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This is my collab entry with =BlissfullySarcastic for the official Past vs Present vs Future emote competition.

=BlissfullySarcastic and i have been meaning to collab again for over a year, and this contest finally gave us the motivation to make another joint emote. As the contest requires 3 scenes, we decided to pixel one each, then do a joint scene for the central one.

We chose to use the theme of 'communication through the ages'. In the past, people corresponded through letters; in the modern day its often IMs or Skype and in the future we decided to pixel a hologram.

The work was broken down as:
Past scene - `Synfull
Future scene - =BlissfullySarcastic
Present scene:
L background `Synfull, R background =BlissfullySarcastic
L emotes - =BlissfullySarcastic, R emotes - `Synfull

It was good fun to make, and it would be fun to collab again in the future.

If you choose to comment or fave this piece, we would appreciate it if you do so to =BlissfullySarcastic's copy too.<3

You can also view the WIP here:

Gothic Pixel Font: =SparklyDest.
Bitmap Banking Font: `Mirz123.

Other Collab pieces

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my entry for the Fantasy Earth Zero Contest
i did all in Gimp :dance:

i hope u like it =)

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pencil, SAI 2010.6

I was painting with blue cloth one (No.1) with purple background first,
but didn't feel quit right, so I went with this one (No.3).
thanks for everyone who helped(vote) me to chose the coloring on the cloth!


6/24, 2010> woooooooooooooo!!! I made it to Semi-final!!
I am soooo honored!!!
I would be extreamly happy if I could get in the final,
but this is already enough prize to me.
thank you all who are supporting me:hug:
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This is my deviation for the dA Cute Monsters Design Challenge.

If you guys like it, PLEASE VOTE FOR IT! Thanks! :D
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My entry to: “Think Pink IV Contest” by :iconjunkbyjen: See the news article here: [link]


Category: 3D

Everything rendered in Poser 7, with a slight postwork in Photoshop CS2.

All resources purchased/licensed:

RMSL Syrin (Renderosity)
Hongyu's LeatherCorset for V4/A4 & Desirable for Hongyu's LeatherCorset V4 (Renderosity)
Hongyu's Corset 2 for V4 & Alluring for Hongyu's Corset 2 (Renderosity)
Weeping Willow Hair (Renderosity)
Lada Hair (Renderosity)
Elanor (Renderosity)
LB Climbing Vines (DAZ3d)
LB Asiatic Lily (DAZ3d)
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One day where the realms of instict and reason clash, the kings of each land meet once more for their annual "what will we do with the human brain" discussion.
Tired of many years of clashing and battling, they agreed that from there on, the game of dice they both liked would decide the outcome of every situation a human should encounter.

That's the origin of the coin toss.

Made for the "bring your vision to life" contest
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From all the dreams that I have, I decided to go with the biggest dream I want it fulfilled, since it's the dream that is the sum of all my dreams.

Being old.. happy.. healthy.. with good knees :)

To be an old lady with no regrets..
To be an old lady whose all dreams where fulfilled..
To be an old happy lady who knew she did the best in everything she wanted to do even though sometimes the result were not as expected..
To be an old healthy lady who can go up and down the stairs without stopping midway..
To be an old healthy lady with long strong grey hair.. :)

To be an old happy healthy lady with the heart of a child in her is my ultimate dream..

When my life comes to an end.. I want to be happy!

Don't we all?
________________________________________ __

About the artwork:

I spent the last 5 days working on this drawing.. The background drove me over the edge for so many countless hours..
I even cried from it sometimes..

Thanks to my best friend who takes care of my sanity at night :)
and thanks to my mum who is always my biggest support!

The second floor in the drawing is not used, it contains the rooms of my children [considering that old lady is me :P] who have their homes now..
I put the chair for the old lady to draw coz it has the best view and the best lighting ever! :)
So don't go asking me "isn't the chair blocking the way?"

The old lady reminds me a lot of Ghibli's obaa-sans ;)

Comments are MORE than welcome.. and vote for me between 12:00:00 AM (PT) December 16, 2009 and 11:59:59 PM (PT) December 22, 2009.

Thank you!
________________________________________ ____

Wallpaper pattern by ~AboveVintage
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My first entrance for adidas contest!!
material: pencil:pen:watercolour:poster color: color pencil:photoshop.
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My monster design for the Cute Monsters tee shirt contest.
He's a smarty pants monster. He loves doing rubix cubes. He takes them from kid's rooms when they're sleeping.

If you like it, if you would like to wear it on t-shirt then vote for me by clicking the "I'D WEAR THIS" button that is located on the right of the comment box.

Thank you so much for your vote. :)
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