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The villain revealed! SPOILER ALERT! What? It was the Head Clansman Ragganhad?!! NO WAY!!
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LOL finally finished!!!
I actually finished it last night, but I had forgotten oneeeeee thing~

I'm a day late but what the heck, it's St. Nelly's Day! <3

JOIN Nelly in :iconsc-academy:!!
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Amya, Chapter Three: Page 25

Drawn by: Rebecca Gunter aka :iconsoap-committee:
Written by: Savannah Houston-McIntyre aka :iconnadda:

I normally don't post pages in my gallery and make them exclusive to the Amya group. But I really like the detail in this page and wanted to share it with the comics group as well. Followers, please don't kill me - this won't be a frequent thing. Enjoy! XD

Official Website: [link]
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Sorry for the delay but I had two busy days!
Anyway, this is the end of this mini-comic and now everybody knows why girls DON'T want to eat popsicle in front of boys , and please boys don't die on Ino pict or I'll feel guilt XD!

Hope you like it!

Page 1
Page 2
Ino Special Page Colored

Characters by Kishimoto
Story and Art by me
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Spanish translation by :iconnikko-chin:

Gaara : Temari, tonta !Decirle eso a Hinata !Una cosa es que se burle de mi, pero ya se pasa !
Hinata : uh, hum, Ga, Gaara ?
Hinata : Seguro que no te molesta que vaya a tu casa?
Gaara : claro que no !
Hinata : seguro ?
Gaara : si.
Hinata : ouf !como te enojaste pense que te molestaría !Estoy feliz ahora!Como rara vez voy a la casa de mis amigos me pone muy feliz que me aceptes allí!
Gaara : Como siempre...ella es tan linda.

Hi guyyyyyyyyyyys :iconyayfranceplz:

Here the page eight ! Applause please ! :icondivaplz:

Drawing more and more pages made me realize that doing a storyboard is really harder. I respect mangaka for all their work ! Cause drawing boxes and add screentones is more difficult that I expected :icondizzy-plz:

I hope you like it and see you next week ! :iconflynnyayplz:

Please read right to left :iconforgivemeplz:
Cover : [link] (<- all the pages here)
Page 7 : [link]
Page 9 : [link]
French version
Page 8 : [link]

Gaara and Hinata © Masashi Kishimoto
Screentones © :iconkita-angel: :iconwhynneow: :iconkabocha: :iconscreentones: :iconmomotaro-chan:
Art is mine
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<<< COVER PAGE: [link] <<< >>> NEXT PAGE: [link] >>>

AH FINALLY! After many years of just talking about this manga and drawing the first 2 chapters when i was really bad and like 2 years ago i have finally done the first page properly.

since it\'s my first time using manga studio debut 4 and my second times using my graphics tablet, i knwo there are quite a few problems but sometimes i got really confused about things, like the rasterzation of things to delete the border then randomly it would reappear and the shading in the panel went totally black (hence reaosn for much darker shading in third/middle panel :P).

This is Furusawa Kiyuki, not necersarily the main character but she\'s one of those annoying ones that you find yourself liking nonetheless. She lives alone with her Grandmother since her Mum died a few years back and her Dad is always away working.

In my epic Aku Chi, i really did try to have everything in it, so that for other manga ideas i can specialise, but fo rthis to a bit of comedy, a bit of romance, mystery, fighting, fantasy aspects (later on), family conflict, friendship, death. i wanted a shounen sort of manga feel but with death note type of art. Which in the end is a bit like air gear.

well anyways, i hope you liek the first page of the first chapter that is 20 pages long. i have the plans for the next 2 chapters as well so hopefully by the end of 2010 i will have atleast 1 chapter of Aku Chi up.

And for thoseof you who are wondering what Aku Chi means, it is Impure Blood in Japanese.
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sample page
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The 10th interior illustration for my novel The Black Seas of Infinity
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Important Edit: This is now the source for the outdated version of Aku Chi. i'm currently working on the revamp of chapter 1 so keep your eyes open for that :)

Page 1: [link]
Page 2:[link]
Page 3:[link]
Page 4:[link]
Page 5:[link]
Page 6:[link]
Page 7:[link]
Page 8:[link]
Page 9:[link]
Page 10: [link]
Page 11: [link]
Page 12:[link]
Page 13:
page 14: [link]
page 15: [link]
page 16: [link]

omfg i'm so close to finishing this stinking chapter after so long Dx

WIPs: [link]

Full Aku Chi Gallery: [link]

The story consists of students in a particular class starting to disappear for wierd yet somewhat plausible reasons such as suicide or becoming psychotic. These can happen but often the causes are hard to find. Our super student, Tsuyoshi Mandai (a.k.a. Tosh) starts to see a pattern with the disappearances and ends up digging too deep.

