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Adommy - Truth or Dare

"MINI PARTY WHOOOOOOO!!!!" Cassidy shouted as I walked into my apartment. The whole band was there along with Brad and Cassidy. I chuckled at the fact he said 'mini' and his growing excitement. I plopped down on the floor next to Cam. It was either that or Cassidy and I didn't want to take my chances

"Let's.... play..... OH OH OH! Truth. Or. Dare." He said in a slow, almost scary, way. Everyone cast worried glances but agreed to it.

"Tommy, why don't you, ah, go sit next to Adam over there." Brad said and smirked. Everyone in this room but Tommy knew that I liked him, it just wasn't as obvious to him apparently.

I sighed and blushed, knowing Brad would get his way somehow. Tommy looked at me with a odd expression on his face, but sat next to me, saying nothing in the process, just staring. I over at Cam, who was sitting next to me, refusing to look at Tommy. Cam shot Brad a look so his smile diminished just a little. Her look was somewhere along the lines of 'you bitching jerk, I am going to kill you. That was cruel to do to Adam!'. I swear that women is like telepathic.

"I'll start!" Cassidy plopped down on a pillow he had set on the floor. "Cam," he whipped his head dramatically, winning him the title, Drama Queen. "truth or dare?"

Cam looked a little scared knowing this was Cassidy she was talking to. "Uhhh... Dare?" It sounded more like a question. Monte started cracking up for basically no reason, and we all just looked at him like he was crazy.

"I dare you to... Act like you Chinese and prank call someone asking them if they want a special discount on a delivery today." Cass said.

Cam sighed in relief, obviously she was expecting something worse. "Well alright." she responded, pulling out her phone. she diled some random 651 number and put on her best Chinese accent.

"Yes, this employee from Pad Thai. You like special order and delivery?" Everyone started giggling at her fail of an accent, Monte stuffing his head in the pillow so the person on the other end of the line wouldn't hear him. She put it on speakerphone for the rest of us to hear.

"Ummm, no thank you, I live like a block away from Pad Thai." A women's voice said, sounding confused.

"Oh okey. Visit soon for discount!" Cam hung up as quickly as her fingers would allow her. Monte took his head out of the pillow, literally rolling around on the floor.

"That.... That was.... g-great!" he laughed.

Cam gave him the evil eye and just said "Truth or dare Mr. laugh my ass off." Monte stopped rolling and laughing knowing he shouldn't have done that, but he started hiccuping from laughing so hard.

"Dare." He said firmly, then hiccuping.

"Okay. I am going to throw a piece of paper at you and whatever piece of clothing I hit, you have to take it off." She said with a grin climbing on her face.

"O-okay." he said, but with a frown

And of course she hit the rim line of his shirt and pants, so we voted. He had to take both off. So basically Monte was sitting their wearing Superman boxers.

Brad and Cassidy started cracking up. "YOU WEAR SUPERMAN BOXERS!" Cassidy yelled in his face while laughing.

Monte started muttering then said "Adam truth or dare."

Oh this was going to be fun. "Dare, dare, and dare."

Monte smiled the biggest smile and I think we all knew what he was going to do. "I dare you to kiss Tommy. On the lips. Right now. Like you mean it." He said and Everyone but Cam started giggling. She looked him in the eye, her eyes on fire shooting mental daggars at him.

Tommy's eyes widened and I blushed like a beat. I buried my head in my knees, almost crying for no reason. Damn it! I swear I was going to kill Monte after this. I shot a glance at Tommy and I saw him fidgeting with his hands. Shit shit shit, this was not good. What if he hated me after? I love him and I can't let that happen. I looked down at my feet, debating what to do.

"Oh come on, whimps. Adam I know you want to just gi-" Brad stopped in mid-sentence, and suddenly I felt soft lips smashing into mine. I had my eyes open wide in shock, but they slowly started to close. I moaned a small moan and the kiss got deeper. Tommy broke away a little for breath, but I put my lips onto his quickly. The kiss lasted longer then I think all of us expected. Tommy slowly started climbing on top of me while still keeping our lips locked. He smiled between kisses, as did I. Finally Tommy pulled away, resting his head on my chest. I was shocked yet happy. I didn't care we were in a room with tons of people staring at us, I just cared about Tommy. I stroked his back and Tommy let out a soft purr. This didn't seem real. Did Tommy actually kiss me and then not run away?

"I knew you were part kitty." I whispered. He smiled a bit but then his face got serious again.

He whispered something I never thought I would here from his lips. "Adam... I - I'm in love with you." He looked up, his eyes worried about what I would say. I felt joyous, yet odd. This had to be the best moment of my life. Tommy's face looked disappointed because I think I might have made quite a shocked face.

"Tommy.... I love you too." I whispered and the biggest, happiest smile I had ever seen was on Tommy's face, of course causing me to smile too.

Tommy leaned up and kissed me again, this time more loving.

I heard a girly giggle coming from Cam suddenly and I stopped the kiss. I had completely forgotten about the others and I blushed again, as did Tommy.

"That. Was. So. CUTE!" She yelled the last word. I smiled and held Tommy close to me, feeling his warmth.

"I told you to kiss Tommy, not Tommy to kiss you. I want a re-dare!" Monte said. We all started laughing.

Tommy, my pretty kitty. He was all mine.
Adommy one shot. I really like this I think, I don't know about you guys but I hope you do.
Thanks for the 200+ views XD

*few months later* this is a FAIL lol
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"Glam Shock"

Melody: "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
Lyrics: Karoline Hikaru (~KarolaKH)

1. Wake up in the morning
Where is my eyeliner?
I work out new glam make up,
To make my eyes look finer
Before I leave,
Check reflection
Blow a kiss to my Bill.
And when I'm having concert
You won't be standing still.
So call me master of pleasure and pain (pain)
My job is to entertain (tain)
You're gonna get soaked wet in glitter rain (rain)
Oh, baby, I'm causing sexy fever
Luckily, Em, I've forgiven
That you have called me faggoooooot

CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Dance with me right to chart's top
Don't care that I'm gay
Same-sex kiss on AMA?
Glam shock, it's time to rock
It's impossible to stop (me)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

Glam shock, time to rock
Queen, Slash, Kiss, they're my gods
Goldfrapp, GaGa too
"Fever" is the biggest proof
Glam shock, time to rock
Drag queens, musicals, no flops
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

