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This is Fox McCloud from the first game of the series.
I used the Fox McCloud by the Ebonyleopard (Deviant name) as a template to make this sketch of Fox (with permission of course).
I based the face and details on his SSBM appearance.

Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox
Fur Colour: Orange/Tanned and White/Light Yellow in areas
Eye Colour: Blue/Green
Height: 1.73 sm (space meters)/ 5'7''
Weight: 70.31 sk (space kilos)

Info: Fox McCloud was born on Corneria to James McCloud and Vixy Reinard McCloud. His father was considered the best pilot in the Lylat system and was the leader of the first Starfox team. For the most part they lived a happy life until Andross, a scientist with an insane desire for Vixy, overcome with jealousy decided to fix it so that Vixy and he could be together even though she already had a family. He planted a bomb in James' car, hoping when James got in he would be killed, however instead Vixy used the car that day as her's wasn't working. She was killed in the following explosion leaving both James and Andross stricken with grief. Fox spent most of his life raised by his father. James taught Fox to never give up and as Fox aged it became clear that he possessed many of his father's skills as a pilot. Fox joined the Cornerian Flight Academy in his early teens along with his close friends Slippy Toad and Bill Grey. Along the way he met a street kid named Falco Lombardi who wanted to fly and go straight. Fox helped him clean up his act and enter the Academy and they have been friends ever since.

Andross at this time was head of the Academy and considered one of Corneria's most brilliant scientists. However he had become mad, even though his experiments were for the benefit of the Lylat System and during one of his experiments with one of his 'bio-weapons' an accident occured and much of Corneria City was destroyed in the occuring explosion. Andross was captured after that and General Pepper of the Cornerian Army, fearing Andross's mad potential banished him to the dead planet, Venom. Five years later strange activity was discovered on Venom and General Pepper sent in the Starfox Team, comprised of James McCloud and his close friends Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. However upon their arrival at Venom a devastating battle ensued between them and Andross's newly massed forces and during the conflict Pigma betrayed James and Peppy for money and greed and they were captured by Andross.

Peppy managed to escape Venom and James appears to have been killed by Andross. Peppy, wounded and in a damaged ship returned to Corneria were he had the hard job of giving Fox the news of his father's death. Fox vowed vengeance against Andross, dropped out of the Academy and Peppy took him in and began to train him to be leader of a new Starfox team. A few years later, Andross launched a full-scale invasion on the entire Lylat system and General Pepper placed a call to the new Starfox team, comprised of Fox as team leader, Peppy as the team's advisor and Fox's friends, Slippy as the team's mechanic and Falco as the team's ace pilot. Also on the team was ROB 64, a robot left to Fox after his father was killed, as a maintenence robot and pilot for the team's mothership, the Great Fox. Their new mission was to rid the galaxy of Andross's forces and defeat Andross himself.

The team started on Corneria gradually destroying Andross's forces and bio-weapons planet -to-planet until they reached Venom. Along the way they received assistance from Bill Grey, Fox's old friend, now a member of the Cornerian Army and Katt Monroe, an old friend of Falco's who used to be in the same gang together and received attacks by the Starwolf team. This new team was working for Andross and comprised of Wolf O' Donnell, a pilot who Fox became rivals with at an unknown time, Leon Powalski, a (literally) cold-blooded assassin lizard, Andrew Oikonny, Andross's nephew and the ex-Starfox member, Pigma Dengar, once again acting just because of greed.

After numourous encounters with the team and even a robot decoy of Andross, Starfox finally breached Venom and located the real Andross (now reduced to a giant head and two floating hands due to his experiments).
Fox ordered the rest of the team to stay behind and engaged Andross alone in single combat with his Arwing. Andross had become powerful and even though Fox managed to destroy his skin so that only Andross's brain and eyes remained, he still remained dangerous. Fox managed to finally destroy Andross who began to self-destruct in order to take Fox to his death with him.
However Fox was saved by what appeared to be a ghost of his father. He managed to escape the planet and the team returned to Corneria as heroes. General Pepper offered them a place in the Cornerian Army. Fox however declined, saying the team would rather do things 'their own way' and honoured the legacy of his father and mother. The team went back to patrolling the Lylat system, looking for any threats that might appear.

