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"Glam Shock"

Melody: "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
Lyrics: Karoline Hikaru (~KarolaKH)

1. Wake up in the morning
Where is my eyeliner?
I work out new glam make up,
To make my eyes look finer
Before I leave,
Check reflection
Blow a kiss to my Bill.
And when I'm having concert
You won't be standing still.
So call me master of pleasure and pain (pain)
My job is to entertain (tain)
You're gonna get soaked wet in glitter rain (rain)
Oh, baby, I'm causing sexy fever
Luckily, Em, I've forgiven
That you have called me faggoooooot

CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Dance with me right to chart's top
Don't care that I'm gay
Same-sex kiss on AMA?
Glam shock, it's time to rock
It's impossible to stop (me)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

Glam shock, time to rock
Queen, Slash, Kiss, they're my gods
Goldfrapp, GaGa too
"Fever" is the biggest proof
Glam shock, time to rock
Drag queens, musicals, no flops
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

2. Oh, TommyJoe, if I had him…
Children, cover your ears!
Like leather, studs, glitter, rhinestones
Hotter than Britney Spears
2nd in Idol? Who knows Kris?
They made ME the real star!
I'm nominated to Grammy, in just 2 years so far.
Who wants more tongue-diving with the audience?
More hot Adommy moments?
Dance with Brooke and some 'floorberts'?
Just-just-just tell whatcha need (need)
We'll go with crazy speed (speed)
For next GlamNation tooooourneee

CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Be aware I like to top
Don't care that I'm gay
Hate it? You don't need to say!
Glam shock, it's time to rock
It's impossible to stop (me)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

Glam shock, it's time to rock
Rainbow strut right to charts top
With Drake, once with Cheeks.
Spreading love for disco sticks!
Glam shock, time to rock
It's impossible to tame us
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

Just don't give up, I've gone through this
Be proud of who you really are
It gets better, just feel your strength
It's really hard to do the 'come out'
I know it's weird, I know it's sad
That people don't accept your choice
With my hands up, with your hands
Glam this world noooow!

Party till 10 am when we're all worn out

CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Disco lights, electro pop
Lesbian, bi or gay?
Who cares, here's your place to stay!
Glam shock, we're on top
It's impossible to stop (us)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo aaaah

Glam shock, it's time to rock!
Dance with me right to chart's top!
High note, sometimes scream
Glistening in spotlight's beam.
Like girls but love boys.
Ladies, gents, please make some noise!
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo aaaah
Well...Half ot the 1st verse was written months ago but rest was invented today, while watching for "Glee" episode to buffer.

Inspired by parodies like Key of Awesome's "Glitter Puke", "Venetian Princess' "The Snooki Song" and College Humor's "Sing Talk"

EDIT: I had to add one more chorus. Hope it still suits!

Tell me what do you think :)
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Adam walked to the stage from the dressing room. The laswt show of the
Glam Nation Tour ahd ended only an hour and a half ago. The stage props
and equipment were being put away for the last time. At lest until the
next tour.
Adam had gone to change out of costume before helping because he could not
help in the rough navy blue trench coat. He suposed that he must have
dozed off while getting the glitter off. Now he was going to the stage
to apoligize and see what remained to be done.
The stage was mostly clear. Only the steps remained. Tommy was sitting on
one of the steps making sure his bass guitars were tuned.
Adam started toward Tommy to ask him what was left to be done. The walk
seemed longer then it had earlier. Adam supposed that was becuase he was
still a little tird.
"Tommy" Adam heard Neil say as he emerged from back stage. Tommy looked up.
"Wheres Adam?" Neil asked.
"No idea." Tommy responded with a shrug. "Maybe he fell asleep. This
tour took a lot out of us all especially Adam." Tommy said.
"Uh guys I'm right here." Adam said.
Neil looked at Adam, turned back to Tommy and said "Get the cat out of
here! I'm going to go find Adam." With that Neil walked off the stage.
Adam turned around to see what cat Neil was talking about and saw a black
tail behind him. In panic Adam looked down at his hands and saw that he
now had black paw!
"Tommy!" Adam trid to say but instead he heard a meow emit from his mouth.
'Uh oh this is NOT good.' Adam thought.
Just a fan fic i came up with i am sure there are others that are similar but i only turned just Adam into cat. if there is something like this on here please say something and i will figure out how to delte

I do not own Adam Lambert or Tommy Joe Ratliff though i wish i did.
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Helluuu readers!!
Did u read it? Did u EXPECT it!??
Didn't think so
Or at least I don't hope so

Anywho, this is a short story I wrote for school. The full title was supposed to be "Tommy Joe Ratliff: Straight as a Circle" but DA won't give me enough room T.T

This was supposed to be a satire. If you don't know what that is... look it up. You obviously have internet connection.
But if ur too lazy to find out yourself, well this is the definition our teacher gave us:
What is satire?
"A literary or artistic work in which the author uses ridicule to point out the flaws of humanity and/or its institutions, usual used to suggest or prompt change."

Of course, I don't wanna change our beloved glitterbaby but I REALLY wanted to write about him :meow: I figured it would be rather easy considering all the controversy with our baby boy but it was very difficult to get this idea!! As a matter of fact, THIS WASN'T EVEN MY IDEA!! It was the idea of Miss Jabiel, our T.A. (teacher's assistant) in my language arts class. I explained to her that people talk about Tommy's gay-ness and I wanted to write about that sooo she decided I write about this. So she gets partial credit

Also, I give partial credit to :iconkarolakh: because I quoted her picture [link] (which i think is hilarious btw)

Also, my preview picture thingy is actually :iconlucyaireen:'s drawing. So she gets some credit too

The rest is all mine! >:3

And yes its minorly suggestive at the end.. well.. I couldn't write an Adommy without suggestiveness...... that's like... trying to breathe in space. Won't happen. (I wonder if my teacher will take off points for the ending lol.... its a project so that wouldn't be good...)

N yes, I put the Star of David to separate "scenes" because apparently Adam's Jewish soo...

Oh! And the song HollyHood by Joey Ruckus (awesome song btw) goes AMAZINGLY with this story. Pull it up and read this again lmao

Anyway, I think I've bored u enough so tootle-loo!! Please comment, fave, and luv!!

:star: Ughh!! These literature's are giving me h word!! I don't know why the file is showing up like it is but I will try my best to fix it. Bare with me. I am aware that u should NOT be able to scroll or anything but thats what it's gonna have to be unless I can find something else... utmost apologies

:star::star: EDIT 9-22-11: To those who think I should've received an A on this.. well I got an 85. I'm happy with that, cuz according to my teacher that's a HIGH B so woot! :w00t:
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Chapter 5

Adam came up behind me, but I didn't turn to see him. I heard him panting, but then he gasped and was more silent. He saw the man there. And this man was an Inkblood. This man played a trick on us- mind-control. When Adam was saying that wasn't my mom, he was right. The trick was played on me. He isn't my mom...

Suddenly, Adam fell onto his knees, and I turned, seeing him shaking. My eyes were wide, and my heart thumped in fear. "Adam!?" I gasped, and I turned to the man. His eyes were on me, and they were narrowed, but a second later he cursed a little. He stepped closer to me; he was around my height. His blood red eyes stared into mine, and I blinked, chewing on my lip a little. This was kind of creepy...

"Why aren't you falling?" The man hissed, his eyes narrowed. He was shaking lightly, as if straining his thoughts and trying to concentrate on something. I stepped back a little, and glanced to Adam, who was on his knees and elbows as if he was bowing down. He looked like he was fighting something, but I couldn't quite register what he was fighting...

I saw a few stray leaves fall, and the bushes started to rustle. The man whipped around, and I saw a silhouette dash by. "There's someone there!" I hissed. Adam suddenly jerked up, and was standing, panting and looking back and forth from Brad and the shaking bushes. "Inkbloods," the man hissed. He turned to us. Adam and I exchanged a quick glance before both turning in unison and sprinting for our lives.

We pushed through bushes, and we got lightly beaten up by running into small trees and plants, but we kept running. We ran and ran, and at one point I turned around. The man was right behind us, but he looked as if he was running, too, not chasing. When I turned back around to face forward, my foot got caught in a root and I fell forward, face-planting into the ground. What's with me and tripping lately!? I heard Adam gasp my name, and he turned swiftly around and kneeled down. The man then came next to us, grabbed the back of our necks and pushed down. "Duck, dammit!" He growled.