2. Oh, TommyJoe, if I had him…
Children, cover your ears!
Like leather, studs, glitter, rhinestones
Hotter than Britney Spears
2nd in Idol? Who knows Kris?
They made ME the real star!
I'm nominated to Grammy, in just 2 years so far.
Who wants more tongue-diving with the audience?
More hot Adommy moments?
Dance with Brooke and some 'floorberts'?
Just-just-just tell whatcha need (need)
We'll go with crazy speed (speed)
For next GlamNation tooooourneee

CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Be aware I like to top
Don't care that I'm gay
Hate it? You don't need to say!
Glam shock, it's time to rock
It's impossible to stop (me)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

Glam shock, it's time to rock
Rainbow strut right to charts top
With Drake, once with Cheeks.
Spreading love for disco sticks!
Glam shock, time to rock
It's impossible to tame us
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo yaaaa

Just don't give up, I've gone through this
Be proud of who you really are
It gets better, just feel your strength
It's really hard to do the 'come out'
I know it's weird, I know it's sad
That people don't accept your choice
With my hands up, with your hands
Glam this world noooow!

Party till 10 am when we're all worn out

CHORUS: Glam shock, it's time to rock
Disco lights, electro pop
Lesbian, bi or gay?
Who cares, here's your place to stay!
Glam shock, we're on top
It's impossible to stop (us)
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo aaaah

Glam shock, it's time to rock!
Dance with me right to chart's top!
High note, sometimes scream
Glistening in spotlight's beam.
Like girls but love boys.
Ladies, gents, please make some noise!
Yeah, woooo ooo ah, yeah, wooo ooo aaaah
Well...Half ot the 1st verse was written months ago but rest was invented today, while watching for "Glee" episode to buffer.

Inspired by parodies like Key of Awesome's "Glitter Puke", "Venetian Princess' "The Snooki Song" and College Humor's "Sing Talk"

EDIT: I had to add one more chorus. Hope it still suits!

Tell me what do you think :)
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Chapter 5

Adam came up behind me, but I didn't turn to see him. I heard him panting, but then he gasped and was more silent. He saw the man there. And this man was an Inkblood. This man played a trick on us- mind-control. When Adam was saying that wasn't my mom, he was right. The trick was played on me. He isn't my mom...

Suddenly, Adam fell onto his knees, and I turned, seeing him shaking. My eyes were wide, and my heart thumped in fear. "Adam!?" I gasped, and I turned to the man. His eyes were on me, and they were narrowed, but a second later he cursed a little. He stepped closer to me; he was around my height. His blood red eyes stared into mine, and I blinked, chewing on my lip a little. This was kind of creepy...

"Why aren't you falling?" The man hissed, his eyes narrowed. He was shaking lightly, as if straining his thoughts and trying to concentrate on something. I stepped back a little, and glanced to Adam, who was on his knees and elbows as if he was bowing down. He looked like he was fighting something, but I couldn't quite register what he was fighting...

I saw a few stray leaves fall, and the bushes started to rustle. The man whipped around, and I saw a silhouette dash by. "There's someone there!" I hissed. Adam suddenly jerked up, and was standing, panting and looking back and forth from Brad and the shaking bushes. "Inkbloods," the man hissed. He turned to us. Adam and I exchanged a quick glance before both turning in unison and sprinting for our lives.

We pushed through bushes, and we got lightly beaten up by running into small trees and plants, but we kept running. We ran and ran, and at one point I turned around. The man was right behind us, but he looked as if he was running, too, not chasing. When I turned back around to face forward, my foot got caught in a root and I fell forward, face-planting into the ground. What's with me and tripping lately!? I heard Adam gasp my name, and he turned swiftly around and kneeled down. The man then came next to us, grabbed the back of our necks and pushed down. "Duck, dammit!" He growled.

After a few moments of silence, I asked, "Why the hell are you following us?" The man's red eyes flashed to me, and he sighed, letting go of our necks and sitting up. We were in the middle of a ton of bushes. "Because," he hissed. "How did you resist the mind-control? You're a Silverblood!" He narrowed his eyes. "The black-haired one here is doing what any Silverblood would do. Give in to the mind-control. Did... did you even feel anything when I tried forcing you to your knees!?"

"N-No..." I murmured, backing away from the man. He cursed and looked away, crossing his arms and giving a stubborn look. "Look, is it alright if I stick with you? I want to know more about you and your abilities... and the Silverblood race in general." Adam and I exchanged a glance, and then we turned back to the man. He looked up at me. "I promise not to kill you," he muttered.

"So do we," Adam answered. "I'm Adam; Adam Lambert, and this is Tommy Joe Ratliff." The man held out his hand. Adam took it and shook it. "I'm Brad," the man said, "Brad Bell." We only had a moment to smile at each other before the bushes rattled violently and a foot came through. I gasped, and a full man was standing there. He was... quite different, but... pretty. His hair was black with various blond streaks, and it was spiked up all over, as if someone took a fan and blasted is hair back, then let it sit for a while. It looked cool, though. He had black skinny jeans, and a black t-shirt with some white lines on it and the word, "Fallen." He had a white chocker on his neck, along with a necklace with three crosses. On one arm he had a white wristband wit some studs, and on the other hand a white-and-black checkered wrist band with a white rubber wrist band as well. His nails were painted black, and he was tall and thin, just a bit taller than me. His eyes are a dark brown, just like mine, but with Adam's shape and amount of eyeliner. His shirt was up to the side just a bit to reveal a tattoo of a star on his stomach, off to the left. He also had a piercing in his left eyebrow.

"Kaulitz!" Brad hissed, and the black-haired man looked down. "My name's Bill, thank you very much," he muttered. He had a strong German accent, and he looked down at Adam and I. When he spoke, we saw a glint in his mouth- he had a tongue piercing."Why are you sitting here with Silverbloods?" Brad shook his head and stood. He was so much shorter than Bill. "Come here for a moment," he muttered. They stepped away for a moment, leaving Adam and I alone.

