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Brave cowgirl got ambushed by a bunch of contract killers.
If threre is no help coming she might have to hold her breath for a very long time...
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My entry for this weeks friendly comp for :iconchoclatecruncher16: The theme was time so I went with Chaos being timeless. As long as there's life there's Chaos. Hence I have a WHFB chaos warrior and a WH40k chaos marine representing the past and future. This took about 70mins plus a few mins for the gesture sketch. I know that a chaos marine and mortal chaos warrior probably have different proportions but it's meant to be sybolic so no comments about the chaos half being a foot too short, thanks

Hope you all like this
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Miss Vore 2011
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Kinda hard to get your zen on when Rapey McGee comes around... :P

Another VIP pic released.
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The rope around her wrists proved that someone had put her in this situation on purpose. Someone had planned it. It mattered little now however. It looked as though the knowledge would die with her unless she managed an escape, and quickly. Yet, the situation was looking VERY dire.
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A Ripple Song

Once a ripple came to land
In the golden sunset burning--
Lapped against a maiden's hand,
By the ford returning.

Dainty foot and gentle breast--
Here, across, be glad and rest.
"Maiden, wait," the ripple saith.
"Wait awhile, for I am Death!"

"Where my lover calls I go--
Shame it were to treat him coldly--
'Twas a fish that circled so,
Turning over boldly."

Dainty foot and tender heart,
Wait the loaded ferry-cart.
"Wait, ah, wait!" the ripple saith;
"Maiden, wait, for I am Death!"

"When my lover calls I haste-
Dame Disdain was never wedded!"
Ripple-ripple round her waist,
Clear the current eddied.

Foolish heart and faithful hand,
Little feet that touched no land.
Far away the ripple sped,
Ripple--ripple--running red!

(Rudyard Kipling, "The second Jungle Book")

The sorrows of the manger of the Kabiji-Dreamresort about the future of his hotel wasn't slight... after the story of Officer Lopez , the giant snake, and in the first place the cruel fate of the three woman made it in all newspapers and his hotel was named all the time too. Two of the three victims were guests in his hotel, and the famous supermodel Naomi Carleton met her fate only a few kilometers upstream too...

So he expected the worst after all this troubles... maybe bancruptcy of his hotel, that was even mocked as the "Kabiji-Screamresort" in some newspapers...
He was a very selfish man.... This damn stupid chicks! Why the hell they had choosed just his hotel to run around in the jungle and get eaten!

But for his own surprise, the totally contrary happened! Guests from all over the world wanted to visit his hotel, mostly young woman who loved the creepy story of Sucuriju and his victims and checked in for a thrill-ride!
In the first time he command his personnel not to talk about this events to the guests... but Sucuriju was the only thing, for what the guests asked for... "What was this with this giant snake...? How large was the beast...? Tell me the story of this three girls....! How and where did it happened...? Was something found afterwards...?" and so on.
So it take only a very short time and he saw the chance to make money out of it... he knewed the sucesses of the "Count Dracula-tours" in Romania, or the "Jack the Ripper"-sightseeing-tours in London or the "Dungeon" in Hamburg... and now he can made something similar.

Only a few months after the monstrous serpent was killed by the police, the marketing-machinery of the Kabiji-Dreamresort runs on full speed: There was a "Sucuriju's path of Death", that followed the alleged last stroll of Christine Van Dyke along the river to the place, where officer Lopez finally gunned down the monster, and near the Waterfall was a new camping-place, called "Sucuriju's hunting ground" for those who seeking for the ultimate thrill and dared to camp exactly at the place, where Jennifer Langley met her doom... a sign, ensnared by a dragon-like snake-creature, that read "Swimmers may be eaten!" was set up near the small lake too...

And the guests came... mostly young, rich and successfull woman who seeked the thrill... they swam in the pond and the river with the contented feeling of a slight horror, they played pranks to each other with plastic-snakes or, in the night, with glowsticks and flashlights.... and so there was often frightened screaming audible... but now followed always by a relieved laughter....

