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Hey all :giggle:

long time no see :D so anyways. this is the xmas image thats goin on some prints for Family and Friends. thought id post it up on DA too so spread the xmas joy! GIGGIDY

MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a happy new year!
wooo going to america soon. FUN FUN! :giggle:

till we meet again.


inspiration : Tim Biskup
texture : =bashcorpo
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OMG I did cell anime styled shadeing and it worked!!! I never works so I am soo happy, it always looks so easy but I find it really hard >< Anyways I am super happy with this, I wanted to get it done asap for easter "I am always late with hoilday pics" I love how it turned out I love the boy he's so cute he's like "yay bunny!!!" hence the name. Anyways just something simple, bright and cute for easter, I will be attempting some more complex drawing later! As always your comment cc and Favs mean the world to me, I love you guys XD

I would like to thank everyone for there comments on the line art, sorry I didn't time reply , but thanks everyone, and for those who want to know 2 weeks from now you can note me if you wish to color the line art, and second I don't know if I will make a shirt with this or not we shell see ^_~
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Christmas presents dont substitute for a familly.
Even if she lives in this big and warn house,
Even if she get a lot of presents,
Everything is cold today.

:bulletblue: And even if it is too early, sincerely, Joyeux Nol ! :heart: (it means Happy Christmas of course )
I know I drew a sad drawing, even though Christmas is an happy day. But this drawing my present for you.
Of course I dont say that to get more favs o_o; I just wanted draw something for you, for Christmas.

I dont like... this drawing, hum...ok, I explain, I think is quite flat, but I will do better for the next !

This character is called Jade, indeed it's a new character
I wanted to draw something for Christmas, but something which is supposed to be original, not too foolish or macabre....
I was inspired by a photo [link] from ~ForestFaeri (Thank you :p) The pose is hard to do, very hard ^^; so indeed I drew bad the pose ^^

:bulletblue: Time: 24 hours
Software: Photoshop 7
Tool: Mouse
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: 0 as the title says.
this is my contribution for xmas. n__;

*dances a little then vanishes*
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*EDIT Print up, and cards will be hopefully aproved shorty, I know its late sorry but theres always next year for those who want to buy early lol ^_^

My long overdue art trade for

Hope you like it hon, I thought you'd like a little Chrismas piccy ^___^

Ok other thought, well when I had this idea I was like hmmm I want to draw something Christmas like, maybe the sugar plum fairy from the Nutcracker? Well then I though about all the times I've seen her in other drawings, Tv and so on they were always this pretty elegent lady in a big dress. I was then though screw that she'd can't be like that I mean shes a sugar plum fairy shes got to be more like this teenage kid hyped up on sugar!!! So here we have my virsion of the Sugar Plum Fairy crazed with sugar! She how she used her big sucker to smash the Nutcracker prices head off??? LOL anyways I tryed to keep a candycain colored theme and I had some fun with makeing patterns. The only things I couldn't really fix was her arms, as kyla pointed out they arn't of equal lenth or width, I tryed to fix them alitte but oh well.
Anyways I'd love your feedback, comments cc and favs, and I hope you like it Kidchan, Merry Christmas ^___^ oh ya my spell checker isn't working so sorry bout that....
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This is my Merry Christmas Greeting Card to everyone in this universe! And others if there exist.. I was supposed to post it Dec 20 but seems no one would see it by then.....

So anyway, aside from being a ribbon, you should be able to see a smiling mustached man. :D

Hope you like it :) And Merry X
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A guide to help people remember and teach others about the various LGBTQ pride flags.

Also, to the people who found this on Tumblr (seems to be a ton, thanks to a reblog from "multisexual" =D), please remember that I am a part of the community (MtF) and make mistakes, and I appreciate you all pointing your opinions out to me. I'm doing my best to make this the best guide possible =3


V1.3 - Polysexual Pride Flag has been added. Updated definition for Bear Brotherhood.

V1.2 - A number of definitions have been updated to better represent the groups their flag represents

V1.1 - Background changed, fonts changed, updated definitions for Bear Brotherhood and Gay Pride, bottom credit changed

V1.03 - Updated definitions of "Lipstick Lesbian" and "Bear Pride"

V1.02 - Updated definition for "Bisexual Pride."

V1.01 - Small typo correction and opened the piece for download
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