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WNC - Monthly Feature No. 25

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 11:16 AM
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This is a selection from last month's submissions to


a group dedicated to black and white artwork.

Sit back, and enjoy! 

the 1st by HaruNiji

Abstraction (Part 3) by Einsilbig<da:thumb id="339452243"/>429 by Sea-Of-lLights
black and white blues by m-luciainsanitised by davespertinewheels wife by aerendial
GEOMETRICS by pukenphotography is lucid dreaming by PsycheAnamnesisWinter . II by Somebody--else

Viewpoint by arayoIn between by Menoevil
Invasion by tuminkaself in December 2012 by wchild

Bali by Hengki24Burning My Soul by goRillA-iNKhis army by geissa
Lena XII by djaillediewinter I by sth22artsilence follows speechlessness by ra-gro
9am by analogphotoCAUCHEMARDESQUE 02 by NVENTFISCHERAshes by Anguis-IX

Within Memories by MustafaDedeogLu1323 by MustafaDedeogLu

Curves by HectorGuerrahedgerow. by Hamish-Frost_-_Y_i_Y_-_ by y5y6
<da:thumb id="339627450"/>p a u s e by reydooThe Origin XXIX by Menoevil
John in the Window by jonniedeeDisturbing Diagonals by by dasTOK

BrokenHomes_95 by FredericPayenpining over in light and time by lemura

Shipwreck by KrzysztofJedrzejakcouple by BelcyrPiotr.12.12.07. by dasTOK
Gravitation by benjoinReflections by Gork82<da:thumb id="338575634"/>
Nailya by DanHechoThe Kemboja by Hengki24OUTSIDE by puken

I Hide Myself Away In The Dark by Zewarr<da:thumb id="338601250"/>Implosion Explosion. by Tooga
The visitor. by Coldwave-EnigmaMerely Passing By by SonikGroovebl by odpium
Forgotten Hopes by DpressedSoulBeyond Within by arayoMask by endegor

Self-Portrait by gottfriedhelnweinTeleportation by AlexanderNasa
Revolve by Menoeville canape rouge. by Hamish-Frost

----- by yup12some nerve too by asruldwiHerbst III by Mar-jus
<da:thumb id="341479300"/>azonic by korrox../../.. by beata-bieniak
<da:thumb id="337503507"/>For one moment by mehrmeerScenery Of Divinity by arayo

Self Portrait by JBord141 by celilsezer

I look inside their souls for what I once lost by CyanideMishka<da:thumb id="311097958"/>glass eye moth ::: by katworks
Untitled by JakezDaniel<da:thumb id="337627799"/>Holga by Anticherry
... Saw Her Soul by peterle28Los Toros De Agua...3 by denis2:: Nik the greek..:: by HarisDrako
Midnight Black Earth by kayjensenypsilon by SimonSawSunlight

:thumb338827229:  Friday night by bebefromtheblock
Horse traders III by vulezvrkAndroids by Hengki24

...mmm... by golpista

Selections made by


Feature compiled by


The whole team of WhoNeedsColour wishes you and yours
a very happy New Year!


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After taking a look at the screenshots displayed either in my gallery or in :iconblackboxdesktop: 's galleries, a lot of Deviants are asking me what is Blackbox and how (and why) should they use it. And it's a good thing they show interest, because after a period of hibernation, due to many factors (mostly developers dropping out) Blackbox is back with a vengeance.
Well, Blackbox is a shell for Windows or a window manager for Linux, the styles (themes) being interchangeable between the two platforms, something unique in computing. In this essay I will only talk about the Windows flavor, since it's much more flexible than its Linux counterpart.
What is a shell? Well, it's the dressing over a cake, the clothing over a body, the greenery covering a bush. Every operating system has a shell. The Windows' native shell is Explorer, which is not only a file browser, like most of you may think. Delete Explorer and Windows crash. It's a fine shell, especially in the case of Windows 7, but it's heavy, slow, with very few options.
Over the years a lot of alternative shells have been developed to make for Explorer's (and, thus, Windows') shortcomings. Litestep, Blackbox, Serenade, Talisman, Aston, WinStep, DesktopX, are just a few. Some of them, like Blackbox and Litestep, are free, while some others, like Aston and DesktopX, are commercial programs.
Blackbox is unique among them, in that it offers very specialized and rare options. Here is just a few of the many things this shell can do:

