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EDIT: Changed the colour of the lower writing to black so it's more visible since it's on a paler background than the top writing.
Changed it so there's a version with just a grey sky and no light.

Part 1 --->

THERE, as promised since May xDD

I was going to put trees and leaves in this one as well but rocks and clouds were selfish and took up the whole tutorial :I
So there's going to have to be a part 3 xD

Anyway i say thank you to *pettyartist for the awesome brush i use for backgrounds [link] <3
i can't tell from that image which one i use but you should be able to find it from the image in the tutorial (;

Also does anyone know how to upload just one brush from your photoshop? i can only save the .abr file for all my brushes xD
i want to upload my blendy cloud brush.

Cloud and other brushes --->

Enjoy! i hope it helps some people! <3

I use Photoshop CS4.
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For the longest time, many people have been requesting for tutorial on how to paint/speed-paint rocks...

Well, this tutorial shows some of the ways I do it.

There are other methods I use but this tutorial shows the best examples to understanding the concept and not just the technique (well, i hope it does).

I hope it helps! :)

what software is that?
I did this in Photoshop cs2, but anyone can follow these steps using any painting/drawing software. I also just used a default brush here.

Why no textures? Rocks are often rough, right?
What is most important is to depict the form of the rock. To make it look realistic or believable, the rock should have body, and fit into it's environment. The textures are just secondary.

like my facebook page here i sometimes update it with random artworks not found here on da! :D
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Here you all go! A special little BG tutorial requested by :iconnekoprussiareacts:

In this I go over how to draw bushes, grass, and dirt. I hope that this helps!

Art to me

I'd love to see what you guys do with this tutorial~

Edit: Wow, I never expected this tutorial to help so many people! :wow: Thank you every one!
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Part 1 || part2

Here is requested tutorial for painting background. I tried to make it as clear as I could including all tiny steps. Hope you'll like it. If you don't understand something feel free to ask ;)

Other tutorials:
Base digital painting tutorial
Texture tutorial
Color adjustment tutorial
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HEY GUYSSS Here's the background tutorial I promised you. c: I hope you guys find it useful! I tried my best explaining how I usually do my stuff.

OMGGG, There's so many typos there! ;uuuuu; Please ignore them. :iconlazepoolplz:

Here's some reminders:

* All of my backgrounds are made in a single layer. Why? Because it's easier to blend colors. C:
* I love the overlay layer. I usually add orange, red or green to make things more vibrant.
* If you're confused, GOOGLE IT. C:

Don't be afraid to ask anything, okay? C:

EDIT: Ahhh, reading through it again, I sound too all-knowing. The stuff I put there is what I believe in and practice. ;uuuu; I didn't mean to sound too sure of what I was teaching. I might be wrong. ;uuuuuu; Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]

My Painting Tutorial
Painting and Tips Tutorial by TeaTori
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Yup. A tutorial. wow. lol.
I've seen some tutorials about it... but, well, maybe mine own will be also a little help.

Other tuts:

Clouds tutorial_scrap

Sky Tutorial____Part one
Sky Tutorial____Part two
Trees tutorial
Short tutorial- Background
Short tutorial- Clouds
Making- The Element- Waterfall
Making- Falling Rain
Making- Candle Light
Glow tutorial

PS CS+ tablet

Thanks so much :glomp: I totally didn't expect that! :hug:
:cuddle: Thank you for all comments (I shall response on every one soon :)) and all :+fav: :hug: :w00t:
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Wow! I wasn't expecting this to be so popular, for it's quality! It's my simplest tut,(and in my opinion, it ain't all that great:XD:) but hey, I'm glad it's been so helpful. :) Thanks guys!

Yay! Forest Background!!!! I'm gonna use this background for one of my pics. I referenced from a scene I found on Google, and it helped a whole lot! So this is my first tutorial, is it good for my first???
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after the lava tutorial, i HAD to make s snowy tutorial!
hope this helps! It's pretty easy, using very few colors! try it!

This series of tutorials so far:

(more tutorials and stuff in my gallery folder!!)
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The first part turned out to be only some base prelude to the tutorial itself... few words about composition, perspective and some easy-to-do examples of backgrounds

Another part of this tut will be a step by step explaining tutorial done from the image I'm drawing now. Art with those two foals who are used as a models in this tutorial =] (siblings Karthala & Cirdan)

:iconflag-poland: Polska wersja do przeczytania tutaj: [link]


used this cute photo as a reference for foals: [link]
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