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Welcome back! If you haven't done so already, have a read of Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Part One. Part two deals with Dressing up your mood boxes, adding extra lines to your Journal title, and will touch upon dynamic images in your journal, amongst other things. So without further delay, let's begin!

Mood boxes

"Mood boxes", or the little box that shows what you're listening to etc, is now available to everyone. Subscribers and non subscribers alike. It would seem that there's not a whole lot you can do with these, asides from change the colours and such. But something a few people don't know, is that you can move your mood box anywhere you like, and do so much more than just colourising it. In this example, we'll show you how to shift your mood box to the right, just like in This example.


.journalbox .list {

And that's all you need! When you look at your mood box, it will be 25% wide, and sitting on the bottom-right hand corner of your journal! Please note that this will look shocking on smaller journal entries, or some journal views (ie. on the userpage, full-view etc.). Now you can stretch out your box to wherever you wish, put half on one side, half on the other, hide bits of your mood box. It's all up to your imagination!

(A tip: If you find you can't rid of the mood box, because there is no "remove mood" feature, try this code:

.journalbox .list {

to rid of the mood box altogether)

Journal Taglines

Ever wish you could add a small bit of text underneath your journal title, like you can on the major blogging systems out there (Think Wordpress and such)? It's really easy with CSS. Just add the following to your "Header" section of your journal, and your CSS section:


It's all in a day's work!


.journal-subtext {

.journalbox .journaltop {
font-size: 0px;

Just remember to tweak "30" to whatever value you wish, depending on where your .journaltop h2 header is placed, and if you want to keep the date / time, leave out the font-size:0px; And there you have it! It'll now show your sub-text (or personal message) below your journal title. This can be done with images, CSS menus (as per last week's example) or anything else dA supports. It's only limited by your imagination!

Dynamic Images

Imagine if you could use your dA journal to tell people what TV show you were watching at that very second, or if you could display your computer's uptime, temperature and the last program you ran, or even display news headlines, images from your gallery, new posts on your forums, or so much more. Impossible you say? No way! Thanks to the magic of GD

For those in the know, or people who have used, AudioScrobbler, or any other services like that, GD / Dynamic Images should be nothing new. For the rest of you, GD is a PHP library that lets us draw text on a picture, or draw a completely new picture from scratch. The output, can be a standard JPG, GIF or PNG file, which dA is more than happy to support. The trick comes from writing a PHP script that returns an image instead of text. Now I won't go into PHP and GD and the like. That's wayyyy beyond the scope of our article. Instead I'll give you an example. Check out my Userpage, and look at my webcam. That is a dynamically created image. Every time it's viewed, it grabs my base image (the green), adds text to it, depending on what's in the database, and shoots it off as a JPG picture. Our browser sees the JPG data, and displays it as such.

With a bit of manipulation, you can write a script that reads your computer's uptime, shows off some images, even parse a website to get images for displaying. It's limited by PHP's engine, and your imagination!

Have a read of PHPFreak's GD Tutorial for a starter on GD. Some PHP knowledge is required here ;D

That's all for this week. Remember, if you have any suggestions, note them to Grayda for inclusion in the next part of Getting the most out of your CSS Journals. Thanks for reading, :+fav: if you get some use out of this, and keep watching the skies!

Previous Weeks
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Part One
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Hello everyone! My name is Ricky Alaniz otherwise known as chromeantennae and today, I wanna give you guys a little guide on how I really got started here. How I got my name out there a little bit more and really got the courage to do more around these parts.

First off, understand that 99% of the literature community here on deviantART will give you just as much in return as you give back to it. It's a natural, human thing. But if you don't give back, you won't receive. That's always the number one thing to remember, but also that we're all here to support each other. Even the most popular of deviants started right where you are. Yes, even the Senior Members and lit CVs were newbies here on this site at one point too. And I know some people are intimidated by Senior Members and literature CVs but these folks are the LAST people to be intimidated by! They're in these positions for the exact opposite reasons-- they're not evil-doers or big bad monsters ready to reject whatever you suggest (What are you suggesting? I'll get to that in a bit.) to them; they're the complete and total opposite! Most of 'em are extremely kind and wonderful people!

Secondly, if you're just starting out and really need/want more eyes on your literature postings I'd recommend art collecting groups and literature groups that have unlimited submissions. (I can lead these groups to you if you'd like.) You'll always get a few more viewers that way, it may got lost in the shuffle just a little bit, but every little bit helps to get your works and name out there. 

Groups I'd recommend first, are some I watch over personally and help run. This way, you know as a member of one of these groups you'll always have a friend in me to back you up there:

And other groups that are just plain awesome for the communities around here:

There are also some warm deviants that I paid close attention to when trying to figure out how to make my mark here. And in their own little ways (without really knowing it), they were extremely instrumental to my success and learning the ins and outs along the way. They're inspirations, community leaders and I'm blessed to say friends now too.

A few are:

But also, I had a lot of other incredible friends who supported me from the very beginning too:

This place is the best once you know really know how to utilize it. Another IMPORTANT key though, is to be social! Comment on others' work to get back. Most definitely. Once you give, you will receive. That's how it works here. I can not stress that enough. It may be time consuming but you must comment, comment, comment. And for those high on critiques, if you have the time and someone requests it, give it a go! I personally don't care for critiques, but I have done them in the past. (And I really need to probably get back to it.) Participate in group activities, in deviants' contests and just make sure people see your username doing something around the lit. community! Heck, even deviantART chatrooms and forums can help you with meeting new people and getting involved! Using every tool at your disposal will help you meet like minds and some truly wonderful people! The ultimate point is this, you absolutely have to give feedback, get social, and get involved in order to receive anything in return. It's what makes this community so wonderful. 

Another great way to get involved is through suggesting Daily Literature Recognition pieces and Daily Deviations. (Remember those big bad monsters I was talkin' about? This is where you talk to and help these cuddly bears.) Daily Deviations (DDs) help get the community more attention as a whole from the masses of deviantART as a whole and Daily Literature Recognition (DLRs) helps recognize literature from a more internal standpoint! I know when I first got my DLR (formerly known as DLD), I was bouncing off the walls happy, so you can only imagine my second! And theeeen, you'd have to really be here to see how I flipped out over my first and second Daily Deviations.

Here are the Literature CVs (and their suggestion guidelines) that do SO much around here and also feature the DDs (And Trevor 'cause he wants to be fancy, and have a different symbol next to his name 'cause he's a big baller-shot caller and stuff):
IrrevocableFate's Guidelines.
GrimFace242's Guidelines.
neurotype's Guidelines.
ShadowedAcolyte's Guidelines. 
SingingFlames Guidelines. (Fanfiction)
wreckling's Guidelines. 

(NOTE: Daily Deviation featurees can only be featured once every 6 months.)

And here are ALL of the DLR admins (and their suggestion guidelines) that feature and recognize wonderful literature as well:
Poetry Admins:
Medoriko's Guidelines
ivorysinkshore's Guidelines.
UnspecifiedUnknown's Guidelines can be found on profile. 
chromeantennae's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.
TheTerrorOfTheDeep's Guidelines can be found on profile. [ON LEAVE]

Prose Admins:
Naktarra's Guidelines.
doodlerTM's Guidelines.
VertigoArt's's Guidelines can be found on profile.
SMAdams's Guidelines.
SpriteBlayde's Guidelines. Guidelines can also be found on profile.

