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A couple of eons ago (as the life of computers is measured), I gathered almost 800 old christmas cards, postcards and other vintage holiday resources and scanned them in to my hard drive. Ever since then, whenever a project called for a holiday image, I have been able to pull up something interesting, funny, or at least weird, from this vintage clipart collection. Now that I have been using Picasa to organize my hard drive for a while I decided to try creating a collage of all my old christmas images.

What an interesting and funny project it turned out to be!

This huge jpeg file (about 25MB) may be too much for dA (or your own bandwidth restrictions) to handle, but I just had to try sharing it with you all anyway. Hit the download link to enjoy it in its full high resolution glory.

For direct access to my resource gallery online (where the first 500 of these amazing images are stored), visit my public Picasa gallery here -=> [link]

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