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shmuppy lil wallie i had posted before (in the form of a 15 minute speedypaint), but went back & tossed another hour into it...

maybe i should have laid off the airbrush tool :p
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I want to illustrate the evolution of the Vic Viper spacecraft over the years - the three main versions as seen on the cover to the new official guide, the anime version which is quite different and this new Victory Viper spaceship from the Yu-Gi-Oh card. I also have some doodles of the "crappy expendable yellow ship" from the anime.

Here is an attempt at the T301 that I was entirely dissatisfied with. Drawing is okay but the placement of the various bits and bobs is completly off. The wings should slant down and I think the missiles should be wider apart. I'm not sure about the cockpit placement either. Also there needs to be more of a colour contrast between the metal surfaces and the blackish banding around the forward "prongs" and on the wings.

Not a bad drawing, but one that illustrates the problems I will need to overcome if I am to master drawing this spaceship.
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One of my Christmas presents this year, the Shooting History Gashappon set containing five fighters from various shooters. From left to right... The Silver Hawk from Taito's Darius Gaiden, the R-9 Arrowhead (with its Force and Bits) from Irem's R-Type, the Vic Viper T301 (with Option) from Konami's Gradius 5, the Vic Viper Metarion (also with Option) from Gradius 2, and last but not least, the OF-1 Daedalus (with Pods) from Irem's Image Fight.

I spent half of Christmas Day putting them together and are the first Gashappon I've ever owned. ^^ I hope they'll make more sets with the other Vipers and ships from other series. ^^
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For those of you that do not know what the heck is with all these sketches and messy looking pile of killing machine swarm... These are concepts for my personal tabletop gaming project called "Tactical Warfield" or "Tac-War" or "TW". Having some trouble recently and can't do much update, but still, i'm going to finish the concepts untill it's really ready. Feel free to ask any questions, i'll gladly answer it.

Okay, to the list then:
1. Light Ground Unit
2. Light AA Unit
3. Commander Mech
4. Heavy Gunship
5. Scout Drone
6. Main Mech Unit
7. Commander Mech's Arm Detail
8. Artillery concept #1
9. Heavy Mech concept #1
10. Heavy Mech concept #2
11. Light Fighter
12. Heavy Transport
13. Light Fast Attack Sub
14. Submersible Battleship
15. Multi-Role Fighter-Bomber
16. Multipurpose Light Vehicle (serves as an AA or Light Infantry Fighting Vehicle like Humvees)
17. AA Module for Multipurpose Light Vehicle
18. Artillery concept #2
19. Airborne Scout Drone
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Yeah, he's so cute and fun to draw. I just have to at least several times. I think the very first one (at the top left) is my best drawing of him.

1. Victory
2. Reaching out
3. Shooting star
4. Shock
5. Balance
6. Yippee!
7. Snowball 1
8. Snowball 2
9. Introduction
10. Knocked over
11. Sleeping
12. ♪Du-Di-Da!♪

Enjoy...? ^^;
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This is a commission I requested from :iconr-no71: for Freedom Planet. Overall I'm really impressed with the work he's done for the project!

Carol is Lilac's tomboy sidekick. She can grab and throw almost anything that fits between her hands. She can't run as fast as her hero, so she drives a small motorbike to keep up with her.

Based on :iconziyoling:'s Carol Tea.
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A Gradius fanatic I am.
Thus, rough versions of a pic in my sketchbook with splash and burn (or in this case, Dodge) colors.

Arms installation is complete, good luck.
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's Vic Viper Girl is so cute, I couldn't resist. C'MON PEOPLE! YOU SAW THIS COMING!!!
The variant is based off of my "Viper Sigma" variant. Whoo-yeah!

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sniper rifle.
lemme try to explain this one......
the bullets hold plasma in their tips, and as it goes through the air it releases it, and ionizes the air, which creates a path of least resistance. the gun then releases a charge that follow the bullet through the path. so chrome angel basically shoots a bullet propelled by lightning. woot
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A Warthog convoy in the level The Storm. I LOVE THIS SCENE!! This is the part where they are getting ready to retake the Voi section of the EARTH from the Covenant Troops.


