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I just discovered the safest and effective way to block Yahoo Messenger Ads for ANY VERSION. UPDATE: This still works for version 9.0.02162!

- NO need to edit the registry.
- NO need for EXE Patches that has Trojans.
- ALL YOU NEED is Notepad.

Block Ads By Blocking the Ad Server:

1. Open Notepad.
(In Vista/Win7, Run Notepad as an Administrator)

2. Open the following file:

3. Add the following line at the end of the text file:

What to do if Yahoo Changes Their Ad Server

I tested this since Yahoo Messenger BETA. It worked.

This is because all ads come from "", which is the Ad Server.

Now, when you notice the ads coming back, it means Yahoo changed their Ad Server. To block them again:

1. Explore C:Program FilesYahoo!MessengerCache

2. Open urls.xml

3. Internet Explorer will display the XML file.
From there you can see lines similar to these:

href="…" id="Messenger Ad"
href="…" id="Messenger Idle Ad"

In this case, the Ad Server Address is ""
If it's not, copy the new Ad Server Address,
and update the "hosts" file.

Free Free to Share This Info

Share this link:…


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After about 3 years of hard work and preparations, "Heart of Storm" finally goes live on stage! So happy about it! :heart: I hope you enjoy this video :

my painting dedicated to them:

:heart: Heart of Storm by HeartySpades :heart:

Heavy Relax band official web site:

  • Eating: sushi
  • Drinking: dr,Pepper
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∞:;;::;;:*:;;::;;:∞ :;;::;;:*:;;::;;:*∞:;;::;;:*:;;::;;:∞:;;::;;:*:;;::;;:*∞ :;;::;;:*:;;::;;:*∞

( =^・ェ・^= )



♪ ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| llılı ♫



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More awesome hoodies and tees than you'll know what to do with!

2012 Holiday Collection
An exclusive preview from Forest Stearns

Welcome, deviantARTGear Watchers & MORE! 

New to the deviantART T-Shirts & Gear team, we'd like to introduce Forest Stearns ($draweverywhere), Art Director of deviantART Brands. Forest is excited to offer you an insider preview today and share how our brand new Holiday 2012 Collection (which launches this week!) evolved from concept to reality.

From: $draweverywhere

IT'S ARTRead about the creation of It's Art. Click here to see the process journal.

Hello, my friends!

I'm excited to tell you about a huge project we’ve been working on that's finally going to see the light of day (or your computer screens) this week! For the first time, deviantART will be launching a full season of product to the site all at once, and I've had the pleasure of orchestrating the creative development of this line

First, I'm thrilled to meet you. My job here at dA is split between artistic direction and hands-on illustration. It's been a challenge and a blast! My background is in making art and working with other artists on collaborative graphic illustrations. I’ve been a member of deviantART for over 6 years now, and since my first project with dA -- performing as a Live Artist at the Pacific Festival over a year ago -- I moved into a full-time role and am enjoying the challenge. 

CMYRead about the creation of CMY. Click here to see the process journal.

Now, let me tell you what we've been cooking up these last few industrious months. The Holiday 2012 Collection has a vast reach that spans many genres and themes in art. It's an artistic adventure you can wear. Every piece has a story, and we look forward to walking you through the creative process of how each design was executed in the coming weeks. Be sure to +Watch £deviantARTGear so you don’t miss out on the insider look at how this apparel collection came to be. 

a href="…">Movie TimeRead about the creation of Movie Time. Click here to see the process journal.

Why tell you the story behind each and every design?  As artists and appreciators, we rarely get an intimate glimpse into the steps that brought a piece of art to life. Sharing the story creates a conversation that's fundamental to artistic education. I hope that telling the tale of each design will help breed artistic success through the sharing of experiences. Every piece had a journey from the first creative kernel to its final printed end on a wearable canvas. So we are going to pair up designs with the stories of their creation in an effort to add value. That way, you'll not only own the garment in its finished stage; you'll be able to connect to its artistic journey. Hopefully, the combination of illustration and the process narrative will create a new understanding that concept or technique couldn't do alone. 

