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Recently I posted tutorials about moving Details Pane, Navigation Pane and Command Bar in Windows 7 Explorer:


You guys liked the tutorials so I decided to share some more interesting tutorials with you all.

Following tutorials will help you in customizing almost each and everything of Command Bar (aka Folder Band or Toolbar) in Windows 7.

It'll help you in:

Moving Command Bar to bottom of Windows Explorer - [link]

Auto-hide Command Bar - [link]

Add new buttons to Command Bar - [link]

Remove unwanted buttons from Command Bar - [link]

Remove Preview Pane button - [link]

Remove Get Help button - [link]

Remove Burn button - [link]

Customize Organize and Layout menus - [link]

For your convenience, I have uploaded a ZIP file containing links to all these tutorials.

Feel free to ask any kind of questions. :)
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Download Link

Windows Application Blocker is another freeware from door2windows that allows you to block any application with just one click.

How to block an application:

  1. Run the tool.

  2. When it asks for the password, click OK.

  3. Type the application's executable name in the Application Executable Name textbox (Add the extension also).
    You can find the application's executable name with the following tutorial:

    1. Right-click on the application's shortcut.

    2. Select Properties.

    3. The application's executable name will be in Target textbox.

  4. Click Block.

How to unblock an application:

  1. Run the tool.

  2. When it asks for the password, click OK.

  3. Select the application that you want to unblock from the Blocked Applications list.

  4. Click Unblock.

How to change password:

  1. Run the tool.

  2. When it asks for the password, click OK.

  3. Click Change Password.

  4. Type your new password in the Enter new password textbox.

  5. Click OK.

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UPDATE: v2 contains an exclusion/inclusion feature.

Download Link

AutoSaver is a free portable tool that saves the file on which you are working after an interval of time that you can set. It works on all apps that support the hotkey CTRL + s.
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:star: Imagepad :star:

Image viewer with the Ribbon touch

Version 1.0.2 - RC1 additional fix for x64 is here!
      Thank you supporters! :thumbsup:
      50+ :+fav: 1,900+ :below: 27 :points:

This software is released as free-of-use and can be shared too by the public without violating the terms, however, if you want to show the author some appreciation of his work you may
Greetings! If you want to support this project but don't have anything to donate
you can support by downloading from these mirror links.Show your support by simply clicking :+fav: and give feedback. :dance:


:bulletblack: Sorry again for the problem with associating GIF files, I'll work on that as well.
:bulletorange: To those who experience problems and crashes pls remove previous versions and redownload this updated version (1.0.1)
note me if problem is still there. thanks!
:bulletgreen: Fixed all possible issues causing a generic error to stop app from starting.
:bulletgreen: You can now view images from explorer using "Open with..."
:bulletgreen: External programs can now be associated with Imagepad giving you the flexibility to pass the image to your alternative viewer or editor with a few clicks.
:bulletgreen: Profiles are here to offer more customizations and more choices for our users.
:bulletgreen: Lots of other improvements.
:bulletgreen: Some bugs fixed & many more...
:bulletblack: Pardon me for the "delete" bug and "set wallpaper" incompatibility for some OS. I'll work on it on the next version.


:bulletgreen: Windows XP | Vista | 7
:bulletgreen: .NET 3.5 Fw (.NET Fw 2.0 unconfirmed?)
:bulletgreen: x86 | x64

:pencil: note : pls help me test this on your system if you have x64 system with .NET 3.5 Fw installed
and to those with .NET Fw lower than 3.5 (possibly 2.0) installed, please try if Imagepad will run in your system. note me. I am trying to make this app compatible as it can be.

How to

:bulletgreen: Set it as the default viewer manually
  • Right-click on desired image file (.png | .jpg | .bmp | etc.)
  • From the context menu, choose to "Open with..." > "Select program"
  • A dialog box will appear, browse the location of "Imagepad.exe" and check the "Set as default viewer for all file types" box.
:pencil: note : there is an issue associating gif files.

After long hours of coding and debugging I finally made two steps to completing my dream image viewer. :boogie:

Please :+fav: and feel free to comment! :woohoo:

~ Enjoy.
        2010 MAGNUMHEART
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Download Link

Windows 7 Task Pane Changer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to change your task pane in Windows 7 with one click.

How to use:

  1. Run the tool as admin.

  2. Click Change Color Bitmap and browse for the color bitmap. If you don't have any, you can get some from here.

  3. Click No.

  4. Click Change Glass Bitmap and browse for the glass bitmap. If you don't have any, you can get some from here.

  5. Click Yes.

  6. Now your computer will restart and the task pane will be changed. To restore it, click Restore Original Bitmaps.
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Codename: WinThunder

This is not the final version of this application.

