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I made thos in 1 day after i got flipping through my old books of 500 pokemon cards......... i decided to draw this and i think it looks pretty good........

Media- faber castell manga PITT markers and pencil
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For :icontea-essence:

I will also be editing and updating the info often c:

Name: Savannah Arbalest

Region: Puro

Tea: French Vanilla Chai

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 17. Not that age though.

Height/Weight: 5'8" / 149 lbs

Tattoo: Upper Back/Spine

Partner: Louis Arbalest

Weapon: Double Daggers [small] or another name, Katars.


^^^^ Also has reference for her hair and her shoes and jacket OTL... If needed. It isn't my actual tumblr euther, jsut a music tumblr OTL
my drawings are on my personal LOL

When she was first summoned, she immediately saw Louis as a small needy kid. She didn't have any resentment as to who she was summoned by. She had all the intentions of watching over him the first moment he spoke to her, but then she was taken by the fact that Louis slacks so much and decided to confront his parents about it only to get brushed off due to the fact his parents spoil him. It seems they could care less. That coaxed her to leave the mansion, because she considered it too much to work for him. She also felt as though she wasn’t alive. She felt like an object intended for use.

She stood by in front of the mansion door with all intentions towards leaving. She was about to take her last look at the mansion before bailing, but then she hears a loud crash in the kitchen. She immediately heads back inside to see what happened only to see Louis on the ground covered in a powdery substance. She tends to him only to have him ask her "Hey, can you help me with this real quick? It's not much, just a little..." Those words changed her life for good. He explained the plan to her, a "simple prank" as he says. It was to scare his parents. Just a little. She was excited for the first time, probably because Louis was so excited also [remember; she was easily influenced before because being tossed into the world like that, you are swayed by the things that are ideals according to others integrated in you] Louis weighed the formula wrong, and it caused the entire left side of the mansion to collapse.

She spent the rest of the day digging his parents out. They were both chastised, and her parents looked at Savannah with disregard for helping Louis from then on. That one incident though, changed her life for good. She decided to stay with Louis and have fun misadventures, and get in and out of trouble. She felt more alive this way. She had always thought of herself as just a person who is used for fighting but he showed her she was wrong.
During the years they were together, they’ve caused mischief everywhere:

Year One: This is where they’re mischief started. This leads to her personality mainly, her brother-like relationship with Louis. They were just wandering the streets and Louis thought it’d be funny to just shove Savannah. It was a weak shove but being the lovely lady she was, she shoved him and he knocked over a man twice his size. This would be the typical scenario where they both ran, but Louis, as stubborn as he was stood ground. It was a little spitfire but before Savannah knew it, fists were going to fly. Louis’s empty threats pissed the guy off and as he pulled his arm back for a hook, Savannah grabbed Louis out of the way before anything nasty could happen. She put him down and tried to reason with this guy to no avail. He kept tossing insults at her, each time she blew it off because she was worried about Louis. He took a wild swing at her and she barely dodged it and swept him off his ground. Her lip curled up a bit at the corners. She was enjoying this. She knew she had no chance against him if it got to fistfigthing so she took Louis and ran off after that. Little did she know he belonged to the court. They summoned her and had no choice but to come. The summoner was intimidating Louis’s parents so they demanded her go settle this. She weaseled out of the situation. Louis and his parents didn’t have the slightest clue as to how she managed to do it. From then on she’s been getting in and out of trouble with Louis. She knew she enjoyed doing mischevious things, but had a disciplined side to her as well.

Year Two: After that incident that took a whole year to resolve, she and Louis took this year to deal with Louis going through his “Stage”. He was fifteen now and Savannah saw that he was getting interested in girls. She was out to get him, being the overprotective sister she was. She spent the whole year trying to embarrass Louis in front of all the girls, and it was successful each time. Before this, Louis was a confident guy, but this caused him to become shy. The same thing happened with Savannah too, but before. He had done the same thing. They both had residual effects from this.

Year Three: They got over that year and made a truce. This year they lazed around. He taught her things he knew and she taught him discipline. She started to learn how to fight. She packed some weight and had to use this to her advantage. Louis spent the whole year doing nothing but get flimsier every day. They got into some fights with some gangs this year but Savannah weaseled out of it.

