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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
Then I appeared and struck such fear as I began my slaughter.

I held them down and they did frown as I tossed aside their pail
And I gloat,  I slit their throat and threw them down the well.

Now I'm done, well that was fun, the well I then looked down
Don't be sad, it's not as bad as if he'd broke his crown.

So then I walked on through the woods, and noticed at my feet
A trail of bread, led up ahead to a house that smelled so sweet.

When I approached it, in the air was a familiar smell
The smell of burning flesh was there, you know I can just tell.

I looked inside and to my surprise i saw two little kids
I saw them cooking an old hag, they watched her burn within.

I nodded in approval, they're fine without me here
So I walked along and sang a song to find out something near.

I heard a soft-like humming, and smelled out something good
So I looked out through the forest, and spotted a red hood

Following her from behind appeared a wolf so then
I waved to him to make a plan, he nodded with a grin.

She skipped on down the path, so I grabbed her basket feast
I pulled her hair, cut off her head, and fed her to the beast.

He smiled with snout soaked in blood, says thank you for the lass
I nodded then and walked away, and found a looking glass.

I stuck my hand right through the glass, and it was liquid cold
I smiled and then stepped on through, this world was getting old.

And there I found young alice, and so I shook her hand
We raised our knives to terrorize this world of wonderland.

Well this is all I have for you, time to close the veils
But come back later and then well have more messed up fairy tales.
Never let me listen to children's stories...
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Creeeeeeaaaaaaaakkkkkkk. The door to the library slowly swung open. Hans didn't even bother to look up. It was either one of the other five Creators or MK Moon, her best friend. If it was MK then she'd announce herself as she always did. Hans waited, expecting to hear the words: "It is I, the awesome saucey MK Moon!" or something egoistical like that. When the person didn't say anything Hans assumed it was one of the Creators. It's probably Sarah...she's so quiet. She thought to herself with a smile as she return to her homework. Ok, Hans normally wouldn't do her homework in the library but her room was being used as a prank war zone and she needed peace and quiet for her art project.

She noticed the silence but said nothing. The last thing she wanted was to annoy Sarah and start a fight. Not that those two were ever at it but you never know. Hans pulled out her MP3 and put her Captain America headphones in. She grew lost in the music as she painted. She had even forgotten she wasn't alone until she felt someone sit next to her. She looked up.

Hans was very surprised to see it was MK. "Kitty, are you ok?" She asked worriedly, looking the small teen over. She looked the same neck down. Same Guns N Roses T-Shirt, same pair of blue jeans styled like Shawn Michaels, same neon green shoes with the DX logo painted on them. Same tiny copper cross around her neck. But something wasn't right and Hans looked at her face. The normal, bright, warm happiness in her chocolate colored eyes were gone, replaced by a cooling, unnatural depression. They were also red-rimmed, as if she had been crying.

"Yeah, I'm fine buddy." Her voice sounded tired as MK leaned back. "Just....not happy is all." Hans frowned. She truly hated seeing Kitty so depressed....she suddenly grinned and jumped up, almost knocking her painting over. "I know what'll cheer you up!" She sang, skipping over to the giant black stereo with Undertaker symbols painted all over it. Her eyes skimmed the tons of CDs the seven kept and found one special one. It had a paper case from when the younger teen accidentally broke it but the logo was still the same. Carefully she pulled out the scratched up looking CD and placed it in the stereo.

Guns N Roses' song Welcome to the Jungle blared out and Hans turned to MK, expecting to see her eyes light up and for her to start acting wild and dancing like her idol Axl Rose. But instead MK just stared silently at the floor. Hans pouted worriedly. Hearing Axl Rose scream isn't helping?! Oh boy....I know! Hans grinned and raced over to the tv in front of the couch where MK sat. With Welcome to the Jungle  still playing Hans pulled out the New and Improved DX DVD and placed the first disk in. She skipped all the boring parts and went to the DX reunion. Any moment now she'll start laughing and she won't be depressed. Hans thought eagerly. She waited and waited but she never heard the giggling. Confused, she whirled around to face her friend.

MK was still staring at the floor, depressed. Truly concerned now Hans walked over and sat on the worn velvet couch. "Kitty...?" "Hans buddy I really appreciate you trying to cheer me up. And on any normal depressed days this would cheer me up. But at the moment, I'd just like to be left alone. Please." Slowly, Hans nodded and grabbed the remote on the white coffee table. She pressed a couple buttons and shut off the tv and stereo. With a defeated sigh Hans sat back down next to the older teen and placed her headphones back in. Normally, as a last resort, Hans would tickle the teen and make her laugh since it worked well before in the past but she had a strong feeling that wouldn't help at all, oddly enough. With Brad Paisley singing in her ears, Hans began to paint once more, hoping that MK would be her normal, cheerful self soon.
When you're talking to yourself
And nobody's home
You can fool yourself
You came in this world alone.
-Guns N Roses Estranged

I'm in a depressed mood and right now not even Guns N Roses or DX or both are helping...I feel a bit better though, after writing that.
I only wish the first ever Adventures of MK Moon and Hans Hoshi story wasn't depressing but oh well.
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It's a good thing we left early because by the time we arrived, the place was filled with screaming Beatle maniacs trying to meet their future 'husbands'. Luckily, some of the policemen managed to keep them back. We snuck in through the back of the place, dragging in all the equipment behind us. Trust me, not fun, especially when you practically have a death by cymbal.

Paul and John carried cases which held their guitars. The two walked through the door first, followed by Ringo. He was carrying the snare drum and ride cymbal. I was right behind him helping out by lifting an amp. George was last, with another one of Ringo's cymbals.

Being in between the two of them kind of frightened me. George leaned forward to taunt me. "Don't drop the amp, Laur." He gave a slight grin, baring his tiny fangs. Neither of the boys could see this, but my cheeks got a little red.

I turned to him walking through the doorway. Then I commented, "I won't! Ow!" I hit the cymbal he was hauling with my head. Total blond moment.

George chuckled, as Ringo turned around accidentally whapping me with the ride cymbal. "Lauren? Oh my God, are you okay? I'm sorry!"

I almost dropped the amp in pain, but luckily I managed to place it with the rest of the equipment. Rubbing my head, I said, "Yeah, I'm alright. It's just a little scratch."

Ringo placed the drum and cymbal down on the floor; then kissed my forehead where it hurt. "Does that help?"

"Yeah," I smiled.

"You hurt yourself too much missy," John chortled into a microphone.

"Well at least I'm not a dumbass like you. It's not too smart to be talking into a mike before the show starts. May rattle the fans up." Ringo grinned at the comment. There was an exchange of some high fives here and there.

"And you're dating HER? She's just plain harsh." John stormed off, passing Paul.

Paul soon joined us asking, "What just happened?" His head tilted a bit to one side, somewhat clueless.

George looked over at him. "John got owned. Big time."

John looked back as he saw the rest of his mates laughing along.

Eventually, we all got the equipment set up and ready to go. Brian had the boys and I change before we met Ed Sullivan. I was given a blouse and pants that Paul had bought at in New York. I don't know why I had to change though; meaning over hundreds of girls will probably throw a riot if I perform for a son instead of Ringo. But hey, I wasn't going to argue with them. If I get killed it's their fault.

Once I finally came out of the dressing room, Brian escorted us over to meet Mr. Sullivan. He was a somewhat short, middle aged man, with very short hair. What he wore was a suit and tie (as expected). Mr. Sullivan seemed like a more carefree, relaxed man.

He was talking to the stage managers when we came over. "Alright, so we'll be there. So when they arrive, set up the equipment a few feet behind that. Then make sure the lighting will be centered about there."

"Right on it sir!" The Manager saluted, as he walked away talking on his earpiece.

Mr. Sullivan turned around, mumbling to himself about what to do next. At least until he noticed us all there standing behind him. "Boys, Boys, Boys! Oh, it's great to finally meet you all." He began shaking everyone's hands.

"Hey, don't be giving away what we may be singin'," John joked, shaking his hand wildly.

The show host laughed, "That's some handshake you got there. Nice to meet you." Next he went down to Paul. "Hello there McCartney."

"That's not McCartney, it's McCharmly," John couldn't shut up. He never does.