"What are they talking about?" I murmured, and Adam shrugged. A few moments later, they came back, and we looked up at them. But there were two other people with them. My eyes widened, and we saw one was Cassidy with someone else. The other man was similar to Bill, not in dress style but their faces. He had blond dreadlocks, sort of up in a ponytail, alone with a black baseball cap and a black headband on his forehead. He had a lose black shirt that had something in German, along with a logo. He had baggy jeans, and a piercing in his lip. His eyes were identical to Bill's- dark brown, but with no makeup.

"Cassidy!" Adam gasped. "Why are you here?" The man with dreadlocks looked to Bill. Bill glanced at him. "Tom, who's this?" The man with dreadlocks, named Tom, sighed. "Cassidy Haley. Silverblood, found him wandering around..." His voice sounded eerily similar to Bill's. "They're twins," Brad whispered to us. Well, that explained it. No wonder they looked somewhat the same.

"I saw the door opened," Cassidy murmured to us as Bill and Tom talked. "I saw Adam running, yelling your name, Tommy, so I followed, but lost you two and ran into Tom. Tom said he'd have to kill me if I didn't come with him so I decided I wanted to live and go with him." He shook his head, and at that point Bill and Tom-and Brad- finished what they were talking about. They looked between us all.

"We should go back," I murmured. "But we're lost. I have no idea where we are..." Brad turned to Cassidy, and was quiet for a moment, then said, "We're lost, too. But I think I know the way back to... Drake." Cass, Adam and I looked around in a confused way. "Who?" Adam repeated. Brad turned to Adam. "Drake, our leader. The Inkbloods have a leader." I blinked. Their ways are different than ours, I guess.

"He'll... help you guys," Bill spoke, "Even though you're Silverbloods. If we tell him to help you, of course." He turned to Brad. "Especially if it's coming from Brad, his deputy." Brad smiled a little. So, basically, Brad is second behind Drake, like his loyal assistant. I thought, interesting. And there are so many Inkbloods, yet only 9 Silverbloods.

"So, the trip will take about a week," Tom admitted. "We're going to have to live like campers for those days... just saying." We all nodded, and Brad shrugged. "So now we're going?" Bill beckoned with his hand for us to get up and come. "Alright, I'm pretty sure it's this way," he said, his German accent heavy. Cassidy and Brad got in a conversation, but Adam and I followed a little behind everyone else. Bill and Tom were talking to each other.

It was going to be a long trip, but we had to do this.

Tokio Hotel. c: Only Bill and Tom so far.

Yeaaaayy. And now the plot takes place.
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This was never the way I planned, not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on
I'm curious for you caught my attention

"Tommy! Big news!"
I looked up from my book, moving from laying down to a siting position. I don't recall leaving the door to my apartment unlocked, but... Adam always found a way to get inside. Adam gripped my shoulders, a huge smile on his face. I blinked, smiling slightly. Before I could ask, he burst it out.
"I have a boyfriend!"
My eyes widened slightly, and a smile grew on my face. He was so excited, like a little kid having his first crush. I laughed and placed a bookmark in the book I was reading. "Name?"
"Sauli," he rushed out, and blushed just as he said the name. I smiled a little more. It was so sweet, seeing someone in the honeymoon phase. I felt bad, though. The cutesy little romances would fade after a while, and there would eventually be a fight. I'd have to comfort Adam as he cried, I might have to yell at Sauli... the day would come. But hopefully, that day may not come for a long time, if they are truly right for each other.
"I need to meet him," I joked, pushing Adam's hands off my shoulders, since he was squeezing them to the point to where they were sore. Suddenly, Adam's phone signaled he had a text, and his face just beamed. I could tell he got a text from Sauli, and he was ecstatic. It was really cute... wait, what? I mentally slapped myself. I'm the one who's 2 feet shorter than Adam. Well, I guess size doesn't matter when it comes to cuteness?

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

The next day, Adam told me that he was bringing Sauli to meet me. I sat on my couch, stretched out, when I heard the doorbell ring. It must be them. I stepped over to the door and swung it open, seeing Adam, and...
"This is Sauli," Adam grinned, bringing in a small, short blond. I blinked; he actually... sort of looked like me. Body-wise. Without the tattoos. I stepped aside, letting them inside my house.
"I'm Tommy," I smiled, holding out my hand and letting Sauli shake it. "I've heard a lot about you. And I mean... a lot." I smirked and Sauli blushed, getting my joke.
"T-Tommy!" Adam saw Sauli turn pink. "You just meet him and you're already making perverted comments? The fuck?" Sauli laughed and Adam joined in, seeing that the blond didn't care.
"You're calling me a pervert, Adam?" I winked. "When you're the one that did this and that to Sauli?" Adam blushed, knowing he probably said a lot while he was drunk the other night. I burst out laughing and Sauli giggled, lacing his fingers with Adam's. I turned around and smiled, seeing them exchange a small peck on the lips. They really were sweet together, and their relationship was really helping Adam's determination to make a new album. He was dead on ideas until a few months ago, when he met Sauli. I remember trying to help him with lyrics, but quite honestly, I suck. So I was really no help then. (Poor Tommy xD)

No, I don't even know your name, it doesn't matter
You're my experimental game, just human nature
It's not what good girls do, not how they should behave
My head gets so confused, hard to obey

Another week passed of seeing cute little Adam and Sauli moments. Adam was always in a great mood, and it was so much fun to hang out with him. The honeymoon phase was always the best part of the relationship, in my opinion. I was watching Lost on my big, flat-screen TV when I heard footsteps behind me. I smirked. I knew it was Adam, and he always thought he was as silent as a mouse, when really I heard him breathing. I pretended that I didn't notice him, and suddenly, arms wrapped around my neck and Adam went, "Gotcha!" in my ear. I jumped and laughed as he pulled away, coming over to me and sitting down.
"Watching Lost again?" Adam asked, and I nodded, yawning slightly. I rolled over so that I was laying on my back, staring at the ceiling.
"I've seen this episode a million times," I mumbled. Adam stared at the TV for a moment.
"I think I've seen this part too," Adam trailed off, then nodded. "Yeah, I think last week I watched part of this with you."
"It's a good episode," I shrugged slightly, placing my hands under my head to cushion it.
Suddenly, I wasn't looking at the ceiling.
I was looking into icy blue eyes, and my heart pounded. Adam smiled and his bangs dangled in front of my face. He always did this sort of thing. He did little flirty things with me, and I always got worked up about it. It was so embarrassing...

