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Yeah, there actually was a chance that with all that pre-production I'd already done, I might not have gotten to do it.

But no. It's all good. Will start animating soon. Film is due November, also at which time I expect will be its internet exclusive release.

Again, if anyone's interested, lots of stuff for the film here: firetigeracidpanther.blogspot.…

ALSO I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be getting all this Acid/Fire giftart and comments. I'm glad you guys like 'em, and I hope you like the film they star in.

These are awesome:

acid panthere and fire tiger by Silverbloodwolf98 Blazing Trails by francis-john acid run by Silverbloodwolf98 Acid Panther by Raicoh Acid Panther Fanart by francis-john Explorer. by awesome-aly
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Well gosh darnit, son of a biscuit

Tue Apr 24, 2012, 1:00 PM

This is a black Tuesday for dA. All my favourite accounts are getting banned one after another. First :iconbutthurtbrigade: and a good chunk of it's members including the fabulous :iconfuhrer-glasses: and :iconstapledslut:. And now even :iconwolfofthunders:

I will have to  completely  reorganise my breakfast schedule because of some overzealous admin. Usually I wake up,  prepare nomnoms, settle in front of the computer and search for some morning drama.  butthurtbrigade was one of my favourite places to acquire my morning dose of concentrated baawws. Now when it is gone  I will be forced to actively search for the dramas elsewhere and I don't like that.

My  breakfast should look like this:

And now for a few days will look like this. Which is mostly inconvenient and you should care because...umm...yes, because yes.

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We finally have visual of what the first game concept of what Spyro's Kingdom looked like.

Apparently, this game was originally going to be a MMORPG, in the Legend of Spyro-themed universe. The Portal of Power is mentioned, and we were going to have to use toys to play as our dragon characters in the game world. And just like Spyro's Universe, we customize our lairs. This game idea was proposed to Activision, but it was rejected.

Link to video of demo watched and played by deviant, bionicle2809:…
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Here's a little short film I helped animate for my pal, Ben.

This pretty special~

Also, PCBC is over, sadly. I, and many others, loved it so.

I have to agree with the crit I've recieved from the judges, there are so many things that I need to improve on and their constant feedback is always appreciated!

I can safetly say that there has been major improvements in my grammar and some anatomy, thought they can still be pushed further.

Though, I was kind of sad that MikeMoroney couldn't fully finish his entry. This was the last round so I was kind of hoping they'd extend it again for him, but alas.

But yes, it was fun.

See you in IPL!

But for now, back to contracts and comissions!
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Mario PLZ Guide

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 22, 2011, 2:29 PM
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Miku Course!

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 5:20 PM
Hey Guys,

The course is now finished, and here are all the parts :) I will endeavour to combine this into a phat PDF and hopefully present it better heh!

Part 1: Choosing my Girl…
Part 2: Drawing my Girl…
Part 3: Building a Base…
Part 4: Sculpting Miku's Head…
Part 5: Posing Miku's Body…
Part 6: Miku's High Poly…
Part 7: Miku's Retopo:…
Part 8: UVW & Baking Miku:…
Part 9: Textures!…


Part 10: Rigging / Presentation…

I hope theres valuable information contained here that people find useful.

Its been an awesome experience for me, and I wanted to thank :iconfunkybunnies: :iconybourykina: :iconiononemillion: and Almighty_Gir for putting up with my randomness throughout the last couple months! I hope its been an awesome experience for them as it has been for me :)

Thanks guys! Go watch them and bother them, they are awesome.

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So I visited PIXAR today!

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 6:03 PM

It was awesome! 8D

We spent about two hours there with one of their story artists, Adrian Molina. *u* Although the first 30 minutes we just all sat and talked and ate delicious burritos underneath a gorgeous painting from Toy Story 3.