"I apologize for John. He's not really right in the head if you know what I mean." Paul put up his hand to cover his gesture of saying that John was loopy.

Ed sneered. "It's quite alright. I've been told what he was like." The rest of us laughed, knowing that it was true.

"Hello, George Harrison," Ed Sullivan smiled, shaking his hand.

He nodded back with a grin and headed to the cases to get some equipment out. Mr. Sullivan then went to Ringo.

"That means you must be the famous Ringo," he laughed, welcoming him. "It's good to meet you."

Ringo chortled, "I'm not sure about famous… just more talented." I also giggled along with Ed. We kept chatting a little until he finally noticed the little bird that was with them.

"Oh, and who may this be?" Ed Sullivan wondered. He turned towards the boys while they were setting up their instruments.

Suddenly, John ran up, pouncing onto Ed. "Oh bloody hell! A fan snuck in! Call security!!" He continued acting like a scared little boy.

Mr. Sullivan was grabbing his phone out his pocket to do just that. Before he got the chance to press the send button, George closed the phone and hit John up beside the head. "This isn't a fan you nit. Sorry, Ed, but she's with us. This is Lauren…my…urg…"

Ringo was starting to get angry, so I stepped in front of them, finishing George's sentence. "Friend. I'm an artist and a drummer. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sullivan."

"Yeah, don't be calling the cops on my girlfriend buddy," Ringo laughed to himself, hurting on the inside.

"Oh, my apologies. It's great to meet you as well, and please call me Ed." Ed smiled happily. "So will this fine lady be a part of the show today boys?"

"If she wants," Ringo wrapped his one arm around my shoulders. I noticed him shooting a quick glance for George's reaction. He was steamed.

"Yeah." George began walking away, with a look of disgust. I periodically looked over at him to see if he was alright. He was just strumming a little tune, which sounded beautiful. He must have been writing a song. George looked so content with his guitar, but the heartbroken feelings of jealousy, love, and anger returned whenever we looked at each other. Talk about being pissed at me once again!

Paul went over to him, trying to figure out what was the matter. He watched as he hummed a little song in the making. "You alright?"

He continued playing, not even taking a second to look up. "I'm fine."

"No you're not," Paul sat down beside him. "You're upset with Lauren again, aren't you?"

George finally looked up, tears cluttering his vision. "No. I'm not. I just love her, and… I just can't stand him being with her. I can't stop thinking about her, even though she probably hates me now."

Paul gave him a little hug, handing him his handkerchief. "You know that's absurd. Of course she doesn't hate you. Well, she might after you've been so mood swingy ever since you met her. Not to mention what almost happened last night But anyway, just be yourself, and if you play your cards right, things will turn out for the better."

The guitarist sniffled a bit, standing up. "Thanks Paul. I think I know what to do." Then he returned to where the rest of us stood.
"No problem," Paul waved. Why did I just say that? I'm not feeling fine anymore, he thought. I'm going to have to talk to them about this eventually. This boy grabbed his bass and began to tune away…

Everyone was pleading to their manager, Brian Epstein, to let me perform. I really don't see what the big fuss was all about though.

"Oh come on Brian, if the security won't get her, the fans most definitely will! I'll even throw her into the crowd. For no price whatsoever!"

For the second time today, John The Jack Ass Lennon got slapped upside the head. "Oh shut up! I'll throw you into the crowd, and you'll be never coming back." I cracked at him. I saw the boys' faces lighten up a bit.

Brian just totally killed the mood. That's business for you. "No, she won't. Not with all these crazy fans. Imagine what they would do if she did, or if they found out about her and Ringo. Absolutely not." That didn't stop John from complaining. Fortunately, Paul was able to change the subject.

"Don't worry, if you want, we can sneak her on for the final number," George whispered to Ringo in an attempt to be friendly.

"Thanks, but I'm sure everything will be fine." Ringo kind of gave him the cold shoulder. "You don't have to be nice to me just to get to Lauren, you know." He looked at George with a sincere look of unhappiness, and then reverted back to the conversation.

George quietly mumbled, "I'm sorry…" He couldn't see it, but Ringo's face lit up in surprise.

Seeing them both in conversation with each other, I got worried. So here's what I decided to do. I went in between the two of them, slipping each of my hands around their arms. Next, I got all Paul faced saying, "Come on guys, the show's about to start!" I tugged their arms in order to bring them over to the side of the stage to finish prepping. They followed, each having a weird expression on their faces as they looked back and forth between each other and me.

Hey, got to have a little fun you know? 

Before you know it, Ed had begun the show. We were all waiting for the big welcoming announcement. The boys talked and laughed backstage, while I was watching the show. "Now yesterday and today our theater's been jammed with newspapermen and hundreds of photographers from all over the nation, and these veterans agreed with me that the city never has the excitement stirred by these youngsters from Liverpool, who call themselves The Beatles. Now tonight, you're gonna twice be entertained by them. Right now, and again in the second half of our show. Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles. Let's bring them on." The man gestured the boys out onto the stage, as they lightly trotted out. The crowds of fans were screaming with excitement.

Right before Ringo when out, he kissed my cheek. "Wish me luck," he smiled.

I blushed slightly. "Good luck." Then I grinned back as he took his place with the others. I noticed George giving me another look.

I won't bore you with every bit of the conversation that they had, I'll just skip to the concert part of the show. The band started out by playing: All My Loving which was sung by Paul. Apparently he wrote it for a girl that he met while at an interview a while back. Next up was, til there Was You. This was quite the crowd pleaser. Third, was She Loves You, and talk about a favorite. All the girls were singing along with this one. After that song was I Saw Her Standing There. This was the same song that I first performed ever at the Cavern Club. Finally, came the big number.

"All right, All right. For our final number…" Paul started to say but was interrupted by the cheering fans. "Shhh. I know." He gestured them to calm down. Unfortunately, they got rowdy again.

"Shut up while Paul is talking," John shouted into his microphone. The crowd laughed as if he was joking. Paul just nodded with that grin of his.

"Thanks," he said. "Now this last number is called: I Want to hold Your Hand. And I would like to welcome a new friend of ours! So please welcome her out!" Paul and John clapped followed by everyone else. Apparently, I'm performing on the Ed Sullivan Show now. The fan girls will just ADORE this won't they?

"Absolutely not. I forbid this. Lauren, do not go out there. Understand?" Brian told me, seeing what the boys were trying to do.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Don't worry Mr. Epstein, I won't." I looked back at all the boys that were waiting for me to come out. They kept mouthing to me to coming out as John kept the crowd going. I shook my head back, pointing at Brian to show that I wasn't allowed to.

Just as Ringo was about to get up from his seat on the drum set, George walked over gesturing that he'll take care of it. Ringo watched him carefully. When he got over to the side of the stage –which wasn't far at all- he held his hand out towards me. "Here, come show them what you got."

For once he seemed friendly. Okay, what have you done with George? "You know I can't. Brian said so." I tried to convince him.

"Not if I can't help it. Now come on, we're all waiting. I promise nothing will happen," He whispered. The young boy grabbed my hand, pulling me out onto the stage. You could tell some of the girls were furious with me. How dare I breathe the same air, or even be near their precious boys. Bleh. Someone shoot me please.

"Oh come on ladies," John beamed, "Show some enthusiasm!" For once, he was actually trying to help me. He actually got some of the girls cheering again. He gave me a thumbs up.

I went up to the set where Ringo was. He was getting up from the seat, handing me his drumsticks. They were warm from his grip. "Wish me luck," I smiled. I would've kissed his cheek, but I didn't dare with the crowd. I'd get shot on the balcony of the hotel the next morning.

He nodded. "Good luck. And don't worry, everything will be fine." Ringo stood not too far away from where I was.

Is it a coincidence that they are telling me the same thing?
Hope you all like Chp 9! It [probably would've of been out a day or two later but my buddy bugged me to complete it haha. so here you go.


nikki, you're indirectly mentioned :)

Still need like two more people! Don't be shy!
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Paul looked over to see if I was ready, but I was still thinking about what the boys had said just moments earlier. Then he waved and I finally noticed it was time to start. I nodded back as I counted the band off. "!" I did a double hit on the snare and floor tom to begin the song. The crowd was surprised how I nailed it perfectly.