Sunset Burner

So, what's this collection all about? It's really about the diversity of deviantART and how the love of making art brings us together. Our goal was to offer many well-crafted illustrations that support deviantART’s core values of inspiration, education, and entertainment. The dynamic range truly evolved from theme to theme because of a desire to speak many artistic dialects. The Holiday 2012 Collection is based on honest artwork that pushes the limits and is open to extreme possibilities. Many subject matters were explored for which a number of media types could be applied. The illustrations are bold and gritty, full of energy, dynamic contrast, and stylized character. Whether monochromatic, acid neon, textured, flat, pitch black, or glow-in-the-dark, there's contrast throughout. 

It was also important to create pieces that could stand individually, but worked as a series. The designs range from playful exaggerated characters and stylized handwritten fonts to works in fundamental art theory and color science. The character illustrations are a mash-up of the interesting people I see in everyday life, while the letter-based pieces celebrate the beauty of typography and strength of powerful statements. Every piece influenced the next and many rounds of revisions were necessary in order to ensure the design was strong, the concept interesting, and the visual language cohesive. 

Sound Waves

I draw every day. It's my drug of choice. The more you learn, the more you see, the more you use, the more you practice. Creative problem-solving and exploring new techniques keep the "job" part of the work lively and interesting. The joy is in the journey, right?  

Monster Talk

We hope you find the process journals of each piece educational, inspirational, and entertaining. Perhaps it will be a catalyst for you to make artworks and share your own processes with us and others. 

Never Normal

Without making you wait too much longer, I'm proud to announce that this Holiday 2012 Collection will be available in the next two days and just in time for the holidays!  Get them early for yourself or your homies. I'm certainly looking forward to having my own set! 

Inside VoicesRead about the creation of Inside Voices. Click here to see the process journal.

To stay connected to each design’s unique story, don’t forget to +Watch” £deviantARTGear.

The collection is here. Check out Hoodies & T-Shirts now! 

Raining Ideas

To inspire.

Fri Jan 20, 2012, 6:00 PM
  • Listening to: Zomboy, Kill The Noise, Nero
(Little long, but hopefully you'll read)

When I first sold LMS to Paramount, a lot of people asked me: "How much money did you get?" "You're probably rich now, right?"

I mean, the solid gold mansion I bought was just a little gift to myself...but...

Ever since I was little, I've known I wanted to draw. From the day my parents put a pencil in my hand, this was my future. I just knew it, I had that gut feeling. So I stuck to it, and thankfully it took me to heights I'd have never imagined possible. Now with my new book Redemption heading off to studios soon for a hopeful movie package, I can't wait to see where this new road takes me.

That said, there's something else that tops all of this.

The other night I went out to visit my girlfriend's cousin and her family. Incredibly kind people with very sweet kids. Other than the two parents, there were 3 kids, but the one who caught my interest was the eight-year old boy, Diego.

Diego, shy, tiny, slender, reminded me of myself when I was his age. In other words, a little nerd. He was quiet, kept to himself, and shy...just like me. I asked his mom about what Diego was into, she replied with: "Halo and drawing."

At first, I could relate--as I, as a kid too, enjoyed videogames. But the drawing is what really grasped at my attention, so I asked Diego to bring me some art of his. He ran upstairs, then came back down with a battered up white sketchbook. Holding it to his side, almost hiding it, he walked up and handed it to me.

Look, not to be a jerk, but I imagined it to be little scribbles and what-nots. The kind where I have to put on the fake smile and say how good they are. But upon my surprise, I opened the book and was shocked. He was actually talented.

These weren't tiny doodles, or stick figures. These were actually carefully drawn renderings. From World War 2 planes, to soldiers fighting, Angry Birds, Halo, Great White Sharks and *gasp* Boba Fett.

I shut the book, and looked at my girlfriend Ana and went "Wow, this kid is me."

I looked at Diego, and asked him to promise me never to stop drawing and to keep continuing what he was doing. His mom told me his dad always wanted him to play sports, but he wasn't into it. This was ME as a kid, all over again. And then she told me the only part of sports he enjoyed was the snacks.

Holy shit.

So I speak to his dad, whom is a really, really cool and nice guy. He tells me how he tried to get Diego to play sports, but he wasn't having it. Not that he didn't already, but I told him to please, continue to support his talent. To embrace it and cherish it and be his cheerleader. Because every kid needs that when she/he's growing up. Especially the one with a true talent.