Swing Admins:
DrippingWords' Guidelines.
AyeAye12's  Guidelines.
forshepard's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.
WorldWar-Tori's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.

Foreign Language Admins:
Malintra-Shadowmoon's Guidelines can be found on profile.
ArtCrusade's Guidelines.
Wordeea's (No visible guidelines yet to speak of.)

Special Swing Admins:
SilverInkblot's Guidelines can be found on profile.
Carmalain7's Guidelines.
BlakeCurran's Guidelines.
Aerode's Guidelines.
(NOTE: Featureess can only be featured once a month.)

Also, your own personal features help a ton too! Feature artwork you love in your own journals! Show people what YOU like and show them what interests YOU. You could even do it creatively by interviewing people! There are so many incredible interview (You can find my personal feature/interview series, 'Adjusting The Antennae' on my profile.) and feature methods you could take on-- the options are limitless! And hey, maybe you'll find a fellow deviant with the same interests. And maybe that person becomes a friend and lookie there, your bros for life. Showing love to your community helps a great deal. And it makes people feel good. What's not great about that?

Speaking of great features, here are just a few examples of them:
Hidden Talents VIIII keep finding all these gorgeous artworks and I want to share them with you. All of these deviants are unknown/unappreciated, and could deserve more attention. Please be sure to visit their galleries and spread the love!  Heart
More of these journals will be published in the coming days, with only five deviants featured per article, so keep an eye out. If you know any deviant who is deserving of more attention, please Note note me their name La la la la 




Pure Excellence (2)A feature showcasing some of the fantastic literature pieces I've read over the past month or two. La la la la The folder where these Deviations are located can be found on both my main page and this link here. I've also included some other Favorites from different folders, which includes visual artwork.

you're wearing isadora's scarves by counting-vertebrae
John Coltrane (1964) by outsidelogic
Mist over the Water by Malintra-Shadowmoon
Over the picket fence bridge by marcelflisiuk
Ghost in the Radio by FlickeringCandle
Love dA Lit: Issue 170Welcome to the one-hundred seventieth issue of Love dA Lit! Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
A Smattering of Lit News

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
Literature Contests | Resources | Open Admin Positions
May DD Double FeatureEvery month we’ll be randomly selecting three deviants that received a Daily Deviation as well as a Daily Deviation suggester to give a short interview.  Our goal is learn a little more about the community, its members and of course resolve the ever challenging question of which is better, pie or cake.
This month we’ve interviewed:
:iconStevenGilby: :iconJZLobo: :iconsaltwaterlungs: :iconhomunculus888:
StevenGilby Received a Daily Deviation on Wild Vampire Chase
:bulletblack: Since your work got a DD, are you planning to do anything more with it? If so, what?
More vampire stuff, for sure, but nothing with that particular piece. I feel like the story was told well enough to let it stand alone.
:bulletblack: Was your DD a self suggestion to one of the Lit CVs? If not, would you ever self suggest? If so, what made you select this piece to suggest over your others?
To be honest, I've been asking a frie
'Best of'. 1st Edition: Best of Free-Verse:love: Hello lovelies :love:  
I have been twirling around ideas in my head for a feature I could do and a "Best of" type thing is what I came up with. I figured I would start my first edition of this with a Best of Free Verse. I scoured through portions of dA via groups, people I have read, and those I have not. I hope that this collection of 24 Free Verse poems will inspire you or just be a pleasurable read. Please take the time to check these poets out as they are amazing and are all deserving of having their works featured.
I will be taking theme suggestions for next weeks Best of , if anyone has any. You can comment here or note a suggestion to me. Also if you want to SUGGEST a work of art to me for any of the series, feel free to do so as well.
League of Lit Groups: Vol. 11Like groups? Want to join a group's admin team? Well this article is for you! Posted once a month this article will revisit one past group spotlight from Love dA Lit and one literature group who is in need of admins to help with their various group activities. :heart:
Discuss: What groups are you a member of?
:groups: This month we will be revisiting SixWordStories and taking a look at PowerfulWriting! :groups:

Group in Need | Past Spotlight | Contacting Me

In Need
" PowerfulWriting is a group meant to help writers grow into their own style and voice. Our focus is not showcasing so much as improving, with an emphasis on giv
Daily Literature Recognition May 6, 2014Daily Lit Recognition for May 6th, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article. 
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Suggested by: SilverInkblot
Featured by: ladyshadowrage

Ode To A Pair Of Hiking Shoes by NathanielFlyingOwl
You can learn a surprising amount about a person by studying one thing about them - in this case, a pair of shoes.
Suggested by: MagicalJoey
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

making tea by 
FeaturesI just wanted to take some time to share some lovely works I have read on here. It was a rainy day today, and I had a cup of hot cocoa, this was the loveliest way to spend the afternoon. Thank you, all you lovely poets! :)

War by WeirdAndLovely*Lost in Love* by Delice1941
how to grieve for people you do not know by Echolalic-Elliea poem on the inner workings of my chaotic mind by PrussianPersephonePart of being Human: by Lawli-Artsheepskin by Nullibicity
A Call to Conversation--:devblackbowfin:Welcome to the 26th article focusing on featuring and getting to know the deviants behind the work! This series will be posted every Wednesday. If you have a deviant you'd like to see included, please send TwilightPoetess a note with the subject "Call to Conversation"--make sure to include the deviant's name as well as a reason you think they'd make a good interview subject! Also, feel free to send along a question or two you'd like to have answered by them!

This week's feature is BlackBowfin!
Relatively new to my watch list, Scott's writing has, nonetheless, evoked a series of
strong and thought-provoking emotions.  If you haven't checked out his work yet,
you definitely should!

So--does your user name have a meaning? Mind sharing with us if so?

Yes it does. I originally joined dA to get post my vector/graphic design artwork. I’ve always clung to the fish, as a visual symbol. It makes sense in that I’m a

Now, do you think you can go out there and give it a whirl?! I know you can do it! I believe in you! And if you need a little nudge, I will certainly help you with that. It's what I wanna do here! Just let me know if you ever need anything. I got your back!

I know, not the most technical guide ever but I didn't come up on ultra-techniques. It came from just living and learning, y'know? Really though, I wish you all the best of luck and if you ever need help navigatin' this site, as I've said before you can always come to me; I'll gladly be of service to you all or at the very least lead you to someone who can be helpful to you.

