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Okay, so this is the clothes ref with some info finally

Be sure to read through it properly, and don't hesitate to ask any questions! //sparkles

I hope you can read my terrible handwriting :iconmingplz:
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ಠ__ಠ;; My tablet no longer senses pressure... unless something besides unplugging/replugging it in, refreshing my computer, or redownloading the driver is supposed to work

So this was drawn with no pressure sensitivity.

... Otherwise, all I can really say about this is that it's...
And his design is really stupid.
His horns remind me of donuts with fingers.

He's based on the asteroid Juno because it's important in astrology if you care about your "birth charts" and things I live with an astrology nerd so I somewhat know these things
His blood is lilac... because he's just that manly *SHOT* and he's pretty pale because he's always indoors trolling people by posing as hot chicks or sexy guys on the internet... or he's busy being a creep and watching people play sburb.
Because why would he do anything else?
Not like he could be doing anything productive or anything.
And he types with essentially chatspeak. Gogforsaken chatspeak. And he typos most of his not-chatspeak words.

Now that I think of it, I haven't even looked at other Homestuck ocs ಠ__ಠ;; Wonder if this's been done;;

*slinks back to dark corner*
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New OC for me and :iconxpsychandelic:'s new group!



Name: Coco [Cobalt] Ziebell
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 6'4"/187 cm
Weight: 153 lbs
Division: Corrosive
Rank: Captain
Element: Xenon


♫ Her hair is a light pale blue shaded with violet, so it can glow sorta like Xenon. Her eyes are basically full on violet but has a bright light blue ring around her pupils that glow also xD like xenon. Her skin is paler than her hair, and that's all there is to it. Her face in all looks very intimidating because she did her eyebrows that way.
She is extremely tall [much to El's distaste] She has a weak upper body, but has very strong legs to get her around. Her defense is very high ONLY when defending her upper body, because she mainly fights with her hips and legs [hips don't lie] Generally has a tiny waist, because as a child she was extremely big *cough* and always wore her skirt up to her waist. She couldn't afford a new skirt so she kept wearing the same one and it cinched her waist to a permanent small size. She can still easily slip into her 4th grade skirt.
♫ Her clothes come in three layers basically. First layer is a white off-shoulder shirt held up by a black tang top. [not drawn]. Second is a simple zip-up jacket. Third is her scarf that's clipped on and makes her jacket look like a professional jacket. It goes over her shoulder and basically hangs off her back, like two tails.
Her logo is on her scarf in the back, and it's split in half. From any viewpoint, you can't really tell what division she's in or what element she is until you clip it together [like drawn above]. Her scarf is usually split in two ends.

Weapon/Fighting Style:

She doesn't have a strong upper body build, so she has to fight mainly with her legs, twisting and tossing, kicking and biting Her heels are razor sharp simple steel. Her main weapon though [not drawn] is meant to kill/finish off/ break or whatever you want to call it. She only uses it to finish off thought, otherwise, its her shoes that do the work. It's made of black adamantium handed off to her by a Russian black market dealer. She had it forged into her katar/knife i don't know, just google a katar. She has strong limbs basically, but a pathetic upper body. Can barely do a sit-up. She's just very fast, the opposite of her brother.
She does, however, have an advantage in her fighting style, because she improvises everything. She doesn't kill anything in one shot, but rather plays with them. She ticks everyone off.


She has a very dependent personality. It depends on how she feels about the person, and how their first impression goes. She basically really loves socializing. She loves going around and meeting new people and bothering them in a sense. She's always extremely happy, and that's why everyone in this group basically avoids her. She has no idea why they avoid her though, so she thinks that they're shy and that she should go and say hello. Rejected or not, she still considers them all a friend, unless the go over the line.
When they go over the line, she doesn't show hate at all, rather she acts more calm and sophisticated, masking her anger and malice towards them. She'll use calm insults and eventually will instigate a fight. She hasn't been seen angry before. She'll bend your words against you. When she's angry, she gets verbal, but not when she's stark mad.
When she's stark mad she flips nuts and goes all out on fighting and uses stupidity to catch you off guard mainly. She verbally abuses her opponent and uses their lag time to get an advantage. She'll probably never be seen in this state as she is very patient and has dealt with insults MANY times before by her members. *violacough*


☼ She loves zombie horror movies and secretly has a hideout stashed with everything necessary for an invasion under the Corrosive Division Base.
☼ El probably wants to kill her because of her height, also because she teases her about it too.
☼ Nothing ever slips past her. She runs a very tight ship and snipes everyone, even though she acts carefree. She's a people watcher.
☼ As a child she had a traumatic experience with balloons, hence her fear of balloons and resentment towards Viola. As she grew up she learned to hate them, not fear them. She still cringes away from them though.
☼ Acts extremely stupid when put on the spot, and basically, around close people, acts really really stupid.
☼ Loves jokes, and insults. The better you insult her, the closer she gets to you. Except for that joke/insult.
☼ Very dodgy on topics and smiles a lot of things off as if it were a joke, the reason she and Fayren doesn't get along. She can't take him and his blue hair seriously.