After, I showed them my art on DA and my website. As I'm showing them, Diego is snapping pictures away on his Nintendo DS and telling me to open this one, and that one. He even told me that he's saved some of my work before. <3

After this, I find out Diego's mom has a tablet on her computer. So I get on it, and begin drawing. As I'm drawing, I see Diego (followed by immediate "AWWs") trying to lift a giant chair and sit next to me. He continues to watch as I draw him a Halo helmet.

Right after, his mom demands he goes and grabs his glasses. Now the similarities are uncanny. He comes down, with his own thick rimmed black glasses and puts them on. I tell him to sport his glasses,  because those that wear them are boss-status.

He wears them the entire time.

After he goes to bed, my beautiful gf and I go home. I tell her how amazing that felt, and how money will never touch that. If I can go through my entire life, and inspire only one artist to continue his dream and feel the escapism and joy that I've felt creating. Then I've done my job.

The next morning, I get this message, and I know I've done it.

I've never felt so good before. I'm proud of you bud, and can't wait to see you flourish as an artist and kick ass.



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(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

hi aki .



so  cute


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( (ミ´ω`ミ))



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(● ̄(エ) ̄●)


♡ ・㉨・





o(^^o) (o^^)o
o(^^o) o(^^)o (o^^)o

ヽ( °◇°)ノ

(ノ°ο°)ノ ヾ(^^ゞ)

Σ( ̄ロ ̄ll)







ヽ( ゚ ヮ゚)ノ



(*-`ω´- )人 (ц`ω´ц*)
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We have had several people complaning about how what we like is sick, preverted, and/or illegal. Well one of our members found this as a refute to those complaints. I hope you'll all take a moment to read this. Including those who are not in the club.

Ask John
Is lolicon Illegal in the USA?
October 17th, 2005


Is lolicon illegal in the USA? And how come some people like it?

On April 16, 2002, the US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit overturned the 1996 Child Pornography Prevention Act, determining that it was unconstitutional because it was too vague. The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 outlawed any material resembling child pornography, regardless of whether the material was actually obscene or actually involved real children. The ninth circuit appeals court determined that the 1996 act ignored the 1973 Miller vs. California ruling defining the legal status of obscenity, and failed to acknowledge the 1982 New York vs. Ferber ruling on the protection of children from sexual exploitation. In effect, the ninth court's 2002 ruling specified that material which does not violate obscenity laws and which does not exploit real children is protected by first amendment free speech rights. (Allow me to make it clear that the 1996 act and the 2002 decision involve only simulated depictions of child sexuality. Actual child abuse is still very much illegal.)

As a result of the 2002 national ruling, "lolicon," the Japanese artistic depiction of fictional children in sexual situations, does qualify for American First Amendment protection. Legal obscenity is defined as material that "does not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value." Since lolicon anime and manga is hand drawn art, it does have "artistic value" and therefore doesn't violate the Miller vs. California statute. Because lolicon doesn't involve real children, it doesn't violate the 1982 New York vs. Ferber statute. However, individual examples of lolicon material may violate specific local and state "contemporary community standards" (referring to Miller vs. California). In other words, the general concept of lolicon art is legal in America, but specific pieces of lolicon art may be illegal in certain parts of America, depending on local laws. That's why, for example, Media Blasters released the Kite anime in a heavily censored version, then in a less censored version, then finally in an uncensored edition. Media Blasters progressively tested the waters to see if there would be any legal accusations of Kite containing child pornography.

It should come as no surprise to any rational person that some people enjoy or appreciate lolicon art. After all, there are fetishes for virtually everything imaginable, and every person has unique interests. There are probably countless motivations for liking lolicon. I'll name just a few. Sex with children may create feelings of power and dominance which may be satisfying for some adults. The idea of sex with children may be less threatening or intimidating than interaction with an equal mate. Children are cute, so depictions of sex involving children may be perceived as innocent and attractive.