And here are other great articles on the topic of becoming more involved with deviantART and the literature community here; articles written by BloodshotInk and LiliWrites, respectively:
How to get more views on your LiteratureHow to get more views on your Literature
    This article is an exploration of a common question on DeviantART in the Literature community; "How do I get more views?" If you read all of this you win a pony.
    Lately there has been a lot of discussion around the site about ways to expand the literature community and the visibility of literature on the site. It has been noted that a lot of people believe that site changes by the DeviantART team will help them get more attention for their work. It has also been noted in the past that when new features are instigated (such as more html, better thumbnails and stash) that people often interpret whether or not they have a direct positive effect on their own views as a way of telling if the new feature is worthwhile or not.
    It has been suggested that the community and individuals therein should themselves take more responsibility for creating opportunities and maximising poten
DeviantART: A Critical Community (Part 1)You may have heard...
From the most novice to the most accomplished, dA is home to artists of all types and skills. This mish-mash of talent, experience, knowledge, and eagerness to learn creates a beautiful opportunity for mentorships between those who are learning and those who are willing to lend their time and patience to a burgeoning new artist or writer. But forming those relationships can be daunting for those looking for help and unfulfilling for those offering that help. 
This is the first of a two part article series that aims to address a few key points of miscommunication that seem to be common between those willing to offer critique and constructive commentary and those seeking feedback. You may have heard that the critique community on deviantART "sucks" or "doesn't exist", but I'll humbly beg to disagree. I've been an activ
DeviantART: A Critical Community (Part 2)You may have heard...
From the most novice to the most accomplished, dA is home to artists of all types and skills. This mish-mash of talent, experience, knowledge, and eagerness to learn creates a beautiful opportunity for mentorships between those who are learning and those who are willing to lend their time and patience to a burgeoning new artist or writer. But forming those relationships can be daunting for those looking for help and unfulfilling for those offering that help. 
This is the second of a two part article series that aims to address a few key points of miscommunication that seem to be common between those willing to offer critique and constructive commentary and those seeking feedback. You may have heard that the critique community on deviantART "sucks" or "doesn't exist", but I'll humbly beg to disagree. I've been an active participant i

Other quick, miscellaneous tips for those that don't know:
To "tag/mention" people there are multiple ways to do so.

:icon(insertusernamehere): (without the parenthesis.)
:dev(iconusernamehere): (without the parenthesis.)
@(insertusernamehere) (without the parenthesis)

As such: @(chromeantennae) (without the parenthesis looks like) chromeantennae. Same with chromeantennae.
And here's the icon: :iconchromeantennae:.

Other tips are how to use st.ash writer that you will find in the st.ash folder. (Scroll over the submit button and you'll see the st.ash link.) There it works similarly to Google Documents/Microsoft Word/etc.

As well as certain font codes!
< b > and < /b > (without spaces; to end the code) do this your words!

< i > and < /i > (without spaces; to end the code) do this your words!

< u > and < /u > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words!

< tt > and < /tt > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words!

< sub > and  < / sub > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words!

< small > and < /small  > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words.

< strike > and < /strike  > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words. 

And that's really all for now folks! Hopefully that was comprehensive enough for you all! And if you need anything from me, note or comment on my page and I'll will help you as soon as I can.

One last thing! Please, please spread this journal around to those that may need this. Your altruism and kindness to others is a beautiful thing, indeed.

Oh, of course, finally, have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be reading this from! 
And remember! You're all beautiful, amazing, and incredible. Yes, YOU. 

Rainmeter Workshop - 1

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 9, 2010, 2:10 PM

When I first started using Rainmeter I scoured Deviant Art for skins that fit what I was looking for. I didn’t find any. So I ended up dissecting skins, reading the help file, and discovered that it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks.

The goal of this series is to show how easy it is to make your own skins. I’ll be showing simple skins and code and talking about everything from basic skin creation to some of the more complicated things you can do with Rainmeter.


The skin I’ll be demonstrating is probably the simplest notes skin you can create. The skin is fundamentally made by combining different blocks of code. Each block as its own unique name. Each block of code is either a Measure or a Meter. Measures can be thought as a piece of code that stores information, and a Meter is one that displays something. The skin also shows the use of several different features, all of which I’m going to explain. These features are MeterStyle and position formulas. All skins are made up of two different types of blocks, meters and measures.

To make this code work, open up Notepad or similar program (I use Notepad++) and save the code in a file named Notes.ini in the Rainmeter Skins folder in your Documents. In the same folder you saved
in, save a file named
. Write something in the text file. “Hello World” would be good. It helps to have file extensions turned on.

[Rainmeter]-In this section you can define the Update rate, Author, and few other things that I never use.


This section contains all the variables I’ll be using in the skin. WIDTH and HEIGHT are the dimension of the background image. NOTESPATH tells Rainmeter what text file to read the notes out of. The next several define the size, font, and color of the text displayed. TITLE is the title of the skin, obviously.

FONT=Trebuchet MS

This is the piece of code that tells Rainmeter to display the notes. As you can see, it references NOTESPATH. To reference a variable you have to enclose the variable name with #VariableName#. FileFilter tells it to look for a text file.

Measure= Plugin
Plugin= PluginsQuotePlugin.dll

-The box that displays behind the text. SolidColor defines the color, in this case black, and transparency of the color. H and W are the height and width.


-This is style section. It isn’t a meter or a measure. It’s just a section of code for other meters to reference. This style defines several parameters that are common to the Title and the Notes. This makes coding easier by being able to reference a block of code instead of having identical lines of code in different meters.


-Displays the title. Simple enough. It references [TextStyle], so [Title] has all the attributes that it does. Every meter needs an X and Y position. What’s interesting about this is how the X dimension is set. X= (#WIDTH#/2) means that the Title will always be centered relative to the width of the skin. Of course, the position could have been any other number or formula. If you are using a position formula, it has to be in parenthesis, otherwise it won’t work. And formulas can be very complex if you want them to be.

X= (#WIDTH#/2)
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["#NOTESPATH#"]

-Display what [MeasureNotes] reads from the text file. Since we want the text to be within the background we need to set the Height and Width dimensions of the meter. Y=5R which means it is five pixels below the meter above it. I went with a 5 pixel border, so the Width becomes (#WIDTH#-10) and X=5. 5 pixels on the left and 5 on the right, so subtract 10 from the width of the background meter. Height wasn’t so easy. I basically had to guess and fiddle with it till I got what I wanted.

H= (#HEIGHT#-40)
W= (#WIDTH#-10)

Questions? Comments? Ideas for new tutorials? Leave a comment.

For further reading and clarification on the options below each section, measure, and meter read the Manual. For more on skin creation read Rainmeter 101.

Varelse42 reports
CSS originally by alder-sketch
modified by bendenfield
visit the Rainmeter homepage
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The dA PRO Camera Bag is back with loads of improvements! Now with a larger access flap for your camera, more space for the tools you need, better padding all around, and of course a larger pocket to hold your ever-important mobile phone. It's all built for quick and easy access, designed by photographers for photographers.

Fits SLR/DSLR camera w/ lens attached and up to four extra lenses.

Perfectly sized pocket for iPhone/MP3 player– conveniently located on the front of the shoulder strap.

In the rain, pull the weatherproof cover from the hidden bottom compartment and protect your gear.

Memory card storage system with additional utility pouches for all the little stuff photographers usually lose!

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Site Update: January 27, 2012

Fri Jan 27, 2012, 5:44 PM

In this update, you'll find all the feedback from our last site update gathered into the Your Feedback section below, just after the Change Log, which will tell you about some brand new updates we just launched, as well as all the bugs fixed since the last update.