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it
It ain't no big deal, it's innocent

He was just smiling, so I smiled as well, and reached up, batting at his bangs like a cat. He laughed and swished his head around, making his hair swish from side to side. His knee nudged in between my legs, and I flushed red, my heart thumping. Adam, thankfully, didn't notice, and my hands flopped down.
"This is why I call you pretty kitty," he smirked. "Even though you don't like cats."
"They scare me!" I whined.
"But you're just like one, and you aren't scary at all," Adam smiled and poked my nose as he said "you're." I glanced to the side, blushing a little from Adam's leg. I swear, he was doing this on purpose to get me horny or something. I was 99% sure he listened to me masturbate after he got me a hard-on. I had no other choice!!
"Adam," I murmured. He blinked, looking down at me.
I pulled on the back of his neck, leaned up, and kissed him.
At first, he was frozen with shock. But I prodded my tongue against his lips, and he opened up, his tongue tangling with mine. He then got into it, moaning slightly and kissing me back rougher than I was. Once our kiss broke, I was flushed red, and he smiled. "What was that for, pretty kitty?"
"I-I just wanted to kiss you," I muttered, looking off to the side. He smiled and ruffled my hair. I blushed a little more. "But, don't worry, I know you love Sauli. I love you two. I just... don't know what came over me..."
I looked into his eyes, my heart beating.
"There's such thing as 'friends-with-benefits' you know," he winked sexily, and I found myself blushing more.
"Haven't we always been that way?"
"Yeah..." I blinked. "Yeah, we have." I smiled slightly. "But it was always on stage only..."
"True." Adam smiled. "We can do it backstage, too." My heart sped up again, and Adam saw my embarrassment, and laughed. "Are you okay with that?"
"Y-Yeah..." I nodded. "Yeah, I... want that." Adam smirked and nuzzled me, kissing my jaw. I shivered and gripped his shoulders, but Adam stood, getting off of me and standing next to the couch.
"But I'm always gonna leave you like that!~" Adam pointed to my jeans, and I looked down, seeing that I... had an issue. My eyes widened and I whipped myself up to my feet as Adam ran to the door.
He would always be my best friend. ...Even if he was fucking evil.

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

I just think that this is quite realistic. Okay, yeah, it's fanfiction, but can't you really see something like this happening?
I'm 98% sure that Adam and Tommy have some sort of FWB relationship. 8D
I know that it'd be epic if they were in a romantic relationship, but hey. I do like Adam/Sauli, because they make a cute couple. And I am a huge Adommy shipper. It'd be bad if Adam and Tommy got in a serious relationship, because what if they fought or broke up? What about Tommy's effin job!? It's better that they're FWB. No deep feelings, but flirty stuff and crushes. Nothing harmful 8D

Don't you agree this is possible? C: Unless Sauli was against that kinda stuff. But I think they do... some things backstage. ;3


Song- I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry
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I'm running out of ways to make you see
I want you to stay here beside me
I won't be ok and I won't pretend I am
So just tell me today and take my hand
Please take my hand
Please take my hand

Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back
It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love

"But Tommy, would you..."
I felt my face flush into heat as Adam tilted my chin up. I shivered as his tongue wrapped around mine. I felt my heart burst when our lips pressed. I felt this same sensation every night, and we're 'still friends.' But I wasn't expecting him to say my name... I looked into his eyes before our kiss, and as he pulled away, I glanced at him as he sang.
"Would you be m-mine?"
I wish I could just say yes, right there. But he had to preform, so I purposely hid my red face with my bangs. It worked pretty well, actually.
"Someone's in loooove!" I heard Brooke tease as she leaned against the staircase, doing her dance moves as the music pulsed through the club. I felt myself blush more as I glared at her.
"Shut up!" I hissed, embarrassed. I turned away from her snickering face and tried to concentrate on playing bass.

It's so simple and you know it is
You know it is, yeah
We can't be to and fro like this
All our lives
You're the only way to me
The path is clear
What do I have to say to you
For Gods sake, dear
For Gods sake, dear
For Gods sake, dear
For Gods sake, dear
For Gods sake, dear

The whole concert seemed to go by quickly, along with meeting fans and signing. Before I knew it, I was on the couch of the tour bus, closing my eyes and remembering that feeling when Adam kissed me. That feeling was unbelievable. I sighed, my heart beating as I thought of it more and more. I smiled to myself, feeling a blush race across my cheeks.
I jerked up from the couch, surprised from Adam's voice. He looked confused, and I realized I was still a dark red. Knowing this made me even MORE red, and Adam smiled lightly.
"Are you okay?" He murmured.
"Y-Yeah, I was just thinking of th-things and relaxing, no b-biggy..." I stammered and stood to walk past him, but as I brushed past him, I felt a hand grip my shoulder. I tensed, and stopped.
"Tommy, turn around."

Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back
It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love

Just say yes, cause I'm aching and I know you are too
For the touch of your warm skin
As I breathe you in

I took a deep breath and shook my head.
"No," I grumbled.
I clenched my eyes shut, pouting like a little kid. I shook my head, biting my lip.
"I said no," I growled. I stepped forward and tried to tear away from him, my heart about to explode from my chest. I was way too embarrassed to talk to him now. Adam gripped my shoulder and forcefully turned me around. His other hand came up so that he grabbed my other shoulder, and faced me. I met his eyes, and felt myself melt right there.
"T-Tommy..." He murmured. "You're so red..."
My heart was slamming my chest as his gorgeous eyes studied my face, and my shoulders felt hot where he held them. I didn't answer.
"You... you have a crush on me, don't you?" Adam knew. But it was more than a crush. I blinked, more heat radiating from my face.

