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Mr Eric Northman
he is a fantasy

gotta love true blood

*nothing owned by me, simply a fans creation taken from season 3 true blood*

ah alex i wonder if you're as hot in real life
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and its 10
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just 9
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page 4
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it 5
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another of my photomanip sequnces. this one a school girl has a reaction to moonlight;) pics from own collection
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page 2 of it begins
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yup page 3
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Eric Northman - Vampire Character from True Blood

A small goody for all True Blood fans, I watched the Season 3 finale today and Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgård looked so hot covered in concrete...

...hope you like it!

No copyright infringement intended, the rights belong to their respective owners, this is just a free fan goody created by a fan for other fans!

(feel free to download and put as your wallpaper, even though I apologize for the low quality! XD)
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the Tarot cards. the minor arcana :The kings

model :iconhiddenyume-stock:
landscape partially made in vue and photoshop
sky, my own stock+ skies
castle throne : :iconjlstock:
brushes :iconazurylipfesStock
hair repainted in photoshop
bushes custom psp tubes
wand and balcony made in Daz3D
King of pentacles
king of pentacles.
The king of pentacles is the card af the final fullfilment of a creative task ( and was indeed the last card i made in this deck, so i can't say that is totally right :D ) This is the card that tells us that we no longer need to struggle to achieve our desires, and that he kan do anything he wants now because he has proven that he can do it.. He also tells us to go back to the basic, forget anger and care for our familyes. Come along with everybody no mather what their statues is . This card tells you that not what you are that is importent but what you own, your welth that you have become by working hard, and tells you only to believe what you see , hear, smells , taste or feel , anything else you need to be suspicious about..
finished : The Major Arcana
Tarot the Star
Tarot- The Moon
Tarot-The Tower
Tarot-The lovers
Tarot-The sun
Tarot-The world
Tarot- The hanged man
Tarot- Wheel of Fortune
Tarot- The Chariot
Tarot- The Devil
Tarot- The Justice
Tarot- Judgement
Tarot- The High Priestess
Tarot- The Temperance
Tarot- The Hermit
Tarot- The Magician
Tarot- The Emperor
Tarot- The Empress
Tarot- The Hiërophant
Tarot- The Fool

Tarot- Backside card
The Minor Arcana
The Aces
Tarot- Ace of Wands
Tarot- Ace of Cups
Tarot- Ace of Pentacles
Tarot- Ace of Swords
The two's of the minor arcana
Tarot- two of Swords
Tarot- two of Wands
Tarot- two of Pentacles
Tarot- two of Cups
The threes of the minor arcana
Tarot- three of swords
Tarot- three of wands
Tarot- three of cups
Tarot- three of pentacles
the four's of the minor arcana
Tarot- four of cups
Tarot- four of swords
Tarot- four of wands
Tarot- four of pentacles
the fives of the minor arcana
Tarot- five of cups
Tarot- five of swords
Tarot- five of pentacles
Tarot- five of wands
the six of the minor arcana
Tarot- six of cups
Tarot- six of pentacles
Tarot- six of swords
Tarot- six of wands
the seven of the minor arcana
Tarot- seven of cups
Tarot- seven of pentacles
Tarot- seven of swords
Tarot- seven of wands
the eight of the minor arcana
Tarot- eight of cups
Tarot- eight of pentacles
Tarot- eight of swords
Tarot- eight of wands
the nine of the minor arcana
Tarot- nine of cups
Tarot- nine of pentacles
Tarot- nine of swords
Tarot- nine of wands

the ten of the minor arcana
Tarot- ten of cups
Tarot- ten of wands
Tarot- ten of swords
Tarot- ten of pentacles

The pages
Tarot- Page of Cups
Tarot- Page of Wands
Tarot- Page of Swords
Tarot- Page of pentacles

The knights
Tarot- knight of Cups
Tarot- knight of Wands
Tarot- knight of Swords
Tarot- knight of pentacles

The Queens
Tarot- Queen of Cups
Tarot- Queen of Wands
Tarot- Queen of Swords
Tarot- Queen of pentacles

The kings
Tarot- king of Cups Not submitted yet
Tarot- king of Wands
Tarot- king of Swords
Tarot- king of pentacles Not submitted yet
Because i can't keep up with all the messages in my messagebox, and i really really want to say at least ' thank you" .... i'm gona thank you all in advance. because its become impossible to thank you all personally anymore :cries:
Thank you all, for your kind support, the fav's, the watches, the talks, the tips and tricks, and the friendship, you give me, i really, really really appreciate every single word you write me, every single touch of friendship, every single watching eye on me , and every fav of this:) :love: :kiss: :glomp: :smooch
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