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Yay!! My first animated comic! =D
Just retarted stuff Ararara [] and I flail about. XD

LOL I was having trouble with animating at 18 fps, so I decided to do a little "practice flash" to you know, hone my skills and all that jazz. XD
I never knew it was going to turn out to be a FULL project XDD

Well I can't say full.. cause it only took me about a day to do, but ahh well =D It's done nonetheless! =D
I hope you guys enjoy it!

Special thanks to Jo for helping me out with the music and giving me a crash course on audio and such XDD

Music and Sound Effects are from [link] =D!

Enjoy! <3
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This is based off a doodle my sister made. It's somewhat humorous, in a strange, little, crazy way. It took me a while. Well, no longer than 48 hours total. But I slaved over this! Please enjoy it, and take into consideration that this is my 2nd, yes 2ND, movie made! YAY! And I finished this one! :w00t!:

________________________________________ ____________

Okay. No sound. Y.Y; Had to get rid of Shippo and the "I Want To Change The World" song because of Copyright laws. T___T; I put a button if you wanna see Shippo dance, but the button is not working correctly, for some unknown reason. Try right clicking the shippo button and press play. Then it should work, according to some of my viewers. ^^; Or, just click this [link] to see the whole thing, with music!

________________________________________ ____________

Thanks for the 8,000+ (and counting) favorites, everyone! :heart:

:babygomamon: = voice actress
Inu Yasha = copyrighted by notme.
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At last, it is DOOOOONE! This was started, uh, several months ago, and I finally got the materials to finish it!
So...yeah, you can see for yourself. XD


- Based off 'The Cloud Song' by SpookyDoom (with permission)
- Original idea, lyrics, storyboarding ideas and singing by :iconrebmakash:
- Voice coaching, beat and sound mixing by windyote
- Storyboard and animation by me, LynxGriffin!
- Also thanks to Arteru for offering me life-saving advice when Flash was kicking my butt.

Again, this is also being done in conjuction with DrownOutStupid Day, which has its home base on dA here: [link] and on here: [link]"! More goodpic and goodfic for a better fandom, all! XD


I have updated the Flash animation with a watermark. Nothing huge, just something in the corner so that if people inevitably rip it, our names will still be on the thing. ;P Oh, and :iconrebmakash: will probably be the one to upload it to YouTube, not me.

This has been asked a zillion times, but I'll just reiterate: If you check the credits, no I did not create the Cloud Song. That was done by SpookyDoom. The Cloud song is in her scraps, so if you want to see it, it's here: [link]
Otherwise, thank you for all the comments, favs and watches, once again! We do really appreciate all the love! :D


We know the video's been ripped to YouTube without people asking permission. I also know that that's something that, sadly, we have little control over. All we ask that, if you absolutely must rip this for YT, PLEASE show us enough respect to at least give us proper credit, or a link back. It only takes a few extra keystrokes in your description, and it saves us headaches and you looking like a douche. If you really love the song so much, PLEASE GIVE PROPER CREDIT. Thank you.
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[Edit] so people cant see shit so i reupload it[edit]

[Edit] Edit the preview picture cause Deviantart kinda screw up my animated gif preview. [edit]

4 friends were doing nothing when a fly came out of no where....Disaster strikes and they start to freak out without any reason at all....

Inspired by a Claymation FLASH by a guy call Knox, the orginal FLASH done by knox was a clayman spilling a glass of water and everyone start to freak out for no reason...u can check it out at or newsground.

haha...again..its my stupid voice...and my stupid sound effects...
enjoy this FLASH of uber lameness!
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Part 2! =D

Jeez.. this took MUCH longer than the first X_X

Hope you guys enjoy it =3

Note: This is the DA version. Edited to comply with DA rules. Find the original here.

Loops from flashkit
Sounds from flashkit or made by me. =3
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THIS HAS SOUND! (Pump up teh volume!)

XD EGAD! I wanted to post something...So I posted this. I made this over the past couple of months when I felt bored and random and or stupid....And this is the result. It was fun to make this. Hope you like ^-^;;;
The title speaks for itself.
Music is from Azumanga Daioh
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Oh yes, it is it is...I mean c'mon!!
You draw someone and then if you get bored
you torture them with ....wateva

You like draw random things and balbhalbhalbhal
you are like teh god of the drawing world~ \(O_O)/

Yes many of them are very cruddy T_T

took me SOO LONG to make this but it's worth it..
My brother's cracking up with this animation, kkk

Ahhhh...frame by frame animation T_T Hard.. fun :D

Sorry about this not being gory...I guess I wanted to do this one first...
I dunno if the next one is going to be gory...oh well...I'll do it later, sorry ^^;

HOpe ya enjoy them!! Some noises may be CAUTIOUS
Who knows?? your ears might burst...kkk :giggle:

Kai (c) meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :boogie:
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EDIT: THIS IS NOT THE ENDING OF THE STORY, it's just an animation like the tv shows where we have an opening theme and a closure theme by episode

If I have an opening.... why not an ending? XD (just like a tv serie)
Well, this is Garnet's ending, I spend quite a time on it, and I guess it looks pretty good :D (it just has some ugly drawings...)
Btw, the song is "Nocturne" by Közi

PS: ASDASD O_o... I dunno why but the size of the deviation doesn't totally fits the size of the flash (so, some lyrics are cut =O)
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The gang from Final Fantasy X gather together for a group photo. My first completed flash animation from over a year ago is now available at Deviantart.
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EDIT (June 16, 2010): People. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE ACCUSING ME OF "STEALING" MY OWN WORK ON YOUTUBE. I submited this youtube video. It is uploaded on my youtube account.


Sorry this has no preloader.. I dunno how to make one XD; there is sound but no voice acting because I don't want to ruin the movie ^^; I suck at voice acting. Anyways this is my FIRST flash movie ever! (I'm a Flash newbie) In the begininng I was playing around with the program so the timing is off (also in the rest of the movie) It's not really animated.. it's kinda like.. a comic or storyboard I guess.. well some parts I tried to animate it but I failed. The only tools I know how to use are the layers, timeline and paintbrush tools. Each drawing.. I could of done better, but I am lazy so they're all doodles XD Well I found out that flash is fun to work with! It's quite time consuming but it's fun ... and hard. I need to know how all the good flash artists make their animations so smooth T__T Well it's my first flash and I hope to learn more in the future so i can make more of these XD.. Enjoy!

-I used Flash MX 2004 to make this "animation".
-I'm not capable to teach you to animate and use flash. I also don't have the time so please don't ask ^^; (I also haven't used flash in 2 years so I forgot everything XD)
-Yes, I did this whole flash FRAME BY FRAME. (I'm a n00b)
-Uh, this IS my first flash ever. I've never learned/played around with it before so I started with this flash. That's why the beginning is all.. choppy and.. crappy.. XD
Note: Me and ~Eddz came up with Red Link's personality. He isn't really greedy and force gem loving in the games. So many people think that for some reason... XD

Edit: disabled comments because I don't have the time to read them all :P
Comments disabled by owner.