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Request from :iconhirouey: of his fan character Sharon the hedgehog.
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So Yeah, This Is What She Going To Look Like For Now On, I Feel Like I Been Changing Her To Much. And She Look More Like Me In Sonic Style Than My Old Look. Also, Her Hair Up.

Brooke The Hedgehog Belong To: Me.
Art By: Me.

And If You Want To, You Can Comment And Tell Me What You Think. :D

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This is my part of my art trade with the always awesome :iconboomie0123: I'm not going to be doing anymore trades at the moment but for Boomie why not :)

I would have had this done sooner but my internet was out for the majority of the weekend so I couldn't get a colour reference, and then I got food posioning, which was awesome.

Anyways, drawn on paper and coloured useing Photoshop CS5

Boomie's half is here

Characters (c) :iconboomie0123:
Art (c) :iconesonic64:
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Brittney Olivian ‘The’ Hedgehog

A Very Deep Special Thanks to :icongen8hedgehog:
For Creating the Furry Dollmaker Flashes, because of my poor drawing talents!

And a more updated version of her -

"(Vain Throbs!) Did you just call me flat chested?!!"
"Yea, mall time!!"

This is Brittney Olivian Hedgehog. My fifth OC from the Sonic Universe and one of the Main Characters from my First Sonic Fanfic: There Goes the Hood.

Bio -
Fur Color- Dark Purple
Eye color - Brown
3 Feet 3 Inches (In Mobian Form)
5 Feet 4 Inches (In Anthro Form)
Age : 19
Theme music - Rising Dragoon: Ryu's Stage (Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha)

Alignment: Good (Even though her attitude is kinda bad she's Good)

Trademark Wear - (Not what she is wearing in the picture.)
Black 6 Button Coat
White long Neckerchief
Black Pants
Black Boots with Low Heels

Normal Clothes - (Not what she is wearing in the picture.)
Red T-shirt
Black Jean shorts
White SA2 Soap Shoes

History -
Brittney loves the fight on and off the field and loves a good challenge from anyone or anything, her past is a mystery even to Devin Blake (Agent Green) who let her join the GBA.

She goes where she pleases although she can’t stand evil people or evil intentions she throws herself into the fray a lot with out any knowledge of the situation.

She’s someone who does a damn good job at fighting, but she sometime goes over the top, but she dose what she has to do until she thinks it right, she sometime hangs out with Eriko although she looks at Eriko as a rival then a friend yet they both likes each others company.

Her main goal besides doing missions is looking for and fighting the legendary Codename: Viper to prove her superiority to whoever it is. She also wants to become the greatest Street Fighter ever known.

Personality -
Smartass + Somewhat of a jerk, Toots her own horn a lot, focuses on one thing until its done, kind of a tomboy, Mocker, Will express herself at the right time, Act like she knows she doing when she doesn’t, Like to hang out a lot, Try too hard a lot (perfectionist), She does show her kinder side more and more with Tucuya and his friends, .

Likes -
Street Fighter (Game and Real life), Likes to make things harder/more challenging, Truth or Dare, Shopping (As much as any other girl), Cooking (Is pretty good with a stove), Cartoons/Anime, Being and hanging with friends, Going out a lot/Traveling, Martial arts, Fighting and Training, Learning new attacks, Proving she’s the best.

Dislikes -
Being made fun of (Especially her flat chest), Stupid/ Unskillful people, Evil intentions, Quitters, Wimps/Wusses, Bad sportsmanship, losing (but doesn’t have a bad attitude about it.)

Class Type - Unknown Freelancer
Grade - Beta

Class Types for GBA -
Base - Normally for C Grade and B Grades Until They show Advancement, they stay at the base at all times until call for a mission (Called for missions only around local areas)

Freelancer - Can go anywhere and take Freelance type Missions only.

Unknown Freelancer - Can take any mission.

Grade Placing for GBA -
C - In Training
B - Average
A - Above Average
S - Greatly Above Average
X - Expert
Alpha - Master
Beta - Best Master
Gamma- Great Master
Omega - Grand Master

Brittney’s special Abilities - Each character has Abilities that are in Levels like RPGs or just a special ability only. 1 being the lowest and 3 is the highest. And no these can’t be upgraded unless something happens to that character (Tails Inventions, Emeralds, ect)

Flash Warp User - Able to Dash as fast as Sonic but only for a few seconds. Almost look likes she can teleport. (Can also Flash Jump and Flash Warp after Jumping.)

Super Agility (Lv. 1) - Can Wall Jump (Triangle Jump) up walls. Can run at high speeds (Not as fast as Tucuya.)

Super Strength (Lv. 1) - Can lift up to 250 lbs and still use all of the above abilities while carrying the weight.

Street Fighter Abilities - Can use a few Street Fighter Special and Super Combo moves from a few characters.

Fighting Style - Mixed Martial arts

Brittney will take an additional 30% damage from any Electrical attack

Brittney has no elemental abilities.
Brittney's Special Moves - (Special Moves are divided into categories. (V) Velocity Special - this is a Super Combo move like Street Fighter Alpha‘s Lv. 1 Special Combo. (UV) Ultimate Velocity Special - Same as the Velocity Special except its upgraded to Lv. 2 Special Combo. (CD) Chaos Death - The Maximum Special Combo attack but can only be used while in a Super Form. (Please note there are other special attacks but these are the characters favorite moves to use.)