From the side of the stage, Brian looked furious about how I disobeyed his order. Steam was practically spewing out of his ears. We were definitely in for a long lecture later. Yet we didn't really care, we were just enjoying ourselves too much.

John and Paul sang in perfect unison as usual while George was moving around playing his guitar. Ringo was watching everyone else, in deep thought. He had a tiny smile on his face, so I assumed everything was fine. I noticed that quite a few girls in the couple front rows got super duper pissed at me when George looked back in my direction and we exchanged silent laughs. Just wait until they find out that I'm dating Ringo; oh they'll be overjoyed!

But besides that, for once everyone seemed happy. No crying, fighting, or John's wise ass mouth. It was great.

We were reaching another climax near the end of the song when I did the usual Ringo fill, return to the beat for a quick moment and then return back to the fill. I did this about three times as the boys sang, "I can't hide! I can't hide! I can't hide!"

Not long after that we finished the song. I did an epic last fill that is one of my signature fills. Pretty much one that I can do easily without thinking about it. The boys all took a bow. I did as well in order to not be disrespectful. Ed Sullivan came back on onto the stage, clapping and shaking all of our hands. He was thanking us for a great show.

"Well I have to say, you boys really live up to expectations don't you?" He complimented while the crowd cheered.

John interrupted the crowd. "You have to; otherwise you can't hear us over everyone else." We all laughed at the John's wittiness.

Ringo then decided to add to that joke. "You're lucky if you can hear yourself think with that entire racket."

Ed Sullivan kept laughing. Eventually he calmed down. We all were looking at each other with satisfied looks. "Haha. Oh yes, that is quite true." Ed looked over at me standing next to Ringo. "Why miss, you were quite the player as well."

I blushed, "Oh thank you, but I don't think I'd compare to the Beatles." I tried to be considerate of everyone else and not receive too much attention.

"Nonsense," Paul began, waving his hand. "Why don't we give the lady a nice round of applause?" He started clapping followed by most of the audience. Noticed how I said most.

"Thank you," I grinned, keeping it short and sweet.

Time flied as the group chatted away with Ed. We mostly talked about their music or tours, so nothing too interesting. Every now and then I would take a peek back at Brian to see if he was still angered. He was, but not as bad as before. Soon the show ended as the boys and I headed backstage to start packing things up.

Near the cases, we saw Brian with his arms crossed very impatiently. He was giving us all –especially me- a glare. "Lauren, what did I tell you?"

I couldn't look him in the eye, so I glanced downward. "I know."

"I remember telling you that under no circumstances should you perform. Do you know how it can affect your safety? Or everyone else?"

"Yes Mr. Epstein…" I mumbled.

George then stepped into the conversation. "Brian, it's my fault. I'm the one that brought her out to the stage." He was… taking the blame for me?

Paul saw what George was trying to do and added on. He put his hand on my shoulder to cheer me up. "And it was John and I who invited her out onto the stage. I'm so sorry, I should've known better."

"Hey, who said I told her to come out?" John's wise ass mouth butted in. Of course he had no clue what was going on. He wanted me to get in trouble, like before when he acted as if I was just a bird that snuck into the show.

Ringo looked at him weirdly, elbowing him in the process. "Ow! What was that for?" John whined.

He held my hand in a comforting way. I looked at him as he told Brian, "So please don't be yelling at my bird. She wasn't the only one who didn't follow what you said."

On the outside, I had a curious look that anticipated Brian's response but on the inside I was happy. They all stood up for me. Well, except John Haha.

Brian was shocked by how his boys stood up to him. Knowing that he shouldn't bother trying to win this argument, he sighed. "Alright." This made us all perk up and swap high fives. "But!" We all stopped and froze for a moment. "If Lauren is to ever play again, you MUST have my approval. Got it?"

All at the same time the five of us shouted, "Yes!" We then went to packing up all the instruments along with any other accessories. I was assisting Ringo with some tom-toms, George took out some speakers to the car like trailers, and John was wrapping up the mikes and putting them away into a box. From across the room, just before I took some equipment to the trailer, I noticed Paul talking to this girl. She didn't look like she was American. Her hair was lengthy and colored with shades of auburn. Tall, but still short enough to come close to Paul's forehead. As she talked with him, her casual clothing along with her hair moved in perfect unison. Talk about stunning.

I passed by George asking about the bird. "Hey George, who's that girl?" I pointed towards her direction. Holding the small tom-tom, I waited right by the door waiting for his reply.

"The bird? Oh, that's Caroline. That's the one that Paul wrote All My Loving for, and is currently his girlfriend. Cute huh?" George seemed a tad down when he said the words 'cute huh' but he quickly shook it off, showing a tiny smirk.

I chuckled, opening the door. "Wow, George." I went outside and headed to the trailer.

George replayed the quick conversation, remembering my every remark. The boy chuckled slightly to himself realizing what I had meant. "That obvious huh?"

Outside at the trailer, I cautiously picked up the tom-tom trying to find an appropriate spot to place the small drum. Finding one, I put it on top of an amplifier and closed the trunk. As I walked back to go grab some more equipment, I was unexpectedly thrown against the concrete wall. A sudden pain emerged, along with something dripping down my cheek. I was clawed at ending up on the ground of the alley. Trying to comprehend what just occurred, I glanced upward to see a group of about four to five American girls. They were not pleased with me. I could tell.

"Who do you think you are?" One brunette girl said with a huge attitude.

Brushing the hair out of my line of vision, I asked, "Excuse me?" I attempted to be understanding and patient, but that didn't help the situation. I was just hoping that I wasn't going to be murdered; this is what Brian had warned me about. "Is there something that I can help you with something?" I forced a smile, slowly bringing myself up from the ground.

"Don't act as if you don't know!" Another girl hit me across the face. After that she fiercely held onto my arm so I wouldn't get away. "Getting all warm and cuddly with the Beatles! Especially my Georgie!" I got pressed up against the wall, unable to budge.

The brunette girl also added to this. "Don't forget my Ringo! How could you perform instead of him? You're pulling the Beatles apart!" She grabbed a bundle of my hair, as the other girls each gave me a good hit.

"Listen," I coughed up some blood. "I'm not 'warm and cuddly' with any of them. It's strictly business you see. Why would they like me anyway? I mean look how bloody I am. I don't think that this would be very attractive. Don't you agree?" I laughed to myself.

Unfortunately, they didn't take it so well. "Cut the bullshit!" One yelled pinning me even harder. My head rebounded off the cement as I let out a yelp. "We all know what's going on and if you care about your safety, you'll stay from them."

The auburn girl from before walked outside seeing a fifteen year old practically get mauled by some crazy girls. What's going on? She thought.

I tried my best to squirm out of their grasp, but I didn't work. "Sorry to tell you all, but being from Liverpool myself, I can't really get home unless they're there to pay for it. It's part of the deal see?" I couldn't help but continue to joke with them. There wasn't much that I could do to begin with.

"Watch it!" A different girl screamed at me, pulling my hair. "You should really watch what you say in front of others. You don't know when it will come and HAUNT YOU BACK!" Her grip got even tighter on me. Someone else quickly gave me a quick jab in the gut.

All I remember was shouting, "Bloody hell!" while blood came out of my mouth. Next thing I knew, I was laying against the concrete wall of the building. Gaining my vision back, I saw light blue eyes. It was Caroline, she was saying something. She was frightened.

"Miss! Miss! Oh thank god you're awake! Are you alright?!" Caroline worried. She cusped her hand under my head, trying to keep my head elevated. Don't need to drown in my own blood. See? I was on the verge of death and I'm still cracking jokes! "I saw what those horrible fans did to you. That was so indecent of them!"

"Thanks, Caroline," I coughed. There were bruises where they had grasp on me, blood on my shirt, and some cuts yet nothing too serious.

"Don't mention it. Wait- how'd you know my name?" She was perplexed by what I had said. Taking a closer look, she recognized who I was. "Hold on, you're Ringo's bow but in the middle of a love triangle. Aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm Lauren," I responded. I then noticed how she said love triangle. "Did you say triangle?" I coughed yet again while Caroline sat me up.

