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Zero was slumped in the corner of the bathroom, panting hard. He started when he saw he wasn't alone.
"Get...back..." he managed to choke out.
Then he rose. His eyes were glowing bright-red. Fangs slid into view as he grinned.
"Kurai," Akuru muttered. "Now would be a good time to raise a barrier....."
"Working on it," Kurai answered, clapping her hands together. A red barrier appeared just as he lunged towards them. Then he bounced off.
A golden ball of holy energy appeared between Akuru's palms, just powerful enough to knock him out.
"You can't hurt him!!!" Kurai screamed and hurled at her a weak fireball, causing Akuru to fall.
"Okay, maybe I should hurt you instead,"Akuru growled as she picked herself up. "Why can't I hurt him, anyway?!?"
"'Cos....'cos.... he's just TOO CUTE!!!"
Akuru fell on the ground again.
"Oh fine," she grunted. "You deal with him. And what about Inuyasha?"
"Inuyasha?Who's that?"
"Okay...." Akuru muttered. This was the worst crush Kurai had ever had.
Water suddenly spilled out of a nearby sink, flowing towards Zero. It covered him like a coccoon, then froze, imobilising him.
"Mine!" Kurai sang happily. She reached to lower the barrier. Then....
A woman with her hair in a ponytail and body wrapped in scarves and fur burst into the room.

"Zero!" she gasped.
Only then did Akuru and Kurai realise it was a man.
"Zero, snap out of it!" Yuki burst into the room.
Zero blinked. "Yuki?" His eyes fadded from red to its usual beautiful violet. At the same time, his fags slid back into his mouth.
Yuki tirned to Akuru and Kurai. "I'm so sorry....It completly slipped my mind to tell you he-"
"Is a vampire," Kurai finished, her head bowed."COOL!!!" She exclaimed, her eyes sparkling. She leapt for Zero and he oushed her away immediately. Yuki looked at Akuruu questioningly.
"She's forgotten what a vampire is," Akuru answered. "It happens every single time she 'falls in love'."
"Erm...What happened?" Zero asked, confused.
"Nothing, "Yuki assured him."You didn't take your bllod tablets again, did you?"
Zero's face immediately turned black."I refuse to take them."
"You became like..." Kurai held her body stiffly, and switched to serious battle mood. (Eyes glowing, fangs lengthening etc. Like how Inuyasha looks like when he's a full demon and how Sesshomaru looks like when he's really upset.)
"Uh huh, it was something like that," Akuru nodded.
"Zero, you're going to be a dangerto everyone at this rate," Yuki sighed,
He glared at her,took out several pills and popped them in his mouth. "Happy?" he growled.
The woman/man turned to Akuru and Kurai.
"Yuki was telling me about you just now. Your friends are alright, thay'll recover soon. I'm, Chairman Cross by the way."
"Zero!" Yuki exclaimed.
Zero was coughing up blood. Lot's of blood.
The third chapter.......It took so long since I wasn't allowed to use the computer loing enough to type this out.


I have torn up the manuscript of this story in a fit of rage, and I have no intention of continuing it. Please support my first Xiaolin Showdown fanfic and read [link] ! Thanks.
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The box said to put the popcorn in for two to four minutes. It never specified that putting it in for two minutes meant it didn't pop at all, and putting it in for four mean it came out like charcoal, stinking out the entire apartment, and halting, rather impressively, the plans Eva and Tom had for the evening.

It was the first time, in days, there hadn't been a Digimon attack, and the first time in days neither of them had been exhausted and wanted to go to bed early, or had already made plans to do something. They had kept the evening free. Eva finished work early, and Tom completed the errands he needed to do, and he was able to pick her up from the bakery.
They'd rented a couple of movies that hadn't been able to see yet, and Tom bought a couple of packets of 'do-it-yourself' popcorn. One had already been demolished by Irbimon and Poemon, and the other Tom had left in Eva's care while he'd set up the DVD. It had filled the apartment with the smell of burning, and Eva's face had fallen, pouring it out into a glass bowl.

She had apologized profusely, and said they should just watch the movie without popcorn. But Tom was adamant it was necessary. He had been amused by Eva's over-reaction to ruining the treat, and had left, to return with more while Eva cleared up. Poemon had gone with him, to be on the safe side.

"What a waste..." Irbimon commented sadly, watching as Eva threw the burnt and acrid smelling popcorn in the trash. "You klutz."

"It was an accident!" Eva wailed, putting the glass bowl back on the counter. She probably said that phrase six or seven times in the last ten minutes. Irbimon knew it had been an accident, but just liked to tease her. Eva flopped down on the couch and pulled a cushion into her chest, pouting at few snippets of scenes running on the DVD they had rented. She'd been looking forward to the film for some time, a new one featuring Michael Cera. She hadn't found time to see it in the cinema, and now had to wait another ten or twenty minutes for Tom to come back in order to finally get to watch it and draw her own conclusions on whether or not the film lived up to the hype or not.

Irbimon clicked the 'mute' button on the TV remote and climbed up onto the sofa beside Eva, grinning. "We haven't had time together in the apartment just you and me for ages!" He said throwing his arms out dramatically. Eva grinned behind her cushion. "We should get more time together."

"It has been a while." Eva murmured, lowering the cushion to speak properly. "But it's not like we know when we're going to get attacked or not."

"I know." Irbimon agreed, sitting back, his tail dangling off the sofa. "But it couldn't hurt to try and get some time just you and me, without Tom or Poemon around. They get time together here after all, when you're at work."

"True." Eva said thoughtfully. "What would we do though? Can I put a pretty bow in your fur and dress you up like a doll?" She grinned playfully, Irbimon's face dropped: he was not amused.

"Not funny. I'm being serious." Irbimon complained, disliking how Eva was making a mockery out of what he believed to be a serious subject. "After all, everyone else gets time alone with their partners too."

"Yes, but they don't live with anyone else... except James. Tom and I live together." Eva explained patiently. She put the cushion down in her lap, sitting up straight, "and say we did managed to get some time just you and me, what would we do?"

"We never used to have trouble finding things to do when I was Uncimon. We could do those things." Irbimon said after a short moment's thought. "I know I can't go out walking with you, or anything. But we could do stuff here. Like... I dunno, bake a cake."

"Bake a cake?" Eva repeated.

Irbimon shrugged, "it's an idea."

"It is an idea." Eva confirmed, "a terrible idea. The last time you and I tried to bake anything together, you got flour all over your fur, split a jug of water on you so it all congealed together and I had to give you a bath."

Irbimon's ears flattened. "Maybe not baking then. How about... uhm... sewing?"

"I don't know how." Eva said, "unless its sewing on buttons. Besides, why sewing? Do you want a little Irbimon sized suit?" She teased.

Unperturbed, Irbimon continued to list other ideas, surfing (too wet), painting (too messy), home improvement (too dangerous). Eva suggested cleaning, Irbimon rebuffed it as too boring.