Special Attack Calls: Crash, Blitz, Crush (Ex: Blitz Shot, Crash Dash)

Blitz Shot - She fires from 1 hand, a small Null (non) element projectile energy ball. (Ki/Chi Shot)

Blitz Burst - She fires from her hands in a Ryu Fireball (Hadoken) motion a multi hit Null element projectile energy ball. 2 - 3 hits. Send the opponent flying backwards.

Blitz Dash - A powerful explosive shoulder tackle sends the opponent flying backwards.

Shockwave Shot - She goes into a Spindash at high speeds releases a Null element projectile energy blast. (Can use this in the air as well.)

Crescent Crash - Chopping across the chest she fires a Null elemental Crescent shaped projectile

Blitzing Helix - She runs at the enemy and throws out mixed punches then finishes with a Ryu Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) motion. (5- 7 hit combo)

Crushing Blitz – (V) She rushes the enemy and throws out a combo of mixed punches and kicks and finishes with the ending uppercut from the Blitzing Helix. (13 hits)

Rocket Blitz Beam (V) - She punches the ground and it releases a Large Null element energy beam that traps enemies with multiple hits. (15-20 hit combo.)

Concussion Crash (UV) - She throws from 1 hand 10 Large Null element projectile energy balls (About the size of her upper body.) Which explode on contact then releases 10 little balls per large ball that hones in on the closest enemy. (She can stop firing, move and/or aim and continue firing. Note: A Strong Knockdown strike will cancel the move and the energy is lost then she becomes very tired.)

Emerald Abilities - Depending on what emeralds she uses she gain new abilities. When she has all 7 he becomes Super Brittney.

Note: Brittney can only use the Chaos Emeralds. (but there might be a special ability for using all the Sol Emeralds together. This will be explained later on within the story.)

With any emerald increases strength 10 fold.
With any emerald she can increase the size of any part of her body. (But she’ll never do it to her stomach!)

“YOU LOSE!” (CD) - A Rapid explosive multi kick and punch combo using her null element energy then finishing with a Crushing Blitz dealing over a 60 hit combo.

The Rumbling Toughie… Brittney Olivian The Hedgehog
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Just a pic of lance from the bio, but without the bio XD

Lance belongs to, who else? :iconlancerwolf13:

Also see
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New character, Angel the bat:D She's 23... or 22 years old and I have no idea how to put her in my stories... Oh well:iconderpyshrugplz: Anyway, enjoy:D
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I've done it, I've finally got this sketch drawn down. :iconlazycryplz: I went through ten pages of drawing paper to get this drawn, and, while I'm not too happy with the results, I'm just glad I finally got this drawn. I've been trying to get it done for days but just couldn't get the design right. D: The coloring's a bit shoddy, but I don't care, I'm tired. xP

Nicole: (c) Archie

Edit: Redrew the picture entirely, used softer colors, and also added their names to the bottom. :meow:
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Okay. What the heck is this.

How this picture came to be what it is now:
So. This was supposed to be a fanservice sketch trade with ~cycloneArchfiend and as you can obviously see, that's not really what this is ^^; Sorryyyyyy! But wait, I have excuses! xD

So both of us agreed on a fanservice sketch trade after a silly conversation, and I was supposed to draw Sora for him. Hooray, at least I managed to do that :XD: I had different thoughts, like bunny suits and other fanservicely stuff, but then I thought: Heck, that completely doesn't fit Sora at all! She is far too mature to do anything silly like that and too cautious to be caught during whatever. So the only in-character-fanservice I could come up with was Sora with ripped clothes from the heat of a battle. Hooray, you can see parts of her indestructuble bra! Just like Hulk's pants but better! But hey, NO BLINDFOLD WHEEE~. I hope that counts as some kind of fanservice :XD: And you still can't see her eyes! >:D

And then I was like: Aww jeez. This looks so empty. Let's add a background! And then I added a background. That was somehow majorly Crisis City inspired, because I'm still too unexperienced with backrgrounds o.o

But the sketch looked so messy. So I made the lineart.
And then I asked =Raika-chan whether I should color this and she told me I definitely should, so that's how this happened <.<"

The picture itself:
Yeah, there are 2 things about the background and one thing about Sora I totally wish I could change, buuuut it's far too late now xD My computer was so friendly to scare the hell out of my while I was doing the lineart, but fortunately I could hide that part o.o
I also thought about adding more blood at first, but I was far to afraid to ruin the whole picture by doing so.
And I also hope this picture doesn't need a warning of any sort! I mean, you can't really see anything of Sora, and there isn't really much violence in here either. Unless someone gives me a good reason why I should put a warning, I won't add one~! u.u"

...And Sora...?
Who is she fighting? And why? Is she on the good or bad side? And now that her blindfold is off, will something happen and if yes, what??? *LE GASP!!!!* You will never know 8D You will also never know whether this picture could actually be canon or not o.o Because I'm evil like that! :mwahaha:

Ooops enough text.

Because I want to improve when it comes to backgrounds :meow:

Sora the Squirrel and Art © ~Amalika
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:dummy: a little something for my friend Gonzalo and her FC Luna. :eyes: Well, in case you can't see it, he's sitting on a couch -w- which it came out a little bit bad but i don't care, anyway enjoy!

Zane The Leopard belongs to me and Gonzalo
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