Change Log


:bulletblue: What's New
    • You can now share journals in chat by using :thumb: codes. - Added by $knightar
    • Some changes were made to deviantART's algorithm for Popular browse results (known as "Fair Exposure"). Details about Fair Exposure have been explained in this #hq blog post
    :bug: Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a bug in chat that caused horizontal scrollbars. - Fixed by $knightar
      • Improved the layout and appearance of our "Order Shipped" emails. - Fixed by $knightar
      • Improved the validation of the character length of deviation descriptions. - Fixed by $helloandre
      • Chased ghost feedback message that has been haunting some users and unveiled it. The message turned out to be a "critique accepted" one in feedback section. - Fixed by randomduck
      • Removed invalid payment methods from Premium Membership checkout page. - Fixed by $knightar
      • Restored an accidentally-removed box on the Premium Membership page. - Fixed by #ArtBIT
      • Fixed a display bug with the "Friends" and "Favourites" menu when deviantART Muro comments drawings are loaded. - Fixed by $allixsenos
      • Removed a barely visible white line from the default journal skin. We had to take out a magnifying glass to confirm that it was there. - Fixed by $Alisey
      • Fixed a header display issue on one of the Shop pages. - Fixed by $helloandre
      • On Groups, the pencil buttons now use the non-clashing semi-transparent style on all widgets. - Fixed by $allixsenos 
      • Fixed some issues that made Writer appear as if the document was empty even when you've added art to the document. - Fixed by $inazar
      • Reinstated the "Report Deviation" button on literature deviations submitted via Writer. - Fixed by $samshull

      :bulletblue: What's New
        • You can now access old comments after you publish a deviation. To do this, visit a deviation that you've published using and select " Comments" from the dropdown located above the comments section of the deviation. - Added by $kouiskas
        :bug: Bug Fixes
          • Improved the error display when logging out on another browser during a stack upload. - Fixed by $kouiskas

          :bulletblue: What's New
            • Pasted embed codes from other sites now get turned into our own accepted markup (e.g. YouTube's provided code now works). - Added by $inazar
            • For consistency and accessibility, titles of journal will always be links. Some journal skins will be affected by this change. Skin designers: you may have to adjust your CSS to override any unexpected changes to the title of your journal skin. - Added by $kemayo
            :bug: Bug Fixes
            • Journals on the deviation page no longer have a max width. - Fixed by $kemayo
            • The "Add Image" menu item no longer causes errors. - Fixed by $kemayo
            • The undo and redo shortcuts were triggering together, which cancelled each other out. Awkward. - Fixed by $Alisey
            • Opening the "Add" menu would save a draft containing solely an empty link. - Fixed by $Alisey
            • The classic journal submission page had two of the same error messages. - Fixed by $Alisey
            • The "continue" button no longer lies about saving when it's not. - Fixed by $inazar
            Your Feedback

            Suggestions, feedback and bug reports from our last site update.
            • Many people requested additional symbols being allowed in deviation titles. Hold tight, this is coming soon!
            • Collaborative deviations that would allow two people to be credited to one deviation. - From `Jules1983, ~dat-Fips, =KrazyHero, =fan4battle, ~GrabYourShovelAndDig, =jai-miyazaki, *Teq-Uila
            • A background shadow is still appearing on some transparent PNGs, causing some of them to look strange. Upon investigation, it appears to only be affecting smaller images. We're looking into this further. - From *Topachi, =Perrytheplatypus12, ~alphatroll, =PeekyChew, =wildrune11, `stuck-in-suburbia
            • When a Group affiliation request has been sent, the activity page for that request displays the date as December 30th, 1969. We are working on this issue. - From =virgino0owhore
            • As well as Favorites and Notes search, the ability to search Group galleries has been suggested as well. Before we can add some of these features, our search requires upgrading, but we are looking into all requests. – From `Crazysparkles06, *whitestarflower 
            • Some members were reporting some bugs when copy and pasting content from Microsoft Word. We're always trying to improve compatibility with other applications, but it's just a matter of fine tuning. If you have a Word document that is creating some errors, please send a note to $Dan14Lev if you are willing to share your document for bug testing. - From *Kneeling-Glory 
            • List Groups separately from friends lists, or have a "Groups" section on your friends list. Great suggestion. There should be an easier way to see all the Groups you're in. One option to fix this might be to put Groups at the bottom of the friends list. - From =Gex78, =Siegetank241, and others
            • On members' journal pages, collapse longer journals so you can browse more easily. Great idea! - From ~ThatBlueManiac
            • Bring back the ability to browse Favourites by category. - From ~Tai-shan
            • Automatically update your Message Center count on your navigation bar while browsing deviantART. - From *Knickolaus, ~cheydinhal=Tophthetomboy 
            • Add a "Remove from Message Center" button to Journal deviations like Art deviations have. - From =fan4battle ~Draghorn, *Immortalium, =BloodMoonEquinox, and others
            • When you submit a Journal with Writer, sometimes the Journal entry can be incorrectly ordered on your Journal page. We identified the cause of this and will have a fix released soon. - From *Cayca

            :lightbulb:  Discuss These Ideas!

            In the last site update, we asked for your feedback on several ideas brought up by the community. We were overwhelmed with the response! Changing usernames was by far the most popular request. Other popular requests were: gallery folders within gallery folders, a "report deviant" button, and the ability through search through your Favourites and Notes. Editing and deleting comments was a bit more controversial, but we gather some great feedback from the discussion.

            Here are some ideas that were brought up in the last site update that require a bit more discussion, planning, and debate. We want to hear your thoughts!
            • A "Featured Artist" widget. - From =katara-alchemist who provided a great mockup.
            • Adjust external links. Some people suggested having external links opening in new windows. It has also been suggested that the intermediary warning page be either removed or modified to function more smoothly.  From *RipperRoo-255, ~Rocketgirl97, ~Yojiro-sage
            • Thumbnail images in comments. Assuming there were limitations, would you like to be able to post thumbnail images of deviations in comments? Example usage might include: Your friend loves cats and you found a beautiful cat photo, so you post it as a comment on their profile; sharing art in forums around a topic; posting a journal asking for the best landscape paintings where people can reply with thumbnails in the comments. -From =Y-Phil, *ObscureFlower

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            1 Year Anniversary - CLOSED -

            Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 11:15 PM

            :party: Hello our dear members! :party:

            And the lucky winner of our 1000 Points Giveaway is : #439  and Kirby-Tree :huggle:!!! Congrats to the winner and a big thank you to everybody that joined!!!!

            On May 1st 2012 our group will be officialy 1 year old :la:. In this one year we have managed to have so many members, contests and activities, become a supergroup and make a difference among the thousands of groups out there but we couldn't do it without our members being a huge part of our efforts :hug:

            In order to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary our group is going to give away 1000 :points: to a lucky member of our group :). Let us explain how you can take part in that wonderful point giveaway ;)

            1.: You must be a member of our group.
            2.: You must :+fav: this blog.
            3.: The winner will be decided by your :+fav: place number in

            :party:Thank you all for being part of our group and helping us grow!:party:

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            Youtube CSS!

            Journal Entry: Thu Sep 15, 2011, 11:49 PM
            Get the CSS!
            YouTube CSS by Pakaku

            Oh wow, after only one day, plus a few hours afterwards tweaking the thing, I'm going to release this CSS. It's just too good to keep from everyone :faint:

            It's a pretty straightforward CSS, with one special feature, which is the Youtube video that's at the top of every journal. At the moment of writing this journal, it's still a Subscriber-only feature. But if you're still interested in downloading the CSS and using it, here's how you'd edit the video that's shown:

            1. Install CSS
            2. Find the video you want to show
            3. Copy the video's code
            4. Start a new journal entry and click 'Edit skin'
            5. Paste the code you copied as an embedded link (Click here to learn how to embed a video)
            6. Click Preview to make sure everything worked okay

            If you're feeling adventrous, and want a video on your page in style, why not try out the CSS?