I am open to suggestions and a name for this application.

Thank you for all comments.

Hope you liked! :D

Things that final verison will have:
- Multilingual
- Create themes
- Change weather icons
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Librarian allows you easily tweak Libraries in Windows 7.

It is a multi-language application which allows you to:
Create a new library with any folder(s) inside
Change library's icon through standard Windows dialog
Rename library
Change content type of new or current library
Change "default save location" option
Change "Show in Navigation Pane" option
Show library as XML

Download link: [link]
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Mail Notifier

version Beta

An awesome app to check your email messages without opening your browser.

Operating system

Windows 7, Windows 8 (x32 & x64)

Czech | English | French | Portuguese (Brasil) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Russian
[View all languages]

How to translate Mail Notifier to your language


Thank you for all comments! :D
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Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor allows you to remove the shortcut arrow in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista or set it to the nice custom icon. It works properly in both x86 and x64 editions of Windows and does not require to be installed. I saw that many users want remove shortcut arrow in Windows 8, so I decide to create a tool. Also it works properly in x64 editions.

Download Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor

With Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor you are able

  • to remove shortcut arrow with a single click;

  • to set classic (XP-like ) shortcut arrow with a single click;

  • to set ANY icon as shortcut arrow with a two clicks;

  • sure, to reset shortcut arrow to its default icon.

Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor is a portable application and does not require to be installed. It supports the following OS:

  • Windows 8 x86

  • Windows 8 x64

  • Windows 7 x86

  • Windows 7 x64

  • Windows Vista x86

  • Windows Vista x64

You will find the demo video at download page.

Download Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor
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7zip Scenic

Building on the fantastic library SevenZipSharp by Markhor and utilizing the excellent zip program 7zip, I introduce 7zip for Windows 7.

Now 7zip can run beside programs like Windows Live Mail and Windows Explorer and look like a native application.

While this is still a working beta, it should be usable for your daily needs. Some features are not finished and some are still in testing but it'll zip / unzip your files just fine.

Some things that are still on the to do list include:

- Creating self extracting zip files

- Right-click menu for 7zip in Windows Explorer's context menu.

NOTE!!! .net 4 Framework MUST be installed in order for the application to run. Please go here [link] if you need to install it.

Version log: - Apr. 20 2011

- The check for password protected archives I added in the last update didn't work exactly as I had planned. This is now fixed. - Apr. 20 2011

- Fixed a problem with 7zip Scenic not properly remembering when a user selected "Every Week" or "Every Month" in the Check Frequency menu.

- Added a check for password protected archives when opening. If the user tries to open an archive that is password protected, it will now ask for the password before trying to open the archive.

- Added the 'Properties' button. Clicking will now show the properties of the currently open archive.

- Added the 'Diagnostics' button. Clicking will now check to see if the currently open archive is valid. - Mar. 5 2011

- Added support for adding / deleting files from archive without extracting first.

- 7zip Scenic should now associate with .7z, .rar and .zip files automatically.

- Fixed a few things and refined the update window to include download information.

- Added taskbar support to display progress while extracting / compressing.

- Full support for opening files by double-clicking from Explorer.

- Added the ability to drop files the user wants to compress from multiple directories. Hold control while dropping files to append to the current archive. - Feb. 20 2011

- Added support for extracting / compressing ecomic formats (.cbr and .cbz).

- Fixed the Save dialog. It should now be a proper save dialog instead of an open dialog.

- Added the ability to manually check for updates and to set the update frequency (At start, every day, every week and every month).

- Fixed the missing icons in the jumplist.

- Started to add preliminary code for file associations (this option is still disabled though).

0.3 - Now also available from [link] which will automatically update 7zip for you. No need to re-check / re-download the whole package every time there's an update.

- Completed the treeview. Double-clicking a folder will automatically select every file found in that folder.

- Added Quick View feature. Either double-click the item or click the 'Quick View' button in the ribbon and 7zip will automatically open that file using the default application.

- Added 'Recently Used Folders' feature. 7zip will now remember the folders you've used to extract your archives to and offer them in the drop down menu for easier extracting.

- Fixed an issue with icons in details view.

- Fixed a few other bugs / not-quite-finished things. - Includes a Click-Once installer which should now allow the program to run properly.

0.2 - Initial release (pulled due to not functioning properly)

The complete source will be available for download as soon as we get a stable release in order to comply with LGPL licensing.

Special thanks to Markhor for his SeveZipSharp library and FediaFedia for the icon.
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