Eva smiled gently as Irbimon sat in thought trying to think up more activities they could do together in the apartment, to not run the risk of him being see. She rubbed her hands over Irbimon's ears affectionately. "Why so desperate to spend time with me?"

"I just think it's a good idea. After all we haven't for ages." Irbimon shrugged, "I didn't think you'd be so against it."

"I'm not against it." Eva explained, "I'm all for it. We just have to find something the two of us can do, that doesn't involve anything that can go wrong."

"That's everything." Irbimon said dryly.

"Not true." Eva giggled, reaching across the sofa and pulling Irbimon towards her, into her lap. She scratched his ears and cheeks with her fingernails, and then the back of his head, just above his neck. Soon enough he purring like a kitten in her lap, completely lucid and relaxed. "This isn't going wrong, is it?"

"Mhmmmph..." Irbimon replied. Words he obviously meant to say coming out as one long muffled and lazy sounding syllable, a signal that he was relatively happy for the time being, and could remain so as long as Eva kept up her ministrations. Eva grinned to herself, leaning back on the sofa and staring at the ceiling while continuing to pet the snow leopard Digimon in her lap. His purring filled the room like a soft consistent 'whirring' sound, and it was one Eva rarely heard any more.

He had a point, they did need to spend more time together as a pair, it was important for them, not just as friends but also as tamer and Digimon to keep their bond strong. After all they had both witnessed what happened when the bond cracked even a little bit and wasn't repaired in time, and it had been a lesson for both of them, and not one they wanted to ever repeat.

"You know, maybe we could just... do this." Eva suggested slowly, "every week or something, get Tom out of the apartment with Poemon, and just sit together with a movie on or the TV. It's not dangerous, nothing can go wrong... seems like a pretty perfect idea, doesn't it?"

Irbimon opened his big eyes slowly. His pupils had dilated to the size of dinner plates, adding further proof that he was enjoying the attention being show him. "Throw some food into the deal and I'll think about it." He said slowly, his words slurring together as he tried with some difficulty to talk coherently.

Eva grinned to herself, wrapping her arms around Irbimon and hugging him. "I think I can work some munchies into the bargain."

Irbimon's purrs became louder and he snuggled up against Eva happily. Keys jangled in the door, as it opened and Tom walked back in, Poemon in tow. They both carried a bag each.

"I thought you were just getting popcorn." Eva stated, looking over her shoulder at the pair as they decanted the groceries on the counter.

"It made sense to stock up on the things we needed." Tom explained, "shall I be in charge of the popcorn this time?" He asked, holding up a packet.

Eva grinned sheepishly and sunk her face into Irbimon's fur.
[Please ignore my incredibly lame title.]

A horribly belated birthday gift for *xuza

An (incredibly random) short/drabble about Eva and Irbimon. Also featuring Tom and Poemon.

I had so many ideas for what I wanted to write for *xuza's present, but when it came down to it, none of them came out how I wanted them too, so when her birthday finally roll around, I had nothing to show for it.
Since then I've been working like crazy, and also working on Reboot writing-wise, and its taken a lot of my attention.

However this evening I felt the need to write something simple, easy and that wouldn't involve a lot of ... not effort, but not as much intensity as I sometimes have to put into Reboot. Something fun and easy.
So I went to a prompt website I like to use, found one which featured the word 'popcorn'. Got an idea and went with it. Before I knew it I was writing a little Eva and Irbimon snippet, like a view into their relationship.

Its not very long (its a drabble like I said) but uhm... hopefully *xuza likes it?


Eva Jarvis, Irbimon and Poemon belong to *xuza
Tom Lay belongs to ~tomgeist and *xuza
Digimon Reboot belongs to *xuza, *snoppy and *Silveritis
Logo made by *xuza
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Digimon: MiniDramon (Grey) (She's fan made)

Rank: Rookie

Personality: She doesn't like to stand out and is very shy. Is very kind when you get to know her. She doesn't complain much when she's referred to as a male, in fact she rarely even point the mistake.

Description: Grey-light purple scaled skin that covers her whole body. Dinosaur/Dragon like head covered by a metallic helmet resembling GigaDramon's. Darker purple short hair can be seen coming out from the back of the helmet. She has mechanical/metal wings, again resembling GigaDramon but smaller scaled. She has only 2 fingers per hands(2 hands only) and those fingers are metallic like the helmet and wings, in fact the fingers are the missiles launched during her Dark Side Missile attack. They regrow shortly after the attack.
Basically she's more or less a rookie miniature version of GigaDramon. Shares the same colour palette as it and it's lack of feet. She has a long tail. She has Yellow eyes with a tin pupil.

Attacks/Abilities: MiniDramon can fly and float, it makes up for the fact she can't walk. Her attacks are miniature version of Gigadramon's
Dark Side Missile(Dark Side Attack), Faulty Claw(Guilty Claw/Wing), Byte Wing(Giga Byte Wing)

Partner: None so far
Equipment: None

History: She and her "brother" MiniDramon(Orange) used to travel the Digital World, they couldn't stay in one place as they were often chased due to being virus digimons and smaller versions or Gigadramon and Megadramon, who used to work for Machinedramon (Season 01). One day her brother joined a little digimon army and left with it, leaving MiniDramon(Grey) on her own since she refused to follow her brother. She's too afraid to travel alone though so she doesn't travel as much and hides a lot more since her brother left.
Digimon Evolution Character Sheet

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                A blanket of snow met Viximon as she made her way outside the dorms. It had taken her a lot of effort to get this far, especially opening the various doors in the way, but she had her reasons. She was in the process of leaving for the Digital world without her partner, a decision she had made early that morning when she woke up beside him. She’d slept beside him the previous night like she had since their ordeal with the black cloud, but this morning had been… different. She’d been in a bit of a slump ever since their fight the previous day, and her long-awaited Digivolution to the Champion level. Except when it had happened, her Champion form wasn’t what anyone had been expecting. She and Greg had been going around for months explaining how she would digivolve to Kyuubimon, but they’d been wrong, and she felt embarrassed by that fact. Instead of the large yellow fox everyone had been told so much about, Viximon had become something else entirely. Apparently in her Champion form she was some purple-blue monster called Youkomon, and she wasn’t sure if she liked it. Greg’s face when he saw her had been the kicker; he’d been in complete shock when he saw her, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that Greg wasn’t as impressed as he should have been with her latest form. In fact, he almost looked disappointed, but that couldn’t be right… could it?

                More brooding nagged the tiny fox’s steps as she plodded through the snow towards the gate room. It was true, Greg hadn’t actually said anything to her during or after the fight, but for all she knew, that was because he’d had nothing good to say to her. No words of praise, no congratulations, nothing. It was just home and right to bed. A couple of tears fell from her eyes as that thought hit home; if everyone else thought she was weird as a Youkomon, she could live with that, but if Greg was the same way, that was unbearable. The boy was her best friend in the entire world; he’d taken her in when she’d had nowhere to go, been her friend when she had no one else, and they’d been through a lot together, even though it hadn’t quite been three years yet. She wiped her face with a snowy paw, the cold stinging slightly as it touched her face, and she decided against trying again, since it had just left her eyes wetter than they had been. She made it to just outside the gate room, and was about to continue on when she heard a small voice beside her.

