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Looks like I jumped on the bandwagon and made myself one of these Pixel IDs. Pixel Art Is pretty fun. I modeled myself after Sol badguy from Guilty Gear if you did not notice. Info @ [link] :iconscrotumnose:

The Club :iconpixelids:
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Ok, so, I tried making my own pixel ID.
Lots of people are making them and I thought it seemed fun. And it was! =D

But I messed up with the pixel drawing itself by making it to large, so when I tried fitting it into the ID card I had to shrink it! :ohnoes: :crying:

Here's how to do it.. take a look at the other IDs!=)
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gah D: this took meh like forever to finish but it was really fun to do of my friends did a Pixel ID and thought it would be a fun to do one myself! :heart:

I've seen so many pretty ID's and its really fun to see everyones creations :D
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he he...I want to join pixel ID too...and...this!! my ID!! inspire from Gundam ha ha.... and I borrow some background from MS picture (it's Infinite Justice....) ah.... for pixel art... it's ok (I think) I change it's's not smooth!!!! T[]T...I try to recover its...and....thst result....ah..... T[]T

I love Cosmic ERA!!!!!

and wanna join? click this.... [link] and :iconpixelids:
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wellll.. *hideto-niji told me to make one ^^; LOL

i blame her!



Pixel ID..

lol one of the latest fads in DA ^^;


for more information visit this link: [link]


I suck at Pixelling ^^;

im supposed to be usign another pixel me.. but the first one i made i used a base.. i guess.. i wanted to make one completely my own.. but ill post that pixel thingy later

Me <3 mafia mode...
i want that pants XD
and i want a shot gun! LOL

i cannot decide on a tagline... so.....

just insert a random swear word there LOL XD
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that's my char, in mecha. i figured the best way to represent me is in a form i truly enjoy drawing (and thinking about). having loved the idea of robotics and super cool robots (i sound like a kid i know >.>;), decided to make my DA ID as a mech (it was originally supposed to be a megaman-ish character but meh)

Well after working on this for a couple of days (yes days XD), i finally finished it and i'm happy ^^

actual pixel sprite: 2 days (with breaks and sleep)
pixel frame: 30 minutes
bg: less than the time it took to make the frame
portrait: LONG! i did a rough sketch with a ballpen in some restaurant then scanned it but i ended up retracing the whole thing in photoshop again >.> then added details shading etc.. rawr >.>

just a few notes:
special thanks to :iconz3r0t0lerance: for first giving me the idea of actually doing this :P

i havnt done pixel art in such a long time and this was a rather refreshing piece ^^ im so used to doing isometric pixel art and this particular piece didnt really follow that strict pixel art style so it wasnt so hard (well, it was but.. not as hard as doing something in isometric >.< )

pixelized robot was first sketched, then scanned, then i followed derek yu's pixel tutorial and ta-da ^^

oh, and yeah i simply followed the guidelines given by :iconscrotumnose: in his journal ^^

<3 to all the other people making pixel ids out there

[edit] noticed how so many people have :+fav:ed this so i'd just like to say, thank you very much :)
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yay! here's my Pixel ID finally ^^U
I spend a lot of time doing the pixel thingie... but I don't like the final result T_T I'm not good doing pixel ^^UUU heh I saw *sakura-studio & =tickledpinky's id & wow, they're really amazing!! ( well, so much other id 're amazing, but I just recently saw those two ^^U)

well. she's Kiichigochan X3 me as a game.

( I need to go to my work >_< I'll explain it later oks T_T nyuuuuuuuuu)


Well, now I can write about this chara X3

Kiichigo was an acolite, but one day she discovered that the god that she thrust all her life, doesn't exist, coz it was only an invention of her religion order. She wanted to find out what happened, but the order banned & wounded her burning her left eye.
Now Kiichigo's searching a real god & tries to destroy this religion order.

She can invoque a little demons who help her in the battlefield.

( well, my english sucks, so I understand if you don't know exactly what I try to say ^^U)


Kiichigo era una acolita de su pais, pero un dia descubrio que el Dios en el que tanto creia era solo una invencion de la Orden Religiosa a la que servia. Ellos se aprobechaban de la fe de sus creyentes para abusar del pueblo, pero cuando Kiichigo lo descubrió quiso hacerlo saber a todo el mundo, y solo consiguió que su orden la expulsara y la dejaran ciega de un ojo, quemandole éste con un hierro incandescente, marcandola asi como una traidora e hereje.
Ahora, Kiichigo recorre mundo intentando encontrar a un Dios verdadero e intentando hacer ver a la gente que la Orden, no es tan santa como ellos creen.

Tiene la habilidad de invocar a unos mini demonios, a los que previamente habia derrotado, y utilizarlos ahi en la batalla.
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So this is a big 'ol craze it seems. XD; I happened upon these and I had to make one... Even though I'm sucky busy with Mangacandy stuff. I'm pleasantly surprised at how relaxing pixel/sprite art can be. 0_0 It was definitely fun to do. Maybe I'll do more sometime..... *thought*

[edit]Oh, duh. I knew I forgot something. XD

:iconscrotumnose: and :iconfayrenpickpocket: Are the main creators I believe, freakin awesome artists. x_x

:iconpixelids: Is where :iconkirei-na-hikari: is collecting the massive amounts of these bad boys. XD
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Attack: Very weak w/out bear (Sometimes he doesn't listen to me)

Speed: Decent

Special: Awesome special attack!! Commands Bear to attack and Maul yo face!

Will: I try.....

I got the Idea from [link]

You can make one yourself from his journal here [link]

Took me a few days to do this....

Day 1: Browsing all other Pixel ID

Day 2: Drew the Profile pic and thumbnails for pixel art. The profile drawing of me is an old drawing that i redid.

Day 3: Did all the pixels. It didn't turn out hte way i wanted..... I got bored. lol. xD
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ive seen so manyyyy awesome pixel id's and i just like evryone else wanted to make one and ahh pixeling is fun and reminded me of the good oll retro games :D

for more info look there------> :iconpixelids:

chara=meeeee (ill soon have my hair back like that again :D)

done with PS7
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