The Warthog is the 26th-century "Jeep": all of its variants are equipped with a seemingly full-time 4x4 transmission and four-wheel steering to allow for tighter turning; however, higher speeds will result in the understeer that all AWD cars suffer, unless you drive while using the E-brake. The Warthog can carry 3 people; 1 driver, 1 gunner, and 1 passenger (with the exception of the Warthog APC and the M831 TT). Interestingly, the Warthog LRV is water-resistant; it can easily drive underwater (although a bit slower). The Warthog is fast and maneuverable, but is prone to rollovers during hard cornering

There are a few differences between the Warthogs of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. While the Warthog in Halo: CE was notoriously hard to control, the revamped Warthog of Halo 2 was a dream come true. The handling was greatly improved, and allies as well as enemies can now drive, though how well they drive usually depends on the difficulty level. There was also the addition of the horn, which can be useful for getting the attention of teammates. Additionally, the Warthog now had a handbrake, which allows the driver to lock up the rear wheels and slide the back end out, making it easier to kill enemies that dive out of the way. The 'Hog's strongest point is on the front. The front end can take quite a beating from small-medium arms fire before blowing up, and the glass protects the occupants from weapons fire (except for rockets and other explosive ordnance).

Within Halo Wars the Warthog (a model used in 2531) has a sort of "flooring" ability not seen in other Halo games. This allows the player to ramp the Warthog over canyons and other such jumps, reaching speeds and distances not seen in the other Halo games. This makes the Warthog a more versatile attack vehicle.


The driver has no forms of attack except ramming enemies with the Warthog itself, which instantly kills an enemy on foot in Halo: Combat Evolved. In Halo 2, factors such as speed and direction do not allow every ram to be a guaranteed kill. Covenant enemies are able to dodge a ram much easier now. However, when driving in open spaces, before you attempt to ram or run over an enemy, try to slide the Warthog and hit the enemy with the side, that way you have a better chance of killing them. A person carrying an objective item in multiplayer isn't allowed to get into the driver seat under default settings.

The passenger's seat is perhaps the most difficult spot to use effectively, as it is extremely difficult to aim at nearby enemies while the Warthog is in motion. In Halo 2, targeting is altered by the fact that the camera now pulls out to third-person view. The main use the passenger seat serves for player characters is transporting the objective carrier in multiplayer skirmishes. If you try to melee while in the passenger seat you will hear the attack and hear it hitting the car if you aim for it, but there is no animation (for the Spartan skin in Multiplayer. It is visible if you are using the Elite skin or playing as the Arbiter). Marines however, are a different story. Being computer-controlled, their aim is not affected by the jostling of off-road driving, and they are quite proficient at hitting enemies from the "shotgun" position. This can be used to a player's advantage if one gives a Marine in the passenger seat a powerful weapon, such as the Rocket Launcher or a Sniper Rifle. In Halo 3, the Plasma Pistol is a popular choice for the passenger's seat in vehicular combat due to its vehicle stopping ability.

The gunner stands in the Warthog's turret and mans the heavy weapon mounted there, whether it be an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, M68 Gauss Cannon, or Rocket Turret. He is responsible for defending the driver and passenger of the Hog from incoming enemy fire. So as to not interrupt his line of fire, his heavy weapon is mounted on a 360-degree hydraulic-powered swivel-mount that is not affected by any erratic movement on the driver's part. A person carrying an objective item in multiplayer isn't allowed to use the Warthog's turret.

There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but I have only managed to secure a few interviews with the F.S.O.F. members under the Republic's strict military protocols and actions. There are still many others. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

Please read and comment on it. More to come...

I will be uploading some more covers of my favourite computer games and comic keep an eye out for them!

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