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This started out to be a submission for 's contest, but I don't think it quite fits her theme. However, I quite like it.

As for the name "Alaia," I came across it in a book of baby names the other day and thought it sounded pretty. So there.


Tree from [link] file #330035

Fractal brushes from
Plant brushes from
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Yeah thort that i should update my gallery, u no add another lil piece of work... didnt really do much to this picture but yeah i thort it turned out pretty good!

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Yeah boredom takes over once again

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Okay, so I didn't get much of anything done in time today for Easter, but I thought I should at least post something with rabbit-ness to make up for it somehow? :XD: (since that's usually what I do post for the occasion, since I love to have reason to do overload rabbit art ;P *shrugs*) Plus, this pic is more decent that the other stuff I seem to be getting out lately *hitting a bit of an art rut* and I did want to eventually post it so... yarr! :P Yes, me and my excuses, excuses ^^;

Now then... this has to do with the whole interwined Bullseye being a little manwhore and screwing anything that moves deal... which of course, leads to a few unplanned pregnancies and births :evileye: Kassandra here (the female, obviously) just happens to be one of his said impregnanted one-night standers... (she sure took some extra convincing tho... she's not exactly someone who will just give herself up... Bullseye put on the super charming and smooth act... >> and guess it must've worked!)

Anywho, the silly boy forgot a certain "something"... and thus, poor Kassandra is impregnated with Bullseye spawn o.o Poor thing =/ I've written a story segment here that shows how the whole situation is viewed by Kassandra's father Kyle, her only parent, and the present situation is them at the hospital, Kassandra having gone into labour...

It was all a matter of staying calm.
*Yes* thought Kyle, *Calm, just stay calm... no panicking! Panicking won't help...*
If he panicked now, all would go to hell. Like things weren't bad enough as it were... it was all happening too fast.
It seemed like just yesterday that Kyle's world had come to a dead halt when he had come home to find his sixteen-year-old daughter, sobbing in hysteria, and fearfully told him that she was pregnant.
The father understandably shaken to the very core at this news. Kassandra pregnant???
It just didn't seem possible... she was a smart and respectable girl... she wasn't the type who ended up a teenage mother...
After much explaining and talking the situation over, Kyle had been further shocked at her idignant decision to have the baby. She refused to terminate the unwanted life; it just didn't seem fair.
Her parent obviously couldn't force her otherwise... he loved her too much to do such a thing. He even sort of admired her bravery towards it all...
After confessing it to Kyle, Kassandra had dried her eyes and stood strong, declaring her choice. She acted in such a mature and adult matter, and he was proud of this.
But he was scared too. Scared of what could happen.
After the death of Kali; in childbirth with Kassandra, Kyle was left protective and paranoid for his little girl.
Not so little anymore, especially considering she was handling this pregnancy better than her father was. Thank God it had been a relatively easy one.
But now, as she was put into the hospital bed, anyone could see that her determined, brave face was gone.
Now it was pale from fear, red-eyed from exhaustion and contorted with pain. She was not handling the contractions well; she'd never been one tolerant of pain. Her attempts to do the focussed breathing were lost amoung her cries of agony.
Kyle bit his lip hard. He couldn't stand it.
There was nothing he could do but linger outside there and listen to her scream. He stood there, hating himself.
*Why* he thought *why??*
He should've done this all differently. He could've saved her from this. Why couldn't he have done the parent thing and forced her to get the abortion?
Sure, she might've hated him for it, as much as it would break his heart, but he could deal with it, knowing he'd saved her from this doomed fate.
But no... he had to let her have the weight of the decision and the only one she'd blame was herself. This was all too much to put on a sixteen-year-old... she was a good girl... she didn't deserve this!
Just then, a head poked from the room entrance. "-Mr. Hayes?"
Kyle looked up swiftly."-Yes?" Is my daughter alright??"
"-She's asked if you could come in, sir."
The adult rabbit swallowed hard. "-Alright..."
He followed the attendant in and was shown to where Kassandra was. The minute her face turned to him, Kyle was stunned to see the expression. That face... he'd seen it before.
He'd seen it when she was little... when she woke up frigtened from nightmares or potential bed monsters... when she was hurt by someone who teased her at school... when she was ashamed that she had broken an expensive lamp... and then, currently, when she had told him of her pregnancy.
Forget her having a baby, she was his baby girl again. That face, that said she was scared, hurt, lost and alone.
Her mouth trembled, hoarsely, "-Daddy..." The female weakily reached out a hand to him.
Kyle quickly rushed over and took it. "-Kassie?" Are you okay, baby?"
Kassandra slowly shook her head. "-No... daddy... I can't... can't do this... I-"
"-Shhh, it's alright sweetie, everything's alright," he said soothingly. This statement was far from the truth in his head.
He was already panicking that she was fading fast, and soon she'd be taken from him, just like his wife had...
She gulped, "-Daddy... you'll... you'll stay... w-won't you?" Her pleading face and meek tone were more than enough.
Kyle squeezed her hand reassuringly and responded, "-Of course I will, kitten." I'll stay right here."
She still needed her father after all.