"Don't worry, it's only a joke," she started. "Paul has been telling me a lot about you all. So it's nice to meet you. Although, not this way." We both laughed, but it was cut short when George came outside with some more equipment. He was terrified.

"Lauren! What happened, love?!" He rushed over to my side, leaving the things he carried out by the door. "You're all bloody!" He took out a handkerchief and dabbed the bits of blood off my face.

"George," Caroline began," it was some over crazed fan girls. They got rough with her."

"Oh god," he said in shock. "Caroline, please go inside and get Brian and the others. I'll help Lauren back into the building." Caroline agreed, dashing back through the door to get help. George looked back at me, tearing up a bit. "I'm so sorry, if I hadn't dragged you onto that stage earlier, this probably wouldn't have happened." Gently, George lifted me up onto my feet, holding onto my hands as he did.

"It's alright, it's only a few scratches," I reassured him. "I mean, I still look as good as I did before don't I? Just a bit more colorful." He laughed while he nodded. George stared into my eyes, making my face redder than the blood that dripped down my face.

He kissed my forehead. "Don't worry, you're still cute."

We made it to the doorway, taking our time to get through the door. My arm was hung around George's shoulders while he helped me into the building. I saw the rest of the boys rushing over to me along with Caroline. They were horrified by what happened,

"Lauren!" Ringo yelled. I looked over at George with a cute look. He sighed slightly after enjoying this great alone time and let me go. I hopped into Ringo's arms. "Oh love, is everything okay?" He hugged me tightly.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Just a little bruised," I replied.

"Looks like those crazy birds got you huh?" John cracked, seeing how bad I looked. Everyone else just stared at him in disapproval. He backed up, knowing that he was in trouble. "Okay, okay. I get it. No time for jokes. Don't get so hyped up."

Paul had a first aid kit with him. He came up closer, to see how bad the damage was. "Oh love, when you said that those birds were vicious, they were. Here, let's get back to the hotel. Then we can fix you right up!" We all nodded, quickly getting the rest of the equipment into the trailers. I headed to the bathroom to try to clean up the mess that those birds left.

Eventually, we all met back at the limos, including Caroline. The six of us were chatting away as if nothing happened. John cracked jokes as I kicked his chair from the backseat, Ringo and George was talking to most of us, though periodically gave each other a look. Paul was filling me in on Caroline. I was told that she was a cook in training. Brian Epstein mentioned something about hiding me from the fans, but I ignored that conversation.

Overall, today was interesting, meeting Caroline, playing on the Ed Sullivan show, hanging with my boys. I would have to say that all was better than I hoped at the moment. Which it was. Although, now I finally knew how bad Beatle mania actually was, and promised to myself to be way more careful than before…
Hope you guys like this chapter! I had this idea about the whole meeting Caroline thing and just wanted to see how it would go. I took a few chances writing this one, so tell me what you think ;)

Any suggestions/feedback/etc?

I'm also going to try to write mini stories, so please keep an eye out for them! Happiness is a Warm Gun... Muahahah

Lauren (c) Me
Caroline (c) :iconsurvivingutopia21:
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It was starting to get dark, and we all left the ice cream shop, trying to avoid any more photo shoots with the fans. It took FOREVER just waiting for Ringo and some of the other boys to finish up. I didn't even start talking to some of them until we left that it was so bad. Not to mention some girls were attempting to follow us out the door, or at least keep me from leaving. One of them managed to scrape my left arm. Talk about jealous.

We were waiting for John to get a cab over, as we all were talking. "Lauren, is your arm alright? I noticed that some of the girls got rough with you," Paul said concerned of me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied looking at my arm. It was bleeding a bit and a little swollen. Then, I covered it with my hand so no one would worry.

"Really? Then why are you covering it with your hand?" John asked being nosy. He looked back to the streets to get a cab to take us back to the hotel.

"I always do this," I replied.

"Not when you have shopping bags with you," Ringo said. "Here let me take a look." There he slowly took my hand off my arm, noticing the blood. If you hadn't already guessed, my heart rate sky rocketed. "Laurie, you're not fine. You're bleeding." Ringo went for a small rag in his shirt pocket.

Laurie? I'm going to be teasing him about that later. "Ringo, don't worry about it, I'm fine. See?" I attempted to convince him, putting a smile on my face.

"Oh come on, Laurie, just go along with it," John teased. A cab was starting to come our way.

"Oh ram it, John," I remarked. "Ow." My arm was starting to ache a bit.

It was partly because Ringo had started wrapping a rag around my arm. "Here, this will stop the bleeding a bit until we get back to the hotel," he explained.

"Oh…okay." I was pretty much speechless.

Suddenly, when I heard the cab parking I turned around, only to be face to face with George. "Hey, the cab's here," he pointed out. He was giving me a dreamy kind of look.

Overwhelmed by what occurred this morning, I quickly replied, "Alright. Let's go then." This was followed by me getting into the back of the cab, along with Paul and Ringo. George joined John in the front with the driver.

The drive was short and silent. The only conversation going on was between John and the driver as usual. Occasionally, George would glance back to see what was going on, which was really nothing at all. Paul was listening to the radio station that was on in the car, Ringo was staring out the window with his hand holding something in his pocket, and I was just sitting there, holding my arm because there was nothing else to do.

When we arrived at the hotel, Brian Epstein was impatiently waiting there for us. "Boys, where were you? You should've been here fifteen minutes ago!"

John got out of the cab saying, "Oh lighten up, Brian. We're here aren't we?" He then picked up the bag which held the items he bought.

Paul, followed by the rest of us got out of the car. "My apologies Brian; by that John means that there were some fans we had to deal with, and it took a while to get a cab."

"Well we can't help that," Brian moved on to the next subject. "We'll be going out to dinner tonight with Cynthia and some friends of mine. So head upstairs to get ready to go. We will have to leave in about two hours."

"Oh splendid! I can't wait! I call the showers first!" John jumped for joy, heading up to the room as fast as he could.

"Just don't drag your shopping bags in with you," George chuckled as he carried his bags to the door of the hotel. We laughed slightly along.

"This should be exciting. A nice way to end the day before the Ed Sullivan show tomorrow," Ringo agreed. He was grabbing some of his bags that were in the trunk.

"Oh yeah. I'll get to wear a pretty dress, yay," I said sarcastically and George smiled. I wish I could've had at least a little time to worry about what's been happening lately.

"Don't worry, it'll be fun. I guarantee it," he encouraged as we entered the building.

"Come on everybody," Paul waved, "let's head hurry before we are stuck here with more fan girls."

The three of us nodded back, and we headed up to the rooms. When we reached our floor, you could hear John singing from the shower. It was a faint sound so there weren't huge crowds outside our floor. Did I mention that we managed to rent out the whole floor? Yeah, the Beatles are capable of doing that and they just adore them here at the Plaza Hotel. So we basically had over six rooms to ourselves.

I was laughing so hard from John's outburst of song that I accidentally hit my arm against the wall while we walked to our rooms. "Ow!" I yelled trying to endure the pain. I was right the door of my room.

"Are you okay?" George fretted, putting his hand on my shoulder from behind. He looked at my arm.

I stiffened up straight, "I-I'm fine. T-thanks George." I opened up my door, put my bags on a dresser and then firmly shut the door. I felt bad for just leaving him there, but I didn't want to have to be in a complicated situation like this. Especially between two Beatle boys. That would just thrill the press.

I laid out this blue dress. It was strapless, with its length down to about my knees. Towards the bottom of the dress, it transitioned to a purplish color. My mom had bought it for me for this graduation dance at middle school last May.

After, I took a quick shower, and I was about to curl my hair when someone knocked on the door. "Hey, Lauren, it's Ringo. I brought some bandages for your arm."

"Oh just a minute!" I shouted from my bathroom. I put a towel on, coming out from the bathroom to open the door. "Hey Ringo, or should I call you Ritchie?" I said jokingly. I thought he almost had a nosebleed from either what I just said, or the point that I was practically naked.

"Ritchie?" he blushed walking in. "Why Ritchie?" He started unrolling the bandages and wrapping my arm. I noticed him taking sudden glances at me then back. You could tell that he was a little nervous.