. An inexperienced but confident and highly skilled leader
. Piloting skills are said to be the best in the Lylat system, at least equal to his father's
. A crack-shot with a blaster, his tendency for rapid, quick-draw firing earned him a 'shoot first, ask questions later' reputation
. Trained in martial arts, has a fighting style made up mainly of fast kicks and punches

Starfox copyright Nintendo.
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This is Slippy Toad from Starfox 64. Personally I think Slippy is the most underappreciated character of Starfox, he builds and maintains the weapons and ships (making him pretty much in-disposable to the group), he analises shields on bosses letting them know what works and is actually Fox's best friend since childhood (that's right it's not Bill or Falco). Sure his voice has been annoying sometimes and he does get in trouble (so does EVERYONE else though) but there are much worse characters than Slip.

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Amphibian (seemingly a Frog rather a Toad)
Skin Colour: Light Green/ Pale Yellow in areas.
Height: 1.67sm/ 5'5''

The son of great inventor/scientist, Beltino Toad, Slippy became incredibly gifted with machines at even at a young age.
He quickly became friends with Fox McCloud ad both of them attended the Cornerian Flight Acedemy together along with Bill Grey. Soon after another person joined, an avian named Falco Lombardi, who despite his mockery of Slippy, became a close friend and along with Fox, protected him from any Jock who decided to take a swipe at him. It became apparent that although Slippy was a worthwhile pilot, his real talent came with inventing. As Fox put it best 'anything I can blow up, he can put back together'. His skills became very apparent after the lose of Fox's father to Andross. Slippy voluntered to join Fox along with Falco on their mission to destroy Andross and along with Falco and original member Peppy, became the new generation of the Starfox team.

Slippy's first real battle ended up with him in trouble but much like their Academy days, Fox saved his skin once more. During the battle against the first lead enemy ship, Slippy was able to analyse the level of strength in their sheilds and any potential weak spots or targets.
His usefullness continued after every battle and Slippy even seemd to have improved as a pilot, particularly on Fichina, where he destroyed a fair amount of enemy ships. None of the team were prepared for the arrival of Starwolf though and Slippy found himself in trouble once again. Fortunately, they survived their first encounter with the team (as well as any later encounters they had) and procedded onwards.
One particular mission demonstrated Slippy's usefullness with machines when on Aquas, a vehicle capable of underwater operations was required. Slippy had such a vehicle: the Blue Marine. With help from his father, Slippy had taken the mechanics used in an Arwing and placed them in a submarine. The result was a success, the machine, with Fox piloting it, completed the mission and destroyed Andross' underwater Bio-Weapon.

It was in Sector X where Slippy put himself in the most trouble. When fighting Andross' incomplete robot secret weapon, Slippy (one too many victories having gone to his head) attempted to attack the robot head on by himself. This resulted in him taking a hit from the robot's fist that knocked the systems of Slippy's Arwing offline and sent him crashing into the barren desert planet of Titania. Slippy found himself in even more trouble here, he wound up in the clutches of the Gola, a fearsome Bio-Weapon. However, help came as the rest of the team attempted a rescue mission. A shot from the Landmaster (driven by Fox) managed to free him from the Gola's claws and with his ship's systems now functioning, he took his chance and escaped. Soon after, the Gola was destroyed.

It was the final assault on Venom that took the toll on most of the team, the armada known as Area 51 was as challenging as could possibly be, but they broke through, destroying many Venom troops in the process. But Starwolf returned once again, in newer, more advanced ships, to make up for their past defeats. However they survived once again in what would be Starwolf's final defeat in the Lylat War. Afterwards, Fox left his team on the surfice of Venom, willingly going to destroy Andross alone. Slippy had no choice but to watch as Fox entered Andross' lair, uncertain if he would ever see his friend again. His worries were put to rest when Fox flew his Arwing out of Andross' lair, which exploded just as Fox cleared the opening.
They returned to Corneria as heroes and were even offered a place in the Cornerian military by General Pepper. However, in agreeance with Fox that the team preferred to do things 'their own way', Slippy left with the rest of the team to patrol the Lylat System for any threats that might appear.

. Second-to-none as a mechanic, anything Fox can blow up Slippy can put back together
. Also adept at computer hacking and analysis
. An average pilot, still has much to learn

Starfox copyright Nintendo.
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This is Falco in his first appearance of the series.

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Pheasant
Feather Colour: Blue over most areas but with Red markings around his eyes.
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 1.88sm/ 6'2''

Info: Falco Lombardi has had a mysterious past. What is known is that he used to be a member of a gang, where he became familiar with Katt Monroe. However, the young avian desired more than this and left the gang at some point. He drifted until he came to Corneria where he met the young Fox McCloud, who eventually helped him get into the Cornerian Flight Academy and become a pilot.
Being a Bird of Prey, Falco seemed a natural at flying, quickly proving himself to be highly adept in the air.