After a few moments of silence, I asked, "Why the hell are you following us?" The man's red eyes flashed to me, and he sighed, letting go of our necks and sitting up. We were in the middle of a ton of bushes. "Because," he hissed. "How did you resist the mind-control? You're a Silverblood!" He narrowed his eyes. "The black-haired one here is doing what any Silverblood would do. Give in to the mind-control. Did... did you even feel anything when I tried forcing you to your knees!?"

"N-No..." I murmured, backing away from the man. He cursed and looked away, crossing his arms and giving a stubborn look. "Look, is it alright if I stick with you? I want to know more about you and your abilities... and the Silverblood race in general." Adam and I exchanged a glance, and then we turned back to the man. He looked up at me. "I promise not to kill you," he muttered.

"So do we," Adam answered. "I'm Adam; Adam Lambert, and this is Tommy Joe Ratliff." The man held out his hand. Adam took it and shook it. "I'm Brad," the man said, "Brad Bell." We only had a moment to smile at each other before the bushes rattled violently and a foot came through. I gasped, and a full man was standing there. He was... quite different, but... pretty. His hair was black with various blond streaks, and it was spiked up all over, as if someone took a fan and blasted is hair back, then let it sit for a while. It looked cool, though. He had black skinny jeans, and a black t-shirt with some white lines on it and the word, "Fallen." He had a white chocker on his neck, along with a necklace with three crosses. On one arm he had a white wristband wit some studs, and on the other hand a white-and-black checkered wrist band with a white rubber wrist band as well. His nails were painted black, and he was tall and thin, just a bit taller than me. His eyes are a dark brown, just like mine, but with Adam's shape and amount of eyeliner. His shirt was up to the side just a bit to reveal a tattoo of a star on his stomach, off to the left. He also had a piercing in his left eyebrow.

"Kaulitz!" Brad hissed, and the black-haired man looked down. "My name's Bill, thank you very much," he muttered. He had a strong German accent, and he looked down at Adam and I. When he spoke, we saw a glint in his mouth- he had a tongue piercing."Why are you sitting here with Silverbloods?" Brad shook his head and stood. He was so much shorter than Bill. "Come here for a moment," he muttered. They stepped away for a moment, leaving Adam and I alone.

"What are they talking about?" I murmured, and Adam shrugged. A few moments later, they came back, and we looked up at them. But there were two other people with them. My eyes widened, and we saw one was Cassidy with someone else. The other man was similar to Bill, not in dress style but their faces. He had blond dreadlocks, sort of up in a ponytail, alone with a black baseball cap and a black headband on his forehead. He had a lose black shirt that had something in German, along with a logo. He had baggy jeans, and a piercing in his lip. His eyes were identical to Bill's- dark brown, but with no makeup.

"Cassidy!" Adam gasped. "Why are you here?" The man with dreadlocks looked to Bill. Bill glanced at him. "Tom, who's this?" The man with dreadlocks, named Tom, sighed. "Cassidy Haley. Silverblood, found him wandering around..." His voice sounded eerily similar to Bill's. "They're twins," Brad whispered to us. Well, that explained it. No wonder they looked somewhat the same.

"I saw the door opened," Cassidy murmured to us as Bill and Tom talked. "I saw Adam running, yelling your name, Tommy, so I followed, but lost you two and ran into Tom. Tom said he'd have to kill me if I didn't come with him so I decided I wanted to live and go with him." He shook his head, and at that point Bill and Tom-and Brad- finished what they were talking about. They looked between us all.

"We should go back," I murmured. "But we're lost. I have no idea where we are..." Brad turned to Cassidy, and was quiet for a moment, then said, "We're lost, too. But I think I know the way back to... Drake." Cass, Adam and I looked around in a confused way. "Who?" Adam repeated. Brad turned to Adam. "Drake, our leader. The Inkbloods have a leader." I blinked. Their ways are different than ours, I guess.

"He'll... help you guys," Bill spoke, "Even though you're Silverbloods. If we tell him to help you, of course." He turned to Brad. "Especially if it's coming from Brad, his deputy." Brad smiled a little. So, basically, Brad is second behind Drake, like his loyal assistant. I thought, interesting. And there are so many Inkbloods, yet only 9 Silverbloods.

"So, the trip will take about a week," Tom admitted. "We're going to have to live like campers for those days... just saying." We all nodded, and Brad shrugged. "So now we're going?" Bill beckoned with his hand for us to get up and come. "Alright, I'm pretty sure it's this way," he said, his German accent heavy. Cassidy and Brad got in a conversation, but Adam and I followed a little behind everyone else. Bill and Tom were talking to each other.

It was going to be a long trip, but we had to do this.

Tokio Hotel. c: Only Bill and Tom so far.

Yeaaaayy. And now the plot takes place.
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"This love is killing me, but you're the only one…It's not over…"

Tommy's POV

After Adam had fallen asleep, I cleaned up the floor of my apartment, I even managed to do some shopping. I even checked his room few times, but he was still sleeping, only in different positions. Wow, he looked so adorable when he was asleep. Young and pure, like a teenager not the unhappy, heartbroken adult he really was now…Why had I done this, why had I saved him when there were others in our band , for example- Brooke, Terrence, Monte- who had known him better, for years before me, haven't they…? Maybe it's 'cause I had assumed he'd do the same for me…I felt sorry for him, he  never deserved this…It made me start to hate Drake. I know, it's unfair to judge a guy I don't even know, but he was behaving like a diva …Come on, intentional sex as revenge for a blatantly provocative, spontaneous lip lock?!

I checked Adam's room once again. He was laying on his left side, his head covered with his arms. He was breathing quietly, not even snoring, as for most of time. I came in, to open a window for a while when he whimpered softly, like puppies do in sleep...Aww, that was cute. After few seconds he moaned again and, this time, I somehow recognized my name in it.

"Mmmmm…T…om…mmmmm…my…" his grip tightened on a blanket and his whole body tensed

I quickly came to him and kneeled next to the couch. I touched his arm but he didn't react.

"I'm here" I whispered. He didn't open his eyes, his eyelids didn't move at all. Absolutely nothing.

So he was still asleep…Dreaming…? About me…? He sighed deeply and squirmed once. He was definitely dreaming. My hand showed its own will and stroked Adam's hair softly. He smiled slightly and giggled playfully, but still unconscious. Suddenly, I blushed. What if he was dreaming about me in an intimate way? I shook my head and slowly stood up, then left the room, looking at him over my shoulder. He was calm again, just moving some muscle once in a while. I sighed. It can't be like this forever. We'll have to leave this safe shelter and face the cruel word of show business. Poor Adam…I brushed my teeth, still with echoes of Adam's berry taste deep in my mouth. I took some covers and prepared myself sleeping space on wide couch. I checked few things  on my netbook, already dressed in loose Megadeth shirt and shorts. Then I just covered myself with blanket falling asleep after this weird day…

I heard someone whispering my name and felt kiss on my neck.
"Five more minutes, mom" I mumbled and wanted to turn over…
But…wait, why would mom kiss my neck? I slowly opened my eyes. It was dark, probably in the early hours of the morning I assumed. I felt someone's body next to me so I turned around.

"Adam?" I was surprised, to see him here, smiling slightly "Is everything ok?"
He nodded, still smiling meaningfully. What? Had I missed something?

"Of course everything's okay" he licked his lips "I just missed you…"

"N…Nice…to know…"I chuckled, still having no idea what's the matter "But…Now…? It' late…"
I was half awake and my though processes were slower than usual.

"Why are you sleeping here? Why didn't you stay with me, after that?" he stroked my hair and my eyes became even bigger because of my growing shock

"After what?" I asked, sitting and ruffling my hair.
This time, he was the one who looked surprised, concluding from what I could see in the dark- part of his face illuminate by the street lights from outside the window. Looks like we were both completely lost.

"Stop playing dumb Tommy" he smirked and pulled me closer and surrounded my waist on either side with his knees

Before I reacted, he started licking along my neck and started moved lower and bit me softly along my body. I squirmed and moaned. Fuck, his talented tongue again…I had only felt his tongue in my mouth so far, not on sensitive spots of my body. Shit, I was now feeling how weak and submissive I was becoming at every touch. Why the hell was he doing this? Just because I had said something about being bi for him? No, he knew I was being dishonest.

