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Sing a song of splatter,
sing a song of stain,
climbing up the ladder,
coming down again.

We can sit together
on the lowest rung -
coffee in the filter,
coffee on the tongue.

Is anything the matter?
We will start again,
with a song of splatter
and a song of stain.
A little lyric inspired by stained by Hanan :iconpartiallyhere:

Though she does not drink coffee... her deviation was coffee-friendly.

The image above my words is Hanan's and used by her kind permission.
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I hate having to speak to you
But I hate when you ignore

I hate when you don't return my emails
And I hate when you don't call

I hate the way you avoid my eyes
When I'm trying to look into yours

And I hate what you say behind my back
And all the trouble that you cause

I hate the dot to dot acne just above your nose
And I hate your nearly-a-monobrow too

I hate the way you're so selfish
And how it always has to be about you

But mostly I hate that none of this is true
And the fact that I hate myself
For not being to hate you
My friend Angelie is extremely lazy and cannot be bothered to write her own poem, and me, in my charitable state, decided to help her out. Actually, I didnt pay much attention to what had to be done, so if this is wrong: write your own!

I wanted to write something like this anyway- its sposed to be like the 10 Things I Hate About You one, although, I realise, that this can never be replaced. :)
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Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Verse 1
Come one, come all
come boys and girls,
come ladies and gents
to the funniest place in the world!
If you want to torture your friends,
then this is the place for you.
'Cause where else will you find,

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes,
and we live for fun.
Headless Hats and Portable Swamps,
there's enough for everyone!
Our mission in life is to
annoy and amuse.
So come on down
and see Fred and George.
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
is a sure cure for the blues!

Verse 2
Extendable Ears?
Excellent choice, my dear.
Hey, don't leave yet,
see what we have here.
This just came in,
I know you'll like it, at least I hope.
Get revenge on your enemies
with a Punching Telescope!


Verse 3
Come visit the shop any time;
we're open twenty-four-seven.
If you like to prank and joke,
you'll be stepping into heaven.
Our mum wasn't pleased,
no, not one bit.
But, honey, I'll tell you—
it was so worth it!


So be sure to stop
in our little shop,
I'm sure it'll make you smile.
Buy some candy
or a Love Potion.
I'll make it worth your while.
If Fred and George ever made a commercial for their shop, this is what it would sound like.
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"Stupefy!" Damn, she dodged it.
I heard a voice from behind me. Low, dark, cruel. "Avada Kedavra!" Please not be Dolohov's voice. A sinking feeling inside me told me it was.
I tried to focus myself back onto fighting my aunt but a nagging feeling inside me kept on reminding me that Remus has just died. Bellatrix's face was contorted into a mocking grin that confirmed my worst fear. I shot a few more spells at my aunt but the Great Hall felt like it was going to crash around me any moment now.
I couldn't give up. I have to keep fighting. Teddy needs at least one of his parents.
Suddenly, a flash of red light hit my chest. My heart felt as though it had stopped beating, but it wasn't painful. I was falling backwards and my life rushed through my eyes, specifically the last couple months I've gotten to be with Remus and Teddy. That was the best time of my life.
The moment before I hit the ground I realized what had happened: she killed me.
I only had one thought left.
Teddy, your parents love you so much that even if we had a lifetime together, we wouldn't be able to fully express how much we care.
From Tonks's perspective.

Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Based during the Battle Of Hogwarts in Tonks's final moments before Bellatrix kills her. Near Tonks and Bellatrix in the Great Hall is Remus and Dolohov.

An idea that has been swimming in my head since I read Deathly Hallows for the first time since Tonks and Remus are my absolute favorite characters.

I don't own anything.
(c) JK Rowling
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The moon and stars gave a luminescent glow to the night sky.
The crisp night air felt cool upon his face as he flew through it.
His hair flew back revealing his past, revealing his rise to fame.

On his broomstick he flew
Away from cares
Away from worries
Away from...

He was free to roam the night skies, away from prying eyes.
This was the only time he was truly free.
The only time he could, himself be.
My ode to Harry Potter. ^_^
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Red boat in the harbour,
commercial trawler amidst the blue
like a gunshot-wound
on a cop's patrol shirt
Our office has a view of the sea.
You can see so many things. On the sea.
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take the thoughts from my
mind, strung along a
line to dry
like laundry; dripping
with the
of ill sense. try to
piece them together
in a logical sequence and
from the fumes of
a decayed mind.
watch your sanity
you're a recluse,
and nonsense
is your sanctuary.
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Do you honestly think, that you will change my thinking?
Do you honestly believe you can keep belittling me
And treat me like your slave like you always did?
Let's face it you only talked to me when you wanted something
You can deny it as much as you want to, the fact is you still
After a while you told me yourself right
Did you think that I will just sit here take it forever
Like a DOLL.
That girl you knew is history.
I will admit I wanted to give you the world
That is no longer the case
But this fake respect, the fake mask
Is now more easy to spot than ever before
I know am showing you the real me.
    It's Your turn.
Hey guys, how are you all? No honestly how are you? XD

I hope you like my poem, any comments are welcome.
Feedback, critiques, and spelling corrections the whole
sha-bang is welcome. XD

Anyone have the feeling where someone is using you? That someone was being so fake to you just so they could get something and leave? Well in this peice i wanted to describe that.

Enjoy my anger poem. lol (happier one on the way)
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Somewhere in the night a child cries,
A woman weeps and someone dies.
Somewhere in the night, humanity hides.

Somewhere in the night , a soul screams,
As people fade and die, lost in dreams.
Somewhere in the night, reality lives.

Somewhere in the night loneliness dwells,
As people die, no sounding bells.
Somewhere in the night, she dies alone.

Somewhere in the night ...

Where is the light?
Yep had this sitting around and it hit me that I should post it. No big and it's also kind of an apologie if you don't know read my Journal for today.
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