Year Four: This is the first year that they got involved with the Sia side of the map. They had never had any involvement until now and it was a messy one. She and Louis barely got out of it safely. Savannah took some serious damage this year and spent the rest of the year recovering. Although this incident hurt her, she never held any resentment for them, due to her ability to forgive and forget. She never stresses anymore after getting through this situation, being able to so easily forget the fact they had almost hurt Louis, though this did make her more competitive against Sia.

Year Five: This year, Louis turned 18; he started to worry about his looks, Savannah also. They decided to get a little makeover. She wanted to get her hair done, so she sat down. Louis wanted to cut it and since he was 18, she considered him more competent, but she underestimated him. He snipped the entire left side of her hair off and she went apeshit bananas on Louis and cut of his ponytail he spent years growing. Her hair is still recovering. She claims she likes the look somewhat.

Year Six: This year they spent growing together. Louis is 19 now and grown up [not] They developed they’re attitudes towards each other a lot this year without much to do. A love hate sister brother – like relationship.
To the present, Savannah has been taking care of Louis and fooling around, but part of her before the incident stuck with her, the part of her that keeps Louis in check, and teaching him manners and strictly keeping him from getting into too much trouble and not be rude. He called her insults once, and this was that one insult that got to her, and she "flipped out". From then on, Louis has never once said another insult. Rather something happens with his ear or something, but her personality doesn't register any kind of insults that often anymore, after that incident. That's where she gets her patience, and her main carefree personality.

Its been 6 years since she was summoned, and they've only gotten closer since then.
When she was summoned by Louis, he gave her a look of about the age of 17 18-ish.


Her personality derives from when she was summoned at Louis' ceremony, she was immediately greeted by him. He seemed small.. and bratty.. He lacked skills which she was able to do in a breeze. That's what gave her a sister-complex, not always exactly looking out for him, but trying to perfect him and watch over him to make sure he doesn't get in any trouble. She does quality work according to other people, but its actually not quality by her standards. She's a very carefree person. She procrastinates, and takes serious things lightly. Insults and scoldings things don't get to her easily. She loves jokes and insulting others. All of these traits came from having to be with Louis all the time. He and Savannah have a lot of crazy adventures, and he's always being carried around because he tends to start fights he can't win and has Savannah do the rest. This makes Louis' family disprove of her, but he doesn't care, being the brat he is. He likes having her around, and her the same.
These two cause a lot of trouble, but can fix things as they please. Not the hair thing though. Louis coaxed her into letting him cut her hair in a nice way and ended up chopping a chunk of hair from her left side, and it hasn't recovered yet. That's why she pins it up to make ti look like it was part of h er hairstyle.
Louis always brought her along when pranking someone. He managed to get her to prank his parents, and completely ruined the left side of the mansion which is still in reconstruction. This is why she avoids his parents. Like Louis she dodges any awkward conflicts. To this day, his parents have always dissaproved of her being with Louis, but know they can't do anything about it.
They've been like brothers and sisters ever since, and there seldom a time when he's not with her.
They easily influence each other because of all the time they spend together. Her fighting technique is mainly influenced by Louis' habit of running after causing a fight. She integrates that with her own original technique of one hit KO. She avoids getting close to the opponent, like Louis' does when he's arguing. Louis is influenced int he same way, whereas having to keep argue, he'll eventually save up and say one thing that completely knocks the other person off guard, and then he wins the argument.

[will be embellished later Dx, ic an't think ight now OTL]

Edited: 4/2/12


General Summary [For those who don't wanna read through all this]: She just doesn't really give a damn unless necessary

She's generally very patient. Her mind doesn't register insults very easily, and dodges any verbal abuse tossed at her, but if you do piss her off, she causes a shitstorm and will do whatever it takes to prove her right or for the conversation to lean her way. She's very stubborn unlike Louis who is easily swayed by anything around him. She's also a slob, cuz of Louis. She hates cleaning and lazes around often, reflecting Louis's own personality, but is very very headstrong when she needs to do something, meaning a huge procrastinator. She'll take work head on and spend 1 hour and finish her work [with quality[ instead of doing her work over time to ease the workload.
Her motto is Speed and Deceit over Strength and Persistence. She doesn't have a strong body build at all, she's just a bit of a heavy weight, but she uses it to stay close to the ground when running or dodging. She's fast and clever, but she isn't very persistent at all. She's all for the one hit KO thing, and not the constant attacks. The only thing strong about her is her legs which contributes to the majority of her weight OTL