Then he looked at my portfolio, which he liked quite a bit. He said I was twice as good as he was at my age, but I ought to loosen up my figures. Then he looked at my sketchbook, which he was super impressed with. He said I should just make my portfolio look more like my sketchbook, and I'd be a shoe-in at CalARTs. xD So that was super cool! He's super nice and says to email him with his portfolios or any art or questions and he'll give me suggestions. c:

After lunch he showed us a little bit of the studio (although we weren't allowed anywhere with actual work going on, which was too bad). But I got to see TONS of concept work for Brave, which looks pretty cool! I can't really disclose any info about it obviously, but it definitely looks a little better after seeing the beautiful art for it. Aaaaaand I saw a tiny bit through a doorway of Monster's University! The color design for it is looking pretty cool. Adrian also said there's some new films in the development stage that he's really excited about, but he couldn't tell us more.

Then he gave me a little book he illustrated and drew this in it:

So overall it was awesome! <333 I'm definitely psyched to have someone in the industry helping me out. 8D Yay! ….I'm super exhausted now, but really inspired to draw hehe. x); Might just have to pass out. Anyway, it was super fun, and I think I have a little more direction now so hopefully after school is less stressful I'll have time to work. Yeeee!

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Truth about the Visual effects industry

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 5:52 PM

Behind those cute animated faces is a whole different story. Think very hard and do research before going to school for this. 

its not that magical job, you thought it was as a kid.…………

I know allot of this is old, but its still something to think very hard about. 

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For....REASONS....I will attempt the thirty days of homestuck....Reading though these it could be really tough...U_U
SO YEAH!! Please wish me the best of luck...eheheh..
Anyway, I'm sorry for being slow at replys, I'm kinda busy. :I [yet I have time to make this yes I know]
Some of you guys should do this with me, it'd be a ton of fun!! COMPETITION MEME ROUND!! GO!
Sincerely, Ash.

•Day One: Your favorite Kid
•Day Two: Your favorite Troll
•Day Three: Your patron Troll
•Day Four: Your favorite page[s]
•Day Five: Your favorite flash
•Day Six: Your favorite song
•Day Seven: Your favorite Lusus
•Day Eight: Your favorite Guardian
•Day Nine: Your favorite Exile
•Day Ten: Your favorite alchemized item
•Day Eleven: Your favorite pesterlog
•Day Twelve: Your favorite planet
•Day Thirteen: Derse or Prosphit?
•Day Fourteen: The Midnight Crew or The Felt?
•Day Fifteen: Doc Scratch or Bec Noir?
•Day Sixteen: Favorite member of The Midnight Crew/The Felt
•Day Seventeen: Favorite Derse Agent
•Day Eighteen: Favorite Overall Character
•Day Nineteen: A post dedicated to your Moirail
•Day Twenty: A post dedicated to your Matesprit
•Day Twenty-One: A post dedicated to your Auspitice[s]
•Day Twenty-Two: A post dedicated to your Kismesis
•Day Twenty-Three: Your favorite Flash Game
•Day Twenty-Four: The saddest death
•Day Twenty-Five: Your intro into Homestuck
•Day Twenty-Six: Your favorite Ancestor
•Day Twenty-Seven: Your favorite set of horns
•Day Twenty-Eight: One character you'd want to know in real life
•Day Twenty-Nine: One character you could kill
•Day Thirty: A message for Andrew Hussie
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Artwork copyright © Wilson Williams, Jr.

With the growth in popularity of the e-book many authors are seeing a glimmer of hope and realizing that they can get their work out there without having to break into the velvet roped publishing house exclusive party. This means that you will begin to get even more solicitations from those authors looking for artists to bring visuals to their words.

If you have a website or have done any degree of online advertising of your artwork, you have probably gotten an e-mail with a similar message as the title. If not, you will at some point. It's best to be prepared now. For those who have gotten it, nine times out of ten you aren’t sure how to respond to it, what should you ask, how do you respond?

I was tired of retyping essentially the same letter over and over again.  I finally saved a template of the letter I use in this situation and I’d like to share it with you. This letter is set up to not only gauge the potential project but to also get a measure of the knowledge of the person I would be working with.  For a person who has no knowledge of  what it takes to produce a book, this letter is quite intimidating. That's the point. You only want serious prospects when it comes to these types of projects, otherwise the jobs end up being more of a burden than a benefit.

