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im redoing my Xaon Gundam, this is what i have so far.

Name: RX-95-1 Xaon Gundam
Height: 125ft
Weight: 65 ton's
PowerSource: MinoskyParticle's
Armor: Titanium Carbonox
Year Built: UC 0100
Pilot: Male, NewType, Age 17

Basic Weapon's:
4 Beam Saber's
2 Dagger's
1 Pulse Assault Rifle
2 Plasma Pistol's
1 Plasma ShotGun
2 Shoulder Missile Launcher's
2 Arm Mini Gun's
2 Heat Rod's
2 Gun Blade's
2 Palm Repusler's (laser's in hand's)
1 Chest Cannon

Equipment: for now it only use's basic equipment until it's Funnel's and cannon's have been completed.

Defence: omnidirectional sheilding

Weakness: most sound based attack's

Special Ability's: cloaking, OverDrive, Transmute

Ultimate Ability: Maser (MegaLaser), Beserk System

during the E.F.F's deep space exploration program. there was the matter of hostel alien life found on other planet's. incase any where found, this MS is to be deployed to eleminate any threat's.

this Gundam was also based off the blueprint's of the Nu-Gundam, after the Nu-Gundam demenstraited a dangerously high proformence. new MS's were made, including Xaon Gundam.

this Gundam has modification's to allow it to be custom fit to almost any environment. for now this is only the base form.

a special system was developed by the E.F.F and installed into this MS, that can allow it to remotely control other MS's. even if the MS is being piloted by an enemy. but this system can only control so many MS, and it limit's the fighting capablity's of the Xaon.

an experimental device will allow the Xaon to control the pilot of the enemy mech or enemy ground infantry. but it is still under testing.

this Gundam was also contrusted from experimental alien techonlogy that is not fully understood. this unknown technology was found deep within Jupiter and brought to Earth, for reverse enginering.

it is unknown of the Xaon's ture potential.

for now the pilot rely's on what ever new weapon's and technology that are installed into the Xaon until the alien tech has been further studyed.

it's modified armor allow's it to enter and exit the atmospshere at will.

it's preformence is 5x that of Nu Gundam

i realy liked how i did the chest, and im going to see if i can get the rest of the body to look the same style.

i tryed to make it look related to the Nu-Gundam since it's based off Nu. so it's kinda like my version of Nu-Gundam MK-II

i probley try a redo later, but i like how this on turned out. here's the [link] to the prototype design

i do not own Gundam
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#The-Den application for Char Aznable.

Name: Char Aznable
Series Originated From: Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century

Man oh man, what to put for "why it should be me"...oh god, actually...this is a little embarrassing D:

I think i would be a good choice because a) i draw him constantly 2) Char has shot up to one of my all time favourite characters ever third) i wont ever stop drawing him. and lastly) i may seem to be a little obsessed.
Plus, his hair is awesome. hes got more than most women do |D i bet its fluffy.

these people shitted me out of this group for some unknown reason.

AND SINCE I MADE THE SHIMEJI, OH GOD. hes so cute when hes like that. flying and falling, and walking, and crawiling on the ground like that XDXD the crawling on the ground is my favourite <3

Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena (c) Sunrise/Bandai
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This took a lot of time, even if I was being impatient. With finals in the way, I couldnt finish it in time, but here it is.

This is what happens when Char meets the Space Black Knight, the korean Gundam ripoff. Basically it was Amuro with Char's helmet. Char does not approve.

One notable difference in the Knight's helmet compared to Char's is that the visor is part of the helmet and is removed as one, instead of separately.

I decided to actually work on human beings instead of one of my many unfinished mecha/landscapes.

It was sketched on top of the infamous bright-slap pic, so the lineart is very similar but not 1-to-1. Luckily Bright's head shape isnt too far removed from Char's. Looking at it now, I already see a lot of mistakes but you're free to comment.

I do not own Mobile Suit Gundam, or Space Black Knight.
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This is a picture of Roll my daughter requested. I'm also submitting it to :icondesign-a-character: for the Mega Man re-imagined challenge.

I see her as a creation of necessity. After Mega Man begins to clean up Dr. Wily's mess at the Academy for Sentient Sciences (A.S.S.) He inevitably ups his game with more and stronger robots. Dr. Light builds Roll to help Mega Man, but she resents the idea. She wants to be free, but feels trapped in a role that she never chose. Her dog's name is Gizmo. It's my daughter's dog's name and Mega Man already has Rush. He was based on a Basenji... yeah I said it. This is the first time I've drawn a dog or dog robot. I hope you enjoy it.
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Aye, Char Aznable again.