Aku Chi is my baby. i first came up with the idea when i sketched out my main character at age 14. I wanted him to be a hidden and somewhat harsh character but regarded as a super student. A little bit like Sasuke but i didn't want him to be Sasuke; a douche bag. I want him to represent the human ideal. but he is still human. he will make mistakes, be overjoyed but also sad. so not emotionless but not emo lol.

So i've planned the story over the past 3/4 years and i've basically got the first 25 chapters solidly in my head and the first 5 written up or sketched out.

so the cover:
I was horribly stuck for cover art ideas and trying to draw someone on a biycle is incredibly difficult so i decided to go for this instead. the odea kinda borrowed from Gantz's cover pages but i hope i made mine a little different. at least ym atyle is very different.

i think it is probably noticable which character i started first and ten which i quickly ended on. The quality of the drawings are varied lol At least Tsuyoshi Mandai (main character at front) i kinda got right. And pretty happy with Honmori Aota (female character second from right).

i hope you like this cover for my epic project. i'm pretty surprised i even did this tbh. it was mainly because a group i'm a part of are revamping their folders and so deleted everything and now want people to resubmit their original mangas along with a cover page xD

please comment on whether you like this type of cover or if you think covers are better with big epic scenes of the main characters??

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Art by :iconlariz19:
Words :iconamadalia:
Bleach By the man Tite Kudo

Page 2 is just where Amadalia finally does her Bankai, this is the very first time we ever see her do this.
Not much else to say here, but.. Her power is explosive and in the next page you will see why.

Page 1.
Page 2. Your on it
Page 3.
Page 4.
Page 5.
Page 6.

The page here Amadalia Moonsong is fighting a Espada with her Shikai. Questions about her Shikai can be found in this pic


Other pics of Amadalia Moonsong

:iconevycrystal: did her Reference Sheet 2011 [link]

:iconmagnaleon: Message [link]

:icongeofffffff: did this gorgeous pic [link]

:iconkuroi-tsuki: Amazing color sketch [link]

:iconvictoriapieroni: request [link]

:icondennouparanoia: Rooftop pic [link]

:iconlariz19: did of Ama's Shikai [link]

:iconcre8dv8gr8: did the amazing black and white pic here [link]

:iconnarukamei: good and evil [link]

:iconjaimito: Afternoon Tea [link]

:iconavionetca: did the dream picture here [link]

:iconfreideugoi: is so amazing, I was so lucky to have him do a picture for me, here it is [link]

:iconminami-bastardsama: did the breathtaking pic of Ama's scar on her back [link]

:iconyasahime: did a amazing Bust pic of her here [link]

:iconalcoholicrattlesnake: Did the super cute blinking chibi [link]

:iconrush--it: did a very populer pic of her here [link]

:iconpikiru: did a really neat and very cute take on her here [link]

:iconmichia-mira: did this cute color pincle pic of her. [link]

:icon7aho: did a fantastic pic of her looking mad [link]

:icona-ka-ka: Did a really cool pic here [link]

:iconevycrystal: did the very first pic of her [link]

:iconmoni158: did a amazing close up pic [link]

:iconthedarkmia: The Project Bleach'ed pic [link]

:icondark-visor: did one of my favorite pics of her [link]

:iconnijiiru: Did the Manga pic and it's so cute [link]

:iconhikari-luv: did neat pic of her [link]


Team up pics

The first pic of them its them back to back about to get in a fight. [link]
This pic was done by

:iconsuihara: Tea in the park [link]

:icondennouparanoia: did a really nice pic of Amadalia and Blaze [link]

:iconemmhamham: did the summer pic [link]

:iconnorita-chan: did a amazing pic of them here [link]

The next pic is from a RP, where they were sitting on the roof of Squad Zero at night talking. [link]
This pic was done by

They are both in :iconsquad0:

Masuyo is seat 16 and Amadalia is seat 20, under Captain: Saya Miyabi

If anyone has any questions. please let feel free to comment
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