                “Hey, what’s the matter with you?” said the voice sadly, and Viximon turned around to face its source. There in front of her was a small white Digimon with wings. “Yeah, you!” it said happily. “You seem kinda glum. Has something got you upset?” He flew closer to the yellow In-training and landed beside her in the snow. “It’s alright, you can tell me if something’s wrong, my name’s Cupimon, and I can help! My friends and I are here to help everyone feel better, humans and Digimon!”

                “I-it’s n-nothing,” Viximon said quickly, trying to hide her face. “I’ll be alright, I’m just on my way back to the Digital World, I was visiting friends here…” It was a blatant lie, and her voice was shaking as she said it, which only made it easier for Cupimon to spot.

                “Oh, come on now, you’re obviously sad about something,” Cupimon said, floating back in front of Viximon’s face. “You were crying, weren’t you?” he continued, frowning a little. “What’s your name? What’s got you so down in the dumps?” The flying Digimon was almost sickeningly sweet, but Viximon couldn’t help but open up, at least a little.

                “Well,” Viximon said, not really sure how to begin. “I wasn’t really just visiting friends,” she started, as Cupimon nodded to indicate that he knew that had been false. “I’ve got a tamer, his name’s Greg and we’re in the Astra, but…” She paused for a moment to reflect on what she was about to say before she said it.

                “But…” Cupimon prompted, frowning a little more and gesturing for Viximon to continue. “But what? Did something happen to Greg? Did he get in a fight? Is he alright? Do you need to save him from a bad human? Or worse, do you have to save him from a bad Digimon?” He watched as Viximon shook her head slowly. “Well, what is it then? Why are you so sad?”

                “I… think Greg doesn’t want me as a partner anymore,” said Viximon, hanging her head in shame.

                “What?!” Cupimon said in total shock. “What do you mean?! Partners are forever! Did you have a fight?” The digimon started flying around randomly, panicking as he did. “But even if it was a fight, that’s no reason to stop being partners!” Finally, he landed back in front of Viximon. “Alright,” he said, gathering his composure a little better, “What actually happened?” He waited expectantly as Viximon took a deep breath and began.

                “Well, I don’t know if you know much about Viximon like me, but I digivolve into Renamon,” she said, starting her explanation. “And from there, Renamon’s supposed to digivolve to an even bigger fox called Kyuubimon! And she’s really neat, and… I don’t digivolve into Kyuubimon after Renamon,” she continued, her face showing clear disappointment. Cupimon looked puzzled, asking her without words what the alternative was. “I turn into some weird freak called Youkomon!” she yelled at the other Digimon. “It’s not what Renamon are supposed to turn into! I’m not like other Renamon, there must be something wrong with me!” She tried to sniff back tears, but with little success. “I’m a freak, and that makes me a disappointment to Greg. So I’m leaving now, he’ll be able to find a new partner when I’m gone,” she continued, tears streaming down her face and getting trapped in her fur. “He’ll find a better partner, one that isn’t such a weirdo.” She took several determined steps towards the door of the gate room and made it in through the front door.

                “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Cupimon said, following Viximon and putting himself back into her path to block her from proceeding. “Have you even tried talking to him about it?” The little angel digimon seemed almost close to tears himself. “That can’t be the case, it just can’t!” He stared into Viximon’s eyes, pleading with her to stay.

                “I just don’t know!” Viximon spat, sitting down on the ground. “I didn’t talk to him about it, it was too embarrassing!” she cried, not even sure of why she left anymore. “And what if he’d lied and said everything was alright? Or worse, what if he’d told me himself to go?” Her heart almost broke in two at the thought of Greg actually telling her she wasn’t wanted anymore.

                Cupimon hugged Viximon tightly, and patted her on the back. “Hey now, I think you’re just misunderstanding things a little,” he said soothingly. “I haven’t heard of any humans who would just abandon their partner, especially not ones from around here.” He gestured back to the dorms, as Viximon’s footprints traced a faint path back there. “He’s probably worried sick right now about you, too, especially if you just left without saying anything. Why don’t we both go back and talk things out? I’m sure this is all just a giant mixup.”

                Cupimon’s mention of Greg worrying had hit Viximon like a punch to the gut. “Oh, no!” she said, a change of heart apparent from the tone in her voice. “We have to go back! He’s gonna be so mad!” She turned to dash out the door and back to the dorms, but only made it down the front steps to the gate room before she crashed into someone’s foot and tripped over it. She tumbled and rolled through the snow a very short distance and looked up at who she’d just run into. The face that met hers was full of concern, but looked overjoyed to have found her.

                “Big brother! I found her!” called out Eva Forest, as she quickly picked up Viximon. “We’ve been looking everywhere for ya! Nyaro didn’t think you’d come here, but I had a feeling!” The younger girl squeezed the little digimon tightly and didn’t loosen up for several moments. “What did ya run away for?” She asked, looking at Viximon. She noticed Cupimon next. “Oh, and who’s this? A new friend?” she skipped over to the other digimon and grinned. “Hiya, I’m Eva, what’s your name? Are you a friend of Vixi?”

                “You could say that,” Cupimon said, smiling at Viximon and the girl currently carrying her. “You know Viximon?” He laughed; seeing the way she was acting with Viximon let him answer his own question. “I guess that’s a silly thing to ask. Where’s Greg? Did he come with you?”

                “Big brother should be here really soon with Nyaro,” Eva said, gesturing behind her. “I ran ahead because they’re slowpokes.” Eva had been the first person Greg had come to for help because the four of them were family, and the fact that Eva’s room was closest out of everyone Greg knew was also a huge help, as he’d recognized he only had time to get one person. Eva, to her credit, had leapt at the opportunity to help even though Greg had woken her up, forgetting her coat as she raced out the door to find her friend.

                “Well…” Viximon started, embarrassed, “It’s kind of a long story.” She didn’t get to continue, though, because they were joined by another pair of voices.

                “Eva!” Greg said through laboured breaths as he jogged up to the three of them carrying Eva’s jacket, BlackNyaromon hopping disdainfully through the snow some distance after him, still lagging behind. “It’s bad enough that we had to worry about Viximon, but you need to remember your jacket.” He handed it to his cousin as Viximon leapt out of Eva’s arms and into his. “Viximon!” he said in shock, hugging his partner even tighter than Eva had. “Where have you been? I was so worried, I had no idea where to even start looking for you. What’d you run away for?”

                “Because you were disappointed in me, Greg!” Viximon said, burying her face into her tamer’s jacket and crying again. “You were expecting me to digivolve into Kyuubimon, everyone was! But I didn’t, I turned into Youkomon.” She looked up into the boy’s eyes. “I thought you’d think I was a failure, that you wouldn’t want me anymore as a partner.”

