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I recently learned that the stereotypical "Japanese Fan Girl" is not some sort of mythical sasquatch of popular culture. I know they exist because my work somehow attracted the attention of one.
She showed up online one day and started posting weird fan-art and (thanks to google translate) weirder messages.
It was amusing, if a little creepy. Especially when someone found a few pictures she had drawn of a decidedly underage version of myself being violated by tentacles.
I let that slide because, hey; she was a Japanese Fan-girl. They're innately odd.
But then it turned out she was actively following me around the internet, frequenting the same sites and forums as me. Specifically B3TA; a place where you really shouldn't go unless you speak English, have a tough skin and an understanding of serrated British humour.
Fan-girl did not, and was subsequently torn to shreds.
Despite everyone's advice, however (including mine and most of the B3TAns) she kept going back. As such, I don't have much sympathy.
You may have seen a few of her posts appear on my DA gallery in which she rants on about the "evil B3TA people". The most recent of which was in regards to the latest internet meme "Helicopter Cat", to which she took much umbrage.
After my latest Spider & Scorpion strip, in which I used that meme, Fan-girl went bat-sh*t. She apparently took it as a personal attack on her and started using photos from my family's facebook page in sinister collages tagged "death is eternal".
Obviously she's now being banned left-right-and-centre, so, hopefully we've seen the last of her.

I guess this is a cautionary tale; Japanese Fan-girls are scary.
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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 3:40 PM

Guardians by akeli
Guardians Intro 1 and 2 by akeli Guardians Intro 3 and 4 by akeli Guardians Page 5 and 6 by akeli
Guardians Page 7 by akeli Guardians Page 8 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 9 UPDATED by akeli Guardians page 10 REVAMP by akeli Guardians Page 11 by akeli Guardians Page 12 by akeli Guardians Page 13 by akeli Guardians Page 14 and 15 by akeli
Guardians Page 16 by akeli Guardians Page 17 by akeli Guardians Page 18 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 19 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 20 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 21 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 22 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 23 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 24 by akeli
Guardians Comic Page 25 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 26 by akeli Guardians Comic Page 27 by akeli
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A Collaboration between sedART & petercui edited by akeli
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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 11:23 AM

Happy Easter everyone! I feel like... I just want to talk today. Because I think there's things I've learned and feel and think that sometimes I just want to say.

Let's start with stories.

What I find great about any form of storytelling is how honest it is. There is no other form of shared knowledge that can teach us how to live our lives better. None. That being said, we see stories in everything. We look at a tree with a fence grown into it, and think of when the fence must have been built, who may have built it, etc. We see a couple arguing on  the street and ponder as to what could have gotten them to this point. We hear a snapping twig in the woods, and plan our escape route from whatever magnificent beast lurks in the brush! As human beings, we LOVE stories. But why?

We love stories because they teach us how to live. Think about any good movie, book, or other story. It should have moved you in some way. Some stories teach us how to deal with the intense hardships in life, some stories teach us how to see achieve great things, and some simply teach us not to take life too seriously. But all stories teach us emotional lessons. Lessons you could never gleam from a textbook.

Now, film is my personal favorite method of storytelling. Why? Because it is uninterrupted, and visual. It's almost more difficult, because you have to think how to make an audience feel a specific thing from what they see. To explain how difficult this can be, let me give you an example. Let's take a blade of grass. This single blade of grass can mean a million things. It can stand for hope, or it can stand for wear and the fall of civilization back into nature. It can mean a meal, or it can mean a lost meal. It can stand for a newborn baby entering the world, or an elderly woman exiting it. A single blade of grass can stand for a million things, but it's the filmmaker's job to make the audience only see one. A good director strings meaningful images together in such a way that the audience understands, but still has some darker areas to create to themselves. They not only take away the director's vision, but their own personal understanding as well. That is the beauty of film.

Animation is a special beast, in that it can create things we would not otherwise see in our world. In my personal opinion, animation has the power to harness the power of dreams, and it's this power that makes us love it so much. There's something deeply symbolic about the usually unrealistic things in animation that make them so real to us. In a similar way to dreams, animation takes things that we wouldn't normally even consider and puts them into a visual, semi-real form. And much of what we see in animation has incredible potential on a symbolic level (which is what our dreams function on, symbol). There's something incredibly meaningful in a house floating through the sky, an alien finding a place in our world, or a girl getting turned into an old woman during war. These abstracted ideas can be translated into life lessons with more meaning than just witnessing them in a realistic way. In other words, animation has the power to not only execute symbols, but stretch them to otherwise unrealistic proportions to make a point.

Where films fail is where they worry too much, and aren't honest with what they want to accomplish. From worrying about angry parents to worrying about bored kids to worrying about unhappy bosses, films fail because they get so caught up in the superficial sides of things. It's a legitimate fear to fear losing money, since in our world that can make it or break it for you. But the stronger films speak true, they do not ooze phoniness born of worry.

Anyway, let's talk about personal goals.

I don't believe in impossible. Anything you want to do is possible. Even if you're a smartass and say "I want to breed flying gazelles", IT'S PROBABLY POSSIBLE. If you devoted your life to it, why not. That's my mentality on everything. Work hard, achieve. That's what every one of you who want to do something great need to know.

You can do it.

But doing nothing will get you nowhere. No matter what it is you want to start, START IT! Think of long-term and shortterm goals, and act.

Shoot for the stars.

I've kinda run out of steam, but I hope you all have a nice Easter.


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Phew. That lighting is hard. I think I will reserve it for more important shots.
Anyway, the first scene I've done of Fire Tiger vs Acid Panther. If anyone's curious.

I won't upload any more scenes, as I'd like the film to be at least a bit of a surprise.