"Because you called me Laurie. It's only fair," I explained. Giving him a little smile, he almost went crazy considering the bandage unexpectedly got tighter. "Ow, Ringo. I was only joking."

He snapped back to reality, "Oh I'm sorry!" Ringo continued to wrap the bandage, trying to become more focused. "I was just… distracted."

I giggled, knowing what he meant. He smiled back, finishing up his doctor duties. "So I guess I'll see you soon," I said as I stood up.

"Yeah, you will," he replied, kissing the part of my left arm where the bandage was. He waved happily, leaving my room to go prepare himself for dinner tonight.

I'll do it tonight, he thought. Let's just hope it goes well. He couldn't wait anymore.

"Hey Rings, you can get in the shower now," George called from the doorway of their room. He noticed Ringo was just in my room.

"Coming!" He replied, trotting over into their room.

George was leaning against a dresser, hands in his pockets when he asked, "So what were you doing… in Lauren's room?"

Ringo looked up at him with an intrigued look. "I just brought her some bandages." He then chose his collar shirt and tie from a drawer, laying them on the dresser.
"Oh that's a relief," George sneered, "I saw you looking at the ring you bought. I thought she turned you down." He laughed, truly knowing that he wasn't relieved, not yet.

"I'm going to ask her tonight at dinner," Ringo explained as a sweet smile appeared across his face. He grabbed a towel, heading into the bathroom. "Wish me luck." He then closed the door.

As soon as George heard the water start he mumbled, "You'll need it," while he gently held up the garnet hearts, dangling on the small chain.

Before you know it, I was all ready to go. My hair was curled; I had my dress on, a pinch of makeup, and black flats. I decided to wear a small, black jacket over my dress so I would look more mature, especially if the press was there. Soon, Brian Epstein knocked on my door to tell me five minutes until we leave. As a result, I headed out of my room to go find the boys.

They were sitting on couch chairs near the end of the hall. "Hello," I greeted them. All four boys were wearing suits, nothing new really. They gave me a look of awe, examining me head to toe.

John sprawled up, "Not too shabby, Lauren. You actually look decent." How do you think Cynthia will react if John comes to dinner with a black eye?

"I'm surprised Lennon," I started my comeback, "for once you don't look like a shaggy dog." The rest of the boys laughed, even giving me some high fives.

"Alright," Paul interjected, "Let's try to behave. You look absolutely fine, both of you." Oh Paul, trying to be the median of the group. How kind, but that's never going to cease the bantering unfortunately.

"Okay," John pouted.

I had a smile on my face, which totally said victory. "That's fine with me."

"Did you buy that dress today?" George asked, practically drooling.

"U-um no, actually my mom got it for me last year. It was a graduation dress," I replied.

Surprised, George said, "Oh really, because it looks brand new. It's very stunning." He smiled and Ringo saw my face go beat red. He wanted to compliment me too to make him envious.

"L-Lauren, you look beautiful this evening," he said nervously.

"O-oh, um, thanks Ringo," I replied with a little grin. George turned away, hiding his jealousy.

"What about me? How do I look?" John asked, taking a pose. He looked like he was trying to be a fashion model.

"Horrible," we all said at the same time. The four of us began to snicker while John went all diva. It was priceless.

Brian Epstein entered in. "Okay, okay boys, enough talking about who's pretty and let's get to the car. We can't keep everyone else waiting." He headed into the elevator and we all followed.

We finally made it to the parking lot of the hotel. Getting to the sides of the car, Brian caught the keys that Paul tossed over. "Wait, you had keys?!" John complained, "Then why did we get taxi cabs before?" Everyone turned, giving Paul a bundle of glares.

"Paul had keys?" George said as he got into the car. "Then we wouldn't have had to be chased by those girls!"

"Yeah," Ringo and I said in unison. "Thanks SO much Paul." We sat down in the back seats along with George, buckling up.

"Sorry," he apologized, "I forgot about them…" He was in the passenger seats with Brian.

"That's bull, more like he didn't want us to know," George whispered, as we all laughed. He really seemed to be opening up now. George was still quiet, yet he has been talking a bit more. It made life somewhat relieving.

Soon enough, Brian pulled out of the parking lot, heading towards the restaurant. Just the usual bantering and stuff, I thought looking back and forth between Ringo and George. They both grinned at me happily. Nothing too crazy yet, but that's probably going to change. Won't it? Because that's just my luck.
I know, sorry for all the beatles stuff! I promise, I'll try to have more drawings up soon! (and it wont all be beatles i hope) ^^;

It'll mostly be ATs and a contest entry. Then hopefully when i finish that, I can start the 100 theme beatles challenge and draw more TTOD and stuff that i want. Maybe another manga series idea. idk.

I hope i get some inspiration for TTOD Chp 9, cuz i feel bad not posting anything up yet. i feel like i'm almost ditching the series.

Anyway, I've been very busy with drawings the i have to finish, but i'll try my best to work on these chapters!

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The next morning, I woke up early in my hotel room, fully rested and refreshed. I did a quick stretch; then got out of my bed. Getting dressed, I grabbed some casual wear from my suitcase. I was wearing a maroon colored, short sleeved shirt. On the shirt was this logo of a designer company. I chose to match it with a pair of black corduroy pants. Very casual. After that, I briefly straightened my hair in the bathroom. I've got to look at least somewhat decent when going down to the lobby to get breakfast.

When I reached the lobby, I bought a newspaper that came out today. Guess what the top story was? "New talent along with the Fab Four" aka me! It was great! I couldn't wait to show Ringo. Basically, it was about how I'm traveling with the Beatles and why. Now back to what was going on. I headed to the café that was within the hotel. There I snatched some chow for breakfast, taking the bag back up to my room.

On the way back to the room, I somehow ran into George in the hallway. "George, guess what? I'm in the paper! See?" I held up the newspaper in front of him, showing the huge grin across my face.

All he did was look up, giving no attention to me whatsoever. "Cool," he said coldly, about to walk away.

"Alright," I shouted at him. "Do you have a problem with me or something? You act like you hate me ever since the concert at the Cavern ended!" I was almost on the brink of tears, because of how he's treated me.

Abruptly, he turned around, pinning me against the wall. His hair was covering his eyes a tad, as his head moved closer towards me. "What are you doing-" I managed to get out before he kissed me. My bag of food dropped to the floor. A tear rolled down my cheek just as I closed my eyes so the situation wasn't even more insane then it already was. Soon, he slowly broke away from my lips. He then just walked away, without saying a word.

I called out his name, trying to get him to turn around, but that didn't happen. "George! Hey, George!!" He just continued to walk down the hall.

Trying to figure out what happened; I picked up my things and headed to my room. Once I was back, I sat on my bed turning on the TV. Then I took out my breakfast, crying as I ate it. What was going on?!

Just then, Ringo knocked on my door. "Hey Lauren, may I come in?"

I replied back saying, "Sure," while wiping my face of all tears.

He opened the door, peeking his head in. I tried the best I could to laugh, but he noticed that something was off. "I was wondering if you would like to- Are you alright?" Ringo opened the door completely, coming inside. He was wearing the usual Beatle attire. Sitting down on my bed, he suddenly became very concerned.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm perfectly fine!" I lied, forcing a smile. After that I took another bite of food. "What could be wrong?"

"Something happened with George, am I right?" He guessed while looking me in the eye.

I put my face down on my knees, trying not to tear up, "No…" Ringo inched closer, using his hand to wipe the single tear running down my cheek. I couldn't handle it. "Okay, yes. I don't know anymore. He hates me, and then all of a sudden he kisses me! I'm just so confused."

"Well… Do you 'like' him?" Ringo muttered. I'm not sure why, but his face looked so serious. That was a first.

"Um, I suppose." I started saying. "Although, I care about everyone here because you're all my friends. So how can I not?" I tried to make it sound like I didn't have any specific feelings for anyone.

"So not just certain feelings for one person?" The boy said, taking my hand to comfort me further.

"Um… I'm not sure. Haven't really thought about that," I said somewhat embarrassed. Crap, I thought, this was going to become really complicated.

He just laughed it off, taking out something from his bag. "How about we chow down? Even though I already see that you have." He made this face at the plate of food on my plate that was on the other side of my bed.