"Adaaam…" fuck, it sounded more like begging than speaking

"Mmm, I love how you moan my name, baby" I purred and giggled, making circles with his tongue on my stomach "Even better than you did last time…"

"What last time!?" I shouted and pulled him away, crawling to the corner of couch

I was still shivering from petting, but now I was terrified. What was he talking about?

"What the hell do you mean, Adam?" I whispered with fear in my eyes
He was still smirking, but it started to fade gradually.

"Don't…don't you remember…? Tonight? When we…you know…?"

"What tonight!? What we…?" wait, I think I started to guess… "Adam! You must be joking! We DIDN'T have sex!" I blushed automatically
He looked playfully surprised, but he saw on my face I wasn't kidding. Then it was his turn to blush. He crawled away from me, covering his face with hands.

"Fuck…It must be…Fuuuck!" he whispered and his voice became desperate

I was looking at him, still careful like embattled animal. Shit, then I had been right, this whimpering in sleep…He'd been fantasizing about me…Now I realized the threat. I was living with a guy who desired me. Would he just take me without waking up, or even without my permission? I swallowed my spit.

"Ad-dam…" I stammered "Just….just go to sleep…I think you should leave…"
He looked at me, with shining eyes and embarrassment on his face.

"I'm…I'm sorry" he begged me "Forgive me Tommy, I just…It's because I'm confused! Don't be afraid of me! I wouldn't….I wouldn't hurt you, please, believe me!"

I was still scared and stubbornly, but slightly, pointed at the door. He bent his head  and slowly stood up, then left the room. After he had left, I came to door and locked it. Better be careful. Shit, everything had been so fine until now. I quickly came back under my blanket, trying to forget the kisses, his tongue wandering on my body…

I woke up, but didn't want to open my eyes. I decided to delight this lazy moment for as long as possible. I stretched myself and purred like a kitten. Mmmm…Maybe I should check on Adam. I shivered at what had happened last night. Shit, I shouldn't have made him leave like that but I was scared. It was happening too fast. I better go and talk to him right now. Before I even started to clamber from my bed, my phone rang. Monte. Wow, this guy could actually be my official alarm clock , congrats dude!

"Yea?" I picked up, yawning

"Did I wake you up again?" he definitely smiled, somehow satisfied

"Not really. Again." I didn't give him this satisfaction. Another point in the back for me!

"How's Adam?" I felt some worry in his voice "Is he still with you?"
Not knowing why, I blushed.
"Yes, yes he is. He stayed with me, sleeping for most of the time. He was mentally devastated."

Monte sighed.
"Shit, looks like we all had hard time. He disappeared and there's another buzz in media about this. Fans were disappointed and Lonnie didn't look happy too…"

I shrugged my shoulders.
"He had no choice."

"I know. Just saying.  Oh, by the way, is he able to function normally? Some other shows really want to interview him, although, two gave up, not to risk his resignation like in Early Show…"

"How predicting those hosts are…" I repined with venom in my voice

"They need to care about their shows, Tommy." Wow, he used my name "And it's all about money. They may be assholes, but their viewers count on them. That's all in this business."

"I know, I know…Well, I think that not today, but tomorrow he will be ready, in my opinion" I looked at my door, slowly getting up "I'm going to check him now."

"Oh, ok. Then let me know what's up…See you" he hung up

I knew he had to show himself to outside world again. I unlocked the door and came to his room. I opened them and…froze. He wasn't here. My bed was made, his clothes- gone, he wasn't there too. What…? I ran around whole flat but he wasn't anywhere where. Fucking shit, where, why had he gone!? I felt like a mom from "Kevin Home Alone"- I lost him. I quickly dialed his number and waited, but there was no answer. Sure, if he had left my flat at 3 a.m. why would he want to talk to me? Maybe Drake called him to go? Well, shitty possibility but at least it'd be safer, than walking on streets all night, exposed to junkies, gangs, thieves…He wasn't answering. I quickly called Monte.

"Why do you mean by he's gone?!" he was rather angry and I couldn't blame him

"Exactly what it means!" I answered, also annoyed "I woke up and he wasn't here!"

"Goddammit" Monte hissed "I'll try to call him. Isn't he answering you?"

I blushed because I perfectly knew why…
"No…He isn't"

"Mmm, ok, I'll call him in a minute, Damn, he's needed here, oh, and you, prepare yourself for 1 p.m. for a show. I hope we'll find him before then."

"Me too"

He hung up and I sighed. Fine, it's my fault he's gone, but I was afraid to admit it to Monte. He'd kill me. Once again, I tried to call Adam. I was expecting endless signals, then his voicemail, but after fourth signal, he picked up…

"Hello, Tommy, why are you disturbing me?" I finally heard his voice, formal and emotionless
Why am I disturbing him? I'm worrying about him, dammit! Ungrateful prick!

"Adam! Thank God, finally! Do you have any idea how you scared me!? You left my flat in the middle of the night and didn't answer phone calls! Everyone's looking for you!" I shouted

"Oh, really?" he definitely wanted to annoy me, acting like a unaware fool

"Yeah , really! We have performance today, at 1 p.m.! I…I was freaking out, wondering where you are! By the way, I still don't know where you are!"

"I'm safe. Thanks for worrying" though, there wasn't slightest sign of gratefulness in his voice "Where is that performance?"

I told him and he just agreed to be there, then hung up. I tried to call again, but this time he didn't pick up. I almost crashed my phone on the floor like he had done few days ago. Shit, four days ago my life had been wonderfully simple comparing to current soap opera. I had offended Adam, still don't know where he is and I gotta prepare for performance. I doubted it will be successful, not after all what happened. I had shower, dressed myself, ate something but I was so lost in thoughts that I hadn't even noticed it. I came to the studio as quickly as possible, miraculously avoiding few accidents, thanks to my distraction.  Monte was there. I waved at him and he came to me.

"Is he going to be here?" he asked, looking at me suspiciously

"At least, he promised" I murmured "Still dunno where he is but he was safe…"
"Why weren't you two together? What made you guys split up" he had to ask that question!

I froze. Fuck, I couldn't tell him the truth so I evaded real reason without lying.
"Mmmm…I think I said something wrong…He was oversensitive…It just added oil to the fire…And he left when I was asleep"

Monte just nodded. Phew! He were talking about other things, until rest of the band came, except Adam, of course. When it was half an hour to the performance, he appeared. I heard this hum in the hall and came to see what's up, then my jaw dropped. He'd fly from the sky as well. He looked like a dark angel- stunning but serious, but beautiful. Perfect make up, seductive gaze, perfectly styled haircut, with a bit crazy fringe. I sighed. He just passed me by, without single look.

"I'm here" he said to Monte and said hello to the rest

He started talking to them, comforted by Brooke and Terrence. I felt left unpleasantly aside. We were called to the studio and performance were about to begin "Sleepwalker". So sad and so suitable now. When he started singing, I knew he's putting his mind and soul into it. His face got emotions back. Audience was amazed. They thought he was acting, this time it was his song, his heart, his words…

"I walk around and I feel so lost and lonely…You're everything that I want" this moment he slightly looked at me and I felt knife, sinking in my heart "But you don't want me" then was stab…

He was singing it for me. I knew. I mouthed "sorry", hiding my face behind my fringe, feeling my heart break because of that accusation. I'm sorry, Adam.
Audience freaked out. They had loved it. Adam had done amazing job, entertaining them and spitting all emotions out of himself. I saw people, discretely wiping their tears off. He strutted off the stage, talked to Monte and disappeared. I had bad memories with dressing room so I quickly followed him. I knocked the door, then opened them. He looked around at me and wasn't too happy to see me.

"Adam…We need to talk…" I carefully started and closed the door
He turned to the mirror again, fixing his makeup.

"About what?" he played fool again

"About what happened! About…us."
He smirked maliciously.

"There's no us, TommyJoe. There's only you and me, apart! You were right, there's no chance. Thanks for all you've done for me recently, but that's all for now. Nothing more."

"Stop talking shit, Adam…I can see how broken you are" I hissed at him "I feel bad about it too…"
He stopped applying his eyeliner and blinked, looking at me with an unpleasant hidden surprise.

