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oh yeah
my first SD Gundam :boogie:

two weeks of chilled work are done
and it looks really cool :)

i was a little bit worried, because the SD Gundams have a complete different model design as the pepakura models

but after a few parts i noticed how "genius" this design is.
the most parts are open and very easy to handle.

if you have three ore four cross tweezers you can build this very quick and get a page at one day done.

also the cool thing on this models are the model parts itself.
you can remove the head and arms, the wings, the weapon and the shield and pose them in an other way.

but the important thing is the instruction
i downloaded a few other SD models but they have none
so you have to figure out which part must be connected with the others

this one comes with a very nice and detailed one, so you will have no problems and it's also a good start into the SD series :)

if you wanna try Rocky (nickname of the model) on your own
feel free and download it here [link]

you need the backpack page 3, three times

by the way
a big hug :hug: to :iconelengwat: Elengwat for the idea with the border :w00t:

lol, just crazy :D
as i went online, i found a note from :iconepill: epill in my inbox about the gundam and that i don't should get mad

well, mad yes, but in a good way ;)
he made a vector picture out the photo which is just awesome.

but take a look on your own.

thx a lot man, i really appreciate that :hug:
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well, honestly, i don't know what i should write :confused:
maybe i didn't realized that i'm finally done with this model.

it takes a horrible long time to build and sometimes i was about to give up, but after more than two month (effective building time) i can share this pictures with you :)

the best decision was, to print the sheets on A3, because this model takes me to the limits and you should have a little bit more experience for this.
the most parts are quite easy, but some pieces are hard as hell.
you can see it in the "building process gallery"

specially the backpack was that part, that gives me more then one headache :D

but it was a challenge that I gladly accepted
because this model is really unique and definitely an eyecatcher in every shelf ore something else.

the guys from "Just Paper" did a great job on this and if they ever decide to create an other one, i would build it too ;)

permission for upload given through NCsoft
pls read this journal entry for more infos

the sheets are free and should remain so
pls download and use them only for personal use
otherwise i must remove them

Exteel & Sidewinder are trademarks & copyrights by NCsoft
Model created by Just Paper

to download the sheets

just click on download above ;)

-other shots-
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Model number: GF14-001NI
Code name: Silek Gundam
Unit type: mobile fighter
Nationality: Neo Indonesia
First deployment: FC 58
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System and Core Lander
Dimensions: head height 16.2 meters
Weight: empty 6.5 metric tons; max gross 11.3 metric tons
Armor materials: gundarium alloy super-ceramic composite rare metal hybrid
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x beam tonfa, mounted on forearms; 2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted on head, 1 x Heat Keris "Kalagni", mounted on back waist
Ultimate attacks: Tiger Fang Blast
Pilot: Teuku Parindragiri

Neo Indonesia created the GF14-001NI Silek Gundam for use in the 14th Gundam Fight, their respective first battle to participate, but this Gundam failed to see the light of battle since the fight was ended in its 13th round.
The Gundam was programmed with capability of fighting in Indonesian traditional martial arts style, Pencak Silat (or Silek, hence the codename of the Gundam). At first Barong Gundam ([link]) was supposed to be the representative of Neo Indonesia, but Silek Gundam proved to be superior as it defeated Barong Gundam (which was developed by different manufacturer) on their trial battle. This Gundam was supposed to be piloted by Neo Indonesia's one and only youngest parliament member, Teuku Parindragiri, upon his personal request to set out example for his fellow countrymen that a true leader should be the first to charge in the battle.
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Oh -- long time... This model is completed. The produce of later stage is still going on.

Update 1200*1600
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Yo! After my exam I took these spare weeks made my 3rd archangel Gundam Sariel!
He appears as enemy at first so I made him some evil sense....
and too similar color theme with my Uriel? :XD: I made him in black and gold... but light effect is too dark!:D
I'll try to make some weapons for him these days....
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this model was on my list for a very long long time
and i'm happy that i finally started
and finished it ^^;

i have to say this
even this model has "only" four pages
DON't make that mistake and underestimate it
but this one is nothing for starter

the most time took me to re-draw the tab-side that it worked easier for me
also some pieces are really ugly and hard to understand
specially the elbow parts

Tipps & Tricks:
i made no tutorial or progress pictures, well honestly i was not in the mood to do it, i just want to build it

but of course i wanna give you some tipps here

first and maybe important
try to print that thing on A3 or double sized
some pieces are terrible tiny, specially the head has some really ugly pieces

think first before you start to score or/and cut
how you would build it or rather it would easier for you
the pdo is protected so you have to

the torso has a few issues between the chest and the hip, the single faces are squares but bend as triangles, so there are a few hidden folding lines

the legs itself are easy, the only thing where you have to look out is the piece what stick out and you have to bend the leg a bit when you wanna combine it with the hip

the arms are the most complicated pieces
as i said, specially the elbow
there are two pieces (C6+7 and C32+C33)
combine them first
if you build them in row you will have later a lot of problems
trust me, i had to build the whole thing again :worry:

didn't build any of the weapon thingies, because they are just impossible, i don't know how the designer made it
freaking indonesian papercraft gods :D

anyway, it was fun to build that thing, it is really a stylish white mecha model
but never again ^^;

you can download the model here
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Crusader Gundam, docked with Core Flyer which carries 2x High Maneuver Solid Katana & 2x Short Katana. Beam rifle is not included yet.
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[Project A-STAR]

designed by LINK

Serial Number : TSX-05-TW
Unit Type : Prototype Hybrid Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Tria, Inc
Operator(s): Tria Industry's MS TEST TEAM (T.M.T.), TEAM -'Valkyrie'
First deployment: Februry, C.E. 73
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit
Pilot : Dahlia Orwen
Height : 17.9m
Weight : 65.55 Tons
Armor materials: unknown
Generator : unknown nuclear reactor, power output rating unknown
Armor : Phase-Shift Armor
System : Tria's G.U.N.D.A.M. Complex, SAINT System Ver2.1
Equipment :

- vulcan pods X2(head)

- "Artemis's Umberella" wide ranger shield X10
- beam saber X2
- beam rifle X1

- Hiden special Unit, SAINT System Unit Ver2.1
- Neutron Jammer Canceler
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