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Similar Deviations
****^^ Elegance 2 NOW AVAILABLE! [link] ^^****

After the complexity of Ribbits [link] I needed a taste of simplicity again.


~ Time [3 sizes (12hr & 24hr)]
~ Date
~ Weather
~ iTunes player
~ Recycle bin + meter

See this skin in use... [link]

Enjoy. :wave:

wallpaper: [link]

**For more simple Rainmeter options check out "Simple Media [link]" & "Encoded [link]" **
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UPDATE v1.2.3 (031912)
* Minor fix: The 'M' in March and May are now fully visible, no longer getting cut off.
UPDATE v1.2.2 (071211)
* Hard drive meters added
* More backgrounds - Windows 7 Aero Blur
UPDATE v1.2 (070611)
* NowPlaying music player added. Use Winamp, Foobar, WMP... whatever you want. Yay! :D
* RAM meter now includes mouse-over function listing used, free, and total RAM usage.
* Fixed Weather description getting cut off on mouse-over.
UPDATE v1.1.5 (070511)
* Network meter now includes mouse-over function listing total network usage
* Trash bin & meters now includes mouse-over function listing total disk space usage
* An alternate Trash Bin icon (box) was added
* Date now has a Left-Justified option
* The iTunes player (with Hide options) has an alternate cover art background... if it's well received (or not) will determine the remaining player backgrounds.
UPDATE v1.1 (070211)
* GMail support
* Added bigger bolder clock
* More Weather options
* Mouse-over effects added to certain meters (will expand upon this in the future)
* iTunes player now has a 'Hide' option making it more compact but fully functional
* New categories & sub-categories for better organization
* Backgrounds & Dividers for extra customization

Encoded... Simplicity, elegance & variety.


~ 4 Colors (Black/White/Grey/Red)
~ Mouse Actions: Middle-click to switch between colors

- Time
- Date
- Hard Drive
- Network/Bandwidth
- Weather
- Gmail
- NowPlaying player
- iTunes player
- Uptime
- Power
- Recycle bin + meter

See this skin in use... [link] [link] [link]

Please enjoy. :wave:

Wallpapers used in preview...
1: [link]
2: [link] (original)
3: [link]
4: [link]

Check out my other Rainmeter skins...

Elegance 2: [link]
Elegance 1.0: [link]
Ribbits: [link]
Simple Media: [link]
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Clock Cowon D3 for rainmeter

I creat some icons here [link]
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Tweaked version of Flat Weather by

Wanted something simpler for my minimalistic theme, and came up with this. Inspiration was Just Weather 1.1 from here…
You can still get Just Weather online by googling for it, but I did not like the shadows, I wanted flatness :)


Version 1.0: Initial Release
Version 1.1: Cleaned the code up
Version 1.2: Fixed font transparency
Version 1.3: Made Celsius clearer - Real Toys for Real Boys by SacrificialS
If you like or use this, as a thanks please visit
its a personally started company and would be appreciated!
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Eker_lina Rainmeter
+Foldercount (IFiles)
+System Monitor
+Fav Launcher
+RSS Feeds
+Google Search
+Gallery Viewer
+Upload & Download
FOR GMAIL Paste this link to your social resource:
URLGMAIL=https:// "your Username":"your gmail Password"
(") only symbol don't include it in your link..
For Facebook:
-First go to and click "like" on the bottom page
-Then go to this…
-Click Via rss
-Copy the url that u found on adress bar.
-Paste it to the skin
-Refresh the skin
Credit To:
:iconpoiru: :iconxune531: :iconvarelse42: :iconminhtrimatrix: :icongoldfish2008: :iconyaromanzarek:
+ Stock nexus 5 with a bit tweak
Fonts= Freesans.ttf, FreesansBold.ttf (Included)
Dont Forget To Add comment and Of course :+fav: .....
ENJOY... :iconhpluslabels: .... :D ........
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================================== EDIT =======================
May 20th 2013

Well, I haven't really done much for updating this suite like I promised, but its done really well so far, better than I expected.
If this gets to 30k downloads I might just put out a 2.0 version with sick new rainmeter 3.0 stuff!

So share with your friends and all!!


The suite I have been working on for months now is finally done... ish.
There is quite a to do list so make sure you check back for updates!!!