1) Colors and textures change on the fly with each style (theme) switch. No need to look around for third party apps that "look well" with or match each specific theme.
2) Windows decorations are embedded in Blackbox' modus operandi  and also offer colors and textures that change with each theme switch – again, no need to look around for third party (and often expensive) apps.
3) Blackbox comes with a plethora of plugins (think of them as widgets, although they are much more than that) that are also part of the change theme/change everything philosophy. Some are so powerful that let you create docks, wharfs, audio players, wallpaper viewers, system meters and a lot more within a few minutes. No programming experience required!
4) Blackbox' desktop is alive. You just drop things on it and they become wallpaper or whatever.
5) Blackbox is the lightest shell there is. This means more speed, more power.
6) Themeing is relatively easy and anyone can create their own styles using a simple text editor like Notepad (although Blackbox does have its own editor, BBNote) and a color picker. Again, no programming or Photoshopping required – although you CAN use graphic files in your elements, if you so wish.
7) Blackbox creates its own backgrounds, if it senses you haven't picked any. Or, you can create wallpapers of any texture and color using its build-in mechanisms. Piece of cake.
8) Blackbox themes can include 3dcc configurations in the style file, which means all window colors change with each theme switch to match the rest of the elements, without the need to call up individual 3dcc files.

You can get the latest (and best) Blackbox build from I suggest to download the nightly build; it's quite stable under 7 or XP and includes the latest improvements. Or, you can download any of my latest themes that include full packages with instructions.
If you need more info, I suggest you read my tutorials:… tutorial part I - the shell… tutorial part II - the plugins… tutorial part III - the styles
They are pretty much outdated by now (I MUST find time to bring them up to date... lol) but they will give you a general idea.
And, of course, feel free to ask if you need help or instructions :)

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Friday Feature: Issue 011

Fri Feb 8, 2013, 3:04 AM
Friday Feature #011
A Collection of Recent Discoveries in Abstract and Surreal Art

To see work similar to what is featured here, browse through my favourites.
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Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 25

Fri Aug 24, 2012, 7:34 AM by JamminJo:iconjamminjo:

Spotlight Vol. 25


The Spotlight

Like a lady by ScarletteDeath

The girl from nowhere by AnaShadows

Screaming Skull Passage by SmokyPixel

Coffee break by Justysiak

My Pride by BlackJack0919

Vintage Bride by Mahafsoun

        music.has.a.hold.on.u by JeanFan

Against by Julie-de-Waroquier

Cleanse by IMustBeDead

Solitude by Evey90

The Way  of the Warrior - I by MD-Arts

The Sea by ScarletteDeath

Apathy by orphanchipsandsalsa


powerful guy by voltage-pixels

I don't believe in the things I cannot see. by saratheresee

Cognitive Dissonance by JeanFan

empty envelopes II by AlicjaRodzik

Hidden sorrow. by Mister-Passi

In the woods VI by Snehurkaa10

A Touch Of Magic by Nelleke

Faith in Destiny by BenHeine

Silence by DelusionalAsylum

See a piece that should be featured?

Don't hesitate to note me with the thumb! I'll do my best to get it in the next feature.

Undiscovered Talent

Give love. Write comments. Collect Favorites. Watch Artists. Make Art.



