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Ugh. My final for Digital Production II. I'm not quite sure if I like how it turned out anymore... but I'm putting it up anyway since I said I would. I spent too many sleepless nights and missed meals to not share this crappy thing. Sorry about the low sound. Headphones make it much louder, or turning your speakers up all the way makes it good enough. I'm too lazy to go back and fix it because I've been working on it too long.

Made in Flash, 24 fps, video captured as a QuickTime file, and sounds done in Final Cut Pro. Everything used is Royalty free and pretty much all the credits are in there.

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Surprise! I can submit film now. :D

This was the main project of my final semester for my 3D associate's degree.

Sorry about the quality. The higher res file was so large I could not even transfer it home. :XD:

I wish I could have put in sound effects, but I couldn't find anything I liked and don't have the equipment to record my own decently. Oh well.

Software used: 3Ds Max 9, Adobe Photoshop cs4, Adobe After Effects cs4
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Hey all,

This commercial I helped made in my 3th year of animation school.
It was a co-op between our school, 2nd and 3th year of animation, and production house CZAR.
It's for the electric company "Electrabel" - major electricity distributor in belgium

It was so much fun to make. It was a week of very hard work. Everyday we woke at 6am. Breakfast at 7am. and be at the set at 8am. Then we worked till... late in the night.
There is a shot in the movie where you see this hole city, took us 15hours straight to make! the last shot with the 2009 took us about 10hours.. to give you a small idea on how long it takes to make such a thing.
But at least we got 3 meals a day and we could drink as much as we wanted on the set (no alcohol) of course.
And after a long day of work we went back to the hostel. The bar of the hoster actually :D

This commercial was re-editted, 2009 became 2010, they editted this with the computer.

This commercial was shown all over belgian television and in theatres (in theatres they played the making of) watch it here : [link]

We've gotten the rights to upload this movie to our "sites" and use it on our portfolio. (if you don't believe it you can always call the production House CZAR: [link] ask for Raf Wathion he can confirm this.)

Music is done by Tony bocken - I take you to my dream.
Later he made a videoclip about his song with the same kind of animation.. watch it here: [link]

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This is my final piece for my A Level art coursework.

Thanks to everyone who commented on and :+fav: the original deviation: [link]

Enjoy the new higher quality :aww:


Music By - Nobuo Uematsu
Distributed by - Square Enix Music
(Permission form to use music obtained)
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My senior film from SCAD, finished back in November 07.

I don't know much of what to say about this. It's taken over 400 hours of work, over the course of three school quarters and a summer. It's the largest artistic endeavor I've ever undertaken.

Animated, cleaned, and colored completely with Flash. I did all the animation, layout, most of the cleanup, and some of the coloring. My friend Spot helped with cleanup, and my sister =fyuvix helped with cleanup and more than half the coloring.

... Hope you like it.

~Animation & Direction: Me
~Sound Design & Music: Brenden R.
~Additional Cleanup/Coloring: =fyuvix, Spot G.
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A videoproject for school
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The Viral hit "Ballad of Black Mesa" is a toe tapping, gun toting, tour de-force. Taking cues from works like STOMP, and contemporary advertisement, The Ballad of Black mesa has been featured in numerous publications, including UK PCgamer, and GEE magazine. View article image here: [link]
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Almost (!) a full timelapse of my jackalope painting process. I didn't record painting the antlers - finished the livestream before doing it and then completely forgot to record the last bit. I hope it's going to be helpful anyway.

Wooden Legs - Metallo 3 [link]
Sláinte - Silver Spear [link]
Oursvince - Celtic Dragon [link]
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:bulletred: I've opened an Online Paid Animation Course. Full details here:
Watch a better HD Ver here:

Lady Ice now ON SALE on a 2-Disc Collector’s Edition packed with about an hour of bonus features and behind the scenes. Reserve your copy today before stock runs out. Available for online purchase ONLY.
Please visit
To Purchase other Lady Ice merchandise visit
Join the "Lady Ice Fan Group" at

To watch the WIP version go to
To watch the TRAILER go to

This is a personal project that started as my final project for the Animation program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel and after graduating I kept working on it to finish it alone. This is a combined project of Liron Pe’er (Me, and I'm a woman btw!) and another guy, who dropped the project at an early stage and therefore all you see here was mostly done by me alone (I did the entire animation in the film). Original score by Gidon Ricardo .

And I do NOT work for Disney or any other large company (I'm a freelancer). I already tried to apply to Disney via many ways, but they don't want me or don't have a position to offer me, so what I need is an inside guy...

For a huge article (that will answer MOST of your questions ) about Animation and Lady Ice that I wrote please go to:
Of course feel free to write to me any comment/question you have and I'd gladly reply to you.

Traditional Hand Drawn Animation Pencil on Paper
Cleanup/Coloring in PS
Backgrounds in Painter
Effects/Edit in AE+Premiere

Follow My Work:
Online Portfolio / Lady Ice Official Website / YouTube Channel / Facebook / Tumblr / LinedIn / Commission Info / Stock Images
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This film is about (obviously) rain, and how it influences people. No storyline here. Created in 2007

All music and sound design was created by me (Jonas De Ro)
no third party or unlicensed track were used!
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