♥ Zombie Games/Movies/etc.
♥ Jokes/Pranks
♥ Colorful Boxes
♥ Sleeping
♥ Talking [Extremely Fast]
♥ Pissing People Off/Enticing a Fight
♥ Mom
♥ Everyone


♠ Chemistry
♠ Smartasses
♠ Balloons
♠ Self-Sacrificing People
♠ Pink Flowers
♠ Vanilla Flowers


Ω Constantly has stomach aches from food poisoning, cramps, fights, everything you can imagine.
Ω The holster on her left leg is completely empty. To this day no one knows why she has it.
Ω She carries around a pair of sunglasses that aren't hers, but some dude's. [yet to be revealed]
Ω Heavyweight champ in wrestling.


§ Oberon, her vice-captain is her favorite person in this whole group. She and him are very close as friends, and she often plucks his hair-tie off, just to bother him. he's play it off though. She couldn't have asked for a better vice captain. She feels he is really supportive. BFFLZ.
§ She considers El a good friend, but El probably hates her guts. They've has a love hate relationship, but they don't mind each other. Kind of like a long term friendship where you don't really care anymore.
§ She doesn't hate Viola, but Viola is a smart ass, so she scolds her often, but tries to get along with that balloon head Viola.
§ She love being around Fay because of the way he reacts whever she's around him. He always insults her, but she'd play it off, laugh it off, and piss him off. He hates how she doesn't take his words seriously, and she loves his reactions.
§ She thinks Callista is a sweetheart, and should talk to her more often, but gets the feeling she's scared of a 6'2" giant.
§ Thinks the other captain is a bum.
§ Clarvis and Bev are her bfflz
§ Has a list of friends with 118 spots.
§ She's married to everyone.
§ She loves everyone.
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This is due tomorrow. It's now 4:55am.
How do I life.

Drawn a picture to it too : [link]

ohohoh <3

Edit : Time now is 7:54am and I'm more coherent to type a proper description now that I've gotten a few hours sleep ahaha |D;;

So this is due later today > _ >;;;;;

Anyway. just for teh lulz.
See if you can find the following in my gigantic mess after finishing my booklet :

- three cellphones. (lolyesthree)
- A len nenderoid (he's somewhere there hidden among the papers, just look around xD)
- an anatomy figure guide.
- a stapler
- a white mashimaro plushie
- a book with feathers on the cover
- half a trollface
- three square pieces of mounting board (you won't actually be able to find these in the picture since it's not actually there.xD It went missing when I needed it to do my front and back covers so I raeged all over the places hunting for it until my friends had to convince me over skype I had to cut new ones so if you do see it, tell me so I can raeg at lmao /sob)

(Answers here : [link] )
That was fun

Edit 2 : It's 9:43pm and I just woke up from a two hour nap. x _ x Dead tired and still figure studies due tomorrow /sob
I got 16/20 for this which is quite good! Lecturer said that she's keeping my booklet for today to archive it. ^^ Aheh, pretty happy with what I got but the lecturer said I lost marks on my cover :icontearplz: I could have gotten a mark or two more if I did something better for my COVERRRRR~~ All my tears and cries orz; I could have done better though ; A ; YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE SEEN MY FRIEND'S BOOKLETS. T-THEY HAD POP-UPS AND ALL THE COOL TEXTURES I CANNOT EVEN-
*tumbles away to do work*
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This ended up much darker than I intended. Damn... I should get me a proper monitor :^\

Thanks to whoever came to watch my LS last night * v *

Jade Harley (c) Andrew Hussie
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Textures for background:
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No I will not name this purractice.
god damn.

Anyways, coloring practice. I haven't used PS in such a long time aaaahhhh feels gooood.
Thanks to the bros who came to watch my LS!

Nepatootie / Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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Muy pronto! Wobbuffet.. en el buffette de pokémon, uno de los diseños que PaperPokés quizo que arme. Cool, no?
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But seriously, I can't seem to draw anything. It's not funny anymore > _ < I keep erasing everything agsdftgvadjasd
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Aquí tenemos a Eevee y sus eeveeluciones jajaja, bueno, este pequeñin sí que me hizo querer llorar xD pero valió la pena, así que sus evoluciones ya conocieron a su progenitor, cuando ya esté hecho Glaceon, obviamente estará incluido en este retrato familiar :D
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