I can feel your heart beat through my shirt
This was all I wanted, all I want
Its all I want
Its all I want
Its all I want
Its all I want

What was I supposed to say?
"Tommy," Adam whispered, placing a hand on my cheek, "please tell me how you really feel."
I had no choice now. This was it. I opened my mouth to protest, but closed it again. Might as well let out all you've been wanting to say.
"I... I'm straight," I murmured. "But... I... I love you, Adam. I love you so much... I can't stand myself every time you kiss me, I feel like my heart is going to burst..."
Just then, I realized how close Adam was to my face. I trailed off, my voice barely a whisper, when his lips pressed to mine. My heart was hammering my chest now, and I let my eyes slide shut as Adam's tongue slipped in between my lips. I moaned and entangled my fingers in his hair, pulling roughly. His hands rested at my waist, and I felt my back hit the couch. Before I knew it, I was pinned to the couch, Adam on top of me.
"I love you too, Tommy," Adam said against my lips, and I felt happiness rise in my chest. "So much. Will you please... please be my boyfriend...?"
I couldn't respond for a moment. Just say yes, Tommy, goddammit!
"Y-Yes...!" I replied, and I knew my world was finally complete.

Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back
It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love

Just say yes, cause I'm aching and I know you are too
For the touch of your warm skin
As I breathe you in
Randomly written during school :D
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He had a sort of solemn expression, gazing out the window as snow showered the world around him. It danced and fluttered in the harsh breeze, coating the trees in a gorgeous layering of cloud-like ice.

It was so beautiful, and yet a lump had lodged itself in his throat. How could he have been blind for so long? It's been over a year since he had fallen in love with Sauli, and yet, tears were collecting in his eyes because he missed him, so much. That little blonde with the heart-stopping smile and shimmering brown eyes... full lips and long eyelashes. Porcelain skin, soft to the touch, a small frame easy to hold. Long fingers, tough at the tips. Tommy Joe Ratliff, the small man Adam desired for so long. He had his fun on stage, but in the process unknowingly swept him off his feet...

... ever since then, Adam ignored it all. He was single, flirting didn't matter. Before Tommy got his chance to speak up, Sauli's smile captured Adam's heart, and Tommy was now his best friend, his supporter. Tommy, though, was a broken smile, a laugh that secretly shook with pain.

Why was love so cruel? Adam folded his fingers and rested his chin atop them as he watched the snow fall. He was where he always went when he needed to take a break from the star-filled towns of California- Portland. Oregon was such an open, relaxing place he could go to. And it snowed up there, instead of turning a dull sort of cool and murky.

Another sigh echoed throughout Adam's hotel room as he hung his head, holding back whimpers. Adam was here this time because Sauli got pissed- for some reason, Adam seemed distanced... Sauli claimed he was ignoring him and spending too much time with others when they could be together. Sauli wasn't cruel- he understands that time with friends is a necessity. But Sauli was right. Adam was avoiding him, saying he was busy that night when in reality he was getting a drink with some old friends. And only a few nights ago, Sauli caught him in the act.

With Tommy.

No, nothing was happening, but Tommy was drunk off his ass and hanging all over Adam, mumbling about how he loved Adam and how hurt he was when Sauli came into their lives, and then even had the guts to turn to Sauli and go, "Speak of the fucker 'emself..." and broke down into sobs. The next morning, Tommy had forgotten everything except for a searingly painful headache and dry eyes from crying. Adam couldn't speak, and instantly arranged a hotel room in Portland.

Before that night, he had no idea Tommy was holding back his pain since then. How could Adam been so stupid, so blind? Now that it was spelled out in words before him, now that drunk blabber had explained the scattered pieces- Adam understood. He could now see that Tommy was hurt, in pain, crying almost every night... he even attempted to stay with that girlfriend he had for about a month, but it didn't work out because 'he didn't love her' when in reality Tommy was too distracted by Adam.

Fuck it all. Adam ran his fingers through his hair in aggravation, and heart a soft knock at his hotel door. He froze in confusion, sniffing and standing up, wondering who could be at his hotel door. He hoped to god it wasn't some stalker fan, because he was in no mood for putting on a fake smile for some photos.

But to Adam's amazement, low and behold, a little blonde with big brown eyes was biting his lip nervously and looking up at him as he opened the door. Adam froze, dumbfounded, staring into Tommy's eyes with no words to say. A tear unwillingly strolled down his cheek, and Adam gasped, whipping around and wiping it away.

"S-Sorry, allergies," Adam mumbled, "This room is so dusty..." His voice shook. It was obvious he was crying, and Tommy's silence only proved that he wasn't a dumbass. Tommy strolled inside, kicking off his snow-boots and setting his bags down, then closing the door behind him. Adam glanced to the side slightly, but before he could fully turn around, Tommy's arms were around Adam in a tight hug.

Adam held his breath for a moment, his heart jumping at the sudden contact, but slowly he wrapped his arms around Tommy. He hung his head and made a pitiful, soft whimpering noise before he choked his way into a sobbing fit. Tommy's small hands rubbed his back, his hair, and then held him, until Adam pulled away and gazed into his eyes. Tommy's cheeks dusted pink, but he swallowed, feeling Adam's pain just by looking into his eyes. Adam searched Tommy's gaze, and could tell that someone must've told Tommy what he said to Adam at the bar before Sauli came.

"Adam, please..." he murmured, placing a cold hand on Adam's cheek. Regardless, Adam didn't flinch away, he only leaned into the touch. "Don't feel responsible for everything... I can't control who I..." he fell silent, and Adam turned his face, lifting a weak hand to cup his face as well, and kiss Tommy's fingertips with a feather-soft touch. Tommy choked on his words, his entire body flushing hot in embarrassment. Though, the movement was extremely comforting, and he clamped his mouth shut, directing his gaze towards the floor.

"Tommy..." Adam whispered, and Tommy was all too familiar with that tone of voice and the heat closing in on him. He felt Adam's fingers on his chin, lifting his head up, and finally, Tommy lifted his heavy eyelids to meet Adam's blue eyes. They stared at each other before both leaning in, meeting halfway in a soft kiss.

It was the first since Glamnation had ended. After the last snow, Adam was so happy that he pulled Tommy behind stage and messed him up in all ways- it wasn't their first sexual encounter, but the handjob was so fast that Tommy could barely stand afterwords. Adam got drunk that night and of course made out with Tommy multiple times, but it didn't go any farther- Tommy wouldn't let it, as much as his aching cock begged for attention, as soon as Adam's hands started to unzip his pants, he pushed him away. Adam, in his drunken haze, seemed hurt, but passed out moments later. Ever since then, it was small teasing until Sauli came, and then all of that seemed to have never happened.