Conceptual Gallery Moderator


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saturday collection - 2013.05.04

Journal Entry: Sat May 4, 2013, 8:05 AM
black and white  edition v.3

Janaya by green-jam
universe by Enaston  push the sky away by i-m-light
Crown by malicieux
queen of ice and snow by i-m-light  bw caned by awjay
Artemis by Ycki
  Suvarnabhumi by grivachoz
Loseing our selves by IoaSan
Prohibitio by TotoRino  be a square head by ra-gro
LA B by IMustBeDead
UNDERWATER WORLD DUBAI by Ssquared-Photography  Drill formation by freMDartet
Out-take Rainbow guatemala by BenoitPaille
Dark jazz by Grauenart  expectant by augenweide
IMG 0529cr by bagnino
unreal by augenweide  +' by LenScapist
Daheim by feigenfrucht
  Freedom by BranislavFabijanic
Bacho by LemonLemonLemon
Y by AlexandruCrisan  Thin Air by Hengki24
* for my demons by francisLOVE
Equus Zebra by SeamusHooligan  
Dreams II by sakgaa
Irish Views by Ssquared-Photography  The Hook by EintoeRn
Berlin by LemonLemonLemon


The Veils are an indie alternative rock band from London.
This song is incredibly beautiful and meaningful, and of 
course--just so, so good.

Born from the night in the roaring wind
Cast out of the shadows by an unknown hand
Warmed by the light of these falling limbs
drunk on the sadness of a universe unmanned

Across the water she clings to me
and in the rising karma I feel her at my side
My father's singing in the fallin' leaves
about the complicated beauty of a river run dry

Sit down by the fire

It's hard to say
but I think you'd better
just Say you don't love me
you don't love me anymore

I been waiting in line
now I know I'll never
Overcome this madness
if I don't know for sure

Some day
a little rain is bound to fall
Over my head my heart and my feet
I'm drawn insane
you know I need you now

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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Wallpaper Wednesday #8!

Wed Mar 27, 2013, 3:17 AM

Remember, if you like these wallpapers, visit the deviation and favourite/comment there :la:

Past Features:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 |  #6  | #7

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Light Painting with Tutorials

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 9:06 AM

Painting With Light

Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source. It's a fun technique to dry out on a warm dark night :) For more information on light paintings or for tutorials, just Google around; it's a pretty popular and well documented technique. A quick search gives me:… (if you prefer written tutorials) and… (if you prefer video tutorials). A tutorial for light painting with portraiture is also available on my website:…

Some wonderful examples of light painting
Spiral Beach by Draken413o Light Upon Light by firdausmahadi Light the Tires by DerekDD
orb by anja-B by JeanFan Light and Fraternity - arabic by Kaalam
I Have a Super Power by BenHeine Conjure by MichelleRamey Different by BenHeine  
First try light painting! by ARTFX-STUDIOS hoop test 2 by Kimbell Keltenknoten by derJake
Sanuk Variation by Kaalam light art.22 by Kimbell red glow by Kimbell
.: Angelus :. by sideshowsito Azula: The Fire Princess by xinstrumental The Wonders of Reading by JeanFan
Day 1: Self-Portrait... by AnnieGitUrGuns In the silence, loudly by Argolith The Source by JeanFan
Try it out for yourself if you haven't already! :blowkiss:

Thanks for your support!
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Hello this is ClefairyKid, your new co-founder, I've just joined the group to lend some of my experience on the subject of profile customisation. What follows is some advice taken from the article I wrote here; DeviantArt Customisation Explained. Go there if you want a general overview of all customisation concepts (I'll be covering one subject at a time here to save confusion).

Custom Box Backgrounds

The thing I am most often bombarded with questions about. There are some important things to remember about these;

:bulletblue: You MUST be a premium member on dA to use the code.

:bulletblue: You must create the image at the size it will appear in the module, these images do not tile, therefore it is best to create a static image with as small a file size as possible so that it does not take too long to load.

:bulletblue: You need to therefore account for the changing length of the module as you edit it's content, making a physical size of about 600px by 2000px a safe choice (although there will be other suggestions from tutorials etc out there).