Oh wait, I just realized there are a couple of frames cut off the end. Oh well, not missing much.
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Wacom Horror Warning people

Fri Sep 7, 2012, 6:37 PM
I realized i just been living in a lie. Been coloring with the wrong icc profile for almost 6 years. Its because all this time i had a secondary monitor like 8 years old that ive never notice it. I just bought recently a cheap and amazing monitor 23 inches aoc, and noticed that my cintiq tablet colors looked washed away.

I asked myself why all my drawings in deviant art dont look like in my cintiq, they look washed away or burned.

Because of two problems.

I have all my files in adobe 1998 icc, which its good for printing but not web browsing, but the most horrible one, its that the cintiq21ux.icc that came in my cd was really wrong. Got the correct one in a wacom europe page, my cintiq its first generation, so new drivers sucked hard doesnt work.

Also warning for those that have same old cintiq like me, new drivers screw up the pen, cuts the pressure in half or gives weird pressure to it-, and worst ive been coloring with pen pressure wrong and color really bad.

I had been coloring blind. The default icc that comes in the cd its like 5kb, you need to get the one almost 500kb they are named the same, but its a huge difference, when i change it i noticed all my drawings looked so burn out.

Ohhh the driver i think worked perfectly for my old cintiq and intuos 3 its this driver WacomTablet_6.1.6-5.

Because wacom released a new cintiq 21ux it rewritted the files on top of this old one, so new drivers really mess with the pens pressure and performance, and its not installing the correct icc, so you have to get that file and install it manually.

Spread the word if you know other people with cintiq 21ux(first generation), cintiq 12wx or intuos 3.

Now i can see colors perfectly, after going to color manager of windows 7  and i can control perfectly the pens pressure.

cintiq icc profiles…

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Check out the free ZBrush tutorial by Michael Defeo on  Watch Michael use the new Curvetube brush to create Hair Details using ZBrush!
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My artwork is now for SALE

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 2, 2012, 3:13 PM



At WeLoveFine you can now purchase my artwork as beautiful high resolution prints.  What you see here on Deviantart is not even half the quality that is available at the store.  Your fellow watchers are already using this opportunity, now you can too.

WeLoveFine direct link:… If that doesn't work  just click the image above.

Whats available

Nightly Wonders by Tsitra360Final Snip by Tsitra360Sweet Arrival by Tsitra360Vinyl Scratch_LOUDER by Tsitra360Vinyl Scratch R3c0rds by Tsitra360Morning Warmup by Tsitra360

Coming soon!  Tee designs :)

DESIGN BY iareruss CSS BY NellyAsher
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JOURNEY, Best game i had ever played

Sat Oct 13, 2012, 9:13 AM
This got to be the most amazing game i had ever played in my entire life. Been a gamer for almost 30 years, played all type of games, including hentai games, hhahahahha. But i was not satisfied at 100%, i mean final fantasy 7, zelda, shadow of the colosus, call of duty, pacman. All games were amazing, especially Shadow of the Colossus that almost gave me a 95% satisfaction.

And i asked myself, i had seen it all, i topped the gaming genre, i wont cry again for the beauty and sadness like Shadow of the Colossus anymore.


I bought the collectors edition, i highly recommend it.

There were times i just sight and enjoyed the view of the landscapes, hearing the wind sound, then i noticed the loneliness, and felt bad, so each time i saw a companion i was so happy to begin a journey with them. I felt sad when a monster eats my companions, you truly care about them.

At first i was like damn there is another player go away, leave me play alone, but the more you play, the more loneliness you feel, that its a joy to see another traveler.

I wont spoil the game, but its too short, but somehow felts like a life time.

The game contains also flower and flow, plus other 3 minigames, incredible concept art, and soundtrack with amazing pieces like this one.…


Let me tell you of my journey:
I wandered towards a mountain in the distance. I did not know why.
I came across a desert full of ruins. It piqued my curiosity.
I came across a city covered in sand. It showed me what true beauty means.
I came across a cave. It was dreamlike, yet cruel.
I came across a temple. It opened my eyes.
I came across the mountain. It made me cry.
I walked into the light. It made me smile.
However, there is one thing I remember the best:
On my way I met a friend.

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Procrastination is a terrible illness.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 12:20 AM


You can catch it at any time...anywhere. Today I suffered from Procrastination. I tried all kinds of medicines such as videos, music, reading comments...nothing. I shall sleep and hope that I can overcome this sickness. I need it, because what's worse than Procastination? up!

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I just went back and read some of the horrible comments I've received from people in the past.
I remember how hurtful it was and how much I wanted to just dissapear from it all. I felt helpless and hopeless.

The internet can be a terrible place.

When people aren't accountable for what they say they feel a certain sense of power. The ability to judge others without being judged ourselves is a position of immense dominance. It's exhilarating to exercise that dominance over another person.

But now, looking back, I realize that it doesn't bother me anymore. I don't even bother hiding, deleting or responding to those comments because it just doesn't bug me. I feel a resounding "eh",

I keep those comments up so that people can see the kind of behaviour that people reduce themselves to when they're behind a computer screen. Every "this is shit" or ""he" is just a dyke and a "she"" has meaning to me now. It means that I've overcome something that I never would have thought possible. I'm not hurt by that anymore. Why would I be?

I know my cosplay isn't great. But I love to do it so negative comments aren't going to stop me. Really you're just telling me what I already know! And it pushes me to try harder next time which is always positive. As for the more personal comments... well, I am who I am. And although I've been prone to pretty intense insecurity and self-dissastifaction in the past, I'm in the best shape of my life right now (physically and psychologically)... and I owe a lot of that to criticism and negativity. It only pushes me to keep going.

I'm happy. And I'm thankful that I don't need to lurk behind anonymity and animosity to feel exhilaration and strength. I feel that every day when I look back at how far I've come and look forward to how bright the future looks.
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