I think it's necessary to stress that an interest in Japanese lolicon and/or shota art ("shota" referring male children in heterosexual erotic situations) does not signify or justify an interest in sexually abusing real children. I have no doubt that there are lolicon and shotacon fans worldwide who have no interest in victimizing real children and vehemently oppose the exploitation of children. Puritanical American attitudes recoil from the mere thought of drawings of underage sexuality, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that lolicon and shotacon, or interest in either, contributes to the exploitation or abuse of children. Anime and manga fans who appreciate girls with guns, battling giant robots, or naked children are all enjoying the same basic thing- artistic expression. Lolicon is just another variety of manga and anime; nothing more, nothing less. Even the American judicial system has determined that erotic art depicting fictional children is a legitimate form of creative free expression. Not everyone may approve of it, but one of the foundations of American society is a respect for dissenting opinion and interests.


++Welcome at SHOTA FANATICS- Club for people who LOVE SHOTACON!!!

:!::!::!:What is SHOTA (SHOTACON)?:!::!::!:

(shota, shotakon, shotakan, shota-con, shotacom, chan) :
An abbreviation of "Shotaru Complex", which entails FICTIONAL, WRITEN or ILLUSTRATED, depictions of a boy (usually under the age of 13) involved in a romantic relationship with another boy, an adult male, an adult female, or an animal. The relationship does not have to be sexual in nature, though it often is.

Definition taken from [link]

How to join:
First and the most important- You must LOVE SHOTA!
Second-You must send a NOTE (comments on main page and under journal entry may be ignored]
Third- put our icon [as soon as we'll have one XD] in YOUR JOURNAL : iconShota-Fanatics : [without spaces]
Four [optional]: devwatch club  
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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

The New deviantART Mobile Site

One of the most common requests from the community has been to update deviantART's mobile site. By popular demand, we've released a brand new version of the mobile site! The site is officially supported in the default browsers for the iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

Instead of developing two separate versions of the site—a desktop version and a mobile version—we've formatted the desktop site to fit into a mobile browser. This allows the mobile site to offer many more features than the previous version did, and it also makes for a more smooth user experience. The end result is a seamless mobile site, and it looks a little like this:

Deviantartiphone By Danlev-d5gvnz5 by wreckling

  • You can Browse art, check your Message Center, reply to Notes, browse your friends' Profiles and Galleries, visit the Forums, view today's Daily Deviations and do almost everything else you can on the desktop version of the site!
  • The drop down menu usually located in the top left corner of the site can be accessed by tapping on the deviantART logo, allowing you to easily access familiar tools without complication. 
New Deviantart Mobile Site  Navigation By Danlev-d by wreckling

  • You can find wallpapers for your phone using the "Wallpaper" app available in the main menu!
  • The Message Center is located in one place, which makes responding to comments and browsing art and Journals a quick, easy experience. Deviants who enjoy viewing their Message Center one section at a time can tap on the arrow next to "Messages" at the top of the Message Center. This will prompt the Message Center's left sidebar to appear and allow selection one section of the Message Center to view at a time.
  • Journal Skin designers, if you'd like control how your skin looks in a mobile browser, learn how to use our new mobile media queries.

Prints Integration on Deviation Pages

We've implemented an easier way to purchase art on deviantART! When viewing a deviation that is enabled as a Print, you'll be met with a sleek new menu that is designed to be simple and straightforward.

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 12.12.56 PM by wreckling

We've moved the Prints functionality from its own separate page and placed it within the deviation page, to help artists sell more of their work, and to reduce friction for buyers looking to purchase art they love.

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 12.38.15 PM by wreckling

Because the functionality of the old Prints pages has been added to the deviation page, you can now preview how your Prints purchase will look without having to leave the deviation page! Once you select a product type, the preview will update to reflect your selection.

The New Submit Art Page (Beta Testers Only)

Beta Testers, we're bringing you a complete revamp of the Submit Art page! While the page you're familiar with has been a long-standing part of deviantART, the new page is designed to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and up to date with deviantART as it is today.

Read more

More Improvements to More Like This (Beta Testers Only)

Back in August we launched More Like This to Beta, and after taking in your feedback, we made some improvements, which we're pleased to say were met with positive response! Today, we're bringing you even more improvements, both to More Like This results and your browsing experience!