Soon, he and Fox became good friends and to some extent, rivals, with each other. Falco also eventually learned ro respect Slippy Toad and watched out for him, whenever he seemed to get in trouble.

After Fox's father was killed, Falco joined him and Slippy in forming the new Starfox team with Peppy Hare. Their first battle had a profound effect on Falco, the avian couldn't believe the destruction the armies of Andross caused as they attacked Corneria, which made it all the sweeter for him whenever he gave some ' payback'. Nevertheless he prooved his worth as a pilot and discovered a few hidden enemies that the team would otherwise have missed.

Falco did have a reckless attitude though, which often meant he would put himself in danger during an attack. It was the team's first battle with Starwolf in which Falco would make a life-long rival, that of crazed killer, Leon Powalski. Falco's persistence in their battles annoyed Leon to such an extent, that future meetings would often lead to a flurry of retorts and insults between the two.

Also, during their campaign, a face from Falco's past, Katt Monroe, appeared to lend assistance to the team (much to the annoyance of Falco). Still flirtatious as ever, Katt first appeared on Zoness and left after a few battles. Much as it pained him to admit it, he did miss her, even if she gave away some details of his past he would rather the team didn't know.

When Fox finally engaged the real Andross, alone on Venom, Falco was forced to return to orbit with the rest of the team. After seeing his leader and friend emerge victorious from Andross' lair, Falco reluctantly admitted that Fox 'did good'.

After returning to Corneria, Falco respected Fox's decision to not be a part of the Cornerian military, which suited him just fine. He may be part of a team, but deep down, he'll still be that rogue from his past.

. Has a reputation as an 'ace pilot'
. Prefers strength to speed, when fighting

Starfox copyright Nintendo.
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Age: 41
Sex: Male:
Species: Hare
Fur colour: Grey to white/light cream in areas
Eye colour: Red
Height: 1.70sm/ 5'6''
Weight: 71.03sk

A member of the original Starfox team alongside Fox's father, James McCloud and former friend, Pigma Dengar, Peppy Hare is considered somewhat of a war veteran. Often credited as the sole survivor of the Battle of Venom, where James was killed and Pigma betrayed them.
Before the Starfox team was even started, Peppy, James and Pigma were all graduates from the Cornerian Academy and Peppy married his Academy sweetheart, Vivian and later had a daughter together naming her Lucy. Around the same times, James also married Vixy who gave birth to Fox.

When they first started the Starfox team, they quickly became known as heroes, with their own Base Of Operations, the Great Fox and advanced space fighters developed by another Academy friend of theirs, Beltino Toad, named Arwings, the team became the one group to call upon in times of need.

However, the glory days were not to last. After the death of Vixy, in what appeared to be an accident though the truth was far more insidious, a scientist named Andross grew mad and unleashed a bio-weapon he developed in secret on Corneria's capital. After his capture by the team, he was handed over to the military and General Pepper had him banished to the barren planet of Venom for his crimes.

Five years passed. And all seemed to be going well. James, though distraught over Vixy's loss, was raising his son well and from the looks of his performance in the Academy would soon be as good, if not better, than his father as a pilot.
Lucy was also studying well, Slippy had taken after his father but chose the path of mechanic rather than scientist and a new youth named Falco Lombardi had become close friends with the others. Peppy and Vivian were also happy in their marriage, for all intents, the future seemed good.
However, the team soon got a new call from General Pepper, alerting them to strange activity....coming from Venom. To team were assigned to investigate; what they found when they reached Venom was something they could never have prepared for.
Andross was alive and had amassed a huge army, all for the purpose of taking over the Lylat system. The team was overrun and outnumbered and on top of all that, Pigma, their close friend, betrayed them to Andross for money.
Peppy and James were captured and tortured, soon after they attempted an escape, however, only Peppy made it out alive. When he returned home, he faced the difficult task of telling Fox he was now an orphan.
However he promised to take Fox in and teach him everything he knew in order to avenge his father.

Peppy quickly became a second father to Fox teaching him many ideals that his real father shared.
Roughly two years of training later and Fox was ready to lead the newest generation of the Starfox team, Peppy became the team's strategist, whilst Slippy served as mechanic and Falco became their ace pilot. Peppy's experience in combat proved to be the team's edge over Andross' soldiers, often recognising weak spots in an enemy's defense.