Tommy's flashbacks faded away as Adam wrapped him in his arms. Tommy leaned into his touch, feeling their chests flush against each other, their hearts hammering against each other. Tommy moaned a little, unable to help himself- the most passionate they ever got was during Amsterdam, which left Tommy's hands numb momentarily before he attempted to continue playing his bass. This time, Adam was embracing him, his arms tight around him, as if he didn't want to loose Tommy ever again.

Their heads titled and met over and over again, each kiss getting more and more desperate, their breaths mingling in the small space between them. Tommy's eyes were heavy, his jaw slack as Adam kissed his neck, scooping him up into his arms before he could protest and carrying him into the bedroom.

This was different. The only times they ever made out was on stage, during the adrenaline rush of the after-show or when they were both drunk. This time, none of those applied, and Adam had placed him on the bed, kissing up his neck and caressing his face. Tommy's heart beat heavily, his cheeks burning red and his eyes watering with all sorts of emotions. Sheer joy- how much he has wanted Adam to hold him like this, with love and compassion. Anger, because Sauli was held like this so much when he and Adam knew each other way more... hurt, because he spent nights and weeks and hours and months crying over how much he wanted this. Tommy's heart beat, but cracked with every second passing. He clamped his mouth shut.

"Adam... please, A-adam..." he stuttered, and before he knew what was happening, all of those emotions inside of him poured out in a flood of tears. Adam froze, snapping out of his love-stricken haze and stared at Tommy. He swallowed, clenching the sheets underneath him, watching as the tears rolled down his beautifully flushed cheeks, how he lifted a weak hand to wipe them away. Adam lifted one of those hands, gently holding it and kissing his knuckles before leaning down and kissing his tears. Tommy was frozen, his breaths shallow and small whimpers making their way through his parted lips.

"Tommy... what the hell was I thinking for the past year?" Adam stopped thinking, his heart speaking the truth for the first time in so long. "I love Sauli, I do, he's been there supporting me for so long, inspiring me, loving me... but Tommy... you're so much more, you're like..." He froze, and opened his moth to say the next word, but Tommy finished the sentence for him with silent happiness.

"... my soulmate..." He licked his chapped lips, lifting a hand and hooking it behind Adam's head, feeling his soft hair before pulling him down into a kiss. Adam closed his eyes, kissing him gently, their lips fitting together perfectly, even after he has kissed others, kissed Sauli so many times... he could never find another pair of lips to compliment his so perfectly. As if, they were made to be together, molded for each other... it has to be. There was no other Tommy out there for him.

"I love you, Tommy," He whispered against his lips, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. A huge weight rolled off his shoulders, and his heart felt lighter, freer. "I've loved you since the day I met you. I love everything about you..."

There was a silence between them before Tommy responded, a mixture of tears and pure bliss. "Adam... please, if this is a dream, wake me up, because I've been waiting for those words since... since..." he trailed off, not remembering when exactly. As if he's been waiting for Adam all his life.

"... since forever ago," Adam finished with a crooked smile, and Tommy was hugging him, nuzzling into his chest. Adam fell onto the bed beside him, pulling him as close as he could be. He inhaled Tommy's scent of dark chocolate and roses, getting a high off of it- it was the only smell he wanted to smell when he fell asleep, when he woke up...

... "It just feels right..." Adam murmured out loud, and Tommy murmured something back, and the world slid into darkness, two lovers tangled in each other, forgetting all the world's consequences- only lost in each other.
Adommy one-shot inspired by The Script's song 'Nothing.'

I got slapped in the face with Adommy feels this morning for no reason and decided to look up depressing videos with them in monochrome/slow mo/etc. and decided I needed to write a classic Adommy fic of them, nothing out of this world like I am with Scaretale, just some honest Adommy. :/

I mean. I'm kind of a masochist lately, making Adam cry and kiss Tommy twice in a week? First in the 1700's and now in 2013... give poor Adam a break, Capri. Sheesh.

Anyways, I miss this ship, it's like one of my sunken ships, it's like just a bromance now and it makes me sad. and before I am flamed, I totally support Adam/Sauli, but Adommy will always be true to my heart, y'know? It brought me close to a lot of great friends I have today c:

And plus, I got into the Glamdom pre-Adommy era, post-Kradam era, so clearly, the major Adommy stage was yet to come. Now that it's passed, and the Sauli era is currently in session, I'm kinda depressed, cause it's like it's all over and the fun has ceased for us shippers. I am still a Glambert and forever will be, but my heart remains true to FYE more than Trespassing. Because of the memories c: :heart:

/cough/ enough emotional speeches, enjoy the Adommy for god's sake :I
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Adam walked to the stage from the dressing room. The laswt show of the
Glam Nation Tour ahd ended only an hour and a half ago. The stage props
and equipment were being put away for the last time. At lest until the
next tour.
Adam had gone to change out of costume before helping because he could not
help in the rough navy blue trench coat. He suposed that he must have
dozed off while getting the glitter off. Now he was going to the stage
to apoligize and see what remained to be done.
The stage was mostly clear. Only the steps remained. Tommy was sitting on
one of the steps making sure his bass guitars were tuned.
Adam started toward Tommy to ask him what was left to be done. The walk
seemed longer then it had earlier. Adam supposed that was becuase he was
still a little tird.
"Tommy" Adam heard Neil say as he emerged from back stage. Tommy looked up.
"Wheres Adam?" Neil asked.
"No idea." Tommy responded with a shrug. "Maybe he fell asleep. This
tour took a lot out of us all especially Adam." Tommy said.
"Uh guys I'm right here." Adam said.
Neil looked at Adam, turned back to Tommy and said "Get the cat out of
here! I'm going to go find Adam." With that Neil walked off the stage.
Adam turned around to see what cat Neil was talking about and saw a black
tail behind him. In panic Adam looked down at his hands and saw that he
now had black paw!
"Tommy!" Adam trid to say but instead he heard a meow emit from his mouth.
'Uh oh this is NOT good.' Adam thought.
Just a fan fic i came up with i am sure there are others that are similar but i only turned just Adam into cat. if there is something like this on here please say something and i will figure out how to delte

I do not own Adam Lambert or Tommy Joe Ratliff though i wish i did.
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Ah shit yeah! Tommy thought anxiously, his fingers plucking the strings on his favourite electric blue bass, Adam's voice raising high above the cheering crowd. Playing actual concerts was Tommy's favourite thing about being in the band, he enjoyed the sheer energy and the loud music and above all else the chemistry Adam seemed to have with the crowd, and of course himself.