Change Log

  • The text entry box for Notes had a very narrow fixed width, and was not resizable. Fixed by shahyarg
  • Users were briefly unable to receive Birthday Cake badges. Fixed by KnightAR
  • The "Show All Groups" link on deviation pages was not working while browsing using the "next" and "previous" buttons. Fixed by shadowhand
  • The Share dropdown menu on deviation pages and the Facebook and Tumblr Share buttons in the footer were broken while while browsing using the "next" and "previous" buttons. Fixed by aMoniker
  • The Stick Menu did not display properly in IE8, and instead displayed blank space. Fixed by shahyarg
  • The Daily Deviation page did not display some taller-than-normal portraits correctly when the page first loaded. Fixed by shahyarg
  • The oEmbed API did not contain data for the "moderate" setting for Mature Content. Fixed by randomduck
  • The tool buttons have been upgraded to a new look. Designed by zilla774, implemented by mudimba
  • A bug related to missing thumbs and previews on drawings was identified. Fixed by sgrahamUK

  • When changing the main file of an item originally uploaded through an app, the app attribution will now be cleared. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Non-Latin characters are now cleanly stripped from uploaded items' titles, as deviation titles still only support latin characters. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When going inside a stack, into an item, and then back to the stack, uploading a file inside the stack would put the file in instead of the stack. Fixed by kouiskas Writer

  • Thumbnails of literature submitted through Writer appearing in stacks in the Message Center would have misaligned stack corners. Fixed by kemayo
  • Menus in Writer have been changed to be a little more responsive; you can now mouse from one to another without having to click. Fixed by kemayo
  • Classes are now allowed on span tags, for skinning purposes. Fixed by Alisey
  • Efficiency of fetching your Friends List in Writer's sidebar has been improved; less unnecessary data is pulled, and the menu builds faster. Fixed by kemayo and inazar

Your Feedback

Thanks very much for the feedback left on last week's update! Here's some of the feedback you left for us.
  • The most common response regarding the friends system was that deviants would like an easy way to separate lists of who they watch from lists of deviants who are their friends. Dramira-Official mentioned that this could also be applied to the Message Center, where new messages from friends could be listed before the general watch section.
  • Fehnwrites and Yamitora1 suggested that an easy means of managing and organizing one's friendslist would be helpful, and ShapeShifter314 mentioned that being able to search through one's friends list would be useful as well.
  • Some deviants would like stacks within folders in their Message Center. Suggested by Krisoyo
  • A search function in Group galleries would be helpful. Suggested by IcyPheonix
  • Deviants would like notes sent to Groups to be included in their Sent Notes folder. Suggested by alexpeanut and Magical525
  • It would be helpful to be able to add keywords to Groups, so that they can be found more easily when searching in the Groups Portal. Suggested by MartinSilvertant
  • Some members would like to apply custom CSS to their Gallery's Featured folder. Suggested by Veroom


The New Mobile Site
We're curious about your feedback on the new mobile site! What do you think of the experience so far? What do you like? What do you think could be improved? Is there anything from the desktop experience you feel is lacking in the mobile experience? Is there anything you think the mobile experience does better? Let us know!

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. In this article is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
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:pointr: Share, Remix, Reuse — Legally

Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved.

:pointr: History
Creative Commons was founded in 2001

Founded in 2001 with the generous support of the Center for the Public Domain, CC is led by a Board of Directors that includes cyberlaw and intellectual property experts James Boyle, Michael Carroll, Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, and Lawrence Lessig, MIT computer science professor Hal Abelson, lawyer-turned-documentary filmmaker-turned-cyberlaw expert Eric Saltzman, renowned documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, and noted Japanese entrepreneur Joi Ito.

Creative Commons’ first project
In December 2002, Creative Commons released its first set of copyright licenses for free to the public. Creative Commons developed its licenses — inspired in part by the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) — alongside a Web application platform to help you license your works freely for certain uses, on certain conditions; or dedicate your works to the public domain.

In the years following the initial release, Creative Commons and its licenses have grown at an exponential rate around the world. The licenses have been further improved, and ported to over 45 international jurisdictions.

:bulletred: Attribution
This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered, in terms of what others can do with your works licensed under Attribution.