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            Wed Apr 10, 2013, 7:16 PM


            by techgnotic

            Choose any media or medium and there is no question that Drones have become the white hot center of debate for a multitude of deeply consequential concerns for the entire Earth Sphere. No matter the digital end point or theatre of conversation, whether it be politics, war, privacy, pop culture, or the rise of machines – Drones or UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) are the current catalyst du jour in any number of flashpoint discussions. From the front page headlines of news outlets around the world, to op-ed pages debating national security vs. non-juridical “justice,” to the big budget sci-fi film “Oblivion” with a main protagonist being a lonely drone repairman toiling away on a scorched earth, there is no getting away from the conversation.

            Even more interesting is the tone of inevitability of outcome. Core discussion seems to focus on a coming drone-filled sky and how we might govern our selves accordingly as this fact becomes a reality. It would seem that we have surrendered to the “law” that if something is possible in its technology, it will inexorably come into being and have to be dealt with. If we can build it, we will, and our finger will itch to find a reason for pulling the trigger. Is this the dark side of human creativity and inquisitiveness that will ultimately one day spell our doom or the first signs of a coming technological Utopia.

            As always, concerned artists around the world are responding, reflecting and creating. In NYC Adam Harvey has turned the very core idea of fashion on it’s head. His art project is not about being seen and noticed but about remaining unseen as there will now be no way to be unseen in this brave new climate of surveillance.

            The artists of deviantART have similarly been creating artwork of incredible beauty and message.

            For a deeper examination of the intersection of future shock military terror and artistic response, istickboy takes us on a journey through an art centered perspective on the subject. Jason Boog is not only a talented writer of finely crafted sentences, but he also brings a true journalist’s skills in research, analysis and balanced presentation to the topics he covers. His future contributions to depthRADIUS will no doubt prove as edifying and thought-provoking as they will be entertaining. Welcome, Jason.


            by istickboy

            Near the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the video game player must rescue the President while a swarm of unmanned aircraft demolish Los Angeles. Players navigate a landscape of collapsed skyscrapers and burning cars, the air thick with ash and yellow smoke. Remote controlled helicopters, airplanes and tanks ambush the player, rogue drones blasting the city to pieces.

            The game concludes in 2025 with this nightmare scenario: terrorists have seized control of the entire United States drone fleet. The game has spawned deviantART collections and fan art as players create wallpaper stills, posters and scenes from the game.

            Unmanned airplanes and other robotic fighting machines will obsess popular culture for years to come, and deviantART has already become a hub for drone art. Artists have tagged more than 19,000 posts with the word "drones” inventing everything from robots with laser cannons to My Little Pony drone horses to alien machinery to sleek unmanned airplanes to gorgeous robot blimps mining gas on distant stars.




            According to Navy historians, drones first took flight in 1937, as the military tested remote controlled airplanes for research and missions. Just like drone bees under the command of the Queen, these early Navy drones were used for dangerous missions, target practice and other disposable tasks.

            The humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch recently published a report about drone warfare around the globe. According to the study, US Department of Defense has invested about $6 billion every year into “the research and development, procurement, operations, and maintenance of unmanned systems for war.” In May 2010, U.S. drones surpassed one million flight hours and a short time later, in November 2010, achieved one million combat hours.

            Winged violence from the sky is not a new artistic theme.

            John James Audubon

            The great 19th Century artist and naturalist dedicated much of his career to sketching birds in beautiful and violent moments. You can download free copies of his illustrated journals at Project Gutenberg. In his journal, he described the magnificent killing power of birds of prey.

            He described the violence of a black-backed gull hunting in a rainstorm:

            The rain is driven in sheets which seem scarcely to fall on sea or land; I can hardly call it rain, it is rather a mass of water, so thick that all objects at any distance from us are lost to sight every three or four minutes, and the waters comb up and beat about us in our rock-bound harbor as a newly caged bird does against its imprisoning walls. The Great Black-backed Gull alone is seen floating through the storm, screaming loudly and mournfully as it seeks its prey; not another bird is to be seen abroad”

            In the 20th Century, aviation art captured airplanes with the same gorgeous detail that Audubon brought to real birds. The movement took flight during World War II as airplanes brought mass destruction to the prosecution of war. Artists romanticized the deadly beauty of military machinery, painting a species of bird created by mankind.

            In 1963,

            Roy Lichtenstein painted "Whaam" as an ironic part of this tradition.

            In the five-foot tall panels, a comic book airplane blasts another fighter jet, creating a fiery inferno that engulfs half the painting with a comic explosion. The painting reproduced an image from a 1962 DC comic book, “All American Men of War.” Painting that image on an enormous canvas, Lichtenstein focused on the terrible beauty of an exploding aircraft.

            An explosion of science fiction in the late 1940’s and into the 1950’s introduced rocket ships. There is a direct line to Star Trek and Star Wars through Blade Runner from Sputnik, the first unmanned satellite in space launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union. The real thing and the imagined blend together.

            From Halo to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, drones have always played...

            A Role in Video Games

            The Starcraft series featured horrific Zerg drones, a combination of a wasp, monster and killer alien. In the Halo franchise, insect-like Yanme'e aliens are called drones. They fly and fight in hive formations, rallying around a queen like earthbound insects.

            Just like these video game creatures, our real life drones were designed by watching nature. Robotic engineers at Boston Dynamics are creating the next generation of drones that will work on the ground for the military. These creatures all mimic real animals, strange works created by engineers --unnaturalists, if you will.

            Anime has also explored drone warfare, especially the mecha anime genre that “revolves around the use of piloted robotic armors in battle.”  These colorful stories show epic battles between enormous fighting machines.

            Inspired by mecha anime, deviantART artist izo84 has been developing a “Drone Army” video game concept for many years, posting some of his work on the site. He also cited professional devinatART members like ukitakumuki, Avitus12, KaranaK and flaketom as inspirations.

            izo84 feels conflicted about his work:

            I do not feel good about designing war machines. But I think as long as what I envisioned is pure fiction, I can continue working without remorse. On the other hand, I can see how fast the real development of unmanned war machines changed, and I have concerns.”

            Inspired by press accounts of drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, artist turningaway posted “War as a Video Game” on deviantART. The political painting shows what a drone attack feels like for innocent civilians on the ground and reminds us of the consequences of these unmanned attacks.

            Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was not created as science fiction. An Australian gaming site AusGamer interviewed Treyarch studio co-founder Mark Lamia who worked on the game. The founder explained the realistic art design behind the drone attacks: “We wanted to make sure that this is Call of Duty, it can’t be too sci-fi, it’s gotta feel like this is plausible. It’s part of the DNA of Black Ops where we set up these plausible scenarios and then we have our fiction going through it and our story... the flipside of major advances in robotics and technology is that sort of— on the flipside— is the dependencies on that and things that might be happening in cyber-warfare in the future. Things that used to be the domain of great science-fiction books is no longer, it’s reality; it’s happening; starting to play out in the headlines today, but certainly in the coming decade.”

            While developing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the video game designers and artists consulted with P.W. Singer, the war scholar who wrote the most important book about drone warfare, Wired for War.  Singer described why video game players are highly valued as drone pilots: “Having spent their youth online gaming, sipping Red Bull, and talking on their cell phones all at once, young drone pilots come to the unit with an ease at multitasking already wired into their DNA.”