Please take the letter and alter it to fit your needs. Within it you should find all the integral questions you should be asking anyone approaching you with a job of this nature. The more you know the better a position you’ll be in to decide whether or not the project is worth your consideration.

You can download the file in Word and as a PDF on the original blogpost here.

So why those 10 questions you ask? See below!

1. Is this your first Children’s Book?
If it is then you may have to not only be the Illustrator but the teacher as well. In most instances very few have taken the proper steps to educate themselves about the process and kind of work that goes into making a children’s book.

Many pick up a children’s book, read it and say to themselves that they could do this and seek out an Illustrator skipping all the information gathering that they need to do. It's also very likely that they won’t know how to answer the majority of the rest of the questions.

If the  answer is no, then you can ask for titles and do some online research to see what their other products look like and how successful they have been.

2. I would like to see the script for your story. You can send a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) pre-emptively if you feel compelled to do so.

You need to read the book before you decide to draw it.  For one, you may not like it. I've gotten some pretty out there inappropriate stories from authors.

You also need to see how complicated the images may be to determine how much you should be charging.

3. How many pages will your book be? (Please include the cover, back cover, copyright page, and title page  in that number.)

This is integral to coming up with a price since it will let you know about how many illustrations you may be doing.

4. What age range is your book intended for?

If the writer tells you the book is for 4-7 year olds and then sends you a 5000 word script, you know there is a problem. The age range should give you an idea of how simple, complex and bright your images should be considering the age range. The younger the audience the simpler and brighter the images should probably be.

5. Do you have a budget in mind for this artwork?

I rarely  get the answer to this question. But it never hurts to ask. If they do answer truthfully you may save yourself the trouble of reading the script if what they are budgeting is too low. I recently  got a letter asking for 35 illustrations for $5 each. In the trash.

6. Do you have an estimated date that you would want the artwork completed by?

This is necessary to determine if their scheduling  is realistic and will fit within your schedule.

7. How do you plan on publishing and marketing the book?

Do they have a publisher already?

If so, is it a vanity press or a smaller publisher or a larger one.  Be sure to research them online to see who you may be dealing with.  Larger publishers don’t generally have the writer select an illustrator.

If not, are they just trying to put something together to shop their story to a publisher? This is a no no as well. Publishers don’t want book submissions from authors and illustrators who are not the same person. They want the ability to select the artist for particular stories themselves.  If submitting a script all they need is to prepare it to the submission guidelines of that  particular publisher and submit it. Illustrations aren't necessary.

8. What outlets will you be using to sell the book?

Where do they intend to sell the books; Bookstores, Online, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles?  Again this is to help you gauge their research and planning. What steps are they considering to make sure the book will be a success.

9. What rights are you interested in purchasing from me?

The rights sold by most publishers are usually limited to what they specifically need to reproduce the book alone, first time publishing rights. This may include e-book rights but not always. For example, if the publisher decided to create plush toys, a video game or a cartoon based on your creations they would need to renegotiate your contract and your financial compensation since they are creating something beyond the specific published book you created.

The artist generally retains the copyright of the artwork they create in these situations. Don’t be surprised if the person soliciting you asks to buy all rights, which means they own the artwork copyright and everything and can essentially do whatever they like with or without your permission. If you sell those rights at the very least make sure that you are financially compensated for it.

10. Will you be hiring a designer as well, or will it be necessary for me to perform those duties?

Illustrators don’t typically do the layout, type or book design. If you are expected to do it then you should charge more.

If you are new to this you will learn quickly that there is a lot to learn about what we do. You need to keep up on all the business side of things that may seem cumbersome to learn but are essential to your survival as a professional. We'll do our best to provide knowledge and tools based on our experiences here at OnceUponASketch.  Take advantage and let us know if you see anything that can be added or improved.

- Wilson W, Jr.
Have you gotten a request from an author for you to draw their Children's Book? Did you know the proper questions to ask before you gave them an estimate or said, "Yes!" to their project? This article provides you with a great tool to use when you are approached. Make sure that the author is giving you all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.
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