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I am helping to release Fella, guis. You should all do so as well.

This is Sherlock from not this fall, but the fall before. Glad I saved up some images of her now.
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Yeah. Charlie and Peeko.

(c) :iconblustreakfreak:
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So far... that is how the domination is going.
Yeah, I was a couch yesterday.
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Quick edit before I start replying later today, but I want to say I deeply apologize to anyone out there if this has offended you. I do not mean to turn this into a war, I only wish for peace and equality.
I am still firm in my beliefs, but I realize I may have worded them in an aggressive manner, and for that, I am sorry.
I fully support straight relationships, but I am against homophobia and misunderstanding of gender fluidity.
I fully support gender roles or conformity, but I am against societal expectation.
The point is NOT to get rid of these things, but to make it so people are not FORCED into them.
My ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to relate to these messages despite gender, sex, identity, race, religion, or anything else.
I am only using these stories and characters as a tool to do so.

Thank you all for the support and I hope you accept my sincere apologies

[end edit]


Picture This
By *Tyshea and ~Aibi-Cake
A collection of short stories about love between girls.


As you all hopefully know, PT is all about love between girls. So yes, lesbians, if you so choose to label them.
We know spirit day isn't just for lesbians, but since the story deals with LGBT empowerment, we wanted to do this really, really bad.
(We apologize for only having ladies in PT thusfar, but when the time comes, we'll be doing this same thing with boys in the future.)

As we've worked on this project and uploaded development images on here, some of you have mentioned the girls being too overtly masculine, but really, what is gender?
Gender is something defined by culture. Gender and biological sex are different.. and gender expression varies insanely from person to person.
Gender is something many use as a weapon for hate.
But, to me and many people, gender is fluid.
So within this story, we tried to explore many types of gender expression within girl and girl love:

:bulletpurple:Sam&Sara: are our "androgynous" couple.
Though many of you want to label Sam the "boy" because of her name, height, and the fact she does sports, this is not the case.
We purposefully made them to be very interchangeable as far as gender roles go. Gender conformity shouldn't matter to any couple, straight, gay, or anything else.
Sara is a "tomboy" because she likes video games and skating. Sam is a "tomboy" because she plays sports. But really, "tomboy" is just a term, and what defines what is a "boyish" or "girlish" activity?
The focus in their story is more based on the romantic aspect that love transcends gender and biology, so we wanted their pose to be tender, protective, mutual.
There's a sense of masculine protectiveness about both of them, and a sense of fragile tenderness and femininity to both of them.

:bulletwhite:Jay&Jess: are our "masculine" couple.
Honestly, a lot of people have a hard time understanding this couple because they both have aggressively masculine body expression.
"Gay girls dress like boys just to get girls, right?" Wrong. Why CAN'T girls wear men's clothes? Why can't men wear girl's clothes? Gender conformity.
A girl can wear men's clothes and still like men. A girl can wear men's clothes and still like girls. Or like masculine girls. Your sexual preference has nothing to do with your personal expression.
We hope to give their story a very boyish charm to it. We want them to be very protective of each other. There is no "damsel" in this relationship.
That's why their pose is very blunt, strong, and steadfast.

:bulletpurple:Stella&Gale: are our gender conforming relationship.
Gale is masculine, and Stella is feminine.
On the outside, they do follow the typical "butch and femme" dynamic.
Is it WRONG to follow gender roles? No, not really. If it works for you in a healthy way, it's great. There's a reason it exists, I'm sure.
But when gender roles become an expectation, to the point where it harms and isolates groups of people, it's just a tool for oppression.
Gale and Stella happily conform to their gender roles, and we hope to portray it as a healthy "protector" and "nurturer" give-and-take.

:bulletwhite:Mona&Su-Mi: are our "feminine" couple.
They seem to be very widely accepted, because "if you like women, but still want to dress like a woman, that's great! It's hot!"
Ah, objectification. Despite the undesirable portrayal of femme-on-femme lesbian porn, we definitely didn't want to discount the fact that lipstick lesbians exist and are very prominent.
What IS wrong with conforming to your gender and liking others who do the same? There's a sense of equality there that you don't get in opposite gender relationships.
As two feminine women, we wanted them to be tender, nurturing, quiet. Somewhat sensual, but still modest, straying away from the objectified "lesbian porn," but not denying their sexuality.


We don't mean to label our characters, or their stories. But sadly, the problem of gender conformity is still rampant in our culture, so it DOES effect them. We can't turn a blind eye to that.
It effects real life same-sex couples, it effects real life straight couples. it effects young people who are harassed in schools and in the streets.
We don't want to label them, but we do want to address these very real problems.
We label them only so the reader has an easier time understanding them, and understanding what we're trying to say.
We label them because we want to question how we label others.

Because in the end, we need to stop looking at gender, and start looking at people.

Happy Spirit Day, in memory of those heroes.
Let's dye the world purple.
No Hate.


Image is a collaboration between myself and ~Aibi-Cake
I did the preliminary sketch and color comp, she lined everything, then I colored and did the typography.
Since it is a collaboration, it will also show up in her gallery, please feel free to take a peek at her deviation to read her opinions in the comments and support her as well!


:bulletpurple:Find out more about the "NOH8" campaign here: [link]
:bulletpurple:Find out more about Spirit Day here: [link] and [link]
:bulletpurple:deviantART honors Spirit Day
:bulletpurple:Let's extend Spirit Day to 2011
:bulletpurple:"It Gets Better"
:bulletpurple:"The Trevor Project"
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speedpaint, kept fuzzy, bright and devine in mind to reflect a spiritual realm alike place. used photoshop and paint tool sai.

kami ( from japanese ) means spirit, natural force, gods, etc.

iPhone/iPod Touch skin - [link]

Reblog on :bulletgreen: TUMBLR - [link]

me on TWITTER :bulletblue: YOUTUBE :bulletred: FACEBOOK!

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Hannah's cat Samantha..laying ontop of Suey..the pug

Dident want to take part in anything April 1...but heck, might as well make the best of it!
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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is the Valentine's Day card that I made my boyfriend. The birds are Tufted Titmouses, so the title is a pun.

Happy Valentine's day!
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Want to save these animals?
Join #AnimalAwareness to show your support for saving endangered animals and contribute to our galleries to spread the awareness!

Dhole on Wikipedia
Love Photography? Visit photographerforconservation~! Go to Projects>The Dhole Project> And learn more about these animals today!

This month in #AnimalAwareness features the Dhole!
They're a very social animal and live in packs ranging from 10-40 members. Currently on the brink of extinction, join now to help spread word of these beautiful canines! :)

Although when you hear the word 'endangered' most people think of tigers and elephants, there are so many other overlooked species that are just as in need as the most famous ones.

Help save the Dhole today by submitting your very own artwork/photography/literature of this animal~!

Used this free texture (from google images):[link]

:star:Other works by me:star:

Art Capukat|Me
SAI- 2 hours
Photoshop CS4- 30 min
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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

One of the greatest visionaries of our time has left us with a brighter world. He came to share his dream for something more, and now has left us with the tools we need to dream even bigger than ever before. May his essence live on forever. "To infinity and beyond!"

This artwork is based on a photo of Steve for his "Think Different" ad campaign for Apple when he was much younger - [link] I Felt I just had to do a follow-up to it.

iPad wallpaper version - [link]

*edit - Contrasts tweaked.

Created in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom Intuos 3 on my iMac.
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