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Similar Deviations
I decided to really push myself and bring this concept to another level
This actually started from a 15 min sketch

I used:
Photoshop CS5
Intuos 5 L
and about 10 hours or so
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This is my entry to the Dodge contest. I didn't want it to make exactly as a transformer. Maybe more like a robot concept design or like an armour. That's why i put the cabin for a pilot :)

Este es mi dibujo para el concurso de Dodge. No quise que se viera exactamente como un transformer. Queria que se viera mas como un traje o como un diseño de robot. Por eso le puse la cabina, como para que se entendiera tiene un piloto adentro :)
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This is 576 meters long mining ship called Repent .
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Here is my entry for the pixel art competition.

I came up with this idea because everyone seemed to be creating Platform like games and I wanted to be different (like always) so I created an isometric war game. I tried to get it looking like an old Super Nintendo and Amiga game... I think I succeeded, and if you have played a significant amount of games on these platforms then I would think that you know where I am coming from.

Total of 30 colours was used
Created in Photoshop 7
Resolution: 320*240
Time Span: Created in about one week.

If you were wondering what the menu icons mean, then here is what they are:

Top Left:
Numbers represent: Gold, Minerals and Gas.

Top Right:

Bottom Right (Menu):
Build Units
Build Buildings
Move Units

Middle Bottom (Menu Selections):
(From right to left starting to the left of the jeep)
Move Unit (O with arrow)
Attack Unit (Target)
Guard moving back and forth (S type Arrows)
Stop (Hand with S)
Guard standing still (binoculars)
Scrolling Arrows

Bottom Left:
War Tank = current unit selected (as noticed on the screen)
Jeep = current unit being built (progress bar above jeep picture)

[edit] I made the bottom control bar more defined; now it is a lot easier to recognise and doesn’t blend in so much with the rest of the picture. This is something I had wanted to do from the start but never got around to it until I realised once I finally uploaded the picture.
I also added the blood colour, so there are now 26 Colours not 25, because the blood looked pinkish and not red.

Another edit, this time I have taken in some advice and added shading to the cliffs in the back and around the water. I also actually edited the fire, even though I thought it looked alright, I edited it more and now it looks a little better. due to these edits the picture now uses 30 colours.
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This is my 9 contest entry, I have more views below.

He is made from:
2 leds
1 battery
horseshoe nails
wire mesh
coke can
and a bunch of other things..

I was going for a Oryx-Bear- Bison.. kinda thing..
as for the lack of jaw...
This is a charger... and a jaw would serve no function.

other views


OK so a bit of info on me and why I entered.. This contest showed up on my 21st B-day.. it was like the universe said.. HEY.. HAPPY B-DAY!! give it a try.. So I made him as the last personal art project before I start my senior year at SCAD for my BFA- in Animation.. : / and I had a blast with him.

And thanks everyone for your awesome support!
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my entry for teh 9 contest!
i cnt wait for that movie ><
so epic..comes out on demyx day :3

but this is my entry..
its basically zipperz...xD
cuz i realized that zippz is basically made outta random i pritty much made a more complex version...
zippz is nowhere near this i call my creation ZZ
made mostly of scrapped metal and various bones and wood. right eye is a flashlight..the other is a button.
right leg is 3 wires fused at "elbow" and has a clawed computer mouse as hand.
left foot is a clawed cannon [hence green light]
body is basically a mess of wires covering other metal parts. claws are made of small knives [like pocket knives]
back legs both have skateboard wheels to let ZZ get place to place quickly. tail has 3 knife blades and a plug.
antenna on head

ZZ is not much of a fighter. it is very smart tho and can "sniff" things out quite easily. it's arms can grow longer to catch things easier. it's tail spinns whenever it's on it's wheels. ZZ will only attack if threatened...but sometimes likes to destroy things with it's cannon when bored. even though it is small, it's cannon can be very powerful.

i have the lineart above so you can see better details.
then i have a colored version
and then the same colored version with a darker bg so you can see some of the other colors better :3

changes from zipperz:
much more detail...
eye[flashlight] has no pupil
other eye is button
cannon fire is green
blades on tail are knives
wheels are more realistic
much much more detail

9 and such[c] shane acker
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Okay, I first thought i was not going to enter this contest, but something or someone inspired me to enter. so here is my design, i put about 30+ hours in the creation and design. all done in photoshop cs5 and my trusty mouse. I hope you all enjoy it....I worked really hard on this one....
If you like it please click on the I'd Wear This button on the page it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hope you like it too! :la: and if you do, don't forget to click at the "I'D WEAR THIS!" button, and help me gather votes :tighthug: :thanks:

My other Designs
Fella in hover car - vector


Creating the Future - Vector art

Creating the future
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I dream that one day I'll be providing new concept ideas for products and give them a completely new look and function, having almost no likenesses of the current appearances people are so use to seeing. Clothing, sneaker, headphones...and anything that has room for creativity
Here's a concept sneaker idea. These don't use laces, and vent in/out air when you walk from the back/front.
Look at this model. she has them on
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my entry for the "9 Creature Contest." This just popped in my head and just went for it. Uh... The core is his heart and the lightning and blades (especially the tail) are weapons.

I named him GoodBoy because it's ironic to his personality (even though he or it, is a machine).

I'll call him it from now lol. Its body is made up of plastic bottles. The tail is all rusted metal and the the rounded blue part are from cans, giant blades, and a nice little burlap sack to cover the bottom area. The legs are rubberbands and plastic. The claws are the ends of kitchen knives and wooden handles, kabob sticks, and those little pitch forks. The back consists of connection cables (like xbox cables) metal legs that make IT have a giant leap into the air that are able to be released when the wooden wheels turn. Its head is half burlap (because to me it gives it a "9" touch) and half metal. I gave him a little animal look with the ears and a bit of the nose. etc etc, I'm not good at explaining OTL

so yes, that's about it. I had fun with this.

I wish luck to all the contestants.
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For the current contest about the movie 9.

The challenge is to create a creature from found objects around your house. My desk has a lot of interesting metal tidbits, since I like making things out of paperclips and such, so here's this little guy. He doesn't have a face, but he does have legs. XD The body is an old watch casing, so he looks like he's got four legs from the mountings where the strap used to go. The other stuff is just a bunch of screws, a few dead watch batteries, and a couple of springs, plus a wall mounting. Nothing particularly impressive, but I think he's cute. ;) Pointy, but cute.

A better, more generally awesome entry is coming later, hopefully, as long as school's not too rough.

Fullview is recommended for all the details! It's kind of big, though.

(This image is only 654 KB and it's already taken dA fifteen minutes to upload it. Sheesh.)
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