"

I had to say more
from my perch from on high
yes, I like the Phoenix could see all around
the up, the down, even the sides
nothing escapes my inner-view:

"Mom down the street
has no food for the table
sees crack-heads and wet-heads
eat gold with their fingers
as she sits at her chair and prays without answer."

So I sit with observance like everyone else,
asking questions not allowed to be asked.
The rebuke Job received -
"Who are you to question God?" -
can't be digested by those He molested.

©Bill Nace 4-10-11
What if the God that you serve shows how evil he really is?
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