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Look, I did the best I could on them so get off my back.

Game- :iconmadmoiselleclau:

MLP main Chars- Lauran F.
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Here's all three of the Warner Couples, just in different rows.

The reason the title is inspired by the latest Elton John song "Hello Hello."

When I first heard the song, I instantly think this would be a perfect song for when the Warner siblings first met Kikko, Sokki, and Quirky.
And I think it suits them because the Warners do say "Helloooo (Nurse)" a lot, and it would fit the emotions the Warners are feeling when they met their loves (except for Dot and Quirky).


Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner belong to Warner Bros.
Kikko and Quirky belong to me, Sony-Mae
Sokki belongs to :iconanimatedtigergrrl:
"Hello Hello" song belongs to Elton John
Drawing, color, ink, and sahde by me.
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-Make a bullshit filled character (Like Sonichu) as 2 already existing characters fused together and do copywrite infrigment
- post disturbing sex videos of myself on the internet
-say I want a girlfriend free boyfriend (boyfriend free girlfriend)
and be sexist
-wear a medallion that looks like a bad OC and disturb people
-Stalk people at places like a pervertive freak (including the mall)
-Make death threat vids to people who troll me
- Use/take other people's OCs and pair 'em up with one of mine WHEN THE OTHER PERSON'S OCS ALREADY HAVE SOULMATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Infact that was DefectiveChelsea)
- Act like a fat, bratty, immature manchild who lives in a filthy
house w/ parents at the age of 30 (even though I'm 15)
-and make a tour video of my house WHEN IT'S A MOTHER FUCKING PIGSTY!!!


-A racist
-A sexist
-A homophobic
-A pervert (mostly)

And look, I drew myself as a Sonic deer.
Stamp by :iconmimi1708:
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Here's some Animaniacs fanart I've done (did you guys missed it?).

It's Movie-Night at the Water Tower, and it was obviously Dot's turn to pick a movie for her and her brothers to watch.
Though judging by the looks on their faces, Dot is the only enjoying the movie.

Yakko is board out of his skull because the movie has none of the things he's interested in it.

And Wakko is just lost in the popcorn, and not even watching the movie.


Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner belong to Warner Bros.
Drawing, color, and ink by me.
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This is my blank meme (and first selfmade meme at all) for your favourite Pixar movies.

I noticed while browsing that there was no Pixar movie meme. Sure, there were memes about the movies themselves like Toy Story but I haven't found one about Pixar movies in general.

So here it is. Have fun :aww:.

Fill in your 10 favourite Pixar works (yes, there are at least 13 Pixar movies, but screw it, it's a classic Top 10). Use your own fanart, movie posters or VHS/DVD/bluray covers, screenshots, pictures of characters...whatever can these movies of your choice present :)
And if you want, explain why you love these movies.

I'd also be pleased if you mentioned the creator of this meme (me *g*) whenever you use it.

And just one more thing: it's a PIXAR meme (duuh...) so movies like the Shrek series, Megamind, Madagascar, Tangled or Dinosaurs actually don't belong here ;)

Done with Photoshop.
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link back
u know
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My first MEME. As I am a huge TV Series addicted I decided to make a meme.

By series I mean something like "House, M.D" or "The Mentalist" but also Impro Shows like "Whose line" are allowed.

Feel free to use it but post a link when you filled it out, thank you :D
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My MLP ocs Elemental Princesses

Princess PhoniexFire oldest of the Elemental's
Her theme song Figther by Christina Aguilera [link]
*She is a pure tomboy, strong, wild, cool, loyal and honest just like Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack*

Princess OceanWater 2nd oldest of the Elemental's
Her theme song No Air by Jordin Sparks + Chris Brown[link]
*She is very down to earth like Celestia and is very smart like Twilight Sparkle*

Princess MeadowEarth 3rd oldest of the Elemental's
Her theme song Hot n Cold Katy Perry[link]
*She is perky, loves nature, fun and loves games just like Pinkie Pie*

Princess AuroraAir youngest of the Elemental's.
Her theme song It Is You I Have Loved by Dana Glover[link]
*She is beautiful, generous like Rarity, shy, kind and soft spoken like Fluttershy*

SunJewel *SolarStorm and Celestia's daugther*
Her theme is Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina's Story Book

ShadowNight oldest of the Elemental's.
His theme song This is Halloween by Marlin Manson
*He is strong, some times stubborn, loyal, determind and sly

IceSword 3rd oldest of the Elemental's
His theme song Smooth Criminal (Ice Cap Zone Remix).
*He is strong, outrageous, honest and cool.

StormSand youngest of the Elemental's
His theme song Real Wild Child by Everlife
*He is strong, cool, loud, wild and fun*

NightScale *ShadowNight's son*

LightSoul 2nd oldest of the Elemental's
His theme song Amaranth by NightWish
*He is strong, loyal, kind, justfull and brave*

*Thier brother's and sister's of The Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

Royal Brothers and Sisters Main Theme Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne[link]

These OC's belongs to me(c)

Celestia and Luna belongs to Hasbo(c)

MLP Maker belongs to :icongeneralzoi: (c)
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To answer your question, Yes. I like powerpuff girls.
I've liked that show since I was little. So I decided to make dolls out of them.


Princess Maker- :icondolldivine:/:iconmadmoiselleclau:
Dress up Tinkerbell- :iconazaleasdolls:
Pony maker- :icongeneralzoi:
Four Elements/ sailor senshi maker- :icondolldivine:
Zelda Lolita Style- :iconheglys:
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Here is a picture of the Warner siblings dreaming about their parents and the memories they shared with them.

I drew this picture after hearing the song "Promise (Rika's Song)" from "Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon."

Because the song really suits the Warners' inner feelings about missing their folks.

And they never know where they are know

In case you never heard of the song, here are the lyrics:

:music: Promise that we'll stay for
the sun set
and when the moon shines through the darkness

We can find the path that
leads us home
and on the way
You'll...maybe..sing me a

Promise that you will
always be there,
Hold my hand if ever
I'm real scared

Help me stand up tall
if I fall down
Make me laugh away
on my bluest days

How could you promise
you always would be there

Why'd you have to go
away somewhere

Every morning into
every night
Do you watch over me
like the sun in the sky

Am I all alone standing in
your light
I wish that I
could...maybe...sing you a

You promise me we'd stay
for the sun set :music:

And the stuff they are holding while they dreaming are their prize postions their parents gave them.

Wakko's signature red cap was a hand-me down from ther father

Yakko's teddy bear, Mr. Fluffakins

and Dot's baby blanket


Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner belo0ng to Warner Bros.
Zakko and Dorothey-Ann Warner (their parents) belong to me, Sony-Mae
"Promise (Rika's song)" belongs to Sunban
Drawing, coloring, and inking done by me.
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