I could help myself, I just had to giggle. Thank you, Ringo. You could always cheer me up.

Together we sat in my room, eating and watching cartoons. It really helped me feel better, until everyone else barged in about an hour later. They all came up from the café and they were going to head into the city in a little while, wanting to know if we would like to tag along.

There wasn't even a knock on the door, so it was definitely John rushing in first. He rapidly swung the door open without warning. "HEY LAUREN, Want to come shopping with us in the city?" he yelled. Subsequently, he saw Ringo in the room so he couldn't resist saying, "Awe! Look at the two love birds!" John held his hands together making a dreamy look.

Just as I was about to smack Lennon upside the head, Paul and George came in interested in what was going on. "What the bloody hell is going on?" George hollered walking in. He saw Ringo sitting next to me and gave me a look which said, looks like you still don't understand.

Paul was close behind, "Hey you guys coming to the city with us?" He lowered his sunglasses. They were all in the usual Beatles wear.

"The city? Sounds good to me. Care to join us?" Ringo asked putting on a little puppy face.

He was just too cute, I couldn't resist. "Alright. I'll tag along, but if any girls start to attack me, I'm using Lennon as a shield," I smirked.

The kid almost freaked out, "Why me? Wouldn't you rather have George or Ringo be your shield?"

I went red in the face, walking out of my room. "Let's just go, okay?" I began walking down the hall.

Everyone chuckled silently to themselves in my room. "She's something," John cracked.

Ringo got up from my bed and turned to him, "Yeah. She really is." Smiling he left the room to follow me down to the lobby. The rest of the boys were still in there.

Paul spun around to face John and George. "Ready to go?" They headed out the door, walking down the hallway. "You alright George?" He said worried.

"Don't be so down in the dumps just because Ringo is giving you a run for your money!" John patted him on the back attempting to encourage him. "You still have a chance! I mean, who could resist those fangs you have? You're like Count Dracula!"

George beamed slightly, shaking his head and showing his 'fangs'. "Thanks John."

I running up the stairs, "You guys coming or what? Let's go shopping!" At that moment, I walked back down the stairs, jumping for joy.

While the rest of the boys and I came down to the lobby, Ringo called over a cab. This time, I sat in the front with John while the rest were in the back. Why I was stuck in the front with John? I have no clue, but I was ready to shoot him. He wouldn't stop harassing the driver as usual, which I don't mind. This time though, I was in-between him and the driver, which was pure torture. Luckily for me, the ride wasn't too long because we were just heading to a random store. Then we would walk around the city from there.

The cab finally stopped in front of a clothing store and we all got out. Paul paid the driver, even giving him a tip. He was so kind.

Inside the store, it was filled with tons of styles of clothing. From classy to punk, they had everything you could think of. Because of this, everyone separated once we looked around. Paul was going to search for some more Beatles apparel for their upcoming concerts, John was taking a glance at some of the casual clothing, George seemed interested in some of the shoes that were available, and Ringo was trying on a variety of headgear. Me? I was planning to buy some more clothes of course.

I was in the women's section, taking a look at some cute tops. Choosing a few that I liked, I held them in my arm. While there, I also to a peek at their jackets/dresses. In time, I noticed that Paul was in the same part of the store as me, and it wasn't the men's section.

"Uh Paul, why are you in the women's section of the store?" I said puzzled.

Paul directed his gaze from the blouses to me. His hands were full of clothes. "Oh, I was looking for something for you to match our clothing, considering you may perform with us. Got to be prepared you know."

"Oh really, that's actually a good idea. Thank Paul!" I said cheerfully as I went through some hats that were close by. I decided to take an apple hat, adding it to my pile of things to purchase.

"No problem, Lauren. It's the least I can do," he explained. After that he smiled gently, heading to the cash register.

All of a sudden, I heard a screech from outside the store. "OH MY GOD! IS THAT PAUL MCCARTNEY!" Then I heard someone else scream, "IT'S THE BEATLES!" I swear there must've been some kind of Beatles maniac convention nearby because within seconds, there were hundreds of girls outside the shop.

"Oh crap," John spoke, "Come on boys, and Lauren, let's quickly check out and get out of here!" He ran to the cash register, paying for his apparel. Soon after, Ringo, George, and I followed doing the same.

The cashier clearly understood our situation. He told us to go through the back door as he pointed to the back of the shop. We all ran towards the door carrying our huge bags of stuff. Out of everyone, it was probably Paul that had the most. Haha.

When the band and I reached outside, we heard another scream from the opposite corner of the side walk. "There they are!" Afterward, a smaller group of people who actually heard her came pacing down the street. We all turned to each other with our mouths wide open in alarm.

"Time to split! Run!" Ringo shouted. The group all did a quick nod to each other and we ran like hell down the streets of New York…
Hope ya all like Chapter 4. As you can see, I made George the silent yet seductive type, Paul the best friend type, John the witty, annoying type, and ringo the sweet type :dummy: ahaha

thanks for all feed back :D

I do not own the beatles or the preview pic no matter how much i wish i did :d haha
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We've been on the plane for over two hours, and half the people here are asleep, including Ringo. Haha. I knew that because he was resting on my shoulder. It was so cute. Back to the topic here, everyone was pretty content. Paul and George were at the round table playing cards. John and Brian were talking about upcoming plans once we arrive in the U.S. As you already know, Ringo was asleep on my shoulder, while I was drawing on my sketch pad.

Eventually, one of the reporters got up to go to the bathroom. She had short reddish hair, and glasses. She was wearing a business uniform. As she walked down the aisle, she noticed me. "Having fun with Ringo there?" She giggled.

"Huh?" I blushed a bit, "Oh, no. He just fell asleep on my shoulder is all." For all I know, she could be making a front page article on how I seduced Ringo or something. That's just what I need, not.

"Oh alright," she laughed. Then she looked down, seeing what I was up to. "Whoa, that's some artwork! Mind if I get a picture?" The reporter took out the camera from her bag and removed the lens cap.

"Not at all," I agreed smiling. I held up the picture towards her; then click! The flash went off. She thanked me, walking away to the restroom. That was quick. No what are you doing here? Or are you two together? I guess she wasn't as nosey as the other reporters. Lucky me!

About an hour later on the plane, just when I finished up my drawing, Paul invited me to the back. "Hey, Lauren, come hang out in the back with us!" He smiled, waving me over.

"Alright," I said. I got up, trying not to wake up Ringo. Then, I put my things away so I wouldn't lose them. Just as I headed over to the back, I saw little Ringo's head fall over onto my seat. He woke up a bit, not knowing what happened. I couldn't help but laugh.

When I got to the back of the plane, I sat down next to Paul, who was winning against George in Black Jack. They asked if I wanted to play, but I said I would rather watch them. John soon joined us as well. The three of them were going at it. Each of them one a few games here and there, yet there was no clear card shark in the group. Later into the game, we all began to chatter around.

"So, Lauren," John began, "How old are you, like twenty-two, twenty-three?" They were assuming that I was around their age because I was in the Cavern, not to mention my behavior.

"Actually, I'm fifteen," I replied nervously. I was waiting for something big to happen. Surprisingly, they took it quite well.

"Really?" Paul asked. "You seem so mature for your age. We all thought you were older!" He went back to shuffling the cards.

Then John added in, "Hey, we like younger women." Being such a nice fifteen year old, I kicked his leg from under the table. "Ow! I was kidding," he yelled.

"Yeah, sure," George said. That's the first time he's really said anything, so I decided to use it to my advantage. I laughed, covering my mouth as usual. George turned giving a slight smile, but then reverted back to the game.

"So you guys have two albums out right? When will the next one be out?" I said curiously.

"No clue yet," Paul answered, putting down some cards. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to grab you a copy." He chuckled.

"Really? That would be great!" I said happily.

"And if you're super nice, I'll even sign it for ya!" John exclaimed; it even woke up Ringo. So I kicked him again. "Bloody hell that hurts!"

You could hear Ringo laughing from his seat. Paul and I were chuckling along. At that moment, George got a bit upset again, trying to focus on the game instead. Was he jealous of Ringo perhaps? I don't know… John was being witty as usual…

After a while, I headed back to my seat next to Ringo. "Enjoy playing cards with everyone?" He asked, giving an interested look.