And in the nights the young woman gathering around the campfires, telling the stories of Sucuriju and his three victims (no one knewed that a poor little whore, Conchita Alvarez, shared the same fate) over and over again... and the guests who did not dared to sleep outside the hotel in a tent... at this place... watched the DVD in the little movie-theater of the hotel... Jennifer Langley's and Christine Van Dyke's last movie... and the cruel, unbelievable connection of the fate of this two victims with the storyline of this particular movie was another source for dozen of eerie stories and urban legends about prediction and fate among the guests... The movie was played every evening, often 2 or 3 times for a contented screaming audience of rich, fashioned, thrill-seeking chicks...

And the managers greatest coup was that he won on a auction for old movie-props a few weeks ago... and in the lobby of his hotel stood now a 12 meter large animatronic-model of an anaconda... exactly that model, that was used in the movie! The remote-control was missed and the motors and electronics of the model were out of order now... but it was still a very impressive display!

They did not know, that some glowing that they saw in the night did not origin in a prank with glowsticks or flashlights... nobody did know, that some movement in the water or some slight underwater-touching of some pretty girls legs did not origin in a prank done by other girls... it was something different... something that was declared as dead... and it was back!

Sucuriju found his way back to his old hunting-grounds. For the first time he was not hungry, because he had recently eaten... Conchita Alvarez!
But he inspected his hunting-grounds... he checked all his ambush-places and hidings, the thickets and little creeks who running down towards the great river... and he observed a lot of unsuspected prey... more than ever before. He did not knewed that he was disparaged to a cheap thrilling tourist-attraction... and in all the pranks that were played by the tourists to each other, nobody observed him, when he dived between the swimming and playing woman... some saw a glimpse of his long, muscular body moving through the dark water... but they saw it only as a good made prank to scare the guests, played by the hotel-management with a remote controled animatronic-model or something else... the hotel was safe now... and Sucurijus larder was well stocked up!
Nobody knewed, that it was only a question of time, when a girls scream will not followed by a relieved laughing... but by a horrified, chocked gasping and by the faint sound of breaking rips...!

The terror was ready to strike again and a few months later his time had come...!

In the early evening Li Song decided to take a little swim in the river. She came from China and this were her first holydays in a other country. She loved swimming and was even in the chinese olympic swimming-team. She was a strong girl that moves like a fish in the water... the water was her element...

Sucuriju had become more cautious on his hunts since his encounter with officer Lopez, but now he hunted on woman again. Submerged he had waited for hours... observing the swimming and playing girls. First there were 10 or 15 woman playing in the water, but when the evening come, they went back to the hotel... than there were only 2 girls left, and he started his slowly approach... he was hungry now, and when there was no other way, he would dare to seize one of the damsels before the eyes of the other... but then he saw how a woman with a strange looking face and long black hair entered the river... and the odds was on the hunters side: The two other girls leaved the water... the girl with the black hair was now the only woman in the river... Sucuriju had choosen his victim... Deep submerged he approached and started to draw circles with his body around the swimming girl with the strange face ... examining his prey... first in wide circles, that he slowly draw closer and closer... sometimes he emerged only his head behind the girls back for a short moment... and with his hissing tongue he smelled and tasted his next meal already...
And Li Song felt something... a huge movement deep in the water around here... a slight change of the pressures in the water on her body... coming and going... what the hell was that? She was not sure, but she started to felt uncomfortable... maybe it would be better to leave the water? And now Li realized, that she was alone... all other guests had returned to the hotel or the camping-ground. The sun already starts to set, and the sunset came very fast near the equator.

She made it to the riverbank... almost!

As the water was only waist-deep near the bank, Sucuriju drew his last circle in his silent dance of death around Miss Li... and Li Song stopped for a second as she felt a slight touching of something on his legs... she turned around, watched on the glittering and shimmering water-surface, she was already surrounded by a sudden death, 8 meters long, but she saw nothing of the perfect camouflaged predator below...

The water was Li's element, but it was far more Sucurijus element too...