He strummed almost madly, bobbing his head and bouncing on spot as Adam sang a particularly high note, the drums cutting in and taking over second later. It was moments like these when Adam freely roamed the stage, pausing to rock out with Monte and nod at Longineu before coming over to Tommy.

Tommy grinned, turning slightly on his heel and leaning backward, trusting Adam to support him as he let himself go. He felt Adam free hand slid around his waist, keeping him steady as he continued to pluck the strings of his bass, arching and throwing his head back into Adam's chest, feeling Adam's lips brush against his ear as he did so.

The brief contact sent a shiver down Tommy's spine and before he could twist their position into a more suggestive one it was over, Adam having to move away and return his attention to the crowd before the next verse started.

He was careful though, Tommy found as he felt Adam's hand slid up his back, righting him in such a gentle manor that it made Tommy wonder who had stolen and replaced his regular hair-pulling, crotch grabbing, glamrock and flamboyantly gay lead singer. The thought soon escaped Tommy's mind though as Adam wrapped up the performance with a jaw-dropping high note that seemed to shock the crowd for a moment before they erupted in cheers and screams.

Smiling, Tommy unplugged his bass and waved to the crowd as he followed Adam, Monte, Longineu and Cam off the stage. He could still hear people screaming "ADAM!" and "ENCORE!" when they had cleared the stage and Tommy was going to ask Adam whether they would do a encore when a broad body pinned him to the wall, Adam's lips brushing his, teasing him before kissing him, tongue delving deep within his mouth as Adam practically ate his face off in front of the rest of the band and a few of their off stage producers. The kiss was hard and demanding and a tad bit painful but Tommy managed to smirk when Adam pulled back, licking his lips, liking the taste of Tommy's hot pink strawberry flavoured chap-stick.  

"Now," Adam exclaimed, giving Monte, Longineu, Cam and Tommy excited looks, "should we go give them one last song to remember the night by?"

And with that they were back out on the stage playing Down The Rabbit Hole, rocking the stadium one last time.
Yup, just a short little Adommy moment (:
Just watching American Idol so yeah ^^
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Chap. 3

.: Tommy's POV :.

It was still dark outside when I walked into the auditorium. The janitor let me in with a glare; poor guy must have been about one hundred and was still working.  I followed the sound of Lady Gaga to the doors of the auditorium, peeking in I saw the stage empty. Taking this chance, I slipped in and took a seat far in the back, and slumped down in my chair. The lights dimmed, signaling the start of the show. Music blasted from the speakers, and a choir, probably on the CD began saying; "Good news! She's dead! The Witch of the West is dead!  The wickedest witch there ever was, the enemy of all of us here in Oz, is dead!  Good news!  Good news!" My heart about stopped, they were doing Wicked. I saw it in California once; it was the best thing ever.

Maya soon appeared on stage, I guess she was Galinda. She went on with her lines and the musical progressed, but when she got to Shiz, I-I lost it. A blush grew across my face and my skinny jeans began to feel tighter around my crotch. Adam came on stage, and he was Fiyero. Once again, I almost died right on the spot. He looked out to the fake audience, and his blue eyes shines in the stage lights. Once again, I almost fainted. I'm beginning to doubt therapy…

They made it half way through the musical, when Mrs. Sterlacci stopped them. It was fifteen minutes before school started, more than enough time for Adam, Maya and Ali to get changed and ready. Everyone left the stage and Mrs. Sterlacci left the auditorium, however Adam had left his Fiyero bag on the stage, causing him to come back out. As soon as he graced the stage, I got up and started clapping. He quickly looked up, scared as hell.  "Nice job."

"Oh, it's you. So tell me Mr. I Play for the Other Team, what are you doing here?" Adam said, his expression changed from scared to slightly pissed off.

"No 'Thank you'? Ok, I see how you are when I try to come and apologize for what I did yesterday." I cut my eyes at him.

Adam's expression went blank; he looked me up and down and said. "It's ok…major boner there I see."  

My eyes widened, oh shit. "Um…" I didn't know what to say, I just stood there in silence.

.: Adam's POV :.

Tommy stood there in silence for about a minute, before I spoke again. "Haha, I guess you find Maya and or Ali very attractive."

"Umm…yeah, yeah, I'd bang them any day of the week."  Tommy said, looking away from me. He is so lying.

"I know this might be a weird question, but, ever do drama?" I asked.

"Um, well, between me and you, yeah. I did it at school and out of school in California." He said, well, that's surprising. "I saw Wicked out there once, it was amazing."

My jaw hung for a second, "Wow, that's some news."

"Yeah…" Tommy said, then Ali came out on stage.

"Adam! You have five minutes to get ready!" She yelled, I turned around and nodded as she walked back stage.

"Well, I have to go, sorry,  talk to you later? Ya know…if Matt and those guys don't see you?"

"Ok, and yeah, I'm gonna ditch them, they're real douche bags." Tommy smiled and I gave him a hug good-bye. I swear, you could feel his erection growing.

Haha, straight my ass.

.: Tommy's POV :.

I walked out of the auditorium and into the flooded hallway. No one noticed where I had come from, good start I guess. Matt and his friends were further up, but still in my line of vision. I sighed and got to my locker, taking out my books and walking into homeroom.

"Hey Tommy!" Chris said as I walked in, I walked to my seat, not paying any attention to him. "Tommy, what the problem?"

"Nothing really, I went to apologize to Adam this morning." They all laughed at me.

"You apologized to that fag?" Matt said between laughs.

"No, I apologized to Adam." I said, cutting my eyes at him. "He's not a pile of sticks…"

"What?" Chris said, scratching his head like a dumb monkey.

"The dictionary definition of fag is a pile of sticks."

"Oh well…" Matt said, he trailed off and tried to change the subject. "You see that game last night?" He asked me.

I just turned around and began doodling on my arm. Matt and Chris, got up and went to another part of the room. By the end of homeroom, what started out as a little star design, grew into a little mural on my wrist of stars and hearts with Adam's name in the middle.

.:  Adam's POV :.

Gym went by like usual, I waited in the gym itself for all of the guys to get dressed and out, Mr. Hilgert's rules. The guys were uncomfortable with me being in the locker room getting changed while I was in there. I totally understand though.