"I was scared, when you left…I cared for you and you just disappeared, in the night, exposed to all bad people, alone" I was just throwing the words out, afraid he'll leave again "I…I care for you…I know you feel rejected, you let me know with that song. I'm so sorry, Adam, I really am."
I approached him and tried to embrace him, but he pulled me away.

"Please, do not touch me. You ruin all my efforts to look perfect today" he straightened his sparkling, dark-gray suit "We have one more song to sing. We can't let them wait"
He deftly passed me by and all I could do was to follow him into darker parts of building. He soon realized I was following him, so turned around and pinned me against the wall, hissing.

"You rejected me, Tommy...and this is my way of protecting myself" he smirked

"You don't like me..yet you touch me..why is that Tommy?"
"It's not that I don't like you, Adam!" I cried desperately "I do, as a friend but…My feelings towards aren't the same as yours towards me…I know you're attracted to me…You…Dream about me…"
He blushed slightly but held it back quickly. He still remembered our night meeting.

"Now I'm sure…I don't need anybody…I want to be alone, focus on myself…Live as a single for a while. Be happy straight man, Tommy, find yourself nice girl. You're famous, it shouldn't be hard now…" he smirked again

"Yea, famous for being kissed by you" I growled, almost furious "Really cool!"

"Don't forget you're playing on bass and keyboard…Or maybe you forgot about it, because I distracted you A LITTLE?" he was teasing me with bitchy smile

"Very funny" I hissed. He just laughed and continued

"It will better for both of us.  Don't worry, I respect relationships and orientations, don't be afraid of me picking you up. If you will be involved in some relationship, I won't be tempted anymore. It's so easy, isn't it?"

Was he really thinking like that? He was smiling in creepy way, reminding me of Willy Wonka.

"Adam…I'm sorry I rejected you. I'm sorry I told you to leave last night. I'm was just confused, scared" I felt my eyes became puppy-like and watery
"Please, don't be mad at me…I want us to be friends an…"
He suddenly pulled me closer, putting my fringe aside.

"Being friends, huh?" he whispered, brushing my earlobe with his lips "Don't you know it's one of the most forbidden sentences in any case, straight or gay?"

"Sorry, I got carried away" I also whispered, feeling like normal speech would ruin something

We were very close, I could see each of his eyelashes, every detail of this emerald, aroused irises. He was smirking and my eyes unwillingly followed his tongue, wetting bottom lip. I silently gasped for air. I know I shouldn't think like that, but he was simply beautiful in this very moment… His breath brushed against my mouth, his hand sneaked in my hair, massaging my skin pleasantly.

"Time for goodbye kiss, baby" I hardly heard this whisper and his soft lips became one with mine

He tasted sweeter, because of the lipstick he used, but berry taste ruled, as always. Fuck, why did it feel so good? He was gentle again, slowly exploring my mouth with his tongue. When we parted to breathe again, he licked my jaw, making me bend my neck back and moan. Damned foreplay, my legs already were jelly. Fortunately, I didn't get boner- that'd be disaster! I felt his lips on my neck, my ears, all sensitive spots he could reach. Few more kisses here and there and I'll be hard, I swear…

"Fuck…" I sighed before I could censor it

"You can't even imagine, how much I wish I could do it to you, my pretty boy" he whispered

Then he kissed my hand and…his tongue wandered to my fingers, licking their tips. He surrounded each of them and started sucking gently. He closed his eyes, but once in a while he looked at me, as if he wanted to check if I liked it. Of fucking course, I liked it. He finally grabbed my whole palm, taking all my fingers together and kissed their tips. He smiled, not looking at me.

"I guess it's over of our short, bad romance" he kissed my forehead and let me go

I was panting mess, blushing, with backcombed hair and shaking legs. He actually fucked me in clothes. Why had he done it!? To tease me?! To make me beg him for more like a horny bitch? He had made me want him. Right in the moment when he decided to give me up. Fucking bastard!
"It's our time to go. Fans wait" he straightened his clothes and hair and strutted away, confident and grinning, like a rockstar, swaying his hips. I quickly made myself look quite normal and followed him, swearing in my thoughts. This guy was driving me nuts and I was ready to tear him apart…
Next song was "If I had You"  and during this, I swear I wanted to bite him. He was singing to me again, but this time, it worked both ways, to me and to him.

"If I had you, that'd be the only thing I've ever need" ok, maybe not the only, but our bodies knew better "If I had you, money, fame and fortune never could compete…"

He was happy, malicious, crazy like before AMAs. Fangirls squealed deafeningly. Audience freaked out again, dancing to it and having fun. Monte, Lisa and Longineu were surprised but also satisfied. They probably thought that 'real' Adam came back, like phoenix from ashes. Oh, how wrong they were! It was just a mask of bitter rejection, I knew it, but there was nothing I could do. Shit, I felt helpless. I really regret waking up this morning..
Be sure it’s not over *wink wink*

:star: >>Chapter 3<<
:star: >>Chapter 5<<

Beginning lyrics © Chris Daughtry"It's not over"
Lyrics in the text by Adam
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[Pairing warning: Adam Lambert/Sauli Koskinen, Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, hinted Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff/Sauli Koskinen]

"I can't fucking take this anymore!" Adam yelled after ending his phone call. He tossed the phone onto the bed, it bounced once and stopped, almost falling over the edge.

"Rakas, are you okay?" Sauli asked, head peeking into the bedroom. He was afraid that Adam might be having one of his 'moments'.

He called this Adam, 'Dark' Adam, when the man gets too frustrated about his work or something. Don't get him wrong, Adam was really nice and loving, but everyone has their breaking point and Adam was kind of scary when angry.

Adam racked a hand through his hair, black locks falling over his eyes.

"The recording company screwed up again, lost most of the work I did last week," Adam sighed.

"It's okay, Rakas, you can do it again," Sauli said, still at the door.

Adam sat on the bed, "I can't stay here, not now, too much stress."

"We can go out, go drink," Sauli suggested, taking a few steps into their shared bedroom.

"Maybe I'll call Tommy," Adam muttered, ignoring Sauli's suggestion, his mind just too unfocused at the moment.

Sauli frowned a little, he knew Adam was probably going into one of those 'Dark' moments, but still to hear Adam suggest going out with Tommy straight away made him a little jealous.

But he should not be, Tommy was Adam's best friend, the blonde made Adam smile when no one could, made him laugh when he was hopelessly down. And of course he knew of Adam's crush on Tommy, he must be blind to not notice.

Sauli rested a hand carefully on Adam's arm, "You can call him, or I can call him for you, Rakas."

Adam turned to look at Sauli, silent for a moment before frowning sadly.

"I did it again, didn't I," he said softly, "I shouldn't look for comfort from Tommy first, it should be you."

"You do find comfort from me," Sauli smiled warmly, "But sometimes you need friends too."

Adam grinned wide at his boyfriend's words and scooped the small Finn into his arms, "I love you so much, baby."

"Minäkin rakastan sinua,"(I love you too) Sauli returned the hug.

"Thanks for coming out with me, Tommy," Adam hugged the blonde at the club entrance.

"No problem, Adam! I missed you anyway," Tommy snuggled against the larger man for a bit before pulling away.

Adam petted Tommy on the head, "Are you sure it's okay? This is a gay club and all."

"Dude, I've been to so many when we were on tour! Too late to ask now," Tommy laughed.

"True," Adam chuckled.

The pair went into the club, it was crowded with men, some dancing, others drinking. It was dark, only illuminated by strobe lights flashing around.

"But I'm blaming you if my ass gets groped," Tommy joked.

"You don't even have one," Adam teased in return, earning a punch to the arm.

They went to the bar and found a nice spot right at the corner of the counter. Tommy ordered some Jack Daniels while Adam called for some lemon with orange vodka.

They started chatting and quick enough, the incident with the record company left his mind.

"Oh shit, I gotta piss," Tommy said, "I'm sorry, give me a few minutes."

"Take your time, little kitty," Adam smiled, waving to the retreating blonde.

Adam looked at his drink, it was probably the fifth one tonight, he kind of lost attention after the second refill.

His mind began to wonder off, he thought of how happy he was with Sauli and then he thought of Tommy, his love that was never returned. Adam felt sad thinking about it and guilty for thinking of it.

