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Draw.Freeze.Collapse.Breathe.Paper cuts thin out to
those patheic excuse for a "Winning you back" lectures on those countless papers.
                                                     "Blahblahblah I want sympathy."
                                                   Was the loudest message received.
Nothings changed, I feel the same.
"Calculations must have gone wrong somewhere..."
Starts with a y--.
Sighs dramatically.
I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually.
                                                         This is Handguns vs Hands Down
                                                                                                    So Draw.
                                                                       Winter vs Water
                                                                                                  So Freeze.
                                                             Balance Beam vs Buckling Knees
Draw.Freeze.Collapse.Breathe.10 years ago in Free Verse More Like This
Capulets and CapillariesI was wishing on stars because nobody told me it was daylight.
                 Your voice made my eyes fly open.
                 "You're as pale as those sheets."
                 "I'll be fine."
                 I forced a smile and added "It's all in the lighting."
                               I could taste the air and it was making me sick.
                 I wanted to scream that the pain turns my lips blue and keeps me from blinking.
                 It knows which vein to hit to make my wrists hurt.
                                                       "What a shame."
                                                       "You always looked so right."
                                                You turned around to leave.
                                                I gave up on indifference.
Capulets and Capillaries10 years ago in Scraps More Like This