"Oh, I didn't actually play. We just talked. They were talking about how I'm fifteen," I explained.

He became confused, "Wait, you're fifteen?" Someone was shocked. Haha.

"Yeah… Is that a problem?" I said cutely. This made him go crazy. I guess I can go all Paul on guys. Genius!

Ringo face was flushed. "N-no, not at all," he stuttered. I giggled at it, and he just looked away towards the window. Soon he mustered up the courage to ask, "Hey Lauren. About the interview with the reporter, did you really mean it when you said you wish you were one of our boyfriends'?"

Oh crap, I thought. I was pleaded to god that none of them would bring that up. I started to get stubborn, "Who wouldn't? I mean, you guys are The Beatles! Anyone girl would wish that!"

"Oh, okay," He kind of seemed a tad dissatisfied with my answer, yet also somewhat hopeful. "Are you sure?" He smirked, gently wrapping his fingers around my hand.

I gulped. "U-Uhh, umm, I guess." I was pretty much speechless. It was actually quite unexpected. I mean, I was hoping that he may like me, but now if he did… it was even more obvious.

He turned away saying softly, yet in a jokingly manner, "You're so cute."

That's when I almost exploded. I didn't being the mature girl I am, plus I didn't want to get on anyone's bad side. Especially George's. Though I didn't do anything this time, he still gave me this look, all thanks to Paul.

"Pssst George, looks like Ringo is putting the moves on Lauren," he whispered, nudging his arm. Then he pointed over in my direction.

George looked over, followed by saying to Paul, "Humph, good for him. It's about time." That made me from feeling like I was on cloud nine to being down in the dumps. It's like that as soon as that concert was over, and I've been tagging along with the Beatles, George has been so distant.

I decided to do something about it. First, I had to get away from Ringo. I slowly let go of his hand, "Excuse me for a moment." Next I got up from my seat, proposing Paul to follow me. We sat at the round table, trying not to get any attention. . .

While we were in the back, the two boys were talking to each other. "So, you like Lauren, huh?" George asked with seriousness in his eyes.

"Actually, I am," Ringo replied cheerfully. "I just can't help but be happy around her."

The young guitarist's face moved closer to the drummer's across from him. He had a sneered look. "Well I suggest that you watch out, because other people will be after her."

"George, don't worry, I'll protect her," Ringo reassured him. "Stop being such a worrywart!" He made a face to try to cheer him up.

He chortled, turning his gaze back to the plane window. He mumbled to himself, "That went right over your head Rings."

"So, why are we back here?" Paul McCartney asked me. He was sitting all innocently at the round table.

"I have to ask you something important Paul," I said back, twiddling my thumbs.

That statement went completely misunderstood. "I love you too!" He blurted jokingly. Right after that Paul gave me this dreamy look to make it look more convincing.

I crossed my arms over my chest, leaning back on the chair, "That's not what I meant Paul. I was talking about George's behavior."

He rubbed his hand behind his head as he smiled at me. "Sorry, Laur. I'm just kidding. Uh, George has seemed fine to me. Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason," I responded. "Just curious."  I completely lied.

Before Paul had the chance to further question me, the pilot came over the loudspeaker saying to buckle up. It was almost time to land. So to avoid him, I just raced back to my seat and fastened my seat belt. I thought that Ringo was going to ask about what was going on in the back, but luckily he didn't. Instead, he was taking tons of pictures with his camera along with John.

"Smile!" John shouted looking back at us with his camera. The two of us grinned.

The first picture of me and my idol, I thought.

Right after the photograph was taking, Brian Epstein got furious at John. "Lennon, sit down! This plane will be landing at any moment!"

Pouting, John turned around, plopping in his seat. I could overhear Mr. Epstein continue to criticize John even after he sat down. It was hilarious! Ringo and I were laughing like all hell broke loose.

Not before long, the plane landed at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. You could hear the hundreds of thousands of fans screaming from the runway. Everyone looked out the window, in shock with the amount of people there.

While we were still in the plane, Brian explained that there would be police all over the place and how I should follow him along with the reporters to avoid any attention. So the boys headed out first, waving to all the high-pitched fans. They took a few pictures and then headed towards the cars that were heading to the hotel. I saw numerous fans crowding the car, trying to come in contact with them. It was scary, how girls got around these guys. When I came out of the jet with Brian, no one gave a damn about us. I figured that.

During the drive to the hotel, I was squished between the woman reporter that talked to me earlier, and this random guy. I could barely move an inch either way, because of how tiny the automobile was.

"Oh, miss," the lady got my attention. "I was talking to the editor of the paper that I work for, and he would love to put that picture of you and your art in tomorrow's paper!"

"Oh my god, really?!" I exclaimed. This could be my big break. "That's wonderful! Thank you so much, Ma'am!"

"It's no problem," she smiled. "You can call me Liz."

I shook her hand firmly. "Okay then. It's been nice to do business with you Liz."

My day was virtually made.

Just to make sure you all are not freaking out, I did call my mother as SOON as I got to the hotel. I apologized several times for not calling earlier, and explained how the fans made it practically impossible to have anytime to do so.

At the hotel, it was really late already. Everyone was deciding who got what rooms.

"I will be sharing a room with Laur!" John yelled, hugging me like a small child.

I was ready to kill this guy, a Beatle or not. "Not over my dead body, Lennon." I tried to push him off of me, but he didn't budge.

Then Paul stepped in, "Come on John, you can share a room with me." The two dragged their luggage to the one room down the hall. As Paul passed me, I mouthed out the words 'thank you so much'. He nodded as if to say, no problem.

"Then how about you and I share one Rings?" George suggested. He started lugging his luggage to the room next door.

"Alright buddy!" Ringo agreed, following behind him. He then turned around towards me waving. "Good night, Lauren."

I smiled back, "Good night Ringo, you too George." For maybe the second time or third ever, George Harrison actually seemed happy with me.
This took a while, but i enjoyed writing it. It's a bit longer than the other 2 chapters. I also put my friend :iconbabbelingholbrook: as the female reporters because I know how she loves to write and her fanfic series: Don't Pass Me By.

Tell me what you think!

I dont own neither the preview picture nor the beatles no matter how much i may wish i did.
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Three: I will never post a self-portrait or 'selfie'. Though I never really care about how I look pictures (especially taken by myself) makes me feel ultra self conscious and make me feel ugly.(Please do not tell me I'm not ugly. I've gotten over that phase. It's just a feeling and I can't help that.) DO NOT try to be like some people on Tumblr (Not you any of my D.A. friends) who tried to pressure me into taking selifes. Unlike my D.A. friends they just could not accept the fact that I DO NOT WANT/LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES OF MYSELF. They honestly thought sending me anonymous messages demanding a selfie would work. It just made me paranoid and despise Tumblr even more than I already do. 

Four: I'm a classic rock fan. Please do not try to say 'One Direction is better111!!' or whatever. I not only will not care about your opinion I'll delete your comment. Plain and simple.

Five: When I first joined DeviantART I wrote the shittiest TNBC (The Nightmare Before Christmas) fan-fictions ever. Also I was friend with this girl who tried to be sexual with me (Over the Internet), denied it, tried to act smart & cool, and was just a bitch. I tried to forgive her but she was noting me every five seconds asking if I could 'RP' with her. She basically felt a need to have my attention every two seconds and it was aggravating. And she's probably reading this right now but she's blocked on this account and another thing: I don't care!

Six: Guns N Roses: A Second Chance is my best work ever. Whenever I write stories I never get past chapter One without feeling like something is wrong. ASC went a full twelve chapters before I finally got that feeling. Not to mention I put real effort into it.

Seven: I did not forget about Angels of Rock. I'm still piecing together the story line.

10/27/13: I posted chapter one of Angels of Rock on the 24th of this month, just three days ago. So the story is going slower than ASC but so what? I'm working on it and that's all that matters.

Eight: My fan-fictions are on pause. I am in marching band and it really tires out my imagination. I will get to them whenever I can.

Again, 10/27/13: Marching band will be over the week after next. So I will get back to ASC and AoR when it's done.