His mind slowly wandered off the topic of cute, blonde boys and strayed back to the record company.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath.

All his hard work, gone, just like that. Adam sighed, there was nothing he could do about it, really, but he still felt angry.

And now, that anger was creeping up to him again. He worked so hard at the studio last week, thinking that this week he could spend more time with Sauli, but no, someone just had to mess up!

"Won't it be awesome to have two of me?" Adam said to himself, swirling his glass of vodka lightly, "Or at least take away this angry part of me..."

"That's an easy solution, my friend."

Adam looked up at the voice, eyes meeting a young man who looked about in his early twenties but yet, the wisdom in his greenish eyes seemed much more mature.

"Excuse me?" Adam said.

The young man chuckled softly, "I'm sorry about your problems, your expression, it shows that you are upset."

Adam smiled weakly, "Yeah, more than upset actually."

"Let me take away some of that horrible emotion?" the young man asked before taking out a small vial from his pocket.

The vial could easily hide in the man's hands, the small bottle was cylindrical with a thin neck that was topped off with a small cork plugging the top. Intertwining gold and blue swirls circled the bottle. The glass was transparent, showing the strange clear liquid inside. The last thing Adam noticed was a tag on a string around the bottle's neck.

"Sorry, I don't do drugs or anything," Adam shook his head.

"It is not, my friend, it is the solution you seek," the young man smiled.

Adam could see the spark of wisdom in those eyes again, along with something else that told him that this stranger was not lying.

"To drink it or not, that is your choice," the man continued, "But to keep, you must."


The man smiled again, "No part of the bottle is to be apart, not even the tag and to drink every drop is the rule."

Adam nodded absentmindedly, hands reaching out to touch the small vial. The unknown liquid inside was attracting him like a moth to a flame.

Adam glanced up to talk to the young man again, but he was greeted to no one. He frowned and looked around.

He turned back towards the front and looked down into his hands, the vial sitting there innocently.

"Do I drink?" he said softly.

Adam thought for a moment, eyes following the swirling patterns that twirled around one another, his thumb subconsciously pushed against the bottle's cork. The soft pop was almost silent but was loud enough to make Adam jump, he watched the cork roll on the counter before eyeing the liquid again.

It was as if his hand had a mind of its own, his eyes widened as the vial was brought to his lips. The liquid was sweet and a little tangy. It was cool and made his lips tingle.

He really hoped this was not some drug.

Adam downed every drop like the man said. He looked at the clear vial now and frowned. He swore the swirls were interconnected before, now they seemed to clearly separated, gold and blue as if avoiding each other.   

It must be the alcohol messing with him. Adam touched the tag attached to it and held it up, a few lines were written on it.

Dark and Light
To balance and work together
But to split and wander
Is a good thing
For some hours

Adam frowned, the words did not make sense, and honestly, the poetry was not very good if it was meant to be one. Oh well, he wrote songs anyway, not judge poetry. Besides, too late to worry now.

Adam licked his lips, the tangy taste already gone. It was as if he never drank anything at all. He took the cork and placed it back on top of the bottle, remembering that stranger's words.


Tommy's voice broke his trance, making him turn to see the blonde walking back towards him.

"Hey," Adam greeted in return, quickly putting the empty vial into his jacket pocket.

"How much did you drink when I was gone?" Tommy asked immediately after settling back down.

"Why do you ask?" Adam quirked a brow.

"Well, your face... tells me you drank some when I was away," Tommy pressed his lips tight as if not amused, "I think it's time you go home."

"If you bring me," Adam grinned.

"You are such a girl, now come on," Tommy laughed.

"Rakas, you are home!" Sauli exclaimed when he opened the door.

"Yeah, Tommy made sure I did."

"Thank you, Tommy," Sauli held Adam's arm.

"No prob," Tommy smiled, he could not help but wish that he was the one taking Adam to bed.

'What the fuck am I thinking, they are together,' his mind screamed.

"Well, anyway, good night you two," Tommy forced a smile and quickly turned and went back to his car.

Sauli watched Tommy for awhile, frowning a little. Something was wrong, he was worried but right now, he had to take care of Adam.

"Are you drunk, Rakas?" he asked, giggled a little as he guided Adam to the couch.

"I'll get you some water," Sauli petted Adam's leg before going off to the kitchen.

Adam nodded, "I'm not that drunk," he slurred. He really was not, but somehow he felt lethargic and a little dizzy. Could it be that stuff he drank? Shit, what if it was poison or something?

Adam cracked open his eyes to see Sauli by his side again, a glass of water in his hand.

"Thank you, baby," he smiled gratefully.

He took the glass, it was close to his lips when his hand suddenly shook, spilling almost half the water in the glass onto his jacket.


"Ah!" Sauli immediately took the glass and could not help but laugh at Adam's shocked expression.

"Nooooooooo," Adam whined dramatically.

Sauli continued to laugh, he put the glass onto the counter next to the sofa and moved to take Adam's jacket off.

"Go and sleep, Rakas, I'll take care of this," the Finn smothered his laughter.

Adam sighed and kissed Sauli on the cheek before standing up to head to the bedroom.

"Come quick, okay?" the singer asked when he was just about to enter the room.

Sauli nodded, cheeks flushing lightly. He watched Adam disappear into their bedroom before standing up and picking up the glass of water again.

The Finn walked to the kitchen with both the jacket and the glass. He placed the jacket on the counter and went to rinse the glass in the sink.


The sound immediately caught Sauli's attention. He turned around and walked to the counter. His blue eyes spotted a small bottle near Adam's black jacket.


Sauli picked it up and looked at it. He examined the bi-coloured swirls and read the tag, but it just made him more confused.

The Finn gave up on the strange words on the tag and placed the small vial on the living room table, he'll ask Adam about it tomorrow.

Sauli hung the jacket up to dry and quickly went to bed, smiling as he fell asleep in Adam's arms.

Sauli rubbed his eyes as he woke. He turned over to see Adam still sleeping, a very peaceful expression on his face.

It made him smile and Sauli inched himself close to the dozing man.

"I love you," he whispered softly, he normally said it in Finnish but every once in awhile, he liked saying it in English, it made him feel like he could show off his love for Adam.

"I love you too," came the soft reply.

Sauli's head shot up, blue eyes meeting equally blue ones. He would have smiled and kissed Adam right there but something was not right.

Adam did not have crystal blue eyes.

"A-Adam, are you okay?"

Adam grinned wide, "Of course I am! I love you so much!"

Sauli gasped when Adam suddenly wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tight and close. He froze when he heard familiar noises, shower noises to be exact.

"Someone's in the shower!?" he cried out.

"It's okay," Adam continued grinning.

"Ei!"(No!) Sauli really screamed this time and pulled away from Adam.

He froze again when he heard the sound of the bathroom door swinging open, followed by footsteps that got closer and closer.

Sauli nearly fainted when the person who appeared at the door was none other than Adam.
Chapter 1 - HERE ll Chapter 2 - [link]

:damphyr: Awesome cover by Hikki!! :heart:
Now go favourite it at her page and give her some love!

I was given a prompt from :iconrileywantsyaoi: where I am to write a fic with two Adams.

Basically to follow something along this line - "Preferably, an Adommy/Adauli with them fighting over Tommy/Sauli and then they just decide to... "share" him."

This short story will be 4 chapters long and the first image that came to mind from this prompt will be in chapter 3.

As you can probably tell already, my take on Dark and Light Adam is pretty different. Hope you guys enjoy it. ^^

P.S I apologize if I got any Finnish sentences wrong.
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It was never really something Adam thought about; it just sort of… happened. Words flowed effortlessly from his mind and on to the paper in the notebook he always carried. Ideas, memories, lines; sometimes even just stupid little poems that may or may not make it into a future hit. It was all a process, a way to keep his mind busy and working. To keep his mind from the pain.


Adam’s heart leapt up to his throat as the all too familiar voice broke through his thoughts. The pencil stopped moving on the paper as he swallowed audibly and turned his attention to the man standing in the doorway.

“Can I help you, Tommy?” he asked, forcing his voice to stay calm and even, even as the pain shot through his chest. Those lips parted just ever so slightly, those eyes searching for answers to questions left unasked, the hair teased just so perfectly to fall around his face; he really was someone Adam could spend his life with. Of course, that was no longer an option.