The hungry predator shot out of the deep with a splash, and in only one second he wind a coil around Li's body... he dived again, a second coil around the poor girl's right leg follwed, he emerged again in the same second behind Li, openend his sharp fangs and sank his teeth deep into the upper arm of his totally surprised victim...

It was the same like it was with Naomi Carleton... Li Song had not enough time to understand what happened to her... and so not enough time for a scream... only a totally surprised gasping leaved Li's mouth as Sucuriju dragged she back with a violent jerk...

A loud splashing followed, a gurgling scream of Miss Li under water... the serpent started to roll over and over, one coil followed the next around Li's body, one around her throat, choking the faint, gurgling cries... some more around her wriggling legs... only 3-4 seconds after Sucuriju started his attack, Li was completely ensnared by scaly coils.

Two other guests near the river had heard the splashing, but when they reached the riverbank only 10 seconds after Sucuriju started his attack on it's choosen prey, they saw nothing more as some air bubbles, mud and rotten leaves that coming up from the ground, and a few little ripples on the watersurface...

Only one meter below Sucuriju just had started to kill his victim, as he observed the other two girls on the riverbank from below... he don't want to be discovered by other humans, and so he started to dive away to reach a swampy area on the other side of the river, his frantically squeaming victim in his coils... to a place, where he was undisturbed and where he can complete his deadly work...

Li Song felt how she was dragged trough the deep, the gurgling water in her ears... and after endless minutes, the reptile surfaced. The scaly predator had not constricted his ensnarings completely now, so Li were able to take some little breath... but she were unable to scream... only a faint and croaking "Help me" leaved her throat, because one of Sucurijus coils was winded around her neck...
Li knewed instinctively, that this monstrous snake was not an remote controlled animatronic-model. This was surely not a prank by anyone! Li's arms were free, but her desperate tries to get her fingers between the mighty coils were useless... frantically she beated with her little fists on the scaly embracing without any effect. She felt the rolling muscles of the serpent around her tight ensnared body and saw how elegant and fast this beast moved trough the water... faster than any human can run on land!

It was Sucuriju... the real one, the ancient god of the river, the demon from below, the ladykiller, the maneater!

She was dragged away from the bank... dragged away from the hotel... dragged into a swampy area to the other riverside... dragged into the reeds... dragged into her doom! She starts to double her struggle as she realized, that she was nothing more than prey... food for a giant serpent... she tried to scream again with the same result... her faint croaking "Help meeee... my god... please...heelp" was more a whispering and heared by nobody.

Li Song's travel across the river in Sucurijus grip lasted almost 10 minutes, but for the poor squeaming victim it seemed, it lasted hours, but finally Li get dragged into the shallow, greenish water of the swampy area... she tried to fight, she was a well trained and strong woman, but against 200 Kg of muscles she had no chance and the most horrifiying was, that she exactly did knewed, that nothing will remain of her... flesh, skin, bones, teeth, hair... all of her will be dissolved and digested... and she knewed too, how she will be killed... with the other guests she had talked enough about the topic how anacondas killing their prey... constricting until the blood circulation stops, veins bursting, inner organs get destroyed... she knewed, that the cruel tight grip of the serpents coils around her body was only a tender embracing compared with that, what would follow as next...!

Sucuriju was satisfied, he felt the squeaming of his prey, he felt even, that Li were a strong woman, but his embracing would overpower this futile resistance very fast... slowly he started to tighten his grip coil by coil around Li's warm and trembling body... and as he almost ever did, he take a look into the face of his victim during the killing... and Li Song stared back with wide opened eyes and a wide opened mouth, desperatly gasping for air... she stared into this cold amber colored eyes, a forked tongue started to lick greedy over her pretty face... in a last resistance she tried to get her hands around the neck behind the head of the giant reptile and push it back... but in vain... her powerless grip of her dainty hands had no effect on the muscular hunter... finally she had found the most realistic version of the thrill-ride for which she had travelled to this place...!