:bulletblue: You need to host the background image somewhere, you can do this for free on a site like Photobucket, or in your deviantart scraps (make sure to allow the download option if you upload it to dA). You will need the direct URL link to copy into the code used in the module.

:bulletblue: PLEASE NOTE however, if you choose to host the image offsite, the site may automatically resize the image even when using the direct link, the best way to avoid this is to use scraps on dA.

:bulletblue: You should only use these codes in custom module widgets (the ones with the little notepad icon in the top left corner), as it can be more complicated to achieve the effect in widgets that display automatic content (not impossible but more advanced than I will cover here).

:bulletblue: All content of the module (writing, images, thumbs etc,) MUST be placed within the area that says "CONTENT HERE", otherwise it is covered over by the background. I recommend using custom box codes by SparkLum within this area because it neatly centres your content and provides a plain background for your text to sit over, thus making it readable whilst still having a fun background picture. I will cover those boxes in another blog entry.

The Code

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src="DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE FILE HERE"></div></div><div class="gr-box">


Custom Backgrounds by SparkLum

See also:

Custom-box background tutorial by CypherVisor
Custom-box Background Tutorial by CypherVisor

Deviation-box background tutorial by CypherVisor
Deviation-box background tutorial by CypherVisor

deviantID-box background tutorial by CypherVisor
deviantID-box bckgrnd tutorial (OUTDATED) by CypherVisor
For backgrounds in the DeviantID module (effects of the code may be affected by upgrading to the new devID module but I cannot confirm it).

For another variation on background code.

Failed Serenade

Thu Feb 7, 2013, 11:29 AM

Ruin  #2 by Mongolhillvis 10 by stillhitoriRuin  #2 by Mongolhill
vis 10 by stillhitoriLeaving my shadow still to be with you by mehrmeervis 10 by stillhitori
Ruin  #2 by Mongolhillvis 10 by stillhitoriRuin  #2 by Mongolhill

With quiet disdain
It was only fear that I feared
Thought I was someone else for you to use

<da:thumb id="337503507"/>A path to be walked alone by vbagiatis<da:thumb id="337503507"/>
A path to be walked alone by vbagiatisSolidity by MiiiiaA path to be walked alone by vbagiatis
<da:thumb id="337503507"/>A path to be walked alone by vbagiatis<da:thumb id="337503507"/>

Envy burned away
As I fell immune to all of your tears
I guess you were still all mine
Mine to lose

People... disappear by mehrmeerlike an open wound by scheinbarPeople... disappear by mehrmeer
like an open wound by scheinbarlonging by scheinbarlike an open wound by scheinbar
People... disappear by mehrmeerlike an open wound by scheinbarPeople... disappear by mehrmeer

Our minds aflame
As I seared in the wicked summer glow
I surrendered all to you

scan by yb2oDNOde to a Depressed Soul by insolitus85scan by yb2oDN
Ode to a Depressed Soul by insolitus85Falling Into Black Dreams by peterle28Ode to a Depressed Soul by insolitus85
scan by yb2oDNOde to a Depressed Soul by insolitus85scan by yb2oDN

This failed serenade
Will tell you all you needed to know
Maybe your words were feigned
But mine were true


Íon is a project of Duncan Patterson.
Please add this feature to your favourites, if you like it.

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Features #99

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 4:51 AM

../../.. by beata-bieniak :thumb337503507:
silence.. by tuminka -Defiance- by Janek-Sedlar

Autumn by Fredrik-Rattzen dr. caligari's chaotic dream by utopic-man
march of the wiseman by utopic-man brightest dawn by utopic-man

Ground control to M by Loucos :thumb344025692:
Wings unfurl. by Coldwave-Enigma Resurrection by lostknightkg

:bulletwhite: :bulletblack: :bulletwhite: :bulletblack: :bulletwhite: :bulletblack: :bulletwhite:


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