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Breath in.
From the day I started to paint this canvas, to the day I put the last stroke, I went through so many moods. From the greyish days of boredom, to the glorious moments of love that I didn't expect. Her wind has blown so strongly, that crazy storm that blew everything up, that at last calmed down.
Breath out.

Cinnamon Breath, oil paint on canvas, about 5 month work.
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Oil paint on canvas - 80x120 cm.
Bizarrely, that word .. Luxuriance... had been running in my head for days like an intriguing leitmotiv, and painting it out seemed the most natural and only way to shut the voice.

Here is a painting I finished in january after 3 months of daily efforts. I've forced myself to paint everyday, despite the usual overwork at 2Roqs.
For once this painting isn't about a deep worry I may have had, it is more simple in the meaning. Instead, I've explored domains quite new to me: for instance, I've plunged almost the whole painting into penumbra to allow a brighter light to fall down on the hand.
I worked out the movement and the body language. The weird cropping of the girl should produce a disequilibrium that contradicts her course. On her face, I tried to display an expression of joyful surprise mixed with a bit of worry.

Close-ups can be seen at

I hope you like green!
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The Queen of Technical Nonsense

I drew her eyes 3 years ago and swirled around them in a abstract fever whose meaning I never really understood.

Each time I entered my parent's home I was captivated by her look from the other side of the corridor. I always wondered what unspoken thought could hide behind her pale forehead, what mysterious secret could drive me hypnotized to the depths of her pupils.
One day at in a sudden impulse I grabbed a random blank canvas and started to sketch my Queen again. I painted during one month. Feverishly.

I struggled with the hues to keep her face cold but still feel the life breathing underneath.
I blew wind in her hair and colored her lips with purple.
I spent tenth of hours with tiny brushes to carve the surface of her mechaorganic coat.
I reworked her eyes several times until I felt trapped in her look again.

But I still wonder so many things about her.


:bulletgreen: Close-ups here
:bulletgreen: Reference drawing here
:bulletgreen: Related scrap here

I was much pleasantly surprised this morning to find out my Queen had been featured as a daily deviation. She told me that she felt really honored by such a great distinction. Allow me to transmit her words of thankfulness to all of you.
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Oil painting on canvas - 80x100 cm ( 31.5x40 inch )

Just like time eroding the tenderest stone
Memories have carved their way
Throughout my headbone,

I remember the wind blowing so cold
Biting your skin just like a blade
and I'm alright, you said
You said: for once I feel

I recall everything
The freeze tinting your cheeks with purple
Every mistake, every stumble
And each footstep you made
into the sand

I look at you
How long am I bound to stand?
Here, you seem so untrue
Desperately peaceful and quiet

Look for close-ups and details here.
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Dusk's falling on my decadent reality. My everyday landscape keeps drowning, I'm a microscopic orange stain in a rusty universe. I hope you'll come tonight... Surprising thread of my thoughts, my guide and lover, let me cross again the dark frontier of my fantasies! So close but uncertain to reach, this blurry paradise hides behind my eyelids.
Release me... and I'll fade like a drop in the infinite ocean of a dream.

details and making of at
'Below the Rust' is actually my biggest painting (it is 1.2 x 0.8 meters wide), and the one I have spent the longest time on. Five months, doing an average half-time work. The fact is that I can't help myself doing those small details that nobody can see. Using a 1-hair brush on a canvas that wide is totally insane!
This is only oil paint on canvas, but before starting to paint I made many sketches, and even a colorized version with photoshop (to set up the right colors).
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I evolve in the creative emptiness of my surroundings. Inspiration gone, my mind finds reasons to create in the shelter of my autistic world. All nude in this weak oasis and my feelings as well, I'm trapped in the jail that I silently build.
This is oil on canvas. I used an airbrush fed with diltuted oil paint to paint the sky (there is nothing moe dirty than doing this). I made very few sketches before painting it. At the end I don't like it that much, it looks wonky to me, the hand and thigh on the right look ugly. But there is lot of meaning behind, i just hope you'll catch it.
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Tears for Joy in the Garden of Giants
Digital painting

(details and close-ups here )

I had this thought one day about the fact that feelings belong to oneself, and that it was foolish to pretend being able to share. Later I found that maybe, thanks to art, their was a possibility for the sharing to happen.
As an artist, I consider it's my mission to give shape and color to feelings that otherwise are trapped within an individual. With time I turned to be a quite "romantic" person, in the literary definition of the term, i.e. a person who is fascinated by the spectacle of his own feelings.
In the immense diversity of emotions one can feel, I choose to extract a striking and rare one and turn it to spectacle. This emotion is a joy so immense that it makes cry tears; smiling and weeping at the same time, the widest range of behaviors concentrated in one single emotion.

**edit october 2009**
You really have to read the detailed analysis that *sequentialscott wrote about the painting .
It is extremely fluid in the writing, thorough in the analysis, and insightful even for myself. I can't thank him enough for the great honor it was to receive such quality work and honoring attention.
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Oil painting on canvas 100x81 cm ( 39x32 '' )

This painting was done during the year 2007; it took me a lot of time before I could showcase it. There were scanning issues, but also a certain angst about it.
You will probably not feel comfortable about an image that has this personal a meaning, and that also has a darker mood than the previous ones I painted, almost unhealthy. I also believe that nobody is going to want a print of this! ;) ... that's why I wanted to provide you with a higher resolution file, for the small details and the dedication poured on it to be appreciated.

Some close-ups and additional information can be seen on my website on this page.

Thanks a lot, for watching !
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Lifeless wandering,
Through the cemetery of the places we've been
Time rubbed out the paths,
Except the one to freezing haze... swallowing our world.

Mured in concrete, my dethroned Queen,
High above we once crossed our branches

Now you're reigning over ruins.

Stretched agony comes to an end
Bitter and resigned I'll go unlearn
To the walls of unsaid
The silent loss of ourselves

Details and making of:
Here is a link to a deviant who wrote an interesting poetry inspired by the painting and its title: The Wall of Unsaid. Inspiring others is something that i'm very proud of when it happens.
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Very long work before releasing this drawing that stretched out over years. This is the one that made me realize that my 'style' was details. Painful work, i must enjoy pain,maybe it makes me live.
The adventure began a very hot day of august in a small and remote village of deep Spain. There was this age-old olive tree in front of me, and in my thoughts this gorgeous curly girl I would never see again. I came back a few times to continue drawing the tree, protected from the hard sun by its distorted shadow. Once back in france I just invented the rest (the intricated ground)
Stupid me,it has been drawn on a bad recycled paper from a sketch block, that turned to yellow. I looks like it is 2 centuries old now.

(I post it again, the previous one I had messed up with upload)
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