All BlushBunnyC3
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Yeah she's retarded
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This one I made for "Once Upon a Fairytale" Contest :)
Well, this is my first time entering contest, :D
here --> [link]
So, wish me luck guyz! :XD:

Stocks I used :

Mother and daughter :iconmykaylah-stock:

Girl in pink with Flowers :iconlilly-stock:

Girl looking at fairy :iconchelsea-stock:

Background :iconstockcity:

Fairy, Unicorn, Buterfly :iconshoofly-stock:

prince :icontacostock:

Pink Girl standing :iconhanratty-stock:

Pink Girl sitting :iconeli-stock:

Again, comments and critics are really appreciated :heart:

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Thanks to and for the stock photos :D

I just sent the note to join so I did this as a gift art for the club. I have had this idea for awhile and just now got just the right images based on the letter from Mary that is read during the "in the water" ending of Silent Hill 2

In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised you'd take me there again someday. But you never did. Well I'm alone there now... In our "special place"... Waiting for you...

Waiting for you to come to see me. But you never do and so I wait, wrapped in my caccoon of pain and loneliness. I know I've done a terrible thing to you, something you'll never forgive me for. I wish I could change that but I can't. I feel so pathetic and ugly laying here, waiting for you. Every day I stare up at the cracks in the ceiling and all I can think about is how unfair it all is. The doctor came today, he told me I could go home for a short stay. It's not that I am getting better, it's just that this maybe my last chance, I think you know what I mean. Even so I am glad to be coming home I've missed you terribly but... I'm afraid James, I'm afraid you don't really want me to come home. Whenever you come see me I can tell how hard it is on you. I don't know if you hate me or pitty me or maybe i disgust you. I'm sorry about that. When I first learned I was going to die, I just didn't want to accept it. I was so angry all the time and I struck out at everyone I loved most, especially you James. Thats why I understand if you do hate me but I want you to know this James.

I'll always love you. Even though our life together had to end like this. I still wouldn't trade it for the world. We had some wonderful years together. Well, this letter has gone on too long, so I'll say goodbye. I told the nurse to give this to you after I'm gone, that means that as you read this I'm already dead. I can't tell you to remember me but I can't bare for you to forget me these last few years since I became ill. I am so sorry for what I did to you, did to us. You've given me so much and I haven't been able to return a single thing. That's why I want you to live, for yourself now. Do whats best for you James.

James... you made me happy.
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Made for *shelldevils fantasy contest!

Stock used

- Model

- Hot Air Balloons, Flowers & Butterflies

- Checkered Floor

- Bird Brushes
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You begged me to cry.

So I carved your name into my wrist
branded the spots you once kissed
watched records of love that i had missed
just to be laughed at and then dismissed.

But it didn't matter.

So I woke up late into the day
glanced outside to a world now grey
painted beauty with soft dismay
only to watch it melt away.

But then you closed your eyes.

So I closed pain and stopped the care
from breaking my wish coming here
pointed to a heart opened and bare
that experienced love in a view unclear.

But you made it hurt again.

So I dedicated more love to you
nurtured the hurt until it grew
to fall in love with the bluest blue
of despair so deep only more it knew.

But I dug fresh dirt.

So it fell down lower than the lowest low
to never feel Remedy's tender blow
of love so sweet nothing else could show.
The grief lived on with lonliness's glow

But it was satisfied.
You begged me to cry
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