                “…What the fuck are ya talkin’ about, Viximon?” came BlackNyaromon’s voice as she finally joined the group. She glared at Greg. “Ya coulda helped me get here faster this one time, y’know,” she said to him, smacking his leg with her tail. “Dumbass. The fuckin’ snow’s almost higher than me!” The boy winced and rolled his eyes; there was just no pleasing the cat head. Nyaromon hopped over to Eva and nudged her with her tail. “C’mon, Eva, these two need ta talk to each other,” she said. Eva nodded and picked up her partner, and the two made their way back to the girl’s dorm room to get some more sleep – it was still fairly early, Viximon had left just as the sun was rising.

                “Actually, I’m gonna get going too,” Cupimon said, seeing that his job was pretty much over. “Good luck, Viximon, hope everything goes alright!” And with that, the small white angel digimon flew off to go help someone else.

                “Uh, bye!” Greg said to Cupimon, slightly confused as the digimon left. He looked back down at Viximon. “Why would you ever think I was disappointed in you?” he asked, his mouth a huge frown. He shivered a little. “Here, we’ll talk when we get back to where it’s warm,” he said. Viximon nodded and the two quickly ran back to Greg’s room. “Alright,” Greg said, sitting down on his bed with his partner beside him. “Now spill. What made you think that?”

                “I don’t know!” Viximon said sheepishly, not making eye contact with the boy. “You just looked really surprised and you were so excited about me turning into Kyuubimon and so was I, but then I didn’t! It was really embarrassing and I thought you’d be mad!” She looked back up at her partner. “I’m sorry,” she said sincerely.

                “Well, you know what they said about assumptions…” Greg said, though his partner’s puzzled expression told him that she had no idea what he was talking about. “Well, nevermind that then,”  he continued, laughing a little. “You should have said something,” he said, frowning at his partner. “I didn’t realize it was something you were self-conscious about.” He smiled at his partner. “It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, so what if you’re different from other Renamon? It’s just a part of what makes you who you are, right? The same as my hat sets me apart from other Gregs, and Salamon is black instead of cream like every other Salamon.” He scratched Viximon’s head. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and even if it were something bad, it wouldn’t matter. You’re my best friend and partner, and nothing’s going to change that, not now, not ever. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

                “R-really?” Viximon asked, her eyes lighting up and several tears of joy falling from her face onto the mattress below. Greg nodded, and the small yellow fox tackled him with all of her might. Greg rolled onto his back as he caught her, and gave her the biggest hug ever, squeezing her almost hard enough that she couldn’t breathe. Viximon didn’t mind; she was back with Greg, and as long as he was around, she knew that everything would be okay. She’d forgotten that in her apprehension about being different, and she’d nearly thrown everything she had away as a result. Silently, she thanked Cupimon - wherever he was, and vowed to never hide something from Greg again, no matter how she thought he’d feel about it. Cupimon smiled; he’d been watching as he floated just outside Greg’s window, and as he flew off, he congratulated himself on a job well done.

Cupimon/Valentine's Day event for :iconthedigitalwar:!

Alright, quick synopsis. Greg and Viximon have been convinced for the longest time that Viximon's Champion form is Kyuubimon like most other Renamon. Anyone familiar with their character sheet knows that this isn't true, and that she follows the Youkomon line after Renamon. This story takes place the day after she reaches the Champion level and they find out that they were incorrect. Viximon (having only the emotional maturity of the average preschooler) thinks that there's something wrong with her, and that Greg will be disappointed in her because she isn't what anyone expected her to become. Her solution to this is to run away so Greg can find himself a "better" partner. This is obviously not what anyone wants, and it takes a passing Cupimon to set her straight. Eva and BlackNyaromon make a cameo searching for her, and the boy and his partner eventually reconcile once they're back in Greg's dorm room, where he assures Viximon that it's alright to be different, and that he wouldn't have her any other way - she's family, and family is irreplaceable.

Yup, it's mushy as all sin. Yup, I don't give a rats ass, I loved writing it. (But only because I already knew the ending. Poor Viximon. :c)

Greg and Viximon are © myself, =SirBroad
#TheDigitalWar is © *Rueme
Digimon is © Bandai
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Project: A-1 Prototype “Koschey”

Test no. 3320b

Re: New Items

First Item: Nature of Souls in A-1

It has come to our attention through a series of tests that the souls comprising the created A-1 Prototype (henceforth referred to as “Koschey”) are not, as was previously thought, fused into one entity. They retain their individuality, though they are not strong enough to break free. They also retain limited memories of their previous lives, though their only memories seem to consist of how they died. These souls individually desire to leave the collective. If the Cossack is not killed and the rock is not sealed soon, then it is possible that souls will begin to escape.

Second Item: New Arrivals

We have recently come into the possession of a number of animals reclaimed from the Rogue encampments. Some of them are very young, and one exhibits an odd colouration. We believe this may be caused by unusual gene pattern. It is encouraged that we explore the root of this odd colouration through experimentation on the individual creature and its siblings, and whether or not this colouration can be replicated.


Project: A-1 Prototype “Koschey”

Test no. 3323n

Re: New Items

First Item: Separation of Parts

We have gathered evidence that the souls within Koschey have been acting outside the influence of the collective. While the creature remains somewhat in stasis, the individual souls have been affecting the mind of the former prisoner of war KA-139, drawn, no doubt, by the man’s soul, which has been marked for the Spiritomb. The effects of this creature on the mind of this man are yet to be determined, as the test subject is not with us, but it can be assumed that, while A-1 may not know where KA-139 is, the individual souls within it do. Perhaps this can be used as a means of tracking KA-139. It is imperative, however, that we do not leave these souls to their own devices. The repercussions may be dire.

Second Item: “Shiny” Project

The recently-acquired animals, including the individual with colour variation (vulgarly referred to as as “shiny”), have been subjugated to testing. As of this point, we have failed in reproducing the colour anomaly in other creatures. Of the litter of 6, only 2 remain (Subject B32 and Subject S7*).

It has been posited that these last two be kept for testing purposes of their abilities. It is believed that their typing may be advantageous to our cause: it has been recommended that they be transferred to Holding Pen 13. Their proximity to A-1 will determine whether or not the prototype does indeed have no weaknesses.


Project: A-1 Prototype “Koschey”

Test no. 3339c

Re: New Items

First Item: The Psychopomp Hypothesis

One of our scientists—Dr. J. Quincey Street—has recently noticed an interesting phenomenon in Holding Pen 13: the pen closest to A-1. The souls appear to have noticed their new neighbours and have been passing through the walls to examine them. This has not had positive effects. The older test subject (Subject B32) has died, out of fear, as far as we can tell. Subject S7* still remains alive and stable.

What is interesting to note, however, is the souls have become individualised in the presence of these animals. It is perhaps due to the nature of the beasts, but the effect should be studied in greater detail. Named “The Psychopomp Hypothesis”, after the mythical ”midwives to the soul”, Dr. Street suggests that it is, perhaps, possible that an individual soul be able to “possess” another living creature and, in fact, be carried out by it.