“Yes, actually,” Tommy nodded, stepping farther into the room and shoving his hands into his pockets. God… the way he carried himself… “I was wondering if you could go over some lyrics with me? I had an idea and decided to try my hand at writing some. I want it to be perfect, seeing it’s for someone… special.”

He’s coming to me for help on a song for someone else? Adam thought bitterly as he nodded his okay and Tommy came to sit next to Adam on the bed. He wants me to help him make it perfect for someone else?

“Thanks, Adam,” Tommy smiled at him as he reached back and pulled out a sheet of paper from his back pocket. “Means a lot.”

“Sure, here, let me see what you’ve got so far.”

Adam took the paper Tommy held out to him and read through it quickly. He was shocked, really, on how good it really was. Shocked, and a little hurt. Tommy never tried to write a song for Adam when they were dating… Though Adam had wrote dozens for the guitarist. Goes to show who cared more about the relationship…

“So? What did you think?” Tommy asked, starting Adam from his bitter thoughts. “I know it’s probably not… the best, but do you think we can get it there?”

Adam swallowed again and nodded slowly. “Yeah, I think we can. It’s… really good, Tommy,” he muttered, unable to keep the hurt from his tone.


“Why don’t you go get your guitar and we can work it out? I mean the song! We can work out the song,” Adam blushed deeply and stood, moving over to where his desk sat and setting the notebook on the top of it. He pulled out a pen and a book they could use to write and turned back just in time to watch Tommy’s retreating back exit the room.

Tommy returned a minute later with his guitar and two bottles of water. He set the waters on the bedside table next to Adam’s bed and sat down next to the other man who, in turn, scooted an inch farther away from Tommy. He felt it was just too close to sit next to him and not be able to wrap his arms around-

“Shall we start?” Adam asked, pushing the depressing thoughts to the back of his mind. “I suggest you just move these couple of lines around here… and maybe change a word or two here… Do you have anything planned out on guitar yet?”

“A bit, yeah,” Tommy nodded, placing his guitar to lean against his thigh.

“How much?”

“All of it.”

Adam shot an eyebrow up at that and turned back to the song, he shifted so he could look at Tommy without getting hit with the neck of the guitar and set the paper between them.

“Why don’t you play me what you have so far? We can work from there,” Adam asked, giving Tommy a forced smile.

Tommy nodded and cleared his throat. He started a slow strumming, darker in cords but peaceful in melody. When the words started in, his voice complemented the tone perfectly. Adam kept his eyes on the paper that sat between them, letting the words and the music flow over him. When the chorus kicked in, Adam let his eyes go up to Tommy’s face, his eyes meeting his. Adam was frozen to the spot, his heart stopped and had jumped into his throat.

“And I’ll always love you,” Tommy sang, keeping his eyes locked on Adam’s. “I’ll always love you. And caaaaarry you on. I’ll be here for you- Always beside you. I’ll never let you faaaall.”

“Tommy,” Adam found himself whispering, his breathing coming in pants.

“I’ll always love you- and I’ll always want you, to be here by me. I’ll always need you- just to touch you, and let the world know you’re miiiiine.”

The song came to an end and Adam found he had shifted closer to the guitar player. The cords slowed as the two held their gazes.

“Adam,” Tommy whispered, the cords ringing out softly. “I’ll always love you.”

Adam’s breath caught in his throat as Tommy leaned forward over the guitar. His lips brushed Adam’s gently, just barely a caress as they moved slowly against each other. Adam soon had melted into the kiss, one of his hands coming up to land lightly on the back of Tommy’s neck.

“Will you take me back?” Tommy whispered as they kissed, his words sending chills down Adam’s spine.

“Really?” Adam muttered back, excitement jumping in his chest. “Yes. I’d take you back in a heartbeat.”

Tommy chuckled lightly before pushing his guitar to the side on the bed and moving closer to Adam, one of his hands going up to cup Adam’s cheek.

“I’ve missed you,” Tommy whispered.

Adam smiled and replied, “I love you.”
This is my first Adommy fic ever... go easy on me ^^;

Hope you enjoy anyway
♥Blake Moriarty
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This was never the way I planned, not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on
I'm curious for you caught my attention

"Tommy! Big news!"
I looked up from my book, moving from laying down to a siting position. I don't recall leaving the door to my apartment unlocked, but... Adam always found a way to get inside. Adam gripped my shoulders, a huge smile on his face. I blinked, smiling slightly. Before I could ask, he burst it out.
"I have a boyfriend!"
My eyes widened slightly, and a smile grew on my face. He was so excited, like a little kid having his first crush. I laughed and placed a bookmark in the book I was reading. "Name?"
"Sauli," he rushed out, and blushed just as he said the name. I smiled a little more. It was so sweet, seeing someone in the honeymoon phase. I felt bad, though. The cutesy little romances would fade after a while, and there would eventually be a fight. I'd have to comfort Adam as he cried, I might have to yell at Sauli... the day would come. But hopefully, that day may not come for a long time, if they are truly right for each other.
"I need to meet him," I joked, pushing Adam's hands off my shoulders, since he was squeezing them to the point to where they were sore. Suddenly, Adam's phone signaled he had a text, and his face just beamed. I could tell he got a text from Sauli, and he was ecstatic. It was really cute... wait, what? I mentally slapped myself. I'm the one who's 2 feet shorter than Adam. Well, I guess size doesn't matter when it comes to cuteness?

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

The next day, Adam told me that he was bringing Sauli to meet me. I sat on my couch, stretched out, when I heard the doorbell ring. It must be them. I stepped over to the door and swung it open, seeing Adam, and...
"This is Sauli," Adam grinned, bringing in a small, short blond. I blinked; he actually... sort of looked like me. Body-wise. Without the tattoos. I stepped aside, letting them inside my house.
"I'm Tommy," I smiled, holding out my hand and letting Sauli shake it. "I've heard a lot about you. And I mean... a lot." I smirked and Sauli blushed, getting my joke.
"T-Tommy!" Adam saw Sauli turn pink. "You just meet him and you're already making perverted comments? The fuck?" Sauli laughed and Adam joined in, seeing that the blond didn't care.
"You're calling me a pervert, Adam?" I winked. "When you're the one that did this and that to Sauli?" Adam blushed, knowing he probably said a lot while he was drunk the other night. I burst out laughing and Sauli giggled, lacing his fingers with Adam's. I turned around and smiled, seeing them exchange a small peck on the lips. They really were sweet together, and their relationship was really helping Adam's determination to make a new album. He was dead on ideas until a few months ago, when he met Sauli. I remember trying to help him with lyrics, but quite honestly, I suck. So I was really no help then. (Poor Tommy xD)

No, I don't even know your name, it doesn't matter
You're my experimental game, just human nature
It's not what good girls do, not how they should behave
My head gets so confused, hard to obey

Another week passed of seeing cute little Adam and Sauli moments. Adam was always in a great mood, and it was so much fun to hang out with him. The honeymoon phase was always the best part of the relationship, in my opinion. I was watching Lost on my big, flat-screen TV when I heard footsteps behind me. I smirked. I knew it was Adam, and he always thought he was as silent as a mouse, when really I heard him breathing. I pretended that I didn't notice him, and suddenly, arms wrapped around my neck and Adam went, "Gotcha!" in my ear. I jumped and laughed as he pulled away, coming over to me and sitting down.
"Watching Lost again?" Adam asked, and I nodded, yawning slightly. I rolled over so that I was laying on my back, staring at the ceiling.
"I've seen this episode a million times," I mumbled. Adam stared at the TV for a moment.
"I think I've seen this part too," Adam trailed off, then nodded. "Yeah, I think last week I watched part of this with you."
"It's a good episode," I shrugged slightly, placing my hands under my head to cushion it.
Suddenly, I wasn't looking at the ceiling.
I was looking into icy blue eyes, and my heart pounded. Adam smiled and his bangs dangled in front of my face. He always did this sort of thing. He did little flirty things with me, and I always got worked up about it. It was so embarrassing...