            Artists are training warriors.


            For the Reader


            Which do you think came first: the real drones or the artistic interpretations of drones?


            DaVinci drew sketches of weapons and war machines as well as producing the most emotionally restrained and expressive portrait of a woman in the Mona Lisa. Is a sketch of a drone emotionally connected or is just an illustration of future shock?


            There are all kinds of camera drones used by the military, by engineering companies to inspect pipelines, for example, and by film companies for all kinds of effects. What would be an art drone? Maybe a flying machine trailing colors, a guided laser obliterating ugliness or a device for laying down graffiti on inaccessible surfaces— do you have an idea for an art drone’s function or mission?


            In Singer’s book, drone squadron commander Gary Fabricius talks about the lives of drone pilots: “You are going to war for twelve hours, shooting weapons at targets, directing kills on enemy combatants, and then you get in the car, drive home, and within twenty minutes you are sitting at the dinner table talking to your kids about their homework.” Is this really any different than spending a day in the studio drawing a comic or animations or illustrations of mass mayhem and destruction?


            Do you think the proliferation of drones all over the world somehow brings us closer to a new world order or one world government?

            Choose any media or medium and there is no question that Drones have become the white hot center of debate for a multitude of deeply consequential concerns for the entire Earth Sphere. No matter the digital end point or theatre of conversation, whether it be politics, war, privacy, pop culture, or the rise of machines – Drones or UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) are the current catalyst du jour in any number of flashpoint discussions. From the front page headlines of news outlets around the world, to op-ed pages debating national security vs. non-juridical “justice,” to the big budget sci-fi film “Oblivion” with a main protagonist being a lonely drone repairman toiling away on a scorched earth, there is no getting away from the conversation.

            Writers: $techgnotic & *istickboy
            Designers: $marioluevanos
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            This is a code walkthrough of my "Do I Need a Jacket?" Rainmeter weather skin.  The goal of the skin is to replicate in a Rainmeter weather skin, including the ability of the end user to set their own temperature thresholds.  Here's a screenshot of what this skin looks like:

            Download Here

            The Groundwork

            First, lets get the basics out of the way.  We of course need [Rainmeter], [Metadata], and [Variables] sections.

            Author=Flying Hyrax |
            MouseOverAction=!Execute [!ShowMeterGroup buttons][!Redraw]
            MouseLeaveAction=!Execute [!HideMeterGroup buttons][!Redraw]

            Name="Do I Need a Jacket?"
            License=Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0
            Information=Tells you if you'll need a jacket, based on current weather information from Yahoo! Weather and threshold values which you can set. | ALL credit for idea due to | Variables/options consolidated in Settings.txt in skin's root folder.

            You can ignore the MouseOver/LeaveAction bits in the [Rainmeter] section for now - that's not important until later.

            In order to make it simple for users to edit the options for our skins, and also to make things easy on ourselves if we decide to do more than one version of the skin, we'll put the necessary variables in a separate file using include:


            This directs the skin to import the contents of a file called "settings.txt" that is in the same folder as the skin itself.  For reference, here are the contents of that file:




            font1=Segoe UI Light

            Notice the repeat of the [Variables] section header.  This is necessary because when include imports the contents of an external file, those contents are read as if they are the last thing in the skin.  If we left out the [Variables] header in settings.txt, then Rainmeter would think our variables were part of the last measure or meter in our skin.

            WebParser Measures

            Now, lets get on to the meat of the matter, as it were.  We'll need some WebParser measures to collect the weather data we'll be using from Yahoo! Weather.  I'm not going to explain WebParser and Regular Expressions in this walkthrough, but there are already numerous helpful resources on that.  For instance, this WebParser primer.  Anyway:

            RegExp="(?siU)<yweather:location city="(.*)".*region="(.*)".*country="(.*)".*<yweather:units temperature="(.*)".*speed="(.*)".*speed="(.*)".*<pubDate>(.*)</pubDate>.*<yweather:condition  text="(.*)".*temp="(.*)".*low="(.*)""
            ErrorString="ixnay on the eatherway"










            Calc Measures

            Now we get to the fun stuff.  First, we're going to use a CALC measure to compare the current temperature to the values in "settings.txt".  We'll make four basic ranges that the temperature can be in: Hot, warm, cold, and freezing.  The four ranges are separated by the "hotTemp", "coldTemp", and "freezeTemp" variables.  

            Formula=#freezeTemp# > mTemp ? 3 : (#coldTemp# > mTemp ? 2 : (#hotTemp# > mTemp ? 1 : 0))

            Here's what we're doing with that formula.  There are three nested If/Then statements there (see here, scroll down to "Conditional Operator").  To paraphrase: "Is mTemp (the current temperature) less then #freezeTemp#?  If yes, then return a value of 3.  If not, then is it less than #coldTemp#?  If yes..."

            You get the idea.  Since we're starting at the lowest temperature threshold, we don't have to use both a greater than and a less than comparison to figure out which range the temperature is in.  If it's colder than #freezeTemp#, then it's freezing, and if it's not colder than #freezeTemp# but is colder than #coldTemp#, then it has to be in the "cold" range, and so on.

            Let's move on. This skin is going to be text based.  We need a way to show a little text description of just how cold or warm it is, for humor's sake.  We'll use another Calc measure, with some Substitutes:

            Substitute="3":"darn cold out","2":"chilly out","1":"temperate","0":"positively balmy"

            If we only needed this text, than we could just put the "Substitute=..." back inside [mCalcTemp].  However, we need both - we'll use the raw numbers (0-3) later on, so we need a second measure.

            Now we're going to do basically the same thing, only comparing the current wind speed to the wind thresholds:

            Formula=#windLow# > mWind ? 0 : (#windHigh# > mWind ? 1 : (#windExtreme# > mWind ? 2 : (#windExtreme# <= mWind ? 3 : 4)))

            Substitute="0":"not windy","1":"somewhat breezy","2":"very windy","3":"your computer just blew away"

            The main difference is that [mCalcWind] has one more nested conditional operator than [mCalcTemp], and the numbers go the other way - zero first progressing to 3 instead of 3 decreasing to zero.  It could be done in either order, but it makes things easier to keep track of later when we actually determine whether or not you need a jacket.  Before we do that, we need one more bunch of conditional operators.

            In English, the conjunction used between two phrases depends on the agreement or disagreement of the phrases (English majors everywhere will cringe when they read that description, but that's basically it.)  In this case, we have two phrases - one for the temperature and one for the wind.  Depending on conditions, there are several possibilities:
               1) It's cold and windy
               2) It's cold, but not windy
               3) It's warm, but windy
               4) It's warm and not windy.
            Now we just need to express that in a formula:

            Formula=(mCalcTemp > 1) && (mCalcWind > 0) ? 1 : ((mCalcTemp > 1) && (mCalcWind <= 0) ? 2 : ((mCalcTemp <= 1) && (mCalcWind > 0) ? 2 : ((mCalcTemp <= 1) && (mCalcWind <= 0) ? 1 : 0)))

            Notice the logical AND operator (&&), just don't confuse it with the English language and I was talking about above.  If the temperature range is greater than 1 (cold or freezing), AND the wind range is greater than 0 (breezy, windy, or a freaking hurricane), then you need a jacket because of both the temperature and the wind.  If that's not the case, then we use our nested conditional operators to move on to the next case.  Each case gets either a 1 (substituted for "and") or a 2 (substituted for "but").