View License Deed |  Legal Code

:bulletred: Attribution Share Alike
This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for commercial reasons, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to open source software licenses. All new works based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use.

View License Deed |  Legal Code

:bulletred: Attribution No Derivatives
This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.

View License Deed |  Legal Code

:bulletred: Attribution Non-Commercial
This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

View License Deed |  Legal Code

:bulletred: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. Others can download and redistribute your work just like the by-nc-nd license, but they can also translate, make remixes, and produce new stories based on your work. All new work based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also be non-commercial in nature.

View License Deed |  Legal Code

:bulletred: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
This license is the most restrictive of our six main licenses, allowing redistribution. This license is often called the “free advertising” license because it allows others to download your works and share them with others as long as they mention you and link back to you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.

View License Deed |  Legal Code

:pointr: F.A.Q.s
Does my use constitute a derivative work or an adaptation?</b>
It depends. A derivative work is a work that is based on another work but is not an exact, verbatim copy. What this precisely means is a difficult legal question. In general, a translation from one language to another or a film version of a book are examples of derivative works. Under Creative Commons’ core licenses, syncing music in timed-relation with a moving image is also considered to be a derivative work.

All Creative Commons licenses allow the user to exercise the rights permitted under the license in any format or media. This means, for example, that under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 Unported license you can copy the work from a digital file to a print file, as long as you do so in a manner that is consistent with the terms of that license.

Can CC give me permission to use a CC-licensed work that I found?</b>
No. Creative Commons licenses are offered free of charge to the public. There is no registration required to use a CC license, nor do we attempt to maintain any type of registry. We generally have no direct knowledge of who is using the licenses or even for what (though we do have some indirect knowledge of usage via various search engines). We have no way of contacting the authors of CC-licensed works, nor do we offer any rights clearing services.

CC licenses haven't been ported to my jurisdiction (country). What can I do?</b>
Every CC license is intended to be effective on a worldwide basis, whether "ported" to a specific jurisdiction or not. If the licenses have not yet been ported to your jurisdiction, we recommend that you simply use the Unported versions of our licenses. CC's Unported licenses were created using standard terms from the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and other international treaties related to copyright and intellectual property.

If you would like to help adapt the licenses to your jurisdiction, you might consider collaborating with us on the license porting process: International Overview The Porting Process. If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact Creative Commons International:

Can I license software using CC licenses?</b>
They do not recommend it. Creative Commons licenses should not be used for software. CC strongly encourages you to use one of the very good software licenses which are already available. We recommend considering licenses made available by the Free Software Foundation or listed at the Open Source Initiative. Unlike our licenses, which do not make mention of source or object code, these existing licenses were designed specifically for use with software.

Creative Commons has “wrapped” some free software/open source licenses with a human-readable "Commons Deed" and machine-readable metadata. You may use these "wrapped" software licenses to take advantage of the Creative Commons human-readable document as well as the machine-readable metadata while still licensing your work under an established software license. It is important to note that CC has not altered these software licenses in any way, but has simply bundled human- and machine-readable explanations of the licenses along with the original license text. Examples: GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, BSD.

:pointr: Jurisdiction
completed licenses are available in the following countries :

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China Mainland, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK: England and Wales, UK: Scotland, United States.

The process of developing licenses and discussing them are still in progress for the following jurisdictions:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ireland, Jordan, Nigeria, Thailand, Ukraine.

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CC's generic licenses are jurisdiction-agnostic: they do not mention any particular jurisdiction's laws or statutes or contain any sort of choice-of-law provision. The licenses are, however, based on the U.S. Copyright Act in many respects. This means that, though we have no reason to believe that the licenses would not function in legal systems across the world, it is at least conceivable that some aspects of our licenses will not align perfectly to a particular jurisdiction's laws.…

Our licensing model includes three levels: the human-readable Commons Deed, the lawyer-readable Legal Code, and the machine-readable Digital Code or metadata. The International Commons project will port the Legal Code to accommodate a specific jurisdiction's legal background rules, while the Commons Deed and Digital Code will remain the same.

After the ported licenses are launched, CCi continues to collaborate with the international affiliates to maintain the legal framework and to adapt later versions of the licenses. In this way, CCi works to maintain an international license architecture and a network of legal experts around the globe.

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