*Has a slight obsession for colored pens, especially purple.
*Sister Complex
*Very blunt and straight-forward due to Louis's inability to be upfront. Thy're very different.
*Witty remarks, and jokes are her forte. And procrastination.
*Spaces out VERY often.
*Likes steam punk stuff, hence the tea essence box with the watch hands, and gears,[not visible]
*her pet peeve is blunt people. Even though she is a very blunt person.
*Like Louis, stutters around the opposite gender.
*Uses mainly her weight to keep her low on the ground and quick enough.

*more to be added.

:iconeyezoomfojlplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz: :iconxpsychandelic::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconbarneyseesplz:

YUS I WILL FIX THE TEA BOX, its supposed to be SILVER OTl, and its a watch thingy. Not exaclt,y but close enough OTL

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omg im so SLEEEEPY *A*)

Miss SDL Round 1: Fantasy

Fantasy, fantasy, fina-- yeah yeah i'm sorry but i really fancy vieras >:'6 so here's Joey being one. She might look diffrent because thats how they're supposed to look like and all, but thats still joey l'3. She retains her blue eyes, weapon and red scarf, which you see now tied to her bracelet. I really liked Fran being a katana user and felt like that needed more love lol. Appoline, her weapon, got a makeover too :'D. (was originally supposed to be a mermaid ._.))
whats more fantastical than being another creature :iconhurrplz:

download for a big pic o 3o)

first ever digital paint with no lineart...its the hardest thing eveeeeeeeeer DD'8>

Joey (c) me
Vieras (c) SE *3*
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Due to accidental deletage of a previous version of this drawing, I had to... restart from this point. Downloaded the file off deviantart and restarted from the scrap version :/

FINISHED. First ever Sai drawing, shading is sooo much easier with this app... Never going back to photoshop. Ever.

And yes, kinda sorta late update art, cause the Condesce is officially my new favorite ancestor. Can I count this as one of the homestuck countdown charas? Sure, why not?

Comments are very much appreciated, as well as critiques and tips!! I'm new to Sai, so there isn't much else I know, apart from the blur, pen and watercolor tools.

EDIT: Uploaded a much less dark version... dunno what happened, but it's up now, so you can see better XD
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Hoho~ Commission for :iconmikaces: :'D
Hope you ryke it <3
Mika :iconheplz:

The following characters belong to :iconmikaces:
and :iconlimeader: (hidar! 8'D;)
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(Yes I can't name deviations for crap! |D;;;)

Yeahh I decided to pick a bunch of new Pokemon to trainl
..and these are what I decided on!
So far in my game i've only got the Liligand and Raichu (still a Pichu) But i'm working on getting the others!

Two of them still don't have names yet though.
The Raichu and Liligant have names and the Medicham has at least a temporary name (not sure if i'll keep it or not)
I will update this when they all have names

I am open to name suggestions though! =3

Raichu (Angela)
Medicham (Gerard (might change) )
Liligand (Naomi)

Flygon/(male): needs name
Dusknoir/ (male): needs name

ps. this is the first time ever drawing most of these Pokemon, so i'm sorry that they don't look to great!

Right now the only one that has a decent amount of Character development is the Medicham, but im' working on the others!

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PLEASE DOWNLOAD for the full size! I tried making it original size here, but the picture got disgustingly low quality for some reason ):

UGH T_T I'm not having any luck with files! If anyone saw the last one, it just wasn't working ughhh. I didn't like it much anyway so I just deleted it XD here's a different pic instead. Quite red... just missing some green for christmas colors harhar.
but really. I realized I haven't done a monochromatic color scheme in a while. so I thought, why not!