Tests should be run on a stronger creature than Subject S7*, as such a process would no doubt kill the animal. It is recommended that Subject S7* be removed from Holding Pen 13 as soon as possible and relocated to a safer area.


Project: A-1 Prototype “Koschey”

Test no. ———




End Run Pre-R 6

madigan sterling: [link]
subject s7*: [link]

let's go
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Chapter II

The air tasted dry, like dirt even and had no sort of humidity whatsoever. Every time she took a step forward, crunches from the sandy ground echoed in her ears. It was quiet and windless, which made Code'e worry. Her eyes darted around, taking in her surroundings but she could only gulp as the confusion and panic washed over her senses. Where was she?!

She had ran and ran what seemed like a million times around this eerie wasteland but nothing like life forms or cities were visible for miles. How had she wounded up in a desert was beyond her comprehension. Code'e had tried to analyze the situation, tried to recall any missing links between being in the hands of a colossal, fog-like monster to being stranded in a dry, personal hell. Why was she here? Why?

Wait, where was Lopmon? She looked around frantically, the panic finally swallowing her whole as she did. Without her partner, she was surely going to lose it. "Lopmon, where are you? Stop playing tricks on me!" Code'e screamed from the top of her lungs, pleading silently that he would pop out and surprise her. But after ten minutes or so, she gave up. Her knees hit the ground with a loud thud, dust covering her jeans as she clenched her hands into fists. Suddenly, Code'e's head jerked up to the skies, her voice cracking as she screamed, "God, what do you want from me?! Stop doing this type of shit to me, this is so not fucking cool! You might as well end it now because this is not funny at all!" Her head lowered again, letting herself fall completely on the sand as she curled up under the scorching sun and began to cry silently. She was biting down on her lower lip, increasing the pressure as she tried to muffle the sobs.

How are you enjoying the misery, Code'e?

Her head lifted up, the tears stopping the moment that voice had invaded her ears. She sat up quickly, looking around to see where it had come from but no one else was with her. Code'e then crouched, ready to pounce on whatever was speaking or was toying with her. "Come out, now!" she demanded and a voice's laughter echoed broke the eerie silence so creepily, she jumped startled and fell back on her butt.

Walk for a bit more, Code'e. I am sure you will find it to your liking once you find where you are.

Groaning slightly, Code'e lifted herself up cautiously. Suddenly, her eyes saw Lopmon in the horizon. He looked blurry but she quickly hurried to go to him, waving her arms around happily as she shouted for him. Unfortunately, she had found herself chasing Lopmon now across the hot desert, as if he was running from her. She thought it as peculiar but continued to go after him. Beads of sweat ran down her forehead, damping her bangs and the back of her neck but she ignored it. Code'e only wanted to have her precious Lopmon in her arms once again.

After what seemed like eternity, Lopmon stopped running and waited for her at the top of a hill. Tripping a few times as she climbed the sandy trap, Code'e finally reached him but to her disappointment, it was an illusion. She had been running for nothing and it made her ache deep inside. Code'e was missing her Digimon more than ever, internally hurting to see him again. He was the Jiminy Cricket to her Pinnochio mindset. They needed one another and him not being there drove her insane.

Sighing deeply, Code'e glanced up then gasped in shock. A large, green sign read, "Welcome to Tokyo", in bold letters and getting excited, she ran to the left to see the beautiful, futuristic city she had come to love. Suddenly, like a sharp knife being stabbed on the side of her head, Code'e came to the cruel realization that Tokyo was not the same city she remembered.

In front of her stood the barren ruins of a once envied city, its tall towers now crumbled spires that laid almost submerged in the sands of time and its streets covered in garbage. Code'e ran down the hill, almost falling on her face several times as she rushed to investigate what had happened. She couldn't believe it. It was too much to bare. Tears had been spilling in torrents the whole time she had been dashing through the empty streets, seeking some answers from even the tiniest of places but nothing explained the tragedy she was facing. Nothing.

Sad to see this?

Now furious and enraged, Code'e paused and yelled, "Who the fuck are you?! You keep running your fucking mouth but you don't even show yourself! What happened to Tokyo? Where are the others?!"

Gone, as you can see. Search the streets to find your answers.

Before the voice had stopped speaking, Code'e was already on it, peeking through every store that was not blocked by trash or busting down the doors of houses. She had kept this cycle going for a few hours, frantically seeking some type of answer to the chaos that had conspired in Tokyo. Code'e ran by shattered billboards, dead streetlights, bent lamp poles, broken cars and bicycles. The buildings were cracked and destroyed in millions of ways.

After a bit, Code'e arrived to the Sol dorms... or what was left of it. Half of the dorms were gone, while the other half was either submerged in sand or was a total mess. Still, Code'e ventured in, carefully searching for any clues of what had happened. During the whole investigation, it seemed pretty clear what was going on.

End of the world.

She had seen it in movies, books, comics, whatever. The world would return to a state of nature being the predominant force, while humankind was extinct. Now why was she still alive? Maybe it was a dream, yeah. A dream. She bumped her head and was obviously in a nightmare but things felt too realistic.

Code'e sat down, trying to sniff back the tears that wanted to just pour out. The world was gone, all of Tokyo and its beautiful lights! What about the Digital World? She knew that it was no longer accessible by any means if technology had ceased to exist.

Ceased... to... exist.

Her body had started to shake violently, the tears finally spilling as she cried in agony. No technology, no machines, nothing. It was all gone, something of the past, a relic of a once-proud civilization...

Part II for Code'e's fear storyline for the Black Cloud Event. In this one, Code'e is being shown what she fears the most. For the next chapter, it will have Lopmon's side of the story as he watches from the outside of the black sphere.

Code'e (c) Mine
Lopmon and Digimon (c) Its owners who I forget
:iconthedigitalwar: (c) :iconrueme:
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Chapter Three
Weeks passed since then. Time seemed to drag on and on, everyone's spirits had since been doused. No one was chipped anymore. Except for Gregory d'Quincy, that is. However, Xavier had long since formed the idea that they would never escape. It had been several months since he was captured by is old Master; weeks since Jason was also taken … No one was coming to get them. It was all an empty hope … He had thought several times over about just ending it all. But he simply couldn't bring himself to do so. Not because he wasn't strong enough to do it. No, no. But because of his one special person.

Every time the thought of suicide crossed his mind, every time he told himself he was going to do it, Jason always stopped him. However, the purple-haired male wasn't even aware he was doing anything. All Xavier had to do was look at him, or think of him, or hear his voice, and it would take all of his power not to burst into tears and apologize over and over for even thinking about leaving him alone. And as the days progressed, things seemed to get worse. D'Quincy would frequent visits to him, often fucking him to the point of insanity … Though he hated to admit it; he liked it when the older male had his way with him … It sent his heart aflutter.

