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The Simple Rules for Usage:

+ If you use any of my stock or textures all you have to do is credit me in the description with a link to this account and/or the original.
+ But don't forget to send me a note or comment with a link to your creation so that I can enjoy it and give it a :+fav:.
+ You can read more about my rules in my journal.
+ And remember to have fun and be creative!!!

Some Helpful Tips:
- If you for some reason need a smaller version of this stock (if you have dial-up for example), please let me know and I can re-size it and upload it in my scraps.
- If you don't know how to link you can read FAQ #81: How can I make links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
- Read my journal for news, features and more.
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:D I do take Requests :D


~ If you use our stock you DO NOT have to ask
~ You must link us to your work and provide us with a link to the artwork so we can view it as well.
~ Comments are always welcome, and if you would like anything done (different angle, ext) just ask!
~Welcome to use for DA Prints
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:below: RULES :below:

:bulletblue: Respect the model, don´t use her photos in any ofensive maner.

:bulletblue: Please, link bak to my gallery in the descripcion of you work.

:bulletblue: Don´t use my stock outside of DA for any comercial use.

:bulletblue: Feel free to use my places, nature, brushes and objects in your prints, but for model stock ASK ME please!

:bulletblue: You can show your work in your personal blogs, myspace, flickr... with no probs

:bulletblue: And show me your work, i would like to see it :D


Comments and faves are wellcome! :rose:


Visit my art account :iconlugubrum: ^^
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Stock pack finally.
4 plane shots,hopefully they will be useful for someone.
Photo 3.jpg is a bit blurry,sorry for that^^
I didnt want to manipulate them at all,these natural colors are really pretty.

:bulletgreen:For dA use only.Contact me if you would like to use it somewhere else.
:bulletgreen:Credit me ( your artwork description.
:bulletgreen:Note me with a link to your deviation.
:bulletgreen:Do not use my resources to make Your own.
:bulletgreen:Do not submit under Photography Category.
:bulletgreen:You can make Your work available as Print only within deviantART. However, You may not use these Images for personal profit if you simply change the colour or adjust the contrast a little bit.
For this, more significant changes are required.

Please follow these rules and contact me if you have any questions.

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Greetings to all the eye maniacs!
Yeah yeah we all know most of you are watching me for the eye images i upload.. So, since this period i am occupying my self with digital drawings and they are very important to me i decided it's your turn to play with some eye pics.... :lol: :fork: :evillaugh:

I give you four eyes from my huge eye collection,
hope you do some creative manipulation to them, not just some color alteration.:blowkiss:
Makeup and photos are taken by me and some are slightly retouched in photoshop.:evileyes:

Be pattient, the file is approx 9 MB... :D

it's in rar format so if you don't have unrar you can download it from here: [link] :D

Here are some info about using this pack of eyes:
You can do whatever you like to them, prints, commercial use etc.
I would appreciate if you credit me and give a link to my page/note me/ leave a message and a link in this page to see the result! ;)

:omfg:These four are the only stock images in my gallery
so you are not allowed to use/edit any of my other gallery images!!:omfg: except from the following

Thanks for reading..


Also you can have a look at my tutorials might find something usefull ;) [link] :D

Just for the info
Models are :iconladymarine: :iconaspa1984: :iconglykeria: and Marianna :flirty:
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thirteen cloud stock images.
done in a pack cause i dont feel like uploading them seperately.

taken out of a plane--

CREDIT ME IF YOU USE THESE [link back to my DA], mainly because i like these! and dont forget to tell me when and where you use them.

otherwise, ^ ^

featured here:
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A new stock pack for creative artists. Hope you find use for it...

My resources are now free to use in any way commercial, non-commersial, personal etc.

Need stuff for your RPG (pen and paper variant i guess), well i hope i can provide something that can come in handy.

The only rules:

* Give credit
* Don't upload my resources outside DA - instead, tell people where they can find them.
* Using my resources in hate- rasist religious and pornographic work is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

So, what are you waiting for? Download what you need and be creative. If you show me your work, send me a copy of the product, i would appreciate it very much.

Good luck!

Best regards M.A.W
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~*~)O(~*~:butterflytwo: Rules In My Journal :butterflytwo:~*~)O(~*~

This zipped file contains 35 old photos.
31 are from WW2
3 are of my grandpa, his mom and his brother
and 1 is of my grandparents wedding
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----> This zip file is 26 MB and contains five hi-res scans of some nicely aged parchment suitable for use as textures, backgrounds, whatever you can think of.

Dial up peaps I luv u 2 -- I've uploaded each sheet of parchment separately so you may pick and choose and most importantly not blow your computer up trying to download the pack on a phone line.


Please follow the rules below, they're pretty straightforward and simple :)

Leona Windrider Stock Rules

** You must provide a link back in the description of the picture you create.

** You must either note me or link me to the picture you create in the comment section of the stock pic you've used so that I may fav it. Not only does this provide other people with a way to see what my stock looks like in action, but it will increase visits to your gallery.

** Do not claim my stock as your own.

** Do not redistribute my raw stock in whole or in part.

** You may use my stock in all DeviantArt Prints, as long as you've given credit and linked back to me in the description, and all other rules are followed.

** For commercial use, you must note me for written permission. I don't bite, just ask ;)

** If any of these rules are broken you will be asked to correct the issue. If you refuse, you'll be made to remove the picture.

** I reserve the right to not ask for correction, and just have you remove the pic. I'll usually only do this if I'm pissed. Don't give me a reason ;)

** You must name your first-born child after me. That's L-E-O-N-A. And send me a pic of the little rascal ;)
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Rules for stock usage.

Do not claim these as your own images.

You must provide a link back to ~digitalescapestock in your submission.

Tell me by a comment in the stock image. A note on my main page may go unnoticed.

You must ask permission first before using these off of DA or for any commercial use.
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