...I'll get on those trades.
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Possibly for an upcoming second installment of Total Drama Evolution, I decided to give Holly a more of a businesswoman appearance.

She has now learned not to rely on cute and nice guys for support and use her bloated stomach to her advantage.

base (c) :iconprincessskycloud:
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From "Kamen-Rider W".

Ryubee Sonozaki/Terror-Dopant:

Ryubee Sonozaki is the seemingly wise yet maniacal head of the Sonozaki Family and leader of the Museum, who is almost always seen smiling or laughing. He sports a commanding presence and can adequately terrify many even without the use of his Terror Memory, which is the main reason why the police leaves him alone even though they have suspicions regarding his activities. He acts as a godfather in the organization and sees the entirety of the city of Futo as his personal kingdom, not letting anyone get in the way of his vision for the city, not even his wife and children. With the Terror Memory, Ryubee can transform into the Terror Dopant, who can increase the fear in his victims to maddening levels. He could also summon the Terror Field to burn his victims or teleport himself and others across long distances and project his power into the Terror Crown to create a Barong-like familiar known as the Terror Dragon [link] . As the head of the Museum, Ryubee oversees the distribution of Gaia Memories, using those who can use them as research specimens, regardless of the harm and deaths that ensued. He does not seem to consider the Kamen Riders fighting the Dopant crimewave a threat, using the data off of them as a means to perfect his plans for Wakana before turning his attention to regain Philip and complete his plan to initiate the Gaia Impact.

It is revealed that Ryubee was an archaeologist who bought the grounds his estate was built on after finding deposits of fossils and relics beneath it, forming the collection at the Futo Museum where he works as its curator. He eventually discovered the location of the planet's consciousness, dubbed the Gaia Memory, and brought his family to see it. However, when his son Raito fell into the "fountain" of the Gaia Memory and died, but was somehow resurrected by the planet's powers, Ryubee began his plan for the Gaia Impact: an event that would ensure the future of the human race by making them one with the planet itself, much like his son had become. To reach his goal, he used an item dubbed the "Evil Tail", an archaeologist's brush with the names of his family inscribed on it, to overcome the fear that would go along with sacrificing them to reach his goal, eventually making him go mad. When he sacrifices Raito (Philip) once more into the Gaia Memory to make his daughter Wakana one with the Earth, he is confronted by both Kamen Riders. While Kamen Rider Accel as the AccelTurbuler destroys his Terror Dragon, Shotaro is able to retrieve Philip's mind and then his body from the aspects of the Gaia Memory in ClayDoll Xtreme to transform into Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme to defeat the Terror Dopant and destroy the Terror Memory, along with most of the Sonozaki estate. With Ryubee's mind still broken from years of planning, he enters the still burning ruins of his home, glad that he finally initiated the Gaia Impact. He dies in the blaze, thinking of the good times he had with his family before he discovered the Gaia Memory.

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This was a kinda old picture of mine that I found today. I guess I made this around the time when I made the other TDI/PPG pictures. Ain't it cute?
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THIS IS SO TRUE its like an overdose of peach rings.

i made this into a magnet and it looks awesome. but i cant have it on my fridge because my grandpa is weird about stuff like that, just because of the word "bitch". what a bitch.
but my grandma on the other hand...really loved this XD

so kamille and amuro are on my filing cabinet. SO HARDCORE BECAUSE THAT THING WEIGHS A TON AND IS LIKE A MOUNTAIN TO MOVE. but it is metal and hold my sticker sheets :3 so i forgive it.

kamille bidan and amuro ray (c) Sunrise/Bandai
(you have no idea how much fun this was to make)
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Decided to update our list for the still-to-be-worked-on item system for PonyKart.

Since this is NOT OFFICIAL (at least not yet ;P), all this post is supposed to be at the moment is more of a "finalized looking" list for the items. Some new ones have been added, old ones have been removed or altered, and said some will either be praised or booed for being included.

Hopefully it will help keep up the hype you guys have been giving us, and enjoy the changes.

I should mention that the zap apple and Philomeena vectors belong to :iconskeptic-mousey: & :iconjlryan:, respectfully.

EDIT: Added, subtracted & altered some more to show that we're still constructing about, behind the scenes.

(My Little Pony series belongs to Hasbro)
(Friendship is Magic belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and DHX Media Vancouver (Studios B))
(PonyKart project can be found at [link])
(Pony font taken from the internet)
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