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a new year gift for you :)

its an idea, a concept that many artists use so dont jump at me blaming me of stealing or anything, ITS MY OWN WORK ITS A VIRGIN :D

updated 01/03/2006

added compact start panel
improved normal start panel

get the wallpaper from here [link] Blue Wallpaper by The-Definition

and icons from here [link] d3A Big Pack by miloszwl

happy new year and welcome to my website [link]

P.S color schemes will be added very soon

Note: in order to install this theme either download uxtheme multi patcher from here [link] its free

or download stylexp from this link [link] its shareware
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Contains four flavours; Subtle (Olive), Skyman (Blue), Cut (Red) and a bonus black theme - Cinder.

Each has both normal and compact start panel versions.

[b]Use the matching wallpapers for the smoothest result:[/b]

Cinder: Aqua-VividBlue.jpg
All others: Aqua-Tan.jpg


- Normal: Trebuchet MS
- Large: Tahoma
- Extra Large: Frutiger Linotype

Oh, use Yz Shadow too, because it rocks (Google before you ask!)
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A simple blue modification of the fantastic BlackMesa visualstyle, which can be found here:


Updated 6/6/2005: Added orange selection boxes for start menu, changed theme name in Appearance preference box to BlueMesa, and dropped saturation on the start button a little.
Updated again 6/6/2005: Fixed single pink pixel on start buttons.
Updated 7/6/2005: Added Tahoma substyles, shrunk start menu button area (Hopefully this fixes problems with French copies of Windows XP too.) Made Logoff button yellow.
Updated 8/6/2005: Fixed description text on start menu (now an attractive blue colour) and modified selection colour a little.

This is the official resource kit for the Black Mesa visual style. Do what you want with it, my only request is that if you use these files in any other VS, skin, or website, you give me credit. No prior permission is required. :)

So if you feel so inclined as to make a wonderful modification to the Black Mesa VS, feel free to use these as you see fit, and release it at will!
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Smooth OSX style theme. Silver, black, and extremely sexy. Includes two wallpapers.

This is the initial release, please leave feedback!

Thi was intended for release last year (2004), but I have been too busy as of late!

No shellstyle. Let me know if you want to make one for it :¬)

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Black Mesa v2 has arrived. ;)

All bugs that were reported in the original have been fixed, and many aesthetic tweaks or changes to the overall design have been implemented. Both a normal, and compact version is included, for those wondering but too lazy to download and try it out first. I'd like to thank KoL for his help fixing many of the bugs, as well as curran for giving me feedback along the way. Enjoy the new release, bitches.

Note: The resource files for version 2 were lost near it's completion, so there won't be a VSRK for v2. However, the VSRK for v1 still exists and since most of the design stayed the same it should still prove useful for anyone hoping to make a mod for v2.

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<----* About *------------------------>

gfxOasis visual style for WindowsXP

This theme is based on
Package contains Normal and Compact StartMenus, three different font sizes (Tahoma 7, Tahoma 8 and Arial 8), Yz Dock backgrounds and additional Start buttons.

Visual Style made by KoL
Icons in the shellstyle made by Marvilla (
Shellstyle made by KaosAD (
Yz Dock backgrounds made by KoL
Startbuttons by KoL

<----* Installation *----------------->

To use the Visual Style you need StyleXP ( or Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v2.5.1([link])
Extract the zip to C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes

<----* Updates *---------------------->

UPDATE 1 (v1.1)
- Compact startmenu separator fixed
- Changed the colors of Users Accounts in Control Panel

UPDATE 2 (v1.2)
- Added additional Startbuttons
- Fonts on the msstyle and shellstyle changed
- Some little graphics changes


gfxOasis WindowBlinds - [link]
gfxOasis Winamp - [link]

The images and icons used in the shellstyle are property of Distributing these images and icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

StudioTwentyEight - [link]
gfxOasis - [link]

Copyright © 2002 - 2004, StudioTwentyEight
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CO is designed as an ergonomic replacement for the default Windows Classic theme. It was designed with long-term use and compatibility in mind.


- 5 colours: Alpha, Blue, DeviantART, Green and Dusk
- Normal & Compact start panel versions
- Classic and Coloured taskbar versions
- Matching wallpapers and shellstyles
- Yz Dock by Manyk (no Dusk)

- new font choices:

Normal: Tahoma 8
Large: Arial 8
XLarge: Frutiger Linotype 8

The icons in the screenshot are Marvilla's Pastel set ([link]).

The GANT set goes very well with the new Dusk version!

Please refer to the readme (included in zip) for full theme information (and update history).

Hope you enjoy the theme, comments would be appreciated :¬)


1. Working on a WindowBlinds port
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Pucko Klassik
A classic Visual Style with the same name as the Swedish chocolate drink. ;) Includes 8 substyles: Classic, Lime, Pucko and Dark plus compact versions.

It's another Windows Classic inspired style. This one however is a little bit inspired by the Glider GTK theme too. :)

Get wallpaper at: [link]

It's one of those styles that works perfect with the Tango icons. [link]


Update 5:
-Changed shellstyle folders.

Update 4:
-Compact startmenu versions now included.
-Blank shellstyle included.
-Minor color fixes.

Update 3:
-Change the caption font to tahoma.
-Changed the borders to something more flat.
-Couple of fixes to the dark substyle.

Update 2:
Added 1 slightly darker color scheme for those who have super ultra bright LCD monitors. :p (Hopefully it will be easier on the eyes for some.)

Update 1:
-Increased the caption font size to 9.
-Vertical taskbar buttons fixed.
-Hovered text is now brighter.
Comments disabled by owner.
Pete Ross [link]
Max Rudberg [link]
Special thank you for giving permission to me

*22th,April - Included foobar button
(It is mistake in upload,sorry)


very thanks ~!

wallpaper and foobar fcs by hibar

tlb media control
by u2bonokim

by ggumi

Different font style by tomoko26


Addition :
u2bonokim made fantastic Firefox skin !! thanks ~!! [Link]
Jaziel made fantastic OB skin !! thanks a lot~! [Link]
sakuro4ka made fantastic opera skin,vlc skin.foobar pack !thanks :D[Link]
VInci1618 made fantastic for finder looca ~ ! very thanks~ [Limk]

1. the font that is used for screenshot is swiss 721 font. However, it isn’t free to use. Thus, I won’t take any requests of using the font.

2. This is something that I was worried about When I was releasing Fantastic vs.

I have told you before but I am the one who has the total right of this version.
I had the idea of this versiong and i used the base as milk3.1, so i had the permission of maker of milk3.1.
The problem was that i wasn’t thinking of releasing this version; thus, i was just using it by myself without
releasing it.

However, someone called Ultraman saw my screenshot and i accepted a request that permitting port Mac osx theme.
Then, Ultraman released the theme that he used based on my fantastic version themed on the Mac osx and more Non-Korean
people started to see this fantastic theme. In addition, Ultraman put my blog address and DA gallery address
as the original right. And Many people requested to release windows visual style and I worked hard cuz I am not good with
English and i earned the permission of the basetheme and this one was released.

I think though Ultraman displayed that I am the one with the right and the maker, many people wouldn’t know.
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Infos in the preview

It's Updated now.
Fixed startpanel bug and some other little bugs.
I hope it's bugfree now.

You need Y'z toolbar 1.3 for the toolbar
Google for it
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