Of course though, he felt guilty for even thinking such preposterous things … After all, his heart belonged to Jason. Not Gregory d'Quincy … That was a lie … A majority of it belonged to Jason, yes, but … He still had feelings for the man he was so used to calling "Master" … Ever since he was a child, he had loved that man; even after he was made a slave and treated cruelly. He couldn't help it. Something about that man drew him near, filling his heart with pleasure. It was irrational to think that way, he knew, but he couldn't help the small twinge he felt in his heart whenever he saw that beast in disguise. The creature that hid behind soft eyes and a friendly smile. An angelic man who was hiding his black, poisonous heart from the world …

Xavier – or Xiao Long, as he is referred to by d'Quincy – couldn't help but feel compelled to cuddle up with him and sleep by his side. He wanted to kiss him over and over again, and show him affection. Show him how much he wanted to be with him. However, he didn't. Not with d'Quincy, anyways. But with that other special person. Jason, the one he loved more; the one he loved most. He recalled when Jason gave him the option to leave or stay – the day Xavier found out he was going to help Lillan raise a child. He had his answer for him by the time Jason had walked out the door. He wanted to stay. However, he didn't tell him so until the next day, when he all but ran up to him, kissing him passionately on the lips. He murmured terms of endearment to his lover as he peppered him with chaste kisses, confirming the fact that he wanted to stay with him, without saying the words. It was clear …

The silver-haired male was snapped from his thoughts when he felt Jason's arm – it was wrapped delicately around his waist – stiffen, the muscles in said appendage flexing and tensing. He lifted his head off of the other's shoulder looking at him quizzically, only to stiffen also. He heard voices coming from down the hall. They sounded angry, and fear quickly swept through the silver-laden beauty. He shifted in Jason's grasp, the silk of his blue duangua shifting also, creating a light friction against his chest. He got on his hands and knees – he was previously sitting on the floor – and crawled cautiously over to the entrance of his cage, grasping one of the bars with a feather-light touch.

That's when he suddenly saw several men cloaked in black burst into the room, all armed with a gun. Xavier was surprised to realize that he recognized a select few, however, glee overwhelmed the surprise, and he called out. Jason had accompanied his side, standing next to him, shock apparent of his features. Just when the both of them believe all hope to be lost entirely … D'Quincy was being liberated for the second time. Xavier stood next to his purple-haired lover, taking his hand in his. Despite the fact that several of their coworkers were helping with the liberation. But he didn't care … As long as d'Quincy couldn't hurt them any longer …

That reminded him, where was d'Quincy? He voiced his thoughts as soon as they were freed of their asylum, and the man in black looked at him, a scowl on his face. "Peterson, is that you?" He asked, ignoring the male's question all-together. The look of irritation on the silver-beauty's features was enough to confirm the other's question, and he smirked, before the smirk disappeared. "Couldn't find him." He said finally, answering his companion. The words tugged at his heart, and he seemed to pale considerably.

"Shénme... ?"  He whispered, unaware he was speaking in a different language. "Ma de!" He gasped, before suddenly running off down the hall. He could hear the male's voice calling after him, coupled with that of Jason's, but he didn't dare slow down. He had to find d'Quincy; he had to find a way to cease the yearning in his heart before it was too late. He dashed down the hallway, turning down several different passageways, veering from obstacles, occasionally tripping on his own two feet in an attempt to locate d'Quincy's bedroom …

When he finally reached said location, he threw the mahogany door open, scanning the area. It was empty. He ran over to the wall that sat at the west, feeling the item up as if in search of something. That's when he found it. A hidden passageway. Xavier tugged the door open before stepping inside. The interior was dark and cold, lighted by faintly burning candles. He gulped, walking further inside, his heart pounding in his chest. That's when he heard footsteps behind him. Jason on the officer – he believed his name was Claude – had caught up with him, following him inside. The fragile boy placed a finger to his lips before gesturing for them to follow. They obliged without a word.

After what seemed like hours of walking, the three of them grew tired. It was a tedious process, searching throughout his mansion. There were countless twists and turns. D'Quincy could be lurking anywhere. "I say we start a fire. Flush him out that way …" Xavier heard Claude suggest, and he whipped around, his eyes set ablaze.

"There will be no starting of fires." He hissed, "Now be quiet!" The remained of the word tumbled out of his mouth in a surprised yelp, his heart stopping momentarily, jumping in his throat. The other two gasped as Xavier was suddenly grabbed from behind, a knife held at his throat. Xavier felt tears suddenly come to his eyes as fear paralyzed him. He could tell just who his captor was by the soft smell of musk wafting from his clothing. "Master …" He whispered, his body falling limp in his arms, making it just that much easier to take control over him.

"Nobody moves, or I slit this little bitch's throat!" D'Quincy threatened through clenched teeth, and as if to make his threat clear, he pressed the blade closer to Xavier's throat, blood dripping from the wound. It wasn't a very good job at taking someone hostage; it was actually a very cowardly move. However it seemed to do the trick, stalling for time. "Now, I'm taking Xiao Long with me … If you dare follow me, I'll kill him, and everyone else in that Mansion." He had a bomb hidden somewhere in the mansion, in case a time like this had arrived, he had explained, and he had the activation switch in his pocket.

When he was positive the message was clear, he backed away slowly, keeping Xavier trapped firmly in his grasp.

When they made it safely outside, d'Quincy called for Mingyu – whom had been waiting in his little black Volvo, oblivious to the intruding policemen – to come up front and take them away. While they waited, d'Quincy took the blade off of Xavier's throat, turning the shorter male around and kissing him tenderly. "I'm sorry …" He whispered, though his voice lacked empathy, "I didn't mean to frighten you." It was bull, and Xavier knew that. However, he merely nodded, pressing his lips fervently to Gregory's. "Ni shi ruci meili......" d'Quincy whispered in Xavier's ear, stroking the boy's hair back gently.

Xavier pressed his forehead to the raven-haired male's chest, nuzzling into him, before suddenly thrusting his hand forward into the demon-like-male's abdomen. A startled yowl escaped his lips and he pushed Xavier away, both of them stumbling away from each other. He clutched at his side, in which blood was seeping through. He stared wide-eyed at the shorter male, before he realized his blade was missing. Xavier lifted his hand up, the overly-large sleeve of his duangua slipping to his shoulder, exposing that very crimson-stained blade. "How-?" d'Quincy choked out. That word had two meanings. The first was; how did he snatch the blade. The second was; how could he betray him like this?

He saw the Volvo pull up in front of the mansion out of the corner of one eye, and saw Jason and Claude appear at the entrance of the mansion out of his other. He grimaced, before calling out for Mingyu to reprimand the Slave. The jade-eyed beauty burst from his Volvo, and rushed towards Xavier at surprising speeds. The small boy ducked when Mingyu swiped at him, countering with a kick to the side. Both had clearly been trained in the martial arts; their moves moving as if in unison; graceful and brisk. It was almost as if they were dancing. Xavier was positive it would appear that way if they weren't actually in the heat of battle.