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it
It ain't no big deal, it's innocent

He was just smiling, so I smiled as well, and reached up, batting at his bangs like a cat. He laughed and swished his head around, making his hair swish from side to side. His knee nudged in between my legs, and I flushed red, my heart thumping. Adam, thankfully, didn't notice, and my hands flopped down.
"This is why I call you pretty kitty," he smirked. "Even though you don't like cats."
"They scare me!" I whined.
"But you're just like one, and you aren't scary at all," Adam smiled and poked my nose as he said "you're." I glanced to the side, blushing a little from Adam's leg. I swear, he was doing this on purpose to get me horny or something. I was 99% sure he listened to me masturbate after he got me a hard-on. I had no other choice!!
"Adam," I murmured. He blinked, looking down at me.
I pulled on the back of his neck, leaned up, and kissed him.
At first, he was frozen with shock. But I prodded my tongue against his lips, and he opened up, his tongue tangling with mine. He then got into it, moaning slightly and kissing me back rougher than I was. Once our kiss broke, I was flushed red, and he smiled. "What was that for, pretty kitty?"
"I-I just wanted to kiss you," I muttered, looking off to the side. He smiled and ruffled my hair. I blushed a little more. "But, don't worry, I know you love Sauli. I love you two. I just... don't know what came over me..."
I looked into his eyes, my heart beating.
"There's such thing as 'friends-with-benefits' you know," he winked sexily, and I found myself blushing more.
"Haven't we always been that way?"
"Yeah..." I blinked. "Yeah, we have." I smiled slightly. "But it was always on stage only..."
"True." Adam smiled. "We can do it backstage, too." My heart sped up again, and Adam saw my embarrassment, and laughed. "Are you okay with that?"
"Y-Yeah..." I nodded. "Yeah, I... want that." Adam smirked and nuzzled me, kissing my jaw. I shivered and gripped his shoulders, but Adam stood, getting off of me and standing next to the couch.
"But I'm always gonna leave you like that!~" Adam pointed to my jeans, and I looked down, seeing that I... had an issue. My eyes widened and I whipped myself up to my feet as Adam ran to the door.
He would always be my best friend. ...Even if he was fucking evil.

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

I just think that this is quite realistic. Okay, yeah, it's fanfiction, but can't you really see something like this happening?
I'm 98% sure that Adam and Tommy have some sort of FWB relationship. 8D
I know that it'd be epic if they were in a romantic relationship, but hey. I do like Adam/Sauli, because they make a cute couple. And I am a huge Adommy shipper. It'd be bad if Adam and Tommy got in a serious relationship, because what if they fought or broke up? What about Tommy's effin job!? It's better that they're FWB. No deep feelings, but flirty stuff and crushes. Nothing harmful 8D

Don't you agree this is possible? C: Unless Sauli was against that kinda stuff. But I think they do... some things backstage. ;3


Song- I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry
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Ah shit yeah! Tommy thought anxiously, his fingers plucking the strings on his favourite electric blue bass, Adam's voice raising high above the cheering crowd. Playing actual concerts was Tommy's favourite thing about being in the band, he enjoyed the sheer energy and the loud music and above all else the chemistry Adam seemed to have with the crowd, and of course himself.

He strummed almost madly, bobbing his head and bouncing on spot as Adam sang a particularly high note, the drums cutting in and taking over second later. It was moments like these when Adam freely roamed the stage, pausing to rock out with Monte and nod at Longineu before coming over to Tommy.

Tommy grinned, turning slightly on his heel and leaning backward, trusting Adam to support him as he let himself go. He felt Adam free hand slid around his waist, keeping him steady as he continued to pluck the strings of his bass, arching and throwing his head back into Adam's chest, feeling Adam's lips brush against his ear as he did so.

The brief contact sent a shiver down Tommy's spine and before he could twist their position into a more suggestive one it was over, Adam having to move away and return his attention to the crowd before the next verse started.

He was careful though, Tommy found as he felt Adam's hand slid up his back, righting him in such a gentle manor that it made Tommy wonder who had stolen and replaced his regular hair-pulling, crotch grabbing, glamrock and flamboyantly gay lead singer. The thought soon escaped Tommy's mind though as Adam wrapped up the performance with a jaw-dropping high note that seemed to shock the crowd for a moment before they erupted in cheers and screams.

Smiling, Tommy unplugged his bass and waved to the crowd as he followed Adam, Monte, Longineu and Cam off the stage. He could still hear people screaming "ADAM!" and "ENCORE!" when they had cleared the stage and Tommy was going to ask Adam whether they would do a encore when a broad body pinned him to the wall, Adam's lips brushing his, teasing him before kissing him, tongue delving deep within his mouth as Adam practically ate his face off in front of the rest of the band and a few of their off stage producers. The kiss was hard and demanding and a tad bit painful but Tommy managed to smirk when Adam pulled back, licking his lips, liking the taste of Tommy's hot pink strawberry flavoured chap-stick.  

"Now," Adam exclaimed, giving Monte, Longineu, Cam and Tommy excited looks, "should we go give them one last song to remember the night by?"

And with that they were back out on the stage playing Down The Rabbit Hole, rocking the stadium one last time.
Yup, just a short little Adommy moment (:
Just watching American Idol so yeah ^^
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That must some not funny, fucking joke! That was the only thing that came to Tommy's mind after he had hung up and the person calling turned out to be Adam! Goddammit, Adam! Why did he interrupted his dream version to hit Tommy with harsh, boring reality, informing him about some important meeting with the manager!? Hadn't he could wait a bit more!? Wait, you went too far, man, that was pervy, you shouldn't want any continuation of that dream! That was way too fucking weird…! How can you explain that, dear Tommy, hm? Tommy? Tommy…!?

„Tommy...Hey, Tommy? Are you okay?" Camille's distant  voice slowly reached his ears and he came back to reality. He shook his head and noticed that Cam is looking at him, worried "Tommy? I'm talking to you for 2 minutes now. What's wrong? Does anything bother you?"
Yeah, I'm still wondering why the fuck did I have really  arousing sex dream where my boss, and friend,  most of all, a man! was about to give me a blowjob!
"Ummm…No, no, not really. I just lost in thought" Tommy replied and smiled artificially "Everything's fine"
She didn't look convinced and was about to ask another question but in this moment Monte entered the room and commanded them to go right now. Tommy thanked God for sending Monte as salvation from woman's stubbornness. He got up and went out of the room. It had been bothering him whole day, every little moment of free time he had. Why did it happen? Only because Adam was really hot man? Because  of his talented tongue? Kissable lips? Extremely sexy moves of hips, and not only, on the stage? Of his divine eyes? Nice ass?…Say what you want, he has nice ass…! Wait, what!? Mr Straight Ratliff! Stop thinking like that! He bit his lip with desperation. Damn, that was weird! In this moment, he bumped into Adam, who was coming out of his room. The both landed on the floor.
"Oh, sorry" black-haired caught him in last moment, saving from rather painful strike, and smiled apologetically "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine" Tommy murmured, trying not to look at him, and kneeled "Sorry. My fault."
They were very close, on the floor, and blond felt hot breath on his cheek. He slowly rose his eyes and met Adam's blue eyes, now warm and friendly. Those nice lips were so close…Kiss them. Kiss…AGAIN! WHAT THE HELL?! Tommy came back to reality and quickly stood up, almost hitting Adam in the jaw, and continued walking. As he disappeared from Adam's sight, glam rocker blinked twice, completely shocked, and knitted his eyebrows. What, on earth, had got into Tommy today?