Galaxy 1.0-
Clock with date, time, and CPU meter with a history of ~10 min
System Monitor - 2 cores, 2 HDs, Network, and Temperature graph to track changes
Music player (***iTunes 10.5 doesn't seem to be working with the plugin right now. It could just be me though)
Launcher - 7 programs, libraries, and 7 bookmarks
Notes - 4 pages
Map - cuz its cool : P
Weather -Self Detecting - [link]

To do:
Global Settings config
-Change up launcher to be more friendly and use less load
-Add bing and Yahoo
-Split up system monitor into multiple configs:
CPU (multicore capability)
Network (Daily and monthly data usage)
HD & Ram space

^^ As you can see, quite a list - SO MAKE SURE you check back for updates (or a +watch, you know : P)

Also, please add suggestions in the comments, if you thinks of any other sweet things to add.

Uses Segoe UI Light font and Speedfan - download here : [link]

You will need to adjust the variables in the global .inc file, just middle click on any config. Specifically the locations of the apps and folders in the launcher and the HD drives

Thank you for downloading, and pls check out my other skin - [link]

Weather app credits-

Based on skins by Xcitement and SieSie:

:iconsiesie: :iconxcitement: <-- map also by xcitment

Icons by MerlinTheRed


Monitor and Cardon fiber pattern used on preview from
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Hello, this is another skin for Rainmeter.

I uploaded it as a rmskin file for easy install.

Pack contains:

♦ Clock ~ dark & white
♦ Fonts

Hope you :love: it. Please :shoutbox: and :+fav:. It would be much appreciated.
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Version 3.2.2

Lonely? Not any more you sly son of a gun, you've got yourself Simplesentencethree, the most dynamic and talkative sentence-based Rainmeter skin around. Make your desktop your own; use any font, use any colours and use them at any size. Change layouts, styles, text and effects with the click of a mouse. Choose between over 45 different skins and use the simple configuration tools to make them look how you want them to.

-Edit skins using a simple UI.
-Colour, scale and modify your skins like never before.
-Mouseover the top left to bring up the edit bubble.
-Double click a line or object to change its colour.

■ Please, read the included instructions, and have a nice day.

---Thanks to---
=fediaFedia (RMConfig)
`j3concepts (Icons)
`larafairie (Preview image)
Jeffrey Morley (RainRGB)

■ simplesentencethree; kinder than your mother.

3.2.2 Changelog
- Fixed substitute problem with weather skin.
- Fixed music player variables and updated links.

3.2.1 Changelog
- Fixed substitute problem with RSS readers.

3.2 Changelog
- Added dynamic window sizes to all skins to eliminate cut offs.
- Added a network speed config.
- Added a wifi config.
- Added a CPU and RAM sentence config.
- Replaced seperate music configs with a universal music config (4 styles).
- Fixed Gmail mail count bug.
- Fixed Time and RAM colour bugs.
- Updated several configs to display messages without an internet connection.
- Updated the layout and look of many configs.
- Added the preview wallpaper to the suite under Resources.

3.1.2 Changelog
- Added User config.

3.1.1 Changelog
- Added a Spotify config.

3.1 Changelog
- Added another Time config.
- Added 3 classic music skins from 2.1
- Added 4 Launcher configs.
- Added Gmail config.
- Added StartMenu config.
- Added text effects.
- Stopped images being stretched in the Viewers.
- Updated and included RainRGB.
- Allowed the width and height of the notes config to be modified.
- Allowed the edit bubbles to be disabled.

Premium iPhone and iPod Touch themes: iOS'86 | Sarif
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Version 1.1

Leij is a universal media skin for Rainmeter. Load it, enter your player name and enjoy the unique style of Leij.

-Fully self-contained.
-Will work with many media players.
-Mouseover for song details and controls.
-Media and volume controls.
-Rate each song as you hear it.

Made from scratch using PsCS5. Designed in collaboration.

For more information on supported players please visit here.

1.1 Changelog
- Fixed a problem with player names.
- Added link to VLC plugin.
- Added backing graphic to star rating.
- Added ability to track through a song by clicking the progress bar.
- Replaced volume buttons with volume bar.

Premium iPhone and iPod Touch themes: iOS'86 | Sarif
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Almasuite rainmeter | 2012

I use sanscons icons.
In mediaplayer I use CLRS Rainmeter by neiio and full player for amana suite by magafaka
In launchers I use ACONCAGUA RM by reb70

Wallpaper on preview :

Screenshot in action : Alma

Credits, Inspiration
:iconmagafaka: :iconneiio: :iconreb70:
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