Xavier smirked as he swept Mingyu's legs out from under him, sending him crashing to the ground with a large thud. That was the bad part about being so tall … After all. The larger they are; the harder they fall. The beauty could tell by the yelp he gave out that he had caused some serious pain. That's when his fellow officers rushed to the scene, apprehending both Mingyu and d'Quincy, who were both far too weak to put up much of a fight.

Xavier looked back, and he was greeted by several other freed slaves – slaves he knew from past years; slaves whom he had come to think of as friends. There was Mei from Taiwan – still stunning, with dark brown hair and beautiful chocolate eyes, - Kirsten from Australia, Ivan from Russia, Shou from Japan … He smiled when he saw the look of relief on their faces. They had all been slaves under the command of Gregory d'Quincy at one time in the past … And each of them was very important to Xavier. Especially Mei; who was his first real friend …

The male looked back over at d'Quincy, who was being led into a police cruiser. Before the door could be closed however, he rushed forward, grabbing the officer by the arm. "Let me speak to him." He demanded, his shoulder-length hair shrouding his misty eyes. The officer nodded, stepping away, and Xavier proceeded to crouch in front of the black-haired beauty. They gazed at each other for a long while, neither inclined to say much of anything, until finally- "why?"

The snow-beauty was silent for a few moments, before he finally found the correct words. "My heart belongs to someone else, d'Quincy. Not to you."

"But you said you still loved me."

"I do."

"Then why would you-" Xavier silenced him with a light peck on the lips.

"Because I've learned to love another …" He said slowly, placing his hand on top of d'Quincy's. "And if I truly loved you … I wouldn't have fallen for the other …" The blue-eyed male fell silent. It was clear that he wanted to say more, but he simply couldn't bring himself to do so, so Xavier spoke once more. "Besides, you never returned my feelings. So what's the point?" He knew however, that he would always feel a small bit of affection for his captor, and that brought a frown to his features. However, he quickly smiled once more, pecking him once more, before the kiss was abruptly deepened for a short amount of time. They separated only a few short moments later however, when Xavier pulled away, shutting the car-door behind him.

Most of the people weren't paying much attention to him. They were all babbling to one another or sobbing in their arms. However, Jason's eyes were trained solely on him. Puzzlement and brief hurt flashed in those violet orbs of his, before they suddenly filled with relief. The two males all but ran into each other's arms, holding each other in their soft embrace. They peppered each other with kisses, expressing their joy and relief, happy to be free to do so once more. However, a small cloud of doubt was still present in Jason's mind, followed by a question he was afraid to voice, for fear the answer might be something he would never wish to hear …

What happened to Xavier? … He simply wasn't the same …
Chapter Three is up. There should be one or two more chapters after this ^^
If the above image belongs to you, please tell me and I will take it down.
I merely found it on Google and (of course) edited it on ipiccy xD

Previous Chapter: [link]
Final Chapter: [link]

Shénme?: Chinese word for "What?"
Mā de!: Chinese word for "Shit!"
Nǐ shì rúcǐ měilì......: Chinese for "You are so beautiful ..."
Duangua: A type of Chinese traditional shirts. Much like what Hong Kong from Hetalia is seen wearing.

Xavier, Mingyu, Claude and d'Quincy belong to me :iconhanyouneko-chan:

Jason belongs to :iconayf100:

I apologize in advance fr the sucky-ness of this chapter xD
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Team name: Team Dark Stars

Rescuers __ Merchants__ Rogues_X_

Leader information

Name and species: Harley the Sneasel

Nature: Hardy, Shrewd.

Gender: Male

Strengths: Harley is very good at making plans and finding easy and successful was of getting a job done. When you get to know him he can be very friendly and relaxed, especially around Cross or his friends, whoever they may be. He has been described as a very slick talker and has a bit of a dramatic flair sometimes, which has rubbed off a bit on Cross. Generally he prefers to use a cutting comment over actual fighting, but he's not above a fight if necessary.

Weaknesses: Harley has a short temper and flies into a rage sometimes, especially if people say that either he used to be in the Slasher Gang or that he fancies Cross (neither of which are true). Also, his slick talking and flair can be quite annoying at times for an enemy/someone who doesn't know him well.

Moves: Night Slash, Ice Punch, Strength, Icy Wind

Accessories: Purple bandana, tied around left leg.

Second member information.

Name and species: Cross the Mawile.

Nature: Sassy, throughly cunning.

Gender: Female

Strengths: Like Harley, Cross is highly cunning and often quite sneaky. She's also a formidable foe in battle, especially if she can grip her enemy in her huge jaws.

Weaknesses: As part of maintaining a tough image, Cross refuses to show weakness at all. This means that when she struggles she never asks for help from anyone, even Harley.

Moves: Crunch, Iron Head, Rock Tomb, Iron Defense.

Accessories: Dark blue bandana, tied around tube between the head and the huge jaws.

In no more than 100 words, tell us why you feel you should be accepted.
Hey ther- Sorry, hello. We want to join because we are sneaky, cunning and don't have a problem with pinching things or causing mischief. We always do a good job and will do pretty much anything to anyone. If still unimpressed, please find enclosed one of Shroomsworth's monocles.
This is my application for my second team for :iconpmd-explorers: This team is a Rogue team. Like my other one, pretty self-explanatory. The name Harley came from the Pokemon anime.
Something I couldn't find room for in the app: Cross's huge Mawile jaws have been known to imitate her moods. They have also been used by Cross as a 'storage area', as she is seemingly capable of holding and keeping large objects in them, even they're hanging open. No-one's entirely sure how she does this.
Harley has a crush on Fen of Team Acrobatics: [link] He understands that he'll never have her as a girlfriend, but that doesn't stop him blushing every time she talks to him.
And before you tell me, yes I know 'application' is spelt wrong in the title (and if you didn't spot that then you're going to go and check it, aren't you? Yes you are. You can't resist. Go on then). This because the title was one letter too long to get allowed, so I knocked a 'p' out.

EDIT: Gave them some accessories.

Mission Three - Received accessory voucher
Mission Four - Received accessory voucher
Mission Five - Received accessory voucher

Event Three - Received Evo Scroll
Skipped Event Four

(With the release of App 2.0 ( [link] ) I'm not going to bother keeping this list of their Missions updated. I'll do it on the new app instead)
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Team name: Team Spirit

Guild: Rescuers__ Merchants_X_ Rogues __

Leader information

Name and species: Cam the Charmander

Nature: Relaxed, often scatters things

Gender: Male

Strengths: Cam is clever and is good at finding solutions to problems. He also cares very much for his friends, especially his team, and never leaves anyone behind. He's usually quite polite, especially to people superior to himself, and is generally good-natured, although this does slip occasionally.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately Cam will sometimes go to great and frankly unnecessary expense to help someone else,often failing to see what the problem with these actions is. He can also hardly read or write.

Moves: Flamethrower, Slash, Fire Fang, Smokescreen.

Accessories: Green bandana, tied around right arm.

