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Hey guys this is the tutorial for Lava Swimmer that I submited a while back, this is quite a huge ass file... I'd recommend download for full view~ :) Hope it helps... :P
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A few people asked for a traditional fur painting tutorial. So here it is! The example is from the commission "Lucy and Sophie".

Enjoy! I hope it helps! If you have any questions, big or small, I'd be happy to answer and help you. :)
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After months of delay, finally I kicked my own ass and finished the tutorial that I promised. I'm going to repeat myself, the illustration itself is not so interesting, but the tutorial focus mainly on lighting and the thought process of myself while doing this piece. Hope it helps! :) Will do more random tutorials later~!

(btw someone wants to send me a note teaching me how to link a thumbnail for the preview instead? After they change the layout I have no clue how to do it, I tried that "Thumb" textbox and uploaded a thumbnail and paste the number in, but dunno how to "submit" it or update. Anyone? :)
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Here's part 1.

Part 2: [link]

Anyone asking me HOW U DO THAT on my light stencils, will just get this sent to them. So cut that shit out.

12:43:23 AM Erik J.: [link]
12:43:52 AM TheChew: arial black
12:43:57 AM Erik J.: and...
12:44:13 AM Erik J.: (helvetica)
12:44:20 AM TheChew: combining two sans-serif fonts on the same page is a no-no

8:17:31 PM TheChew: do you know of a good gameboy colour emulator for mac
8:17:50 PM mobile MARMALADE: Google it I guess
8:17:58 PM mobile MARMALADE: I know I've got one
8:18:04 PM mobile MARMALADE: But I don't remember what it is
8:18:23 PM TheChew: i just want to play pokemon
8:18:37 PM mobile MARMALADE: Which one
8:18:42 PMTheChew: i don't care
8:18:45 PM TheChew: yellow i'm thinking
8:19:13 PM mobile MARMALADE: I bought a DS just to play the newest pokemon, like a year ago
8:19:45 PM TheChew: UGH
8:21:33 PM TheChew: i hate how the controls are always a surprise
8:21:45 PM mobile MARMALADE: Mhm
8:26:06 PM TheChew: this game ruled
8:26:18 PM mobile MARMALADE: All of them do
8:26:38 PM TheChew: my friend used to have this game and a game boy
8:26:40 PM TheChew: i'd play it so much
8:28:12 PM TheChew: i named my nemasis A FUCK
8:29:39 PM TheChew: WHAT
8:30:01 PM mobile MARMALADE: Yeah that's what you get in yelow
8:30:24 PM TheChew maybe it was a different one my friend had
8:32:10 PM TheChew: i so named it Pikachew
8:32:19 PM mobile MARMALADE: HAH
8:32:29 PM mobile MARMALADE: That's fucking great
8:32:35 PM mobile MARMALADE: I loled at work so loud just now
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I'm pretty new to DeviantArt, and people have been very kind so far. :) So I thought I'd do something for you guys! I've had a couple of people message me asking for a tutorial, and I figured I'd give it a try.

So, here's my cel-shading tutorial. Really basic, it's my first one and probably not very good/a little confusing, but I really tried to make sense, I swear. If you have any questions about something in the tutorial, please put them in the comments or message me and I'll try to clarify!

If you'd like to see a bigger version of the finished image from this tutorial, here it is -->

Hopefully the tutorial is useful to somebody!


Edit: Thank you so much for the DD! I'm honored. I would have never expected to get one on my old FMA artwork, haha. It's been over a year since I made this tutorial, but I hope you fine people still find it to be helpful. :heart:
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I'm throwing in the towel on this one, guys.
Perspective & Composition Part 3 just proved to be too big of a beast to tackle in one go. The sheer scope of what has to be covered in lighting, how it works, shadows, how they work, and how to effectively use them in a scene is just too much to handle. What I got done is what you see here.

It may not be incredibly useful information, but it may still be a little enlightening to some.

Sorry that it never got finished, guys. I'd recommend looking up books on the subject and possibly doing a lot of your own field research by looking -- REALLY looking -- and playing with light to see how it works in relation to the small bit of information I have listed here.
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Tutorial can be found on my blog here!

actions & presets

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Uploading older tutorials for migration of #photoshop-tutorials' gallery to the new groups system - I didn't remember I had this many uploaded just over there ^^;

First uploaded: April 24, 2005

This is also one of my earliest tutorials and it's still one of my favourites. It explains the much-dreaded and often overlooked Layer Masks feature in Photoshop. No photomanipulator should go wihout this :nod:

IMPORTANT: This tutorial was written for Photoshop 7 and therefore, some expressions may be slightly different from what Adobe uses in the newer CS versions. It shouldn't be a problem though.

:bulletblue: If you use this I'd love to see (and fave)!

Stock from !KahnInteractive, ~Eden-stock, ~dreamstock, ~i-stock, ~body-stock

:bulletpurple: For more kuschelirmel tutorials go here [link]
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Huge file ahoy!

As i promised some time ago, here's a tutorial on Japanese painting. I was very surprised how many people wanted to see a tutorial. I hope I haven't disappointed you. I'm not very good at making tutorials and I have a feeling I may have forgotten to include something important. I tried to share some tips and do a clear step-by-step tutorial but I'm not sure if it's any good.
Also, I'm sorry some of the pictures are so blurry. :/
Oh well, I'll be happy if at least someone finds it useful. :> If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

Here's the finished picture: :

Pokemon c Nintendo Gamefreak
Art c =ShadeofShinon
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Because some o' you were curious. And this is just my lazy-ass way of going about it, not the definitive technique. :XD: I'm sure there are better ways.

Any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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