            Lastly, we're finally going generate an actual yes or no answer to our original question: do you need a jacket?

            Formula=(1 < mCalcTemp) || (0 < mCalcWind) ? 1 : 0
            Substitute="1":"","0":" don't"

            This one is simple; the "||" is a logical OR operator.  If the temperature is in the cold or freezing ranges, OR if the wind is above the "0" range (OR both), then the conditional operator evaluates to true (1), if not, it evaluates to false (0).  


            ...then we use a substitute so that we can plug this info into our main string meter:

            Text="You%1 need a jacket."

            The "%1" in the "Text=" line is the output of the [mCalcYN] measure from above, which because of the substitute will be either nothing or the word " don't".  So the string will read either "You need a jacket" or "You don't need a jacket."

            The string meter for the secondary text is bit of a beast to look at, but it's pretty simple if you break it down:

            Text="It's %1, %3 %2."
            ToolTipText="%9 %10 %11#CRLF#%12#CRLF#%4, %5 %6#CRLF#Wind: %7 %8"

            The first three measures are used in "Text=" and come from our the temperature range substitution, wind range substitution, and the measure we used to find the right conjunction depending on the weather conditions.  Measures 4 through 12 are all for the "ToolTipText=".  This way, the user can mouse over the string and see the actual current weather data, the location that Yahoo! weather associates with the weather location code in "settings.txt," and a timestamp of the last time the weather feed data was updated.

            Lastly, we're going to make three little buttons that show up when you mouse over the skin.  These image meters will open "settings.txt," refresh the skin, and open the readme file:

            LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["#CURRENTPATH#settings.txt"]
            ToolTipText="Open settings.txt"

            ToolTipText="Refresh skin"

            LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["#CURRENTPATH#info.rtf"]
            ToolTipText="Open ReadMe"

            This was what those Mouse Actions in the [Rainmeter] section were for.  You can see that all three image meters are part of the "buttons" group and are hidden by default; but because of those Mouse Actions they will show whenever the user's mouse goes inside the skin's window.

            And that's pretty much all there is to it.  As an example skin this might not be the best choice, because the skin needs several other files to work with this code: the settings.txt file, the images for the buttons, etc.  However, I though the discussion of the Calc Formulas at least might be helpful to someone, and it was fun and good practice to write this out.

            - fh
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            More updates comings soon!!

            You may put all your queries here in this blog comments.

            Tips & tricks

            1. How to align your elements in custombox or journal?
            Use the following code:

            <div align="center">Content here</div>

            You can change the alignment to left, right, center & justify by simply replacing the words as shown below

            <div align="left">Content here</div>

            2. How do you change the font-size in a custombox?
            Use the following code:

            <font size="1">Your text here</font>
            <font size="2">Your text here</font>
            <font size="3">Your text here</font>
            <font size="4">Your text here</font>
            <font size="5">Your text here</font>
            <font size="6">Your text here</font>
            <font size="7">Your text here</font>

            The result:

            Font size = 1
            Font size = 2
            Font size = 3
            Font size = 4
            Font size = 5
            Font size = 6
            Font size = 7

            3. How to change your font in a Custombox/Journal?
            Use the following tag to change your font in your custombox.

            <font face="FONT NAME">Your text here</font>

            <font face="Comic Sans MS">Your text here</font>

            Your text here

            Safe fonts to use

            Serif Fonts
            Georgia      -----     The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
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            Monospace Fonts
            Courier New, Courier      -----     The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
            Lucida Console, Monaco      -----     The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

            Combining "size" and "face"

            Yes, it is possible to combine 'size' and 'face' (or other font properties) together to get a combined effect as below. Go ahead..Give it a try! ;)

            <font face="Comic Sans MS" size="5">Your text here</font>

            Your text here

            4. How do you make a custom button? or How to make a clickable image for a custombox?
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            Please note that you cannot make the image highlight on cursor hover as it normally does in case of a button.

            <a href="URL"><img src="IMAGE_URL"/></a>

            For example,

            <a href=""><img src=""/></a>

            *If you are using a custom background in your custombox then you've to put the above code in the "body text here.." part of it. For more details check F.A.Q. Q.9 of this journal.

            5. How to add videos in custombox/journal?
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            <da:embed profile="video type" id="ID of the video" />

            You can insert 3 types of videos in DA.
            1) Youtube
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            Codes to insert each type of videos
            <da:embed profile="youtube" id="ID of the video" />
            <da:embed profile="vimeo" id="ID of the video" />
            <da:embed profile="film" id="ID of the video" />

            How to get your video codes?
            Getting the ID of a video is really simple. Follow these steps to get your respective codes..

            1) Open the video in your browser
            2) Copy the URL and look for the code (as shown below)
            *for DA films just get the thumbcode of it
            3) Paste the code in their respective code (as shown below)

            Demo URLs


            Paste the video ID as shown below
            <da:embed profile="youtube" id="fEzhek5K0To" />
            <da:embed profile="vimeo" id="32121460" />
            <da:embed profile="film" id="91547543" />

            NOTE: If you want to get the Youtube bar please follow the tutorial below:

            6. How do you get the URL address of your NOTE? or What URL address do you put in buttons or any hyperlink to let people goto your NOTE directly?
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            TIP: You can use multiple usernames in the above code by inserting their usernames separated by commas as follows:

  , Moonbeam13, fourteenthstar

            Trick update given by AppleGummies

            7. How to make a button a disabled one?
            Just insert the following word in the button that you are using.


            For example, I take a button code from  the range of buttons (can be found here….

            I am using this button for my example.
            Small Curvy buttons by CypherVisor

            And the code that I'm using from this button is

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small smbutton-curvy"><span class="post">I love my buttons very muchdiv</span></a></div>

            How to get the disabled button?

            Insert disabledbutton in the code.

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small smbutton-curvy disabledbutton"><span class="post">I love my buttons very muchdiv</span></a></div>

            The result:

            *NOTE: Put the word disabledbutton only along with the other button classes such as gmbutton2r, sm-button etc.

            8. How to insert a bigger thumb in your custombox/journal?
            Just insert the word big in the thumbcode that you are using.


            Normal thumbcode---> :thumb136916642:
            Innocent Dream by CypherVisor

            Big thumbcode---> :bigthumb136916642:
            Innocent Dream by CypherVisor

            Even Bigger thumbcode---><da:deviation width="500" id="136916642">

            Innocent Dream by CypherVisor

            Use any number in the width if you want to increase the size of the deviation.

            EXAMPLE: <da:deviation width="600" id="136916642">

            Innocent Dream by CypherVisor

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            Also, note that please do not try these links with your own usernames because neither can you give your points to yourself nor watch yourself! :)

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            <div class="al"></div>

            To float elements to the RIGHT:
            <div class="ar"></div>


            <div class="al">:thumb299697102:</div>LoremIpsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. LoremIpsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

            F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

            1. Is it possible to make more button with different colors other than which are already provided?
            No. It is not possible. There are no more colors for buttons that is being defined in the DA website for your use. If anything new comes up I'll provide it to you.