Sin and her curse Ukudor >:3
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I like ginger OC's. I had lots of them. These are a few of my favies on teh back of mah binder notebook thing. ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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so who remembers burger boy---
a year has passed and he found his way back
personality is a little different than before, please excuse the history part I rewrote it to fit with the one year gap--
some info are subject to change

Name: Clarvis Lee
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 174 cm / 5'8.5''
Weight: 57kg / 126 lbs
Division: Radioactive
Rank: Member
Element: Niobium
Birthday: March 7th
Roommate: --

hair- charcoal, swept towards his left

eyes- reddish tint, but sometimes seen as closed crescents

skin- light from not going outside much in the past year

body type - lean, built for dexterity

fancy tailored suit - during his one year absence, Clarvis acted as the CEO of his late father's company (Lee's Jewelry Co.). Since then, be began to put more consideration into his attire.

casual jacket - mostly serves the purpose of preventing his shirt from dirtied; has an inside pocket that holds a pocket gun for emergencies.

spiked gloves and bladed boots - sharp edges coated with poison; blades can be retracted back to the shoe so he doesn't accidentally kick himself

red rose decoration - he brushes off questions regarding the flower but it's apparent that the rose is important to him

magnetic gauge earrings - made from niobium; the first pair of jewelry he made

hamburger (or WcDonald's substitute) -an essential piece of his outfit

personal: Clarvis' personality changed considerably. While he is still usually seen smiling, he became more aloof and cautious around his peers, but won't hesitate to throw around his anti-pick up lines as gestures of playfulness. As always, he uses well-mannered language, although that does not stop him from purposely being painfully blunt around sensitive subjects such as a lady's weight. Asking him anything that is unrelated to work is utterly useless; Clarvis enjoys giving different answers to each person and each time asked. If he is smiling, most likely he is lying.

regarding his peers: Clarvis has no problem dealing with social interactions and tends to cater to his companions rather than to himself, but tries not to be emotionally attached to anyone. When it comes to work, he never takes the words of his colleagues seriously and only budges to the commands of the higher-ups.

[Fighting Style]
Clarvis is a stealth-oriented fighter whose strategy is to use ambush and speed to land one hit with either his spiked gloves or bladed boots on his target before immediately retreating. The high level of toxicity in his weapon usually promises death after a five minute delay if the blades happen to puncture the opponent's skin. However, the larger the opponent is, the lower the rate of success become, and it is difficult when using this technique when there are multiple targets. Because of this, Clarvis rarely takes on solo missions if there are more than one target. If his ambush proves to be unsuccessful, Clarvis relies on his basic knowledge of martial arts and small hand gun to untangle himself from the mess.

Clarvis possesses the ability to make pure niobium-based simple things like jewelry to complicated weaponry such as swords out of metallic substances. If need during battle, he is able to mold his gloves into a more effective weapon but rarely does so because it is so time-consuming.

+ fast food, junk food (WcDonald's is his favorite, cake shops are a close second)
+ noodle shops (but not noodles)
+ everybody and everyone (or so he says)
- onions
- being interrogated
- early mornings (any time before 11AM)

- keeps an album full of all of the different hamburger wrappers he collected over the years

- claims that his Asian metabolism keeps him fit from all the junk food that he consumes, but it's very likely that he hits the treadmill for two hours at 3 in the morning every day when everyone is sleeping

- has a tendency to call everyone by "Mr." and "Ms." preceding their first or last names unless he is comfortable around that person

- has a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning

An unwanted child born to two factory workers, Clarvis was taken in by an English businessman at an early age who took great interest in his unusual hobby and ability of crafting fine jewelry out of seemingly nothing, a trait that has been dormant for many generations in his blood family until it finally resurfaced in Clarvis. After taking many etiquette classes and many years of studying abroad, Clarvis, then age eighteen, was named heir of Lee's Jewelry Co. and officially announced as the successor upon his adopted father's sudden death.

While many would have loved the opportunity provided for him, Clarvis was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of carrying such a great responsibility on his back, so he decided to join Hazardous as a penniless boy who wants to put his ability to good use, temporarily leaving the company in hands of the butler. Just as Clarvis began to think that he could spend a a great majority of his life in the Radioactive division, his run-in with near death during one of his missions made him think otherwise. Shaken from the experience, Clarvis took a one year break and returned as a much more mature person.
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This is my new Bleach OC, Daniel Allistair Sveldt. He's a Hollow AND a Soul Reaper, and one time he ate an entire Domino's pizza. Whenever he gets mad his hollow mask starts blasting SLAYER. He's upset because he chipped his tooth, and just found out that it isn't covered by PetCo's dental plan.

Original Image: [link]

Bleach is owned by Studio Perriot and affiliates
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