Jennifer Langley, Naomy Carleton, Christine Van Dyke, Conchita Alvarez... and now Li Song! And you see, Sucuriju is not an racist... european, african, asian woman... he hunt, kill, devour and digest them all! ;-) Not to talk about Kalana and some further unknown victims of him! What will happens next? I don't know it yet! The story reached a point, where everything is possible again. Sucuriju is declared as offically dead... but now another guest of the hotel disappeared... Let's see, how it will go on...!
"A Ripple Song" was taken from Rudyard Kipling's Book "The second Jungle-Book" and here from the story "The Undertakers", where the "Mugger", an old maneating crocodile, talk about his best and sucessfull hunts on human prey. I read "The second Jungle Book" a few days ago for the first time (i did not knewed before that Kipling wrote a sequel) and was very surprised, how similar Kipling's Mugger and my Sucuriju are... i guess, they would fight each other until one is death... or understand each other perfectly... both are giant and cunning predators and prefer the same prey, both love to hunt in the water, both are worshipped as gods by the natives... and both have similar troubles:
"I remember also a pair of bracelets (glass they were, and troubled me not a little) that I found that evening. Yes, glass bracelets; and, if my memory serves me well, a shoe. I should have shaken off both shoes, but I was hungry. I learned better later."
But... c'mon, my dear Mugger, there is no reason for complains... bracelets... shoes.... Take a look on Sucuriju's troubles with the synthetic filaments, polyester-fabrics, plastic-shoes and -belts, Jewelry and even MP3-Players or Cell-phones... Modern women of today! ;-)
And Sucuriju was gunned down with two shots too... one in the neck, one graze shot in the tail... but he was lucky and survived tight... Kipling's Mugger had less fortune: In the end he was shot with two explosive bullets and detonated in three pieces... Lucky, damn lucky Sucuriju, you take "only" two .45 ACP full metal jacket bullets!! ;-)

"Asian Food" was a little bit inspired by Angustus work 'No Escape' again... His lovely serpent spreading terror in a desert-resort... mine in a jungle-resort... so no damsel is safe wherever she made holydays! :evillaugh:

Technical side:
Damn it... the texture of Sucuriju in the water made me crazy again... it works simply too well and it does exactly that, what it shall do in reality: Camouflaging the serpent! I had to set down the opacity of the water again to 75%... at 100% (normal level for the used water-surface) you would see Li Song's pretty right leg very well, but really nothing of Sucuriju anymore... regardless of what camera-angle, what light-setting, what light-angle i tested... he become invisible in his element. Beside the decreasing of the opacity-level of the water it was a hard work again to find a light-setting (with one shadowless spotlight under water again) with a camera-angle, where you can see something of this beast under water... Poor Li Song never had a chance to see something of her doom... through her eyes (where i had set a view for checking too) the water is a shimmering, glittering surface...
For the first time, i used the DOF (depth of field) settings for the virtual camera to get a light blurred background.

Originally this scene was already planned for "Duel", but when i made 'Duel', it was my first rendered water-surface and i had not enough experience with the capabilities of PSP X too to made the splashings in the water looking realistic. So i set "Duel" shortly after the kill of poor Naomi.
In 'Snarling Snack' i made more experiences with rendered water... and stumbled for the first time over the camouflaging attributes of Sucurijus texture... and now in "Asian Food" i finally fiddled about how to create water-splashes in PSP X (they cannot be rendered in DAZ 3D yet) and connecting the splashes seamless with the rendered water-surfaces.
But the most important was, that i made Sucuriju happy and let him prey on a tasty damsel in his favorite element again! :evillaugh:

Work 10 of the Sucuriju-series

Update May 17, 2012: Thanks for more than 2560 downloads and 40600 views!! :bow:
The unexpected success of "Asian Food" during the last 4 years let me do it again:
Moar splashings, moar snake, moar hunger, moar flesh, moar screams:

Asian Food -Recoiled-
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Summer Breakfast
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See the rest of my gallery here: [link]
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Another image featuring :icondrakeandjosh: for fun. Enjoy it as much as she is enjoying her new pal.
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First pic in a worm vore series for Daz 4.5 pro.
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