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This is my Monster High OC, Atlanta Wave.
She is the Daughter of the Sea Monster, and is Lagoona's little sister!! :) I'm really proud of this homepage that I made, and it only took me 2 hours to do it!!!

((Good thing that my dad is a computer nerd, or I would be exhausted!!))

He is awesome at Photoshop, and I learned a lot! HOPE THAT YOU ENJOY!!

Sorry... I forgot to do this. Look below....

I forgot to give credit to: [link] (~smallflame)

She made the base that I used.
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a little gifty poo for my new friend *misskimberlychaotic!

we came to the conclusion that our reaper girls are cousins! since Ripper is deaths niece and Grace is deaths daughter it fit so perfectly!

out of the literally dozens of reaper spawn running around I have to say Grace is one of my favs! love you ghoul friend! we totally have to plan some adventures for these two!

Grace Reaper :iconmisskimberlychaotic:

Ripper Grimm :iconcandy2021:
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I finally had time to upload my OC's bio. This is Maggie Emperor, Daughter of the Mothman... Hope you enjoy!!! <3


-Her last name derives from the Emperor Moth.
-Her father was set up on a blind date with Vivian Emperor (a butterfly woman), and they fell in love with each other.
-Since The Mothman's name isn't really revealed, her last name would be her mother's.

Maggie Emperor (c) ladygagaluvR
Atlanta Wave (c) ladygagaluvR
Abbey Bominable (c) Mattel
Frankie Stein (c) Mattel
Spectra Vondergeist (c) Mattel
Clawd Wolf (c) Mattel
Ghoulia Yelps (c) Mattel

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woo another one

this is :iconchibi-panda123: girl Saki

hope you like it hun :D
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Each adoptable is 4 points each! c:
lineart does not belong to me.

Number 1- TAKEN by CupcakesRyummy12
Number 2- TAKEN by awesomekupkeyk
Number 3- TAKEN by Spottedfire23
Number 4- TAKEN by awesomekupkeyk
Number 5- TAKEN by TaraPsycho
Number 6- TAKEN by baltolovesbagles666
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EDIT: wow! over a 1,000 views! :omg: i love you DA! :love:

My Monster High OC: Spella Caster.
I've gotten really into MH recently, and after seeing everyone else's awesome OC ref's i knew i had to make my own. witches have always been my favorite, so it was a no brainer which monster she would be, and what better witch to be related to if not the Wicked Witch of the West. after i decided that, all the other little fun details started falling into place, my favorite is the monkey :D .
Spella was taken from her mother's custody when she was pretty young, but Elphaba almost preferred it that way. She couldn't have the burden or caring for a little girl interfere with her plans for domination over the land of OZ. Spella was sent to live with her aunt Juniper, a member of the family not endowed with the magic gene. A few years ago the chaos in OZ became to dangerous, and concerned for her daughter's safety, Elphaba arranged for Spella and her aunt to move to our world.
Despite her separation from her mother, Spella holds only admiration and love for her. Though in her aunt's care she doesn't have the opportunity to be taught magic, Spella practices it in her spare time, inspired to be just like her mom.
Although her personality couldn't be more different then her mother's. Spella is optimistic and friendly. she's excited about her new school and all the exciting monsters she's meeting there. She's also very goal focused. Spella spends hours practicing spells she learns from the rare books she can find.
On a recent visit, Elphaba became very upset with the lack of skill her daughter had in magic. after Juniper explained that with no magic classes offered at Monster High, and no experience on her part there was no opportunity for Spella to learn more then what she was already teaching herself. Elphaba left in a worse mood then usual, making Spella fear she had disappointed her mother. but a week later the family was sent a message from OZ informing them that the WWW had arranged for Spella to meet with a private tutor twice a week, an expert wizard who specialized in potions and power manipulation. (can you guess who this wizard is? i'll give you a hint, he has long red hair) Spella was thrilled to begin her true magical studies, and saw the favor as a sign of affection from her mother. Now she works really hard to improve her skill, even though it's a slow process.
Spella is short, cute and carefree. A witch in training and transfer student at Monster High.

Spella Caster me
Many thanks to :iconbearmoon: Template bearmoon
and to :iconmhscreamqueen: for use of her skull maker :heart:
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finally it took me forever to do this little madam

Nicole in her glitzy dress for the first part of :iconmonster-high-oc: contest

Nicole is mine
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Edit:fixed typos and updated colors and slight change to the hair

Full character sheet for Westia. She's so cute :3 She's logical and fairly no-nonsense. She is easily lost in a book, and it may take a couple tries for her to notice if someone's talking to her. She's perfected the art of walking without looking due to her nose being in a book most of the time. She thinks normies and monsters should all get along, which is why she is friends with Jackson.

Credit time!
Template [link]
Skullette [link] and a clipart
Frog is from a clip of a webisode
lot's o cliparts

Pranky Geist-[link]
Demma Wokeo-[link]
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Ahhh!!! She's finally done!!
Here is Ultraviolet Rai Bow, Daughter of the Rave Monsterz!! She is an absolute dubstep lover!! :la: I changed the name frm Skrillex to Skullex [oh im so smart =3=] And she is looking for some awesome buds if anyone is interested, hit me up!! :D

Violet (Ultraviolet) Rai Bow (C) :iconvolatilemurder:
Art (C) :iconvolatilemurder:
Howleen Base (C) :icondamav:
Profile Base (C) :iconilovetoreadbooks:
Roxy Adrianna Laps (C) :iconvipergirl02:
Maddie Scientist (C) :icondesupanda98:
Marie O'nette (C) :iconsnowfright:
Liselotte Lukoje(C) :iconcelebiobsession:
Monster High (C) Lisi Harrison & Mattel
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