Nine: You don't have to be a Guns N Roses fan to be my friend. So please don't feel like you have to! :D (Also this rabid brony was calling me a hypocrite because I was talking about how obsessive rabid bronies can get and how they try to shove the fan-dom down people's throat and my old signature basically said if you like Guns N Roses then click on my name but if you don't then just ignore me because why try forcing people to like something they don't?)

Ten: I'm bisexual, which means I swing both ways. I don't give two shits if you hate LGBTs. And I'll say this now:
Don't need your religion! -Axl Rose, One in a Million

Eleven: My best friend in the entire world who I sort of owe my life to is Starlightthecat. I luvs her to death. :meow: (I know a lot of you guys helped me through my depression and saved me too but she's been around longer so please don't take offense.)

Added 10/27/13:

I honestly don't know what I'll do after ASC is over. It's not close to ending but I'm planing on having separate stories following each Mini Gunner and their fathers' lives once ASC is done. I'll announce when it'll be close to the ending so don't panic. ;)

Fourteen: Talk to me about Pokemon! Although I don't talk much about it anymore like I used to but I looooveee Pokemon. I know the most about all of the Pokemon games but Black 2 & White 2, and X & Y. (ONLY BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THEM!)

Fifteen: I'm Catholic but I don't believe in God. I know that's confusing. Like....I doubt He is real. Yeah that's it. My parents are Catholic and I got Confirmed in the Catholic church. Anyway it wasn't really until mid-way of last year that I started to really truly doubt God so I'm not really pissed at my parents. They didn't force me into it. I was ok with being Catholic until last year. I just...don't want a stupid book to rule my life. I don't have any real interest in religion and I never did. The only thing that interests me is the Garden of Eden and the Seven Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues for my story.
So, am I religious? No. But I am spiritual. So there. :p

: I won't reveal my age. I love all of you and I trust you but there are still pedos and creeps stalking the Internet. That probably will never change.

Seventeen: I know not many people are fans of the 'new Guns N Roses'. But I don't care. I love Guns N Roses and Axl Rose, even if nobody else does. (I know other people love him too and the new GNR but I'm trying to make a point.)

Eighteen: I respect others' opinions. However if I think you're being a dick I will say so. Please respect my opinions and views since I respect yours. Thank you!

I'm usually a really nice and caring person! But I'm really emotional and sometimes it gets the best of me or I'll log into D.A. in a foul mood. Just depends.


: I freaking love Shawn Michaels. As much as I love Axl. :heart:

10/20/13: Ok so I was going through my gallery and found this FAQs about me I made 8 months ago. A lot has changed. I'll add the info from there to here and delete that one.

Twenty-One: What nationality are you?


Twenty-Two: Where do you want to go to college?

...Honestly I don't wanna go to college. But if I had to I'd go to that college :devAXLIDOL: goes WHERE YOU TAKE A HISTORY OF ROCK N ROLL CLASS! I WANT THAT CLASS! (But then again who wouldn't? :XD:)

Twenty-Three: Do you have any pets?

A stuffed dog named Chocolate whom I love to death and I had since I was a little girl.

Twenty-Four: Do you have any other profiles outside of deviantART?

Yes. If I'm not on DeviantART you can usually find me procrastinating on these other websites. Rocker-Wannabe-Writer
Rockfic: ILoveGunsNRoses1243

I also have two other DeviantART accounts! :D

Random idea I came up with one day: :Ask-Guns-N-Roses:
Where I post real stories and once I become an author it'll be my main account: Moons-WritingAccount

Twenty-Five: What kind of genre are you best at writing?

Fantasy, horror, and family life.

Added 1/15/14


I'm really forgetful. Remind me of  something if I don't work/talk about for a long time. Chances are my damn bad memory made me forget. What the fuck was I talking about...? Oh, shit.


I've got a nasty temper. So watch out. =p


If you spam me with any kinds of shit I'll just flag your stuff as spam. Go waste someone else's time and not mine please. I barley have enough time as is.

Um....that's about it for now. If you guys wanna ask me a question about myself just ask! I'll gladly answer it! :D

Buncha' random facts about me.
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“Edward, you LEECH!”

“You’re a stinking DOG, Jacob!”

Then the two fell upon each other, snarling and biting, ripping at each others’ clothes, then flesh.  Jacob was the first to clutch Edward’s penis and slide it into his mouth, chomping down.  Edward followed suit, grasping Jacob’s—“

I tossed the manuscript on my desk before I tossed my cookies.  This was hopeless.  This was also the best work I’d received yet for the newspaper writing contest.  I rubbed my eyes, trying to think up yet another new, polite way to say you so utterly suck.

“So?  What do you think?”

I looked up at the writer responsible for this masterpiece.  Mrs. Muldoon was a deacon in our church, and had fallen inexplicably hard for Ms.Meyer’s vampire wiles.  I was as mystified as anyone, I suppose.

“Mrs. Muldoon—“


“Grace.  It’s… um, kind of… intense?”

She nodded vigorously.  “Yes!  You can see by chapter three they’ve totally gotten over that Bella girl and are well on their way to Ohio so they can get married.”

She’d fixated on gay rights, specifically gay marriage ever since Tony, her older boy, had come out.  It was a fine thing to support one’s children, but this was the oddest outlet by far she’d utilized.

“Mrs. Muldoon—“


“Grace.  It goes on for…” I flipped pages of her manuscript.  “Six?  Six pages.  This one sex scene.”

“Oh, it’s not pornography, Mr. Taylor.  It’s pivotal to the story.  They’re trying to kill each other, you see.”

“By fellating each other for six pages?”

“They’re supernatural creatures!  Of course they have stamina.  They have to suck the venom out of their veins, you see.”

“And then they fall in love and decide to get married.  In Ohio.”

She sensed my skepticism, her smile faltering.  “Well, it’s a complicated relationship.”

“I can see that.”  I tried a different deterrent.  “Um, you do realize it’s a creative writing contest?  In a public newspaper?  The Gazette’s read by over twenty thousand of your fellow townspeople.  And this is… very… explicit.”

“Mr. Taylor.  My message requires a certain amount of—“

“And it’s very, very long.  214 pages is well beyond the scope of—“

“I’d be pleased if you serialized it.  A chapter a week until it’s complete.”

I had to admire her calm determination.  I sighed, blew out my cheeks.  This really was the best we’d gotten, and the contest was officially over, and I had an entirely blank Features section holding up the Gazette’s presses, and it would be soooo easy to…

“You know what, Grace?  I’m running it.  Chapter one in tomorrow’s Gazette.  Congratulations for winning the contest.”

Her beaming face almost made up for my imagined meeting with the Gazette editorial board tomorrow.  Well, this’ll teach ‘em to fuck with the Christmas bonuses around here.  I picked up the winning contest entry again, flipped it open to a random page.

A serpentine length of Edward’s vampire tool coiled around Jacob’s—

Oh sweet jumpin Jesus in a sack race.  This was gonna be good.
I swear. I can lay off the Meyer. I can be good. Honest.

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What is love?
Seriously I wanna know!
Is it that heart-stopping, woozy feeling I get
Whenever I see or hear Axl Rose?
The little girly squeals I do
Whenever I hear the name Shawn Michaels?
The little "bunny-hop" I do in excitement
When I see Triple H on screen?
People say that's called infatuation
Personally I think that love is real
But what do I know? it that feeling
I get whenever I see them?
The feeling of happiness
The feeling of wanting to be around that person more
Of not wanting them to leave
Of sadness vanishing whenever they are around
Of laughter, fights, anger, love and hate?
Of never getting enough of their presence
Is that love?

I do know someone like that
They are my world and hopefully
I am their world
They make me smile and laugh
Make me angry and cry
They listen to me and are sympathetic
I'm that way to them too
Not exactly a boy
But not exactly a girl either
So am I straight or gay?
That is however you think I am.
I might be gay
And hid it well
Or I might be straight just playing you on.
Or maybe I'm bi.
Who knows?
Oh wait I do know.
But I don't think even I know
Or maybe I do and just won't accept it.
Fear of accepting it maybe?
Or just not?
That is for you to figure out my dearies.~

Me thinking out loud again.
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