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This is an Icon I made for my Special Version of Firefox3.5.

Hope you like it !

See also the Splashscreen Version! --> [link]

________________________________________ ________
To change the Firefox icon whith this one you have to Convert the image on this site into a *.ico file --> [link]

piiis alex
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Based on :iconhombre-cz: hombre's concept [link]

This requires Avedesk and Sysstats


1. Download and install AveDesk
2. Install font and put images & configs files to X:\Program Files\AveDesk\Docklets\SysStats\images & ...\configs respectively
3. Add the Syssatat

>>Special thx to hombre !
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Just a little something.

edit: da tables seem to be squishing the preview so it looks kinda crappy, so full view looks a lot better (clearer.. less fuzzy) :/
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Update this is an old file and I do not suggest you try it on osx LION !!!!!!!

My old custom logon for mac.

The Penthouse logo is animated. (sparkles)
This will also change your buttons on the logon like the preview.

Unzip and place the file in

You will have to change your permissions to read/write

I did not create the images I just sorted them out.
Thanks to [link] omnianimaphobia for the tip to animate the logo.
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Skins for Rainmeter!

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Hello everyone! :wave:

:new: The White Alternative of the theme is here [link] :new:


:cd: UPDATE 18-04-2010 :cd:

Added taskbar on top
Added Some PSDs
Added New Icons with PSDs
Added 4 Wallpapers
Fixed x86 exploreframe bug
Now firefox is usable
Fixed some bugs

more to come...

:star: I would like to present you my new visual style called Zune QuickPlay :star:
This is is totally inspired by the great Zune Player from Microsoft. :cd:
I decided to make this theme cause i really like the dark and white interface of Zune player and thought it would be nice to have a visual style that looks like Zune.

This theme is really hard to make cause it has so many font locations that are really hard to find and make them look good with the theme.

The white alternative will be released soon ;)

Also note that i already know the bugs of the theme, i just didn't found a way to fix theme yet. :)
Here are some of the bugs [link]

Enough with the workd now, just download and ENJOY tha theme!

:bulletred: Important Notices :bulletred:

Before you make any change on your system files make a backup first


:bulletgreen: The theme works with :bulletgreen:
x86 Systems (make a back up before you do any system file replacing)
x64 Systems (make a back up before you do any system file replacing)


There are some other extras that aren't in the Preview like:
A cursor
More taskbar icons
BMP files of explorer.exe
Favorite Links Pane icons (black & white)


:bulletblue: Thanks to :bulletblue:
:iconka-la: :iconthepanda-x: :icondreamerseven: :iconrajtheeban95:
and vista style builder forums for the huge help

Really thank you guys, cause i don't think would manage to make this theme without your help :)

If you like my deviation just :+fav: it. ;)
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I have done mostly dark themes in the past but I thought it was time to try out something brighter.

Switchin LS

Thanks to Jaime-b for his Switch LS theme! I used it as reference for the coding [link]

The wallpaper in the preview is the beautiful Cristina Otero Pascual [link]


There is now a dark version of this theme that can be found here [link]
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==SLIDE TO UNLOCK ISSUES (thanks to JackTheMan27)==

For those that can't get the "slide to unlock" text to disapear then do this:

1. Locate file "SpringBoard.strings" in System/Library/CoreServices/
(Or Sv.Iproj if the language is Swedish, for example)

2. edit using Notepad and remove the text "slide to unlock" in the brackets on the first line.

When you first open it you see this:
""AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "slide to unlock";...."

You want it to change it so it looks like this:
""AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "";...."


Typophone 4 was started with humble intentions, but has now grown beyond my capability to maintain. As of this update, I will no longer be giving technical support for this theme, as I want to work on other things. Though I would still very much like to hear comments and criticisms. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and feedback.

Even though I can't personally reply to everyone who favorited this, I really do appreciate it. :)

Thank you!

This theme IS on Cydia, people! Just search "Typophone 4" and install, it should work for all devices (excluding iPad).


I know you have this issue of 88:88 appearing behind the background, and I've had literally 50 people a day ask me this, The problem lies in the way iOS4 handles backgrounds ever since Apple added the customizable wallpaper feature. Since I've made my theme to work with iOS4 and not 3.x.x, I will not be releasing a fix for this problem in my theme.
BUT! There IS a simple fix! :D All you have to do is go into the theme folder and open up style.css, then find this code:


and change it to:



Yep. Because the battery is shown behind my theme, it's because of the way iOS works. Sorry guys. :S

1. Download theme from over there ----->
2. Open SSH client
3. Navigate to /private/var/stash/Themes.[numbers]
4. Click and drag the theme into that folder
5. Go to Cydia and download "Lockscreen Clock Hide"
6. Done!

==========24 HOUR TIME============
1. Use SSH Client to navigate to the theme folder
2. Open up functions.js
3. Go to line 2: "AM_PM = true" and change it to "AM_PM = false"
4. Done!

1. Go into the theme folder via SSH
2. replace LockBackground.png with whatever image you'd like.
3. Done!

Have fun, all you jailbreaking scallywags!

Previous Updates:

- TAP TO UNLOCK added (modified "iPhone 4 Tap to Unlock"
from Cydia, credits to Lynden Dunn)
[One theme or the other, you don't need both]

- Ability to add custom background is fixed and shows
properly now.

- "Unlock" Text is now full-res for iPhone 4's

- iPHONE 4 GRAPHICS! (Finally! I know, right?)

- The Date is fixed, and the AM/PM works properly!

- The Slider on non-iPhone 4 devices should be the right size

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TECH-A skin for rainmeter

first i want to thank

Z-DESIGN from deviantart for his brushes in photoshop
jsmorley from rainmeter forum for his support and
helping me with some calculations :)
~dv-ent for his skin barred
OsricWuscfrea for helping me on rainmeter forum and on deviant art ... thank you all for you support

The skin includes

1 to 6 CPU's
0 to 6 Drives
Upload and download
Shortcuts and
Weather (Vclouds modified)


if you are useing my skins i only espect from you guys PROPER CREDITS .. if im not asking to much

download and have fun

Personal mesage :

Allso ive need some help from you guys .....aparrentlly i wanna upgrade my Hardware .. my monitor MAX resolution is 1366x768 so in the future im planing to make a 3 Monitor RAINMETER SKIN :)allso on HD MONITOR ... my dream .... allso im posting this because i hade few guys who wanted to donate me in the first place to make tech-a bigger and i told them to wait for the next skin :) ... dont get me rong ALL MY WORK IS FREE and it will be but i need for those who wanted and will want to appreciate my work ... you can donate me here :…

Thank you 
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