Second member information

Name and species: Treecko

Nature: Jolly, likes to run

Gender: Male

Strengths: Treecko is highly active and strong in combat situations, although he prefers not to fight if possible. He is also very energetic and enjoys spending time with his friends, whoever they may be.

Weaknesses: Because Cam makes almost all the decisions and plans in the team, if Treecko is left on his own he often struggles to know what to do next. He also has a very bad sense of direction.

Moves: Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Iron Tail, Quick Attack.

Accessories: Red bandana, tied around left arm.

As of after Event Three:

Third team member information

Name and species: Misty the Pichu

Nature: Naughty, somewhat of a clown.

Gender: Female

Strengths: Misty has a very bouncy personality and loves meeting new people. She always does what she views as best at the time rather than being bogged down in tedious decisions. Her playful atmosphere makes her fun to be around.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Misty's strengths also act as weaknesses. Her bouncy personality and playful atmosphere often manifest in a mischevious streak a mile long. Her tendency to act on the moment not only leads to her making rash decisions, but also doing things like joining Cam and Treecko (who she sometimes refers to as Daddy) on missions she shouldn't be on. She has little respect for authority, hates being told what to do and will often do things because she has been told not to. She has perfected using Charm to get what she wants off people.

Moves: Thundershock, Sweet Kiss, Charm, Thunder Wave.

Accessories: Sky blue bandana, tied around base of left ear.

In no more than 100 words, tell us why you feel that you should be accepted:
Sorry if you can't read this well, I'm not very good at writing. Hi! My name's Cam. Me and my friend want to join because we're hard workers and never leave a job unfinished. We are happy to do any kind of job asked of us. Thank you very much for reading!
My first team application for :iconpmd-explorers: This is my Merchant team. Pretty self-explanatory.
Treecko does have a name, he just never uses it. In fact, only himself and Cam know it.
Why I picked the name Team 'Spirit'... I have no idea.

EDIT: After Event Three Misty the Pichu hatched, so I added her to the team. She's not actually meant to join Cam and Treecko on Missions, but that won't stop her...
Something I couldn't find space for on the application: Misty idolises Fresnel the Ampharos the famous explorer.
I also gave them some accessories, after spending ages staring at cameos and going 'Is that mine?' Now I'll know.

Mission Three - Received accessory voucher.
Mission Four - Received accessory voucher.
Mission Five (Collab with Dyxo.) - Recieved Accessory Voucher.

Event Three - Received Evo Scroll.
Skipped Event Four

(With the release of App 2.0 ( [link] ) I'm not going to bother keeping this list of their missions updated. I'll do it on the new one instead)
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Somewhere in the darkness a candle coughed and flickered to life—the power was out again, and even if it hadn’t been electric lights weren’t allowed due to the recent rash of bombings. Lillian Grey cradled the little flame with a cupped hand to keep it from going out as she picked her way to a room down the hall. Once there she found a small, tearfully frightened face peeping out from under the shelter of a bedspread. Something that wasn’t thunder rumbled in the distance and the face abruptly disappeared behind the safety of the covers. Somewhere nearby a mechanical banshee began to wail.
“They’re back, mum.” mumbled a snuffling voice.

Lillian carefully set the candle on the bedside table where it wouldn’t spill over and moved to sit on the bed, carefully peeling back the blankets to reveal the little boy who promptly clung to her. “I know, love. They woke me up too.”

“Do you think they’ll get us this time? They were just over the hill yesterday.”

Pressing a kiss to Donovan’s forehead, the woman picked up the boy under the arms and shifted him so that he could curl up in her lap. He was getting to the age where he didn’t often enjoy as much snuggling anymore, but bad dreams and thunder had a way of making one forget about the rules of being a grownup. Scout whimpered from somewhere underneath the bed and after a moment of gesturing the dog was coaxed out to join the tightly-knit circle of warmth. “No, Donnie. Your dad and his big blue bird will drive them off.”

Donnie sniffled and looked up at his mother’s face quizzically. Her expression was strained as it had been for days now, but that was the first time she’d mentioned his father with that much warmth and sincerity in her voice in a very, very long time. Taking some amount of comfort from this fact he buried his cheek against her chest once more, burying one hand in Scout’s warm fur. “…’is name’s Rigel.”

Lillian smiled and petted the boy’s hair. “That’s right. Would you like me to sing you the song about bluebirds, love?”

The little tousled head gave a small bob of assent, so the woman sat up a little straighter and began to sing. Her voice was soft as a dove’s croon, but somehow it still managed to mask the harsher booming that loomed ever closer.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
there’s a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby…”

Somewhere high up and far away, a plane labored through a storm. It seemed that the winds would simply whip it away if it weren’t for the vine-laden creature flying beside it that brought with her a small piece of the sun. She and one of the plane’s occupants shot beams of light and heat at snarling shadows that flitted around them.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

Donnie cuddled close as another peal of not-thunder rattled the taped-over windows. People shouted in the street outside. Lillian’s voice faltered for a brief moment, but she cleared her throat and continued on.

“Someday I’ll wish upon a star
and wake up where the clouds are far behind me,”
where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops
that’s where you’ll find me.”

Somewhere else, equally far away but safe from the storm, a priest huddled in the corner of a dark burned-out chapel with his face in his hands and let himself give in to despair for a night. A lioness and a lamb curled about his feet, and a brilliantly colored bird stood by his side. The cat raised her head to rest it on the man’s lap, and Galahad leaned down to bury his face in her mane. The others huddled in, offering what comfort they could to the man who had done the same for them for so long.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly
birds fly over the rainbow, why, oh why can’t I?”

Smoke belched from the plane’s engine. Something had managed to slip in and damage the metal bird’s delicate framework and then disappear as quickly as it had come. Its pilot began to issue frantic maydays.

Back in Goldenrod the siren noise rose to a fever pitch outside, nearly drowning out Lillian’s song. Donnie clutched his hands hard around Scout’s fur and his mother’s sleeve and concentrated hard on summoning his father to chase the demons that buzzed overhead away. His mother wrapped her arms tighter around him and stood, hoisting him up against her shoulder as she began to make her way out the door and away from the windows, still singing but with an undercurrent of urgency to her voice now. Scout leapt after them as a crash nearby caused the very floors to shake. All three knew it would be safer downstairs, even if they couldn’t get to the city tunnels in time.

“…If happy little bluebirds fly
beyond the rainbow…”

And in the last seconds while the world fell down, Rory managed to send out a few more radio transmissions but then watched helplessly as the ground rose up to seize him.

“…why, oh, why can’t I?”

“…Oh fuck.”
Alternate title: "Everybody's day sucks." xD;

The (much-belated) story to go along with my small piece for End Run's R5. [link] Finally working on trying to get my writing mojo back since I haven't had much motivation for drawing lately. I WILL CATCH UP SOMEHOW.

In case anybody wants a little atmosphere to go along with this: [link] [link]

Lillian and Donnie: [link]
Rory: [link]
Galahad: [link]
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