Among the many foes encountered, one was a group particularly put together to combat Starfox, the Starwolf team, among them; Peppy's old team-mate and traitor, Pigma Dengar, still only concerned with getting rich. Pigma was now a far cry from the team-mate Peppy once knew and he was forced to engage him in combat.
Peppy and the team survived all their encounters with Starwolf, even when the opposition acquired better, more high performance ships.
Nevertheless, Peppy was forced to stay on the sidelines when Fox wished to battle Andross alone.
Patiently waiting in orbit, Peppy was relieved to see Fox emerge victorious from Andross' destroyed lair.
They returned as heroes. Rather than accept the offer of joining the Cornerian military, Peppy respected Fox's wishes of doing things their own way, feeling he had become more like James was than ever before. They returned to patroling the galaxy and Peppy could finally rest from his position of a war hero.

. A war veteran, is familiar with Venomian tactics and weaponry
. An excellent strategist
. Proficient with Arwing piloting, knows all of the manoevers by heart

Starfox copyright Nintendo.
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Here is my version of Fox's biggest rival as I imagine he might have looked during the Lylat Wars (seeing as though we only saw his head in the cockpit).

Age: Presumably anywhere from his late teens to his mid-20's (the most reliable accounts list him as 19)
Height: Unknown (at least 6 foot)
Weight: Unknown
Eye Colour: Red
Fur Colour: Grey with lighter areas.

Info: The leader of the Starwolf team, Wolf O' Donnell is also Fox McCloud's biggest and most persistent rival.
Despite his reputation, very little is actually known about him or to why he has such a strong rivalry with Fox.
Some rumors suggest that Wolf may have had something to do with the death of James McCloud during the Battle of Venom.
Though aside from that, little else is known. How he learned to fly is likewise a mystery. Another rumor is that he may have been a former cadet at the Cornerian Flight Academy, yet another is that Fox may have had something to do with the loss of his left-eye.

Regardless, what is known is that Andross hired him and his team during the Lylat Wars to exterminate the Starfox team.
Armed with fighters every bit as manueverable as Starfox's Arwings, dubbed Wolfens and a former member who knew some of Starfox's tactics, Pigma Dengar, the team appeared to stand a fair chance against them.
His first attack was on Fichina, where despite unexpecting an attack, the Starfox team escaped. They tried again on the Bolse Defense Station, the last post between Starfox and Venom.
This time however, Wolf's team were defeated and hospitalised.

However, the Starfox team had been tricked, as the route they took to Venom lead to Andross' robotic decoy and only after they had left orbit, did they realise this mistake.
Therefore Wolf and his team were given one last assignment; to be Andross' final line of defense against Starfox. The team were given new ships, known as Wolfen mark-II's, which had much greater abilities than the first models and even Starfox's Arwings.
This time, the chance of Wolf beating Fox seemed almost a certainty. Unfortunately for Wolf, Fox was determined and managed to turn the tables against their higher-performance ships and defeated Wolf (he himself 'couldn't believe it').

Despite the victory over the team, it is known that Wolf and the rest of Starwolf survived, meaning the battle against Fox would not be over soon....

. A top pilot, rumoured to be on the same level as Falco or even Fox himself.
. Is also known to be a fairly good fighter, compared with Fox, Wolf's fighting style is more focused on power rather than a mix of speed.

Starfox copyright Nintendo
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I was thinking (when Starfox 64 was the newest) of the bunch that maybe the SNES Arwing design could be incorporated into a coherent lineage of Arwing models.

The design for the SNES starfox features a craft with a design that looked more geometrically simple. A central fuselage, what looked like two cones put end on end on both sides, and a straight sharp wing.
The N64 Arwing looked like a more integrated design with a more intricate design for the wing.

So I sketched this out thinking it would have been interesting if the N64 craft was the successor model to the craft used by the previous Starfox generation.

Little details and greeblies added simply because it looks cooler that way to me.
Also, the fighter used by on Katina included just for kicks.
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This is the general design for the Arwings of Star Fox Sagas. I'm leaning heavily on the Assault design, because let's face it, those Arwings are gorgeous.

This was mainly done as a reference for a commission to have a 3D Arwing model made. Even though I simplified quite a bit, the design is still extremely complicated. This is also my apology for not updating the actual comic today. Sorry, guys >_<;;;

4 hours

Arwings © Nintendo
artwork © navie
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I've been playing with the idea of designing old nintendo characters. Starfox was the first game I ever played, and I love it. However, many people keep insisting that he is a furry, I tried my best to make him less so. However, it didn't work as well as I had hoped, he still looks 'awkward' because of it.
There's just something about general furries that is unnerving. I'm not sure what it is, maybe someday I can identify the factor, then I can avoid it in all aspects of art.
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shmuppy lil wallie i had posted before (in the form of a 15 minute speedypaint), but went back & tossed another hour into it...

maybe i should have laid off the airbrush tool :p
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