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Anime Icons
Axis Powers Hetalia
Black Butler
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Drache-Lehre's TOS and Commission Info~
Jack of Many Trades; Master of None~!
Status ::
:new: Did some major update/edits to this. No more hover boxes to deal with to see the samples. It is all clear in one view. Samples have been updated for most sections to add newer works and yes, the prices have been adjusted as well. I am trying my best to still be reasonable but at the same time I'd like to get more on what I deserve for all the effort, heart and time I put into what I do. Also, going forward when I am open I will accept paypal as payment instead of just points! =D Sorry, I'm still closed but I felt it was time to at least get this updated and ready for me when I can open.
~ End Edit ~
In this journal you will find all the basic info and samples on things that I can potentially make for you! If you are interested on placing an order with me, please pay mind and respect the status button first. When I am closed, please do not order and wait until I announce I am open. When you
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Official Rules (update 18-01-2016)
Official Rules
Join the group before you post a comment asking for llamas.
You need to have more llamas given than received or your join request will be denied.
If you send a request be patient, we are not here all the time
ONLY ASK FOR LLAMAS IN THE COMMENTS. Anything else will be hidden and you will receive a warning.
You may only post a comment asking for llamas once every 1 hour. You get one warning. Then banned from the group after that.
Return the llamas you receive...
Do not argue with the admins or moderators.
Dont ask llamas in journals(avoid spam)
Don't spam other members with your llama stats
Police revamp by DroneguardDon't give other members their llama stats this is the mods job
Emote Seasons by a-kid-at-heart (opnional this rule but you avoid any mistakes bans) If you are going on vac
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commission list and prices
THIS JOURNAL IS ONLY TO SEE WHAT I OFFER AND THE PRICES, i open slots in another journal or open some on ma page <3
I accept, :points:, paypal and rabobank c:
100Points = $1 paypal

Peekaboo Icons

chibi icon

tail wag 

beating heart pony
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500 Watcher Raffle Winners!
To start off, I would like to say a big  to everyone who took interest in my raffle! Until now, I still can't believe I've reached this far. I'm very thankful for all the kind people who has been so supportive especially those who has been with me from the start. You guys know who you are (>//w//<) ♥ This still feels like a dream but to be very honest, all of you play a part on what motivates me to keep on drawing. So from the bottom of my heart... Thank you so so much!
Without further ado, I'd like to announce the 2 lucky winners of my raffle!
Congratulations to...
*drum rolls*
:iconSushiwaifu: and :iconKirathewolf32:
To the winners, both of you will be receiving a Chibi art from me as promised! Please note me the refs and/or details of the character you want me to draw for you ♥
And to everyone else, thank you so much again for joining my raffle :huggle: This will not be the last! So keep an eye out for any more of my future raffles.
I hope you all have a
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~Point Commissions CLOSED~
~Commissions are CLOSED~
1.) Note or Comment Below
2.) Send points in Donation Box or Directly
3.) Make commission clear as possible
4.) Track commissions here: Commission Tracker


-SKETCHES : 10 points

-ONE color splatter
-ONLY 5 ponies Max


-Simple coloring
-Either Background or no Background
-EACH ADDITIONAL CHARACTER will be charged 20 POINTS each.
-ONLY 5 ponies Max

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Commission Info {Open}

:iconpaypalplz: :iconpoints-points-plz:

Art To do List

Selunaeto {Character Design/Sheets}
agrizian {Raffle Prize Character Design/Sheet}

Chibi: $10/ 1000 :points: Mini Chibi $4/400 :points:


Anime Full Body: $20 / 2000 :points:
Half Body: $15/ 1500 :points: Bust: $10/1000 :points: Sketches: Half Price

Reference Sheets: Semi-Realistic or Anime $30 / 3000 :points:
Chibi Reference Sheet $16/ 1600 :points:

+$10 If I design the charac
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Art status button by Xipako Art status button :iconxipako:Xipako 13 0 More Like This Art status button by Xipako Art status button :iconxipako:Xipako 17 0 More Like This night aesthetic f2u by axedog night aesthetic f2u :iconaxedog:axedog 161 0 More Like This BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale by takocats BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale :icontakocats:takocats 89 2 More Like This pink paid button by RuiRingo pink paid button :iconruiringo:RuiRingo 62 1 More Like This
Free Requests Here (Please Read Fully)
**Like I have stated on my profile, I CANNOT GUARANTEE that your character(s) will be drawn!**
This is where you may comment a link to your characters below, and if or when I have time to spare, I may draw your characters, but this does not mean they WILL be drawn. It is my decision who I draw and however I draw them, so someone may get a whole background while someone else may get an icon. 
Please do not complain in the comments, everyone has equal chance of getting theirs drawn, so no negative comments if your character isn't drawn. Sound good?
MLPAny animals reallyPixelsAnime (Maybe)Realistic Portraits (WIP so unlikely)Animations (Small, like blinking eyes and such)Examples:

:iconsilentwulv:SilentWulv 91 693 More Like This

Be polite and patient - prizes will be free so don't rush me if you do win. Commissions take priority. 
DON'T enter using mutiple accounts - your account must be active in order for me to add you (accounts that have no art, icon or favs might be ignored if I think they are a bot/fake account.
Don't be mean to other users or winners. No one likes a sore looser. I will only draw SFW Prizes.
 Make a journal with a link to this journal, advertising my art and the raffle. This doesn't have to be fancy just a link and a free art notice is fine. Bellow enter the link for your journal so I know you have done it.
Tag one (more is fine) friend in the comments bellow.

You MUST complete all three points to join in.
Once you comment I will reply with a number.
Then your in, easy.
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+ Commissions [Closed] +
+ Base Edit Coms Info [Open!] +
+ Customs Com Info [Open!] +
- Paypal and points ONLY!
- Payment must be sent before I start
- Maximum of 2 characters in a drawing
- I don't accept major gore or NSFW commissions! Blood is okay with me but no guts/organs/etc.
- Only MLP characters please!
- No EXTREMELY difficult characters please, if unsure ask me.
~Please fill out this Form when Commissioning~
(Note Me or Comment Down Below)

What You're Ordering:
Character Ref:
Character Gender:
Shading?: (Yes/No)
Speedpaint?: (Yes/No)
Things for me to Add/Know: (Optional)
Payment Option: (PayPal or Poi
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