After two hours, they all were starving like hell. Brooke with rest of dancers and Isaac, went together to some Chinese restaurant. Monte had to meet his family and Cam had arranged a lunch with her sister, only Adam and Tommy didn't have any plans.
"Maybe we'll go out somewhere together" Adam offered casually, sitting on the couch "Whatcha want? Mexican? Chinese? American food?"
"Ummm, I ain't no idea" Tommy replied, standing his back towards him, and blushing
Fine, now they're gonna eat lunch together! It couldn't be worse.
"Or maybe we'll order something here and just stay, if you want"
Oh, looks like it could after all!
"Good as well"
Adam rose his eyebrows and his tone became mix of worry and matter-of-fact
"Tommy, what the hell is happening? You  behave as if you were sick or pregnant! What's wrong?"
Ugh, stop asking me 'bout it for hundred times, people!
You, Tommy thought, or rather me. He closed his eyes and decided to leave a room, but warm arm around his shoulder stopped him.
"Baby, I'm worried. Tell what's the matter" he heard Adam's whisper in his ear
No, you are too close! But before he reacted, his hand slid along Adam's arm, stroking it gently. He leaned his head on Adam's shoulder and sighed deeply. It felt so comfortable. They started swaying slowly from one side to another. Adam smiled a bit, seeing his kitty respond eagerly to this petting, but still didn't know the crux.  
"So…Kitty, tell me."
Tommy blushed heavily and interrupted intimate moment. He was too ashamed to say it.
"You know I can figure it out on my own soon but I prefer to hear it from you. Any problems?"
Bastard. He was too smart and stubborn to leave it like that.
"I…I can't" Tommy stuttered "It's…too personal. I can't tell you"
Adam looked up with annoyance and sighed.
"Tommy, we're both grown men, and friends. Of course, you can tell me. It's better to share a burden, don't you know?"
"No, as long as it's connected with you" Tommy shouted recklessly before he had bitten his tongue but it was already too late "Fuck"
Adam's eyes widened in surprise. Tommy blushed like a rose and wanted to vanish off the face of the earth. Great, Tommy Joe, now you screwed this completely! Adam stood against the door, blocking them.
"Don't even think about leaving now, Tommy. You intrigued me too much. I won't give up until you'll tell me" he crossed his arms and smirked "What have I done?"
Tommy grinded his teeth and went towards window. He had no choice. He'd either tell the truth or, what's more impossible, invent some convincing lie. He breathed few times to calm himself down but his heart was beating like crazy. He regretted there's no alcohol around, to increase his courage. He sighed and slowly turned around, avoiding Adam's stare.
"I…I had…I had a…dream" he started, tapping his fingers "Well…Um…Very nice…But…Ugh…Don't be so cruel, Adam! Please! " he looked at him, begging for mercy with his eyes
"What happened in this dream?" Adam asked relentlessly, trying not to show excitement
Tommy lowered his head and bit his lips.
"I…It is…You visited me…To use my shower…" he was still looking at his feet, not brave enough to rise the eyes "And…yy…you undressed…And…And invited me…to…to join you…" he rubbed his nose with hand and started curling his fringe, hiding half of his face behind it "I…I agreed…And…Oh my God, I'll kill you one day!" he shouted at Adam who was grinning with satisfaction "You pulled me in…I heard a phone ringing, but you told me not to answer it…And..And you…you…you kneeled…I was…aroused…And you…you…were about…blow me…when I woke up" Tommy was almost crying, red and shaking a bit
It lapsed into silence. Then, Adam burst out laughing. Tommy looked up, outraged. He just released his most shameful secret  and this bastard is laughing at him!? What the fuck!? Adam was almost sitting, shaking from laugh
"Tommy, you silly boy!" he coughed out "I thought…it's something more…serious! Hahahaha!"
"Isn't it fucking serious!?" Tommy screamed in fury "It is, Goddamit! I'm straight! I shouldn't dream about men, blowing me! It's not good!"
He was ashamed, angry and shocked.
"Have…Have ya ever…heard 'bout bisexuals?" Adam tried to calm himself, but he was still giggling "Tommy, goddammit, a lot of people live happily, sleeping with both genders, you know? Not to mention bi-curious ones! Looks like you're one of them."
Tommy blinked in shock. He hadn't consider it really. He found himself rather straight but that day he had met Adam…When they had kissed on AMAs…All these antics on stage…
"By the way, mouth is mouth. Gender doesn't matter" Adam added, grinning widely, and winked, then stood up
Tommy blushed again and tightened his lips. Dammit, bastard! He was amused like hell, without any sign of confusion. Well, he had experienced a lot of strange things in his colorful life.
Adam approached him and gently stroked his cheek.
"Thanks for modesty" he whispered softly "Baby, there's no need to be ashamed. It's absolutely normal to be curious about trying something new. Something forbidden. It's sweeter than allowed."
Tommy slowly rose his eyes and looked at Adam, still shy. They were very close again. Lonely. Surrounded by their own breaths. Adam's hand was still warming his cheek up and he was smiling nicely. Tommy rose his hand and grabbed black-haired's palm, holding it there. Before he realized, their lips met in slow, tender kiss. Tommy  purred with satisfaction, tasting Adam and inhaling his pleasant, addicting scent. He surrounded him with his arms, closing them in a tight embrace. So warm…So sweet…It couldn't compare to those crazy liplocks and tongue dances on the stage. Adam brushed his fingers into Tommy's blond hair and started petting his neck. Tommy moaned quietly, because it reminded him that dream. He broke a kiss, bending his neck, letting Adam kiss it slowly, leaving small, wet marks. His lips reached blond's ear, sliding on it in very teasy way. Fuck, it felt so good…Go further, babyboy…
"Shall I?" Adam suddenly asked
"What?" Tommy wheezed, looking at him with hazel eyes
"You told me to go further."
Shit. He had said it out loud? Blond bit his lips.
"Ummm….I…I got carried away…They can be back in every moment" he showed the door with his head, meaning rest of the band
Adam nodded and stepped back, straightening his clothes.
"Yeah, right. We don't want to confuse them. But, if I'm well informed, girls wouldn't really mind that scene" he winked and Tommy rolled his eyes "By the way, we should catch a bite to eat, dontcha think?"
"Mhm. Maybe some pizza. You can choose."
Glam rocker brushed his hair, grabbed the phone and dialed the number to pizzeria. While he was ordering big, ham and mushroom pizza with double cheese and Mexican sauce and two beers, Tommy was sitting on the couch, observing him discreetly and thinking. One minute ago they had almost had foreplay and now he's ordering food like nothing happened. Impressive. Adam hung up and turned around to him.
"Be there in 20 minutes. Girl on the phone was eager like crazy when he realized the place of destination, heh. And the ordering person. "
"Yea" Tommy could help smiling a bit. Fans are always freaking out.
Adam sat and put his arm behind Tommy's back and looked at him.
"Well…Tommy. Don't bother yourself that much. How about feeding your curiosity tonight?"
"Umm, what?!"
Tommy suddenly rose his head and looked at him, shocked. Was he kidding or what?
"I'm asking you…If you would visit me tonight…Stay with me…Maybe sleep with me?"
Blond's face turned deepest shade of the red. He crossed his legs, trying not to imagine them in dark room, in bed, naked, petting, kissing and moaning…
"Slow down, baby. You look as if you're going to faint. It's your choice."
Tommy looked at his knees. It doesn't mean anything. It's just a trial. No one will know. Just try it. He offered it. He knows how to do it. Ratliff sighed deeply and nodded.
"O…Ok" he wheezed
Adam smiled and tousled his hair. After a moment, they heard knocking on the door. Tommy stood up to get the order and after opening the door, Adam heard deliverer's high squeal.
"Oh my God! Tommy Joe Ratliff! It's you! Oh, can I take your autograph!? Is Adam there too!? Oh thank you!"
Black haired rolled his eyes and giggled, but stood up too  and went to the door, bringing girl to the edge of excitement.
"Adam Lambert…"she whispered "Ohmygod, can't believe it's really you. Girls will diee when I'll tell 'em! Can…Can I take your autograph, please?" she held her hand with a scarf, already signed by Tommy
"Yeah, what's your name?"
"Linda" she answered, holding her breath and looking at him with sparkling, blue eyes
Adam signed the scarf and gave it back. Girl devoured them with her eyes.
"Thanks. You two look so beautiful together" she whispered with admiration "Please, don't stop this show. Or better, get married" after these words, she squeaked, blushed heavily and quickly ran away, holding money Tommy had given her and the scarf
"Fangirls." Adam looked up but burst out laughing "Ok, I'm starving, let's eat. Smells gorgeously"
They came back inside and pizza turned out to be wonderful in taste. Cold beer cooled Tommy's thoughts about that evening. Besides, he quickly got distracted when rest of the band came back and all of them had to attend meeting with the manager in a moment.
Continuation of Adommy trilogy 1- Dream ;P
2nd part of trilogy!

:star: >>3rd part- Reality<< :star:

I must be an insomniac or masohist who wants to ruin own health by staying up 'till late night...But did it.
Embarrassed Tommy vs. amused Adam.

With my dear ~SmallWingedSoul as a pizza girl ^^

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