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Originally named, Diving Roller Coaster. :XD:

Drawn to and Inspired by : [link]
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Was done on livestream :'D I'm sorry to the latecomers who saw my antics with the webcam and my friend on livestream /sob/ very unprofessional/sob

Redesign of my OC : Ai Mei Hua.
The tom boy and her Shark Water Spirit : Xa Yue.

She and Xa Yue have entered races before. :'D <3
God I love drawing Mei Hua
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so who remembers burger boy---
a year has passed and he found his way back
personality is a little different than before, please excuse the history part I rewrote it to fit with the one year gap--
some info are subject to change

Name: Clarvis Lee
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 174 cm / 5'8.5''
Weight: 57kg / 126 lbs
Division: Radioactive
Rank: Member
Element: Niobium
Birthday: March 7th
Roommate: --

hair- charcoal, swept towards his left

eyes- reddish tint, but sometimes seen as closed crescents

skin- light from not going outside much in the past year

body type - lean, built for dexterity

fancy tailored suit - during his one year absence, Clarvis acted as the CEO of his late father's company (Lee's Jewelry Co.). Since then, be began to put more consideration into his attire.

casual jacket - mostly serves the purpose of preventing his shirt from dirtied; has an inside pocket that holds a pocket gun for emergencies.

spiked gloves and bladed boots - sharp edges coated with poison; blades can be retracted back to the shoe so he doesn't accidentally kick himself

red rose decoration - he brushes off questions regarding the flower but it's apparent that the rose is important to him

magnetic gauge earrings - made from niobium; the first pair of jewelry he made

hamburger (or WcDonald's substitute) -an essential piece of his outfit

personal: Clarvis' personality changed considerably. While he is still usually seen smiling, he became more aloof and cautious around his peers, but won't hesitate to throw around his anti-pick up lines as gestures of playfulness. As always, he uses well-mannered language, although that does not stop him from purposely being painfully blunt around sensitive subjects such as a lady's weight. Asking him anything that is unrelated to work is utterly useless; Clarvis enjoys giving different answers to each person and each time asked. If he is smiling, most likely he is lying.

regarding his peers: Clarvis has no problem dealing with social interactions and tends to cater to his companions rather than to himself, but tries not to be emotionally attached to anyone. When it comes to work, he never takes the words of his colleagues seriously and only budges to the commands of the higher-ups.

[Fighting Style]
Clarvis is a stealth-oriented fighter whose strategy is to use ambush and speed to land one hit with either his spiked gloves or bladed boots on his target before immediately retreating. The high level of toxicity in his weapon usually promises death after a five minute delay if the blades happen to puncture the opponent's skin. However, the larger the opponent is, the lower the rate of success become, and it is difficult when using this technique when there are multiple targets. Because of this, Clarvis rarely takes on solo missions if there are more than one target. If his ambush proves to be unsuccessful, Clarvis relies on his basic knowledge of martial arts and small hand gun to untangle himself from the mess.

Clarvis possesses the ability to make pure niobium-based simple things like jewelry to complicated weaponry such as swords out of metallic substances. If need during battle, he is able to mold his gloves into a more effective weapon but rarely does so because it is so time-consuming.

+ fast food, junk food (WcDonald's is his favorite, cake shops are a close second)
+ noodle shops (but not noodles)
+ everybody and everyone (or so he says)
- onions
- being interrogated
- early mornings (any time before 11AM)

- keeps an album full of all of the different hamburger wrappers he collected over the years

- claims that his Asian metabolism keeps him fit from all the junk food that he consumes, but it's very likely that he hits the treadmill for two hours at 3 in the morning every day when everyone is sleeping

- has a tendency to call everyone by "Mr." and "Ms." preceding their first or last names unless he is comfortable around that person

- has a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning

An unwanted child born to two factory workers, Clarvis was taken in by an English businessman at an early age who took great interest in his unusual hobby and ability of crafting fine jewelry out of seemingly nothing, a trait that has been dormant for many generations in his blood family until it finally resurfaced in Clarvis. After taking many etiquette classes and many years of studying abroad, Clarvis, then age eighteen, was named heir of Lee's Jewelry Co. and officially announced as the successor upon his adopted father's sudden death.

While many would have loved the opportunity provided for him, Clarvis was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of carrying such a great responsibility on his back, so he decided to join Hazardous as a penniless boy who wants to put his ability to good use, temporarily leaving the company in hands of the butler. Just as Clarvis began to think that he could spend a a great majority of his life in the Radioactive division, his run-in with near death during one of his missions made him think otherwise. Shaken from the experience, Clarvis took a one year break and returned as a much more mature person.
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I made thos in 1 day after i got flipping through my old books of 500 pokemon cards......... i decided to draw this and i think it looks pretty good........

Media- faber castell manga PITT markers and pencil
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Due to accidental deletage of a previous version of this drawing, I had to... restart from this point. Downloaded the file off deviantart and restarted from the scrap version :/

FINISHED. First ever Sai drawing, shading is sooo much easier with this app... Never going back to photoshop. Ever.

And yes, kinda sorta late update art, cause the Condesce is officially my new favorite ancestor. Can I count this as one of the homestuck countdown charas? Sure, why not?

Comments are very much appreciated, as well as critiques and tips!! I'm new to Sai, so there isn't much else I know, apart from the blur, pen and watercolor tools.

EDIT: Uploaded a much less dark version... dunno what happened, but it's up now, so you can see better XD
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Hoho~ Commission for :iconmikaces: :'D
Hope you ryke it <3
Mika :iconheplz:

The following characters belong to :iconmikaces:
and :iconlimeader: (hidar! 8'D;)
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I drew this last week I believe X'D [wait...May 8th isn't it X'D?...] It's a quick drawing for my self-birthday present X'D

and whee *3* I'm around Menewsha forum thesedays [I move around a lot ;D hee hee~]

It's the first pixel art of...I don't know XD 3 years may be? ;;3;; [if my old style oekaki isn't include, it's the first pixel art I've done.] XD so much fun [and it's quick too *3*]

will try to make it blinks someday *3*''''

hope you'll enjoy ;D

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yay finally done! its my ref sheet of sai for :icondelya:'s upcoming contest.
im gna be working with :iconguipit:
good luck to us >o<

Bio and other stuff update later....

oh and for those who don't know, the sai, his weapon i mean, come in pairs so there are TWO of them. I just forgot to draw it, so I doodled it >_>;; forgive me

now to get some sleep...
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Substitute 3d
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his will be my sketchbook cover if I'll still like the drawing tomorrow xD

aaah, I need names for them >o<

pencil, photoshop cs
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