            2. How do I put my own URL in the custombox buttons?
            Replace the text URL in any button code that you are using by your own URL


            The button code:

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></div>

            Using your own URL:

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></div>

            3. How do I put my own Text in the custombox buttons?
            Replace the text I love my buttons very much in any button code that you are using by your own text


            The button code:

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></div>

            Using your own URL:

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">Click to view my gallery</span></div>

            4. Where would the FAIR/UNFAIR or YES/NO button lead? Does they have a counter or poll in-built?
            Fair Unfair buttons by CypherVisor Yes No button by CypherVisor

            The FAIR/UNFAIR or YES/NO are just buttons with your own URL address. It shall lead to whatever URL address you provide in their codes. And they do not have any counter or poll inbuilt.

            5. Is it possible to have table inside a Custombox?
            No. Its not possible.

            6. Is it possible to have Content-holder boxes of custom colors?
            Yes to an extent. Here's a tutorial for you: Content-Holder Background tutorial

            You'll also find different colors of content holder boxes in my gallery folder. (Click "Customboxresouces" from the menu at the top of this journal to view them)

            Plus, you can use the button codes (Buttons as Content-Holder boxes) to write your content inside it. There are many colors of button to choose from!

            7. Is it possible to have scroll-bars inside a Custombox?

            8. How do I put buttons next to each other in a Custombox?
            Simply do not put any line-break (or in simple words, don't put the codes in the next line). Instead, put them in the same line.

            For example, Let us take the codes of the button below (You can get more buttons here..…
            Small Buttons by CypherVisor

            Wrong way to put the buttons together after one another

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></div>

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-blue smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></div>

            Correct way to put the buttons together after one another

            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very muchspan>div><div class="thumb-holder"><a href="URL" class="smbuttonsmbutton-blue smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></div>

            9. How to get my custom background behind a content-holder box?
            You simply need to replace the body text here.. with the content-holder box of your choice code.

            For example, let us take the codes from the custom box background tutorial and the extruded content-holder box as given below. [You can get more content-holder boxes here..…
            Custom-box Background Tutorial by CypherVisor EXTRUDED content-holder box by CypherVisor

            Now, you get the codes from each of them

            Custom-box background code
            <div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><br><img src="URL"/>div>div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox"><br>Body text here..</div>

            Content-holder box code
            <div class="gr-box gr-headless"><i class="gr1"><i><i class="gr2"><i><i class="gr3"><i><div class="gr-body"><div class="gr"><div class="pp"><div align="center"><b>CONTENT HEADING HERE</b></div><br>Body text here..</div></div></div><i class="gr3 gb"><i class="gr2 gb"><i class="gr1 gb gb1"></div>

            As said above, now put the content-holder box code in the custom box background code by replacing the body text here..

            <div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><br><img src="URL"/>div>div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox"><br><div class="gr-box gr-headless"><i class="gr1"><i><i class="gr2"><i><i class="gr3"><i><div class="gr-body"><div class="gr"><div class="pp"><div align="center"><b>CONTENT HEADING HERE</b></div><br>Body text here..</div></div></div><i class="gr3 gb"><i class="gr2 gb"><i class="gr1 gb gb1"></div></div>

            10. Can I change the text/font color in my custom widget boxes?
            Yes, you can change to some colors. Here's a list of colors and their respective codes:…

            11. How to use hyperlinks with different text?
            If you want to have a link (or URL) displayed to a customized text then use the following code:

            <a href="YOUR_URL">YOUR_CUSTOMIZED_TEXT</a>

            <a href="">Custombox F.A.Q. + Tips and tricks</a>


            12. How do you insert an image in your Custom box or journal?
            Use the following code to insert and image in your  Custom box or journal.

            <img src="IMAGE_URL"/>

            <img src=""/>


            13. How do you resize an image in your Custom box or journal?
            Just use the width or height property in your <img> tag in F.A.Q. #12 as shown below:

            <img width="300" src="IMAGE_URL"/>


            <img height="200" src="IMAGE_URL"/>

            or you can use both width and height together

            <img width="300" height="200" src="IMAGE_URL"/>

            *Please note: If you use width and height together then you might change the resolution of the image disproportionately.

            14. How do I get rid of the arrow symbols in my links/URLs and buttons?
            If you haven't noticed it yet. DA always put an arrow symbol when you are trying to use an "external link" (for example a link or a link) in the <a> tag or a button code (as below).

            NOTE: The arrow is displayed only when you are using an external link! It WILL NOT display the arrow if you are using a DA link. (such as a link to someone's profile page in DA or a deviation link etc.)

            The simple solution to get rid of that is by pre-fixing the below URL in your <a> tag or a button code URL:


            Let your external link be:

            BUTTON CODE:
            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post">I love my buttons very much</span></a></div>

            <a href="">Facebook</a>


            This fix was found by Gasara

            15. How do I get rid of the bold text in my links/URLs and buttons?
            You may have noticed if you use the above trick (FAQ #13) to get rid of the arrow or in general while inserting links in your journal or widgets you get your links bold as below:

            To get rid of the bold text use the following code for your text inside your <a> tag or a button code:

            <div class="devlinkzone"><b>YOUR_TEXT</b></div>

            BUTTON CODE:
            <div class="thumb-holder"><a href="" class="smbuttonsmbutton-normal smbutton-small"><span class="post"><div class="devlinkzone"><b>I love my buttons very much</b></div></span></a></div>

            <a href=""><div class="devlinkzone"><b>Facebook</b></div></a>


            16. How do I get the direct link to my Llama giving page/ Cake giving page?
            You can provide a direct link to other deviants which redirects them to a page that will take them directly to a page where they can gift you a llama. Yes, even without visiting your page and clicking on the "Give" button on the top-right corner and then clicking on the "Give a llama badge" menu they can bypass it and goto a page and give you a llama.

            Llama page direct link:

            Here's how you do it:

            1) Log out from your page and login to deviantart using another account. (Otherwise you can tell you friend to do this for you ;) )

            2) After logging into the other account go to your page and click on the "Give" button and then click on "Give a Llama badge" menu from the dropdown. (as shown above)

            3) In the pop-up window that opens (as shown below), right-click on the "Terms and Conditions for Points" and click on “Open in new tab” or “Open in a new window”

            4) In the new browser tab or page that opens Copy the URL address (as shown below) and that my friend, is the direct link to your llama page! ;)

            Cake page direct link:

            For the cake page follow the same steps as given above but this time you just select "Give a Cake Badge". :)

            17. How do I copy the image URL (or deviation image URL or deviation image link)?
            To copy the URL of an image that appears on a page do the following:

            Please follow the steps according to the browser that you are using!!

            Internet Explorer

               1. Click on the desired picture with the right mouse button
               2. Select Properties from the menu
               3. Highlight the address appearing under Address (URL):
               4. Press Ctrl-C (shortcut key to copy the URL)

            Mozilla Firefox

               1. Click on the image with the right mouse button.
               2. Choose "Copy Image Location" from the menu.

            Safari and Opera

               1. Click on the desired image with the right mouse button (or holding down Ctrl while clicking with the left or only button).
               2. Select "Copy Image Address" from the menu.

            Google Chrome

               1. Click on the image with the right mouse button
               2. Select "Copy Image URL" from the menu that comes up

            HINT: An Image URL always ends with an image extension such as .jpg or .png or .gif etc.


            18. Can I change the icons of my widgets?
            No, you can't!

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