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Similar Deviations
Typhlosion is now up for download!!!

Model from Models-Resource

Model rigged and recolored by ChrisTheDragoon (Me)

Edit: Model now has more expressions including Sad eye's and a somewhat better smile for lips
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More free hdri maps, and other resources @

These .hdr files are optimally for use in a program like 3D Studio Max, so don't download the pack if you don't have a program that can utilize a .hdr file.

They were submitted to this section because:
1.) they are to be imported into a 3d program.
2.) avoid being in "textures," where multitudes of people would probably DL them, and not know what to do with them.

As I said, they are meant for use in a 3d program, not an image editing program, so don't download them unless you know what to do with them.

After spending much time looking online for some decent HDRI maps, and only acquiring a couple decent looking ones, that were 512's, I just decided to make my own. I made a batch of about 100 or so 1024's, ranging from low environments, to high, mostly photo realistic ones (from personal photos, and stocks), all stitched manually. This pack is the first 30. All of the images have been exposed and marked, so you shouldn't have to adjust the Black & White (Point/Clamp)'s. That is to say, if you don't adjust them, you'll get results like those on the spheres above.

These took quite a while to make, so if you find them useful, a simple "thanks," would be nice. If enough people get a use out of these, perhaps I'll release some more. You can never have enough HDRI maps. Non-commercial work only, please.
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And this is my present for you, friends)
This is the result of my "Kiss Pictures" project~
Here are poses from my last 13 pictures:

Download on the right -->

Edit if you want
Credit if you want
Do everything, what you want
But please, don't claim as your own :3
And i will be happy, if you will show me you works with my poses >W<
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