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© mohdfikree film
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An unconventional serenade for a nice girl.
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Telly Award winner for
- Special Effects

October 2007

Revolve Around Me is a product of a recent reversion to my film and video beginnings, and a fusion between two of my passions: motion art and music-sound production. As a montage of various forms of natural and artificial repetition, this piece presents us with everyday occurrences that are usually ignored or unappreciated, from leaves waving to the rhythmic breeze, to the very steps we take when we walk. Another aspect that is investigated is the notion of life and death, or time in general. It is strange that we perceive time speeding up when we get older through our lives. The clock is not just a mechanical apparatus that keep us scheduled; it is a countdown to our deaths.

Although not technically musical, sound is an important role in the piece and finally became the first time I have devoted equal time in production to both audio and visual. Miss-matching audio and visual is explored including clock tics for footsteps and blinks, and television static for obscurity and confusion.

With the intention of creating a feel of eeriness, I’ve decided to capture the motion with a digital still camera. With the relatively low frame-rate of the camera, it accentuated the raw and jittery feel of the piece – whereas using a traditional video camera would make it smooth and soft, and perhaps even benign. A color wash-out and authentic "high ISO" camera noise further enhanced the distraught feel. The final installation was projected onto a canvas panel which not only introduced textures to accompany the image noise but added a slight warmth and sophistication to balance the already cold and disturbing piece.

This piece was also presented in high definition at both 720p and 1080p

Thanks to everyone who helped out! It has been a pleasure working with you all!

For you techies:

Camera - Nikon D200
Lenses - Nikkor 17-55 DX 2.8, Nikkor 70-200 VR 2.8,
Tripod - Manfrotto MagFiber legs, Manfrotto ballhead 468
Audio - Marantz PMD660 recorder upgraded by Oade Brothers Audio
Mic - Audio Technica AT825 stereo
Lighting - All natural lighting
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro
Post in Adobe After Effects

Total individual photographs - 3,773
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You can order my book at any major bookstore, from Amazon, or directly from me with added goodies, such as a sketch or bookmark.
<div align="center">
Music Credits - Kevin MacLeod
Application - PowerDirector

Songs used in this production. "Rites" and "Willow and the Light" by Kevin MacLeod (A royalty-free music provider).

All art Angela R. Sasser

"Angelic Visions" to be published by *impactbooks. It is a book featuring traditional watercolor, color pencil, & ink techniques.
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its just a stop motion test that i made at my animation class in 4-5 hour...that was fun.
yes i played the flute :D
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Okay, this is going in Film 'cause the Animation section doesn't want to upload it and I'm tired of waiting.

This was for my Character Animation class again. The assignment was to animate something mundane with a twist ending. The length of it was (as usual) impossible to do in a one week deadline, so I decided to take my revenge and do something really dumb and easy... which is practically NOTHING at all!

So yeah, the whole thing is almost only cycles. I find it hilarious that I could make it last for 43 seconds. I find it quite sad though that the teacher didn't pick up on my sarcasm...

Sadly the camera was shaking when I shot it, so the guy's moving all over the place when he chews. It wasn't loose pegs, I swear.

Col-erase + Crater CTP for assembling
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Please view this animation with sound, it is not as effective without it.
The version with sound can be found here: [link]

For a dynamic typography assignment.
Animated to an audio clip from the movie "Thank you for Smoking".
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Premier court-metrage avec FX live tourné avec un 5D Mark II "sushiexpress" (4"43)
plus d'infos sur le site officiel :

réalisé par

Remi Larroque (alias foxxmax) et Vincent Cubells

CG artist

Remi Larroque Vincent Cubells Guillaume Provot. Jerome Foucout (alias koanz) Francois Masle Florian velasco Benjamin quinet



In 1930, in the middle of the night, the godfather of italian mafia comes to lodge a complaint to the central commissionership of Chicago because he has been stolen...

En 1930, au beau milieu de la nuit, le parrain de la mafia italienne vient porter plainte au commissariat central de Chicago car on lui a derobé un bien précieux...

go and see other team's gallery

an artfx production

fav and com are welcome

thx :iconinpuupuaut: help me to submit
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The lovely ^guruubii accepted my request to become part of deviantART Film! I'm going to start submitting some of my stopmotion work, I'm so excited that deviantART has finally opened up to filmmakers and animators.

I made this video at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn over the summer as part of my Art History final. It took about 4 hours to shoot and one hour to edit. Any feedback would be great!

Also, I've been giving the opportunity to invite one user of my choosing to deviantART Film! If anyone wants to be invited, just send me a note with a link to your work, and I'll be perfectly happy to consider you! There are a lot of regulations, because deviantART doesn't want to get into any trouble for copywrite violations (for example, your work can't have any music that you didn't specifically compose), but other than that, I think it's fine!
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