I walked out of the locker room, dressed in my shorts and t-shirt. My make-up was still on but I was stripped of every glittery object I had on today. Jenna, Nikki and Carrie walked up to me, all three of them in sync.

"Hey buddieeee!" Jenna said.

"Hey, guess what happened this morning." I said as the girls locked arms with me while we walked our laps around the gym.

"What?" Carrie asked, flipping her brown hair out of her face.

"Tommy came to drama club rehearsal and apologized to me about yesterday." I said, and all of their mouths dropped.

"You're kidding!" Nikki said.

"Nope. I found out that he used to be in drama back in California, and he saw Wicked out there. He also had a boner that grew as soon as I hugged him."

Jenna's jaw dropped lower, as Nikki and Carrie began to giggle.

"Well then," Jenna began, "It seems like Adam has the power to turn straight guys gay."

We all laughed. "Hey, Adam, look who's doing the physical placement test." Nikki said.

I looked up and saw Tommy doing pull-ups for Mr. Hilgert. There was something on his wrist, and as we got closer, I could make out a little part of it. There, on his wrist, with a bunch of hearts it said,


[ Hehe ., Davey La ftw ! ]

Now . . . . HERE IT IS !

The big , *Shock*

Well ., not really ., since we all knew it waz gonna happen at one point ., i mean ., it is an Adommy fiction ! =]

Written while listening to Popular from Wicked and Master Plan by Adam <3

Mr. Hilgert copy writes himself ., yershhh u guessed it ., he ' s one of my gym teachers . =]
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Chap. 4

.: Tommy's POV :.

I walked out of the gym locker room, I was the last one left since I needed to talk to Mr. Hilgert. I decided to walk out through the gym itself,

"Hey, you're the last one right?" I looked to my side, Adam sat there on the folded up bleachers looking up at me. He was still completely in his gym clothes.

"Um, yeah. Why? And why are you still here, in your gym clothes?" I asked, this guy is just strange.

"The guys find it uncomfortable to change with a gay in there, I understand. So I wait out here till everyone is gone." He said.

"Oh, well, you can go get changed now…" I said about to walk out of the gym.

"Tommy," Adam said and I looked over at him, "nice design on your arm." He winked.

My eyes widened, and I slid out of the gym. He…He…He saw my arm. My face flushed red, and I walked down the hallway to Spanish.  The teacher glared at me as I walked in, he was obviously pissed that I was late. I flashed him my pass, and he nodded.

"I see you're the new kid," He says, walking over to me, "I'm Senor Gallante. This is Spanish; you need a pencil, folder and notebook for this class."

I nodded, I want to see Adam so bad now…like, I need him…

.: Adam's POV :.

Mr. Hilgert pushed me out of the locker room right before I was starting to apply my lip-gloss. He gave me a pass to my next class and told me to leave.  Jerk.

I walked down the hallway towards Mr. Bartolino's  room, I didn't feel like going. And how convenient was it to see a small blonde figure walking my way?  Very much, if I say so myself.  I walked over to the wall and leaned against it seeing that Tommy was some way down the hall, when he was in reasonable distance I yelled.

"Hey 'Mr. I Play For The Other Team'." I put air quotes around the name, seeing that he obviously plays for both sides, just look at his wrist.

He pushed the sleeves of his sweatshirt down a little, "What's with the air quotes?"

"Hm, guess." I said eyeing his wrist.

Tommy blushed and lifted up his left wrist, "You caught me."

"I know, now, would you please take a walk with me and explain yourself?" I asked, looping my arm in his.

"Sure…" He said, then we took a few steps, and he began. "Well, to start off, I'm adopted…"

I glanced at the small blonde, "Oh…"

"Yeah, my mom wanted a girl, and got a boy. So anyway, when I was about 13, it accrued to me that I was gay. I had a huge crush on this guy at my school, and only two of my closest friends knew. There were rumors that began to circulate, mainly because the people at my school found that being in drama club made you gay. When it caught the attention of the counselors, the one for our grade went into over drive and contacted my parents." He said, I looked over at Tommy; he was a small blonde boy with bangs and eyeliner circling each eye. No wonder the rumors got started, I mean, come on, he does look a little fruity. "My step-dad flipped, he's a total homophobe. So, he went quickly to work looking for gay counseling in our area. Within two weeks, there I was, sitting in a small room, with a woman who was trying to get the gay out of me. I was convinced it worked, but my dad made us move from LA since he thought it would still have a 'bad influence' on me. Now, we're here."

I stared at Tommy for a moment, he seemed so sad telling me this story. Poor guy, I mean, you're parents not accepting who you are? That's just awful. Then to go ahead and try to change you? Even worse.  "I had no idea you were put through that…it doesn't seem like you were…most people would be scarred for life…you don't seem like it…" That's all I could say, nothing else would leave my mouth.

His head gravitated towards the floor, "It's not that bad. I mean…if it starts up again, I don't know how I'm gonna hide it from my parents…"

I smirked, I love how he said 'if'.

"Why are you smirking?" He asked, staring up at me.

"I love how you said 'if', when, obviously, it did start up again." I winked at him, and his face turned a deep red.   My head turned to both sides as I scanned the hallway for any teachers and/or students. When I saw that the coast was clear, I took this chance to do something I've been wanting to. I pushed Tommy up against the wall, as a little whimper escaped him, and within seconds, my lips were forcefully pushed against his. It caught him off guard, but he quickly warmed up to it. His tongue pushed through my lips and began to explore my mouth, the kiss seemed to last forever, but I finally pulled away.  Tommy's big brown eyes were linked with mine, and for a second, I swore the universe stopped.

"We…we…we should get back to our classes…" Tommy said, still staring at me.

"Yeah…we should…" I said, moving back.

Tommy began walking back down the hallway he had come from, and I headed towards Mr. Bartolino's room. That was absolutely, the best kiss of my life.

It ' s NOT OVER PEOPLE ! I still have A LOT of other things planned . >={D Be afraid . . . . . be VERY afraid . . . hehehe .

Sorry for the wait ! I had LOTS of stuff to do . =]

Mr. B copy writes himself ! He ' s